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Play Service and Research Records, 1933-1940 (continued)
Living Newspaper File, 1936-1939 (continued)
BOX-ENVELOPE 1351/1-16 China--general files to China--Japan
BOX-ENVELOPE 1352/1 to 1356/12 China--Japan, 1937 August - 1939 March
BOX-ENVELOPE 1357/1-26 China--Japan, 1939 April-July to Chronology of 1937
BOX-ENVELOPE 1358/1-40 Chronology of 1938 to Civilian Conservation Corps
BOX-ENVELOPE 1359/1-47 Clancy, John W. to Colorado--exclusion of itinerant labor
BOX-ENVELOPE 1360/1-29 Columbia University to Communist Party
BOX-ENVELOPE 1361/1-32 Communist Party, 1938 October-1939 January to Constitutional Convention, 1938
BOX-ENVELOPE 1362/1-20 Constitutional Convention, 1938 to Conventions--Communist, 1937
BOX-ENVELOPE 1363/1-25 Conventions--Democratic, 1938 to Copeland Royal S.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1364/1-27 Copeland Safety-at-Sea Act to Cotillo, Salvatore A.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1365/1-24 Cotton to Coughlin, Rev. Charles
BOX-ENVELOPE 1366/1-40 Council Against Intolerance in America to Criminology--crime detection
BOX-ENVELOPE 1367/1-30 Crimes to Cuba
BOX-ENVELOPE 1368/1-31 Cullman, Howard S. to Czechoslovakia--foreign affairs, Germany
BOX-ENVELOPE 1369/1-31 Czechoslovakia--foreign affairs, Germany to D--general
BOX-ENVELOPE 1370/1-42 D--general to The Day in Washington
BOX-ENVELOPE 1371/1-44 The Day in Washington to Denhardt, Henry H.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1372/1-30 Denmark to Dewey, Thomas E.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1373/1-24 Dewey, Thomas E. to Dies congressional committee
BOX-ENVELOPE 1374/1-25 Dies congressional committee to Divine, Father
BOX-ENVELOPE 1375/1-40 Divine, Father to Dreiser, Theodore
BOX-ENVELOPE 1376/1-21 Drought to Duffy, Rev. Francis P.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1377/1-36 Duffy, Rev. Peter to Earle, George H.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1378/1-28 Earthquake to Edmondson, Robert E.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1379/1-21 Education--general to Edward, Duke of Windsor
BOX-ENVELOPE 1380/1-19 Edward, Duke of Windsor to Edward VIII,King of England
BOX-ENVELOPE 1381/1-43 Edward VIII, King of England to Elections--New Jersey
BOX-ENVELOPE 1382/1-31 Elections--New York City to Elevated structures
BOX-ENVELOPE 1383/1-46 Elevated structures to Ernst, Morris L.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1384/1-20 Espionage
BOX-ENVELOPE 1385/1-37 Espionage to F--general
BOX-ENVELOPE 1386/1-26 F--general to Farm bills
BOX-ENVELOPE 1387/1-41 Farm control to Federal Farm Security Administration
BOX-ENVELOPE 1388/1-27 Federal Home Loan Bank to Federal Housing Administration
BOX-ENVELOPE 1389/1-10 Federal Housing Administration to Federal judiciary reform
BOX-ENVELOPE 1390/1 to 1391/9 Federal judiciary reform
BOX-ENVELOPE 1392/1-27 Federal Power Commission to Federal Reserve system
BOX-ENVELOPE 1393/1-38 Federal Resettlement Administration to Fireworks
BOX-ENVELOPE 1394/1-45 Fisch, Pincus to Floods--Mississippi
BOX-ENVELOPE 1395/1-32 Floods--New England states to Fontanges, Mme. Magda de
BOX-ENVELOPE 1396/1-39 Food and food manufactures to Fort Slocum, New York
BOX-ENVELOPE 1397/1-26 Fosdick, Rev. Harry Emerson to France--armaments
BOX-ENVELOPE 1398/1-25 France--aviation to France--foreign affairs, China
BOX-ENVELOPE 1399/1-24 France--foreign affairs, Czechoslovakia to France--foreign affairs, Spain
BOX-ENVELOPE 1400/1-21 France--foreign affairs, Spain to France--Paris Fair)
BOX-ENVELOPE 1401/1-25 France--Peoples Front to Franklin, Jay
BOX-ENVELOPE 1402/1-45 Franklin, Jay to G--general
BOX-ENVELOPE 1403/1-44 G--general to Gedeon, Veronica and Mary
BOX-ENVELOPE 1404/1-24 Gellert, Lawrence to Geoghan, William F.X.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1405/1-15 Geology to George VI, King of England
BOX-ENVELOPE 1406/1-19 George VI, King of England to German American Bund
BOX-ENVELOPE 1407/1-29 German American Bund to Germany--general
BOX-ENVELOPE 1408/1-19 Germany--general to Germany--antisemitism
BOX-ENVELOPE 1409/1-25 Germany--armaments to Germany--foreign affairs, Austria
BOX-ENVELOPE 1410/1-26 Germany--foreign affairs, Belgium to Germany--foreign affairs, Italy
BOX-ENVELOPE 1411/1-22 Germany--foreign affairs, Japan to Germany--foreign affairs, United States
BOX-ENVELOPE 1412/1-25 Germany--foreign affairs, United States to Germany--religion
BOX-ENVELOPE 1413/1-27 Germany--religion to Gillette, William
BOX-ENVELOPