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Library Records, 1928-1940 (continued)
BOX 509-514, 1275 Published Reviews File, 1935-1938
Newspaper and periodical reviews, mostly from New York City publications, of about 360 dramatic productions presented in the 1930s by the commercial theater; church, community, and student organizations; and the Federal Theatre Project.
Arranged alphabetically by production title.
BOX-FOLDER 514/16 200 Were Chosen
BOX-FOLDER 509/16 Altars of Steel
BOX-FOLDER 509/17 Alte Liebe rostet nicht (Old love is mellow)
BOX-FOLDER 509/18 As You Like It
BOX-FOLDER 509/19 Babes in Arms
BOX-FOLDER 509/20 Barchester Towers
BOX-FOLDER 509/21 The Bat
BOX-FOLDER 509/22 Bats in the Belfry
BOX-FOLDER 509/23 Be So Kindly
BOX-FOLDER 509/24 Beach House
BOX-FOLDER 509/25 Because We Must
BOX-FOLDER 510/1 Bedtime For Ali Baba
BOX-FOLDER 510/2 Bedtime Story
BOX-FOLDER 510/3 Behind Red Lights
BOX-FOLDER 510/4 Behind Your Back
BOX-FOLDER 510/5 Benjamin's Travels
BOX-FOLDER 510/6 Bet Your Life
BOX-FOLDER 510/7 Between the Devil
BOX-FOLDER 510/8 Bichon
BOX-FOLDER 510/9 The Big Craze
BOX-FOLDER 510/10 Biography / The Relapse
BOX-FOLDER 510/11 The Black Eye
BOX-FOLDER 510/12 Black Limelight
BOX-FOLDER 510/13 Black Rhythm
BOX-FOLDER 510/14 Black Swans
BOX-FOLDER 510/15 Blow Ye Winds
BOX-FOLDER 510/16 Bonfire to Glory
BOX-FOLDER 510/17 Bonnet Over the Windmill
BOX-FOLDER 510/18 The Boy David
BOX-FOLDER 510/19 Boy Meets Girl
BOX-FOLDER 510/20 Bright Honor
BOX-FOLDER 510/21 Brother Rat
BOX-FOLDER 510/22 Brown Sugar
BOX-FOLDER 510/23 Bury the Dead
BOX-FOLDER 510/24 But For the Grace of God
BOX-FOLDER 510/25 Bye-Bye Centennial
BOX-FOLDER 510/26 Call It a Day
BOX-FOLDER 510/27 Calling All Men
BOX-FOLDER 510/28 The Campbells Are Coming
BOX-FOLDER 510/29 Un caprice / Fantasio
BOX-FOLDER 510/30 Captain Jinx of the Horse Marines
BOX-FOLDER 510/31 Careless Rapture
BOX-FOLDER 510/32 Censored
BOX-FOLDER 510/33 Le chateau de Cartes
BOX-FOLDER 510/34 The Children's Hour
BOX-FOLDER 510/35 Christian
BOX-FOLDER 510/36 Chu - The Sinner
BOX-FOLDER 510/37 Clandestine Marriage
BOX-FOLDER 510/38 Cinderella
BOX-FOLDER 510/39 Cocktail Bar
BOX-FOLDER 510/40 Colas Breugnon
BOX-FOLDER 510/41 Come Across
BOX-FOLDER 510/42 Come Back to Roost
BOX-FOLDER 510/43 Comedy of Good and Evil
BOX-FOLDER 510/44 Commuting Distance
BOX-FOLDER 510/45 Complex der Frau Dodo (Complex of Mrs. Dodo)
BOX-FOLDER 510/46 The Compromisers
BOX-FOLDER 510/47 The Country Wife
BOX-FOLDER 510/48 The Cradle Will Rock
BOX-FOLDER 510/49 Crest of the Wave
BOX-FOLDER 510/50 The Critic
BOX-FOLDER 510/51 Crooked Cross
BOX-FOLDER 510/52 Cymbeline
BOX-FOLDER 510/53 Damaged Goods
BOX-FOLDER 510/54 Damn Deborah
BOX-FOLDER 510/55 The Dangerous Age
BOX-FOLDER 510/56 The Dark Mare
BOX-FOLDER 510/57 Dark Victory
BOX-FOLDER 510/58 Daughters of Atreus
BOX-FOLDER 510/59 The Day is Gone
BOX-FOLDER 510/60 Days to Come
BOX-FOLDER 510/61 Days Without End
BOX-FOLDER 510/62 The Dead Hand
BOX-FOLDER 510/63 Deadline
BOX-FOLDER 510/64 Dearly Beloved
BOX-FOLDER 510/65 Death on the Table
BOX-FOLDER 510/66 Death Takes a Holiday
BOX-FOLDER 510/67 Devil's Moon
BOX-FOLDER 510/68 Devil Take a Whittler
BOX-FOLDER 510/69 The Discovery
BOX-FOLDER 510/70 Divine Comedy
BOX-FOLDER 510/71 A Doll's House
BOX-FOLDER 510/72 Do You Remember?
BOX-FOLDER 510/73 Donogoo-Tonka, or The Miracles of Science
BOX-FOLDER 510/74 Drummond Hits Out
BOX-FOLDER 510/75 The Dyke (L'argine)
BOX-FOLDER 510/76 East Side Professor
BOX-FOLDER 511/1 Eden End
BOX-FOLDER 511/2 Empress of Destiny
BOX-FOLDER 511/3 An Enemy of the People
BOX-FOLDER 511/4 The Eternal Road
BOX-FOLDER 511/5 Ethan Frome
BOX-FOLDER 511/6 Fate of Ossian Balvesen (Les des Ossian Balvesen)
BOX-FOLDER 511/7 Father Malachy's Miracle
BOX-FOLDER 511/8 Fickle Women
BOX-FOLDER 511/9 La figlia brutta (The Ugly Daughter)
BOX-FOLDER 511/10 Flight
BOX-FOLDER 511/11 For a Single Night (Egyetlen ejszakara)
BOX-FOLDER 511/12 Forbidden Melody
BOX-FOLDER 511/13 Four to Go
BOX-FOLDER 511/14 Fraulein Else
BOX-FOLDER 511/15 French Without Tears
BOX-FOLDER 511/16 From Eight to Eleven (Kezdete 8-kor, vege 11-kor)
BOX-FOLDER 511/17 Fuente ovejuna (The Sheep Well)
BOX-FOLDER 511/18 Fulton of Oak Falls
BOX-FOLDER 511/19 The Galician Rabbi
BOX-FOLDER 511/20 Garrick
BOX-FOLDER 511/21 George and Margaret
BOX-FOLDER 511/22 Ghost Owl
BOX-FOLDER 511/23 The Girl Was Young
BOX-FOLDER 511/24 Girls of Today
BOX-FOLDER 511/25 Glory For All
BOX-FOLDER 511/26 God Innis
BOX-FOLDER 511/27 God Save the Queen
BOX-FOLDER 511/28 Going Places
BOX-FOLDER 511/29 The Golden-Hearted Sheriff
BOX-FOLDER 511/30 The Greatest Show on Earth
BOX-FOLDER 511/31 Greatness Comes to the Maronies
BOX-FOLDER 511/32 Green Water
BOX-FOLDER 511/33 The Grey Zone
BOX-FOLDER 511/34 Habit
BOX-FOLDER 511/35 Haromlevelu lohere (Three-Leaved Clover)
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