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Production Records, 1934-1943 (continued)
BOX 524-640, 942, 1198, 1274-1275 Production Title File, 1934-1939
Correspondence, performance schedules, production bulletins, publicity, reports, research, and other material relating to more than 750 productions and planned productions. Folders contain production bulletins unless otherwise noted. Each production bulletin contains some or all of the following: synopsis, director's report, set and costume designs, lighting scheme, blueprints, photographs, program, suggested music, reviews, royalty information, and a script. Some duplicate material is present.
Arranged alphabetically by production title.
200 Were Chosen
BOX-FOLDER 633/4 Peoria, Illinois
BOX-FOLDER 639/1 New York, New York
Play research
BOX-FOLDER 524/1 New York, New York
Publicity material
Abraham Lincoln
BOX-FOLDER 524/2 New York, New York
Accent on Youth
BOX-FOLDER 524/3-4 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 524/5 San Diego, California
BOX-FOLDER 524/6-8 Salem, Massachusetts
The Adding Machine
BOX-FOLDER 524/9-11 Denver, Colorado
BOX-FOLDER 524/12 Atlanta, Georgia
BOX-FOLDER 524/13-14 New York, New York
Publicity report and memo
The Advent and Nativity of Christ
BOX-FOLDER 525/1 Gary, Indiana
BOX-FOLDER 525/2-3 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Advent of the Nativity
BOX-FOLDER 525/4 New York, New York
Performance schedules
African Vineyard
BOX-FOLDER 525/5-6 New Orleans, Louisiana
Ah, Wilderness
BOX-FOLDER 525/7-8 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 525/9 San Diego, California
BOX-FOLDER 525/10 Des Moines, Iowa
BOX-FOLDER 525/11-13 New Orleans, Louisiana
BOX-FOLDER 526/1-3 Holyoke, Massachusetts
BOX-FOLDER 526/4-5 Salem, Massachusetts
BOX-FOLDER 526/6 Cincinnati, Ohio
BOX-FOLDER 526/7-8 Seattle, Washington
BOX-FOLDER 526/9-10 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 526/11 Omaha, Nebraska
The Alarm Clock
BOX-FOLDER 526/12-13 Los Angeles, California
Alice in Wonderland
BOX-FOLDER 527/1 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 527/2-3 San Francisco, California
BOX-FOLDER 527/4 Portland, Oregon
Alien Corn
BOX-FOLDER 527/5-6 Los Angeles, California
Alison's House
BOX-FOLDER 527/7-8 Los Angeles, California
All American Minstrels
BOX-FOLDER 527/9-10 New York, New York
All Star Vaudeville
BOX-FOLDER 527/11-13 Salem, Massachusetts
Altars of Steel
BOX-FOLDER 528/1-2 Miami, Florida
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
BOX-FOLDER 528/3-4 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 528/5-7 Denver, Colorado
BOX-FOLDER 528/8 to 529/4 American City
Play research
BOX-FOLDER 529/5 American City
Turn of the Century scenario
American Family Robinson
BOX-FOLDER 529/6-7 San Diego, California
American Holiday
BOX-FOLDER 529/8 New York, New York
Production bulletin
BOX-FOLDER 529/9 New York, New York
BOX-FOLDER 529/10-16 American Immortals
Alternate title: American Children
Play research
American Wing
BOX-FOLDER 529/17-19 Holyoke, Massachusetts
BOX-FOLDER 530/1-3 Salem, Massachusetts
BOX-FOLDER 530/4 San Francisco, California
America's Cradle Song
BOX-FOLDER 530/5 Manteo, North Carolina
Androcles and the Lion
BOX-FOLDER 530/6 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 530/7-9 Colorado, Denver
BOX-FOLDER 530/10 New York, New York
Production bulletin
BOX-FOLDER 530/11-13, 639/2 New York, New York
Publicity material
BOX-FOLDER 530/14 Seattle, Washington
Androcles and the Lion/The Man of Destiny
BOX-FOLDER 531/1-2 Atlanta, Georgia
The Animal Kingdom
BOX-FOLDER 531/3-5 Denver, Colorado
Anna Christie
BOX-FOLDER 531/6-7 San Diego, California
BOX-FOLDER 531/8-10 Denver, Colorado
BOX-FOLDER 531/11 to 532/1 Detroit, Michigan
Another Language
BOX-FOLDER 532/2 San Bernardino, California
Anthony and Anna
BOX-FOLDER 532/3 Chicago, Illinois
BOX-FOLDER 532/4 Anthracite
Aria da Capo
BOX-FOLDER 532/5 Wilmington, Delaware
Arms and the Man
BOX-FOLDER 532/6 San Diego, California
BOX-FOLDER 532/7 Des Moines, Iowa
BOX-FOLDER 532/8-9 Salem, Massachusetts
BOX-FOLDER 532/10 to 533/1 Detroit, Michigan
BOX-FOLDER 533/2-4 Army Without Banners
Play research
BOX-FOLDER 533/5 Army Without Banners
BOX-FOLDER 533/6 Army Without Banners
Partial script
Around the Corner
BOX-FOLDER 533/7 Peoria, Illinois
BOX-FOLDER 533/8 New Orleans, Louisiana
Art and Mrs. Bottle
BOX-FOLDER 533/9-11 New Orleans, Louisiana
As You Like It
BOX-FOLDER 533/12 Chicago, Illinois
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