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Play Service and Research Records, 1933-1940 (continued)
BOX 1197, 1275, 1283 MAPCASE FOLDER 5-7, 53-64, 71-78 Technical Drawings File, 1938-1939
Collection of blueprints, diagrams, and drawings that contains the following: plans for theaters; figure studies; standard details diagrams illustrating: sound and visual effects, special hardware and equipment, scene painting technique, and costumes; lighting plans; blueprints for production settings; plans for theater and stage for the New York World's Fair and the San Francisco Golden Gate Exposition; and theater drawings.
Arranged alphabetically by subject or title.
BOX-FOLDER 1283/2 Cincinnati Federal Theatre
MAPCASE FOLDER 53 Figure studies for costume and marionettes
Alternate title: One-Third of a Nation
BOX-FOLDER 1275/4 Lighting plans
MAPCASE FOLDER 55 Lighting plans
MAPCASE FOLDER 56 The Machine Age
BOX-FOLDER 1283/3 New Federal/National Theatre, Los Angeles, California
MAPCASE FOLDER 5 New Federal/National Theatre, Los Angeles, California
MAPCASE FOLDER 71 New York World's Fair
MAPCASE FOLDER 57 North American Costumes, 1600 to 1700
BOX-FOLDER 1275/5 The Pictorial History of the Marionette "Adam" title page
MAPCASE FOLDER 58 Seattle Repertory Playhouse
MAPCASE FOLDER 59 Standard details charts
MAPCASE FOLDER 7 Tent theatre
Theater drawings
BOX-FOLDER 1283/4 The Asclepieum
MAPCASE FOLDER 72 The Asclepieum
BOX-FOLDER 1275/6 Badger Float, Shinomiya Matsuri
MAPCASE FOLDER 60 Badger Float, Shinomiya Matsuri
MAPCASE FOLDER 73 Chinese Theatre
BOX-FOLDER 1283/5 Commedia Dell 'Arte wagon stages
MAPCASE FOLDER 61 Eagle Theatre, Sacramento, California; Monterey Theatre, California
MAPCASE FOLDER 6, 74 Olympia Theater, Seattle, Washington
MAPCASE FOLDER 74, 75 Park Theater
MAPCASE FOLDER 76 Swan Theatre, England
MAPCASE FOLDER 62-63, 77 Unidentified drawings
MAPCASE FOLDER 64 U.S. Golden Gate International Exposition, San Francisco, California
BOX-FOLDER 1197/7, 1275/7 Valenciennes mystery stage
MAPCASE FOLDER 78 Valenciennes mystery stage
BOX 1287-1488 Living Newspaper File, 1936-1939
Incomplete file of more than 100,000 photograph and text clippings from seventeen newspapers and periodicals in New York, New York, covering a wide variety of subjects.
Arranged alphabetically by subject, personal name, or title.
BOX-FOLDER 1287/1-49 A--general to Anthony, Susan B.
BOX-FOLDER 1288/1-73 Applegate, Everett C. to Bhaonagar, Maharajah of
BOX-FOLDER 1289/1-63 Bingham, Robert to Buildings--South America
BOX-FOLDER 1290/1-24 Bullitt, William C. to C--general
BOX-FOLDER 1291/1-57 C--general to Colleton, Thomas E.
BOX-FOLDER 1292/1-47 Collings murder case to Czechoslovakia
BOX-FOLDER 1293/1-43 D--general to Dies, Martin
BOX-FOLDER 1294/1-59 Dill, C. C. to Espionage--general
BOX-FOLDER 1295/1-47 Espionage--international to Ford, Stanley H.
BOX-FOLDER 1296/1-46 Fortifications to Gillette, William
BOX-FOLDER 1297/1-40 Gillis, Andrew J. to H--general
BOX-FOLDER 1298/1-62 Hacha, Emil to Hoover, Allan
BOX-FOLDER 1299/1-44 Hoover, Herbert Clark to Inskip, Sir Thomas
BOX-FOLDER 1300/1-38 Insull, Samuel to Justo, Augustin P.
BOX-FOLDER 1301/1-50 K--general to Laidler, Harry W.
BOX-FOLDER 1302/1-58 Lammers, Hans Heinrich to Longworth, Mrs. Alice Roosevelt
BOX-FOLDER 1303/1-40 Lopez-Contreras, Elezear to Manville, Thomas R.
BOX-FOLDER 1304/1-49 Maps to Mayo, Charles H. (Dr.)
BOX-FOLDER 1305/1-75 McAdoo, William G. to Moss, Paul
BOX-FOLDER 1306/1-53 Muench, Mrs. Nellie Upton to Owens, John W.
BOX-FOLDER 1307/1-55 P--general to Pyle, Gladys
BOX-FOLDER 1308/1-53 Q--general to Rogers, Will
BOX-FOLDER 1309/1-28 Rogers, Wynne Grey to S--general
BOX-FOLDER 1310/1-62 Saarlautern, Germany to Slums
BOX-FOLDER 1311/1-39 Smathers, William H. to Stresemann, Gustave
BOX-FOLDER 1312/1-64 Stretz, Vera to Taylor, Myron C.
