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Federal Theatre Project collection, 1932-1943

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Library Records, 1928-1940 (continued)
BOX 492-509 Play Lists File, 1934-1939
Lists compiled or collected from playreader reports and library resources for use by the various units and regions of the Federal Theatre Project. These were also made available to community organizations for help in choosing plays suitable for production. The lists, from single sheets to booklets, include plays that fall into categories such as anti-war, Christmas pageants, classical drama, collective works, detective and mystery plays, one-act plays, Russian drama, youth, and many others. Also present are publishers' catalogs and theater program lists. Some duplicate material is present.
Play lists may be duplicated in the Publications File subseries.
Arranged alphabetically by subject categories.
BOX-FOLDER 492/1-6 Afro-American drama
BOX-FOLDER 492/7-8 Amateur theatricals
BOX-FOLDER 492/9-10 American drama
BOX-FOLDER 492/11-15 Antiwar plays
BOX-FOLDER 492/16 Armistice Day
BOX-FOLDER 492/17-18 Arts and morals
BOX-FOLDER 492/19 to 493/1 Bible plays
BOX-FOLDER 493/3-7 Biographical plays
BOX-FOLDER 493/8 Burlesque
BOX-FOLDER 493/9 Canadian drama
BOX-FOLDER 493/10-13 Catholic plays
BOX-FOLDER 493/14 to 494/9 Children's plays
BOX-FOLDER 494/10 Christian drama
BOX-FOLDER 494/11 Christmas pageants
BOX-FOLDER 494/12-28 Christmas plays
BOX-FOLDER 494/29-30 Classical drama
BOX-FOLDER 495/8-9 4-H Clubs
BOX-FOLDER 494/31 All female/all male
BOX-FOLDER 494/32 Available and unavailable plays
BOX-FOLDER 494/33 Best plays--1909-1938
BOX-FOLDER 494/34 Blackouts
BOX-FOLDER 494/35 Bureau of Research and Publication recommended plays
BOX-FOLDER 494/36-37 Colorado State College
BOX-FOLDER 494/38 Community Chests and Councils
BOX-FOLDER 494/39 Connecticut State Recreation Service
BOX-FOLDER 494/40-41 Contest plays
BOX-FOLDER 495/1 Fill-ins
BOX-FOLDER 495/2-7 Foreign plays
BOX-FOLDER 495/10 League of Nations union meetings
BOX-FOLDER 495/11 Long plays/one-act plays
BOX-FOLDER 495/12 Massachusetts State College
BOX-FOLDER 495/13-22 Miscellany
BOX-FOLDER 495/23 Mocks
BOX-FOLDER 495/24 National Federation of Settlements
BOX-FOLDER 495/25 National Theatre Conference
BOX-FOLDER 495/26 National Youth Administration
BOX-FOLDER 495/27 New Theatre League
BOX-FOLDER 495/28-32 Non-royalty plays
BOX-FOLDER 495/33 Oregon State College
BOX-FOLDER 495/34 Plays for adults
BOX-FOLDER 495/35 Plays for community use
BOX-FOLDER 495/36 Plays for everybody
BOX-FOLDER 495/37 Plays for older boys, men/one-act plays/plays for older girls and women
BOX-FOLDER 495/38 Plays for schools and little theater
BOX-FOLDER 495/39 Plays in office library recommended for winter production
BOX-FOLDER 495/40 Program material for holidays
BOX-FOLDER 496/1-2 National Play Bureau
BOX-FOLDER 496/3 National Service Bureau
BOX-FOLDER 496/4 Radio script catalog
BOX-FOLDER 496/5-8 Region of the West
BOX-FOLDER 496/9 Shaw, O'Neill, Galsworthy, Rice
BOX-FOLDER 496/10 Suggested repertory of American, English, Irish plays
BOX-FOLDER 496/11 W.P.A.--North Dakota--recommended plays
BOX-FOLDER 496/12 Woman's Home Companion
BOX-FOLDER 496/13 to 497/5 College and school drama
BOX-FOLDER 497/6-20 Comedy
BOX-FOLDER 497/21 Conservation plays
BOX-FOLDER 497/22-23 Country life
BOX-FOLDER 497/24-31 Detective and mystery plays
BOX-FOLDER 497/32 Bibliography
BOX-FOLDER 497/33-45 All female
BOX-FOLDER 497/46-64 All male
BOX-FOLDER 497/65 Collections
BOX-FOLDER 497/66-75 General
BOX-FOLDER 498/1-2 In education
BOX-FOLDER 498/3-5 Translation
United States
BOX-FOLDER 498/6 Florida
BOX-FOLDER 498/7-8 Southwest
BOX-FOLDER 498/9 West
BOX-FOLDER 498/10-14 Untitled (lists without subjects)
BOX-FOLDER 498/15-17 Easter drama
BOX-FOLDER 498/18 Egyptian drama
BOX-FOLDER 498/19 Elizabethan drama
BOX-FOLDER 498/20-25 English drama
BOX-FOLDER 498/26 European drama
BOX-FOLDER 498/27-37 Fantasy
BOX-FOLDER 498/38-39 Fantasy--harlequinades
BOX-FOLDER 498/40-51 Farce
BOX-FOLDER 498/52 Father's Day
BOX-FOLDER 498/53 Festivals--Halloween, Thanksgiving, Plymouth Days
BOX-FOLDER 498/54 Flag Day
BOX-FOLDER 498/55 Folk drama--American folk plays
BOX-FOLDER 499/1-2 French drama
BOX-FOLDER 499/3 Geddes, Vergil--plays
BOX-FOLDER 499/4-5 German drama
BOX-FOLDER 499/6 Greek drama
BOX-FOLDER 499/7-9 Halloween
BOX-FOLDER 499/10-16 Health education drama
BOX-FOLDER 499/17-26 Historical drama
BOX-FOLDER 499/27 Constitution plays
BOX-FOLDER 499/28-36 Early American plays
BOX-FOLDER 499/37 Foreign and American
BOX-FOLDER 499/38 List of American historical plays
BOX-FOLDER 499/39-40 Holidays
BOX-FOLDER 499/41-66 Irish drama
BOX-FOLDER 499/67 to 500/2 National Service Bureau list
BOX-FOLDER 500/3 National Play Bureau
BOX-FOLDER 500/4-5 Japanese drama
BOX-FOLDER 500/6-8 Jewish drama
BOX-FOLDER 500/9 Anglo-Jewish plays--religious
BOX-FOLDER 500/10 Anglo-Jewish plays in English and Yiddish
Language: Some material in Yiddish.
BOX-FOLDER 500/11 Anglo-Jewish one-act plays
BOX-FOLDER 500/12 Antiwar plays
Language: Material in Yiddish.
BOX-FOLDER 500/13 Chamisho Osor Bishevat
BOX-FOLDER 500/14 Chanukah programs
BOX-FOLDER 500/15 Hebraic pageants
BOX-FOLDER 500/16 Lag BaOmer
BOX-FOLDER 501/1-2 Non-royalty plays and pageants
BOX-FOLDER 501/3 Passover
BOX-FOLDER 501/4 Purim
BOX-FOLDER 501/5 Shovuoth plays
BOX-FOLDER 501/6 Succoth
BOX-FOLDER 501/7-13 Labor plays
BOX-FOLDER 501/14 Lady Gregory
BOX-FOLDER 501/15-16 Lincoln, Abraham--drama
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