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Play Service and Research Records, 1933-1940 (continued)
BOX 47-53 Surveys and Studies File--Miscellaneous Subjects and References, 1933-1939
Research studies, memoranda, and reports on various subjects: personalities, calendar events of historical interest, children's theater, Chinese theaters in America, dance, folklore, Jewish customs, marionettes, Negro material, vaudeville, youth, etc. Also contains lists of reference books, reviews, a "Living Newspapers" index, and bibliographies.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 47/6 Anderson, Maxwell
BOX-FOLDER 47/7 Blue laws
BOX-FOLDER 47/8-12 Calendar events of historical interest
BOX-FOLDER 47/13 Chants for Harvard Dramatic Club miracle plays
Children's theater
BOX-FOLDER 47/14-19 General
BOX-FOLDER 47/20 Europe
BOX-FOLDER 47/21 Poland
BOX-FOLDER 47/22 to 48/1 Russia
BOX-FOLDER 48/2-10 Chinese theaters in America
BOX-FOLDER 48/11 Christmas program
BOX-FOLDER 48/12 Conkle, Ellsworth Prouty
BOX-FOLDER 48/13 Dance
BOX-FOLDER 48/14 Depressions
BOX-FOLDER 48/15-17 Drama
BOX-FOLDER 48/18 to 50/8 Folklore and folk songs
BOX-FOLDER 50/9 Germans in exile
BOX-FOLDER 50/10-14 History of the drama series
BOX-FOLDER 51/1-4 Jewish folklore, customs, theater
BOX-FOLDER 51/5 Juvenile delinquency
BOX-FOLDER 51/6-7 Little theater
BOX-FOLDER 51/8-12 Marionettes
BOX-FOLDER 51/13 The Development of Meyerhold
BOX-FOLDER 51/14 Monologues
BOX-FOLDER 51/15 Murrell, John A.
BOX-FOLDER 51/16 Musical score reports
BOX-FOLDER 51/17-23 Negro material
BOX-FOLDER 51/24 Old Testament
BOX-FOLDER 51/25-26 Pageants
BOX-FOLDER 51/27-28 Radio
BOX-FOLDER 51/29 to 52/1 Railroads
BOX-FOLDER 52/2 Realism
BOX-FOLDER 52/3 Religious drama
BOX-FOLDER 52/4 Short stories
BOX-FOLDER 52/5 Showboats and minstrelsy
BOX-FOLDER 52/6 Social security
BOX-FOLDER 52/7 Socialized medicine
BOX-FOLDER 52/8 Translations
BOX-FOLDER 52/9 Twain, Mark
BOX-FOLDER 52/10-11 Vaudeville
BOX-FOLDER 52/12-13 Youth
References, bibliographies, and indexes
BOX-FOLDER 53/10 Alcestis
BOX-FOLDER 53/5 American dances, music, and costumes
BOX-FOLDER 53/9 Costuming
BOX-FOLDER 53/7 Drama: The High School Thespian
BOX-FOLDER 53/17 Drama subject headings
BOX-FOLDER 53/4 Dramas: Special production problems and restricted audience appeal
BOX-FOLDER 52/20 Dramatization material
BOX-FOLDER 53/3 Dramatization material: Children's stories
BOX-FOLDER 53/11 Handbooks on play production for amateurs
BOX-FOLDER 53/15 List of Manhattan branches of the New York Public Library
BOX-FOLDER 53/14 Living Newspaper morgue index
BOX-FOLDER 52/17 Moving pictures
BOX-FOLDER 52/15 Opera and operettas
BOX-FOLDER 52/14 Playlist
BOX-FOLDER 53/13 Playwriting
BOX-FOLDER 52/16 Playwriting, comedy, realism, Little Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 52/21 to 53/2 Reference-Source books
BOX-FOLDER 53/8 Religious drama
BOX-FOLDER 52/19 Technical aspects of religious drama
BOX-FOLDER 53/6 Technical pamphlets
BOX-FOLDER 53/12 Technical theatre
BOX-FOLDER 53/16 Theater subject headings
BOX-FOLDER 52/18 Theater technical aspects
BOX 53-55, 1197 MAPCASE FOLDER 70 Technical Studies File, 1935-1939
Research in construction, costume, dramatic technique, lighting, makeup, miniature theater models, puppetry, selecting and casting a play, etc.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
BOX-FOLDER 53/18 Children's plays--wordage
BOX-FOLDER 53/19 Community drama organization
BOX-FOLDER 53/20-21 Costuming
BOX-FOLDER 54/1-6 Dramatic technique
BOX-FOLDER 54/7 Lighting
BOX-FOLDER 54/8 Living Newspaper
BOX-FOLDER 54/9 to 55/1, 1197/6 Makeup
BOX-FOLDER 55/2-4 Puppetry
BOX-FOLDER 55/5 Selecting a play
BOX-FOLDER 55/6 Sound material
MAPCASE FOLDER 70 Sound material
BOX-FOLDER 55/7 Speech seminar
BOX-FOLDER 55/8-10 Stage setting and scenery
BOX-FOLDER 55/11-15 Theater construction
BOX 55-56 Dramatic Treatment File, 1935-1939
Scenarios, stories, interpretations, and characterizations about historical figures, classics, ethnic backgrounds, etc. Drama, comedy, musicals, pageants, and tableaux are described.
Arranged alphabetically by title.
BOX-FOLDER 55/16 Accent on Age
BOX-FOLDER 55/17 Adolf Schoffmeister, Alias George Washington
BOX-FOLDER 55/18 All Through the Night
BOX-FOLDER 55/19 Anne Hutchinson
BOX-FOLDER 55/20 Ariadne on Naxos / A Woman Killed With Kindness
BOX-FOLDER 55/21 Borne and Herk, Agents
BOX-FOLDER 55/22 The Boy Who Made Good
BOX-FOLDER 55/23 The Brotherhood of Man
BOX-FOLDER 55/24 The Chute
BOX-FOLDER 55/25 Clinton Street
BOX-FOLDER 55/26 Columbus
BOX-FOLDER 55/27 The Come Back
BOX-FOLDER 55/28 The Coming of the King
BOX-FOLDER 55/29 Daphne Bee and the Sheep
BOX-FOLDER 55/30 The Depressed Family
BOX-FOLDER 55/31 Earthly Paradise
BOX-FOLDER 55/32 Eastchester Green
BOX-FOLDER 55/33 The Fatal Kiss (Le mortal baiser)
BOX-FOLDER 55/34 Fet Wans and Eskeeney Wans
BOX-FOLDER 55/35 Gravesend
BOX-FOLDER 55/36 The Haymarket Strike
BOX-FOLDER 55/37 The Horn of Plenty
BOX-FOLDER 55/38 It All Adds Up to One
BOX-FOLDER 56/1 Joe and Pete
BOX-FOLDER 56/2 Junket is Nice
BOX-FOLDER 56/3 Karl Follen
BOX-FOLDER 56/4 Little Red Riding Hood
BOX-FOLDER 56/5 The Living Theatre Lives
BOX-FOLDER 56/6 Minnie, the Tired Trolley Car
BOX-FOLDER 56/7 National Anthems - Marseillaise
BOX-FOLDER 56/8 Of, For, and By the People
BOX-FOLDER 56/9 Palmetto Pioneers
BOX-FOLDER 56/10 Paul Ehrlich
BOX-FOLDER 56/11 The Pilgrimage Play
BOX-FOLDER 56/12 The Playground
BOX-FOLDER 56/13 Puss in Boots
BOX-FOLDER 56/14 Reincarnation of Orpheus
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