BOX-FOLDER 1313/1-58 Telescopes to Uzcudun, Paulino
BOX-FOLDER 1314/1-46 V--general to Weaver, Joseph B.
BOX-FOLDER 1315/1-42 Weir, Ernest T. to World Youth Congress (2d)
BOX-FOLDER 1316/1-20 World's Fair--1939 to Zukor, Adolph
BOX-ENVELOPE 1317/1-28 A--general to Accidents--air
BOX-ENVELOPE 1318/1-35 Accidents--air to Accidents--fires
BOX-ENVELOPE 1319/1-40 Accidents--fires to Acosta, Bert
BOX-ENVELOPE 1320/1-47 Adams, Bristow to Alcatraz
BOX-ENVELOPE 1321/1-55 Aldrich, W. A. to American Expeditionary Force
BOX-ENVELOPE 1322/1-34 American Farm Bureau Federation to American League Against War and Fasciscm
BOX-ENVELOPE 1323/1-31 American League Baseball Clubs to American Red Cross
BOX-ENVELOPE 1324/1-54 American Refugees Abroad to Anticommunism in United States
BOX-ENVELOPE 1325/1-34 Anticommunism in United States (including anti-Sovietism) to Antitrust
BOX-ENVELOPE 1326/1-32 Antitrust to Argentina
BOX-ENVELOPE 1327/1-49 Arita, Hachiro to Austria--general
BOX-ENVELOPE 1328/1-30 Austria--Army, Navy (air, armaments) to Automobile Manufacturers Association
BOX-ENVELOPE 1329/1-18 Avenol, Joseph A. to Aviation
BOX-ENVELOPE 1330/1-67 Aviation Club of America to Baldwin, Stanley
BOX-ENVELOPE 1331/1-43 Balkan Entente to Bartlett, Bob
BOX-ENVELOPE 1332/1-50 Barton, Bruce to Benes, Vojta
BOX-ENVELOPE 1333/1-43 Bennett, Joan to Black, Hugo
BOX-ENVELOPE 1334/1-16 Black, Hugo to Black Legion--Michigan
BOX-ENVELOPE 1335/1-30 Black Legion--New Jersey to Blum, Leon
BOX-ENVELOPE 1336/1-43 B'nai B'rith to Boy Scouts
BOX-ENVELOPE 1337/1-33 Boys Town to Bridges
BOX-ENVELOPE 1338/1-30 Bridges, Harry to Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corp
BOX-ENVELOPE 1339/1-31 Brooklyn Times-Union to Browder, Earl
BOX-ENVELOPE 1340/1-28 Browder, Earl to Budget--Federal, 1936 August 20 - 1937 April 30
BOX-ENVELOPE 1341/1-31 Budget--Federal, 1937 May - 1939 January to Budget--New York State, 1937 January - 1939 August
BOX-ENVELOPE 1342/1-31 Buell, Raymond Leslie to Business trends, 1936 July - 1937 December
BOX-ENVELOPE 1343/1-18 Business trends, 1938 January - 1939 January to Butler, Smedley D.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1344/1-48 Byk, Leo P. to Campaign 1936--Democratic
BOX-ENVELOPE 1345/1-27 Campaign 1936--Republican to Canada--utilities
BOX-ENVELOPE 1346/1-36 Canal Zone to Castle, William R.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1347/1-32 Catholic Charities to Chamberlain, Neville
BOX-ENVELOPE 1348/1-27 Chamberlain, Neville to Chase, Stuart
BOX-ENVELOPE 1349/1-27 Chastenet, Jacques to China--general files, 1936
BOX-ENVELOPE 1350/1-6 China--general files, 1937
BOX-ENVELOPE 1351/1-16 China--general files to China--Japan
BOX-ENVELOPE 1352/1 to 1356/12 China--Japan, 1937 August - 1939 March
BOX-ENVELOPE 1357/1-26 China--Japan, 1939 April-July to Chronology of 1937
BOX-ENVELOPE 1358/1-40 Chronology of 1938 to Civilian Conservation Corps
BOX-ENVELOPE 1359/1-47 Clancy, John W. to Colorado--exclusion of itinerant labor
BOX-ENVELOPE 1360/1-29 Columbia University to Communist Party
BOX-ENVELOPE 1361/1-32 Communist Party, 1938 October-1939 January to Constitutional Convention, 1938
BOX-ENVELOPE 1362/1-20 Constitutional Convention, 1938 to Conventions--Communist, 1937
BOX-ENVELOPE 1363/1-25 Conventions--Democratic, 1938 to Copeland Royal S.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1364/1-27 Copeland Safety-at-Sea Act to Cotillo, Salvatore A.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1365/1-24 Cotton to Coughlin, Rev. Charles
BOX-ENVELOPE 1366/1-40 Council Against Intolerance in America to Criminology--crime detection
BOX-ENVELOPE 1367/1-30 Crimes to Cuba
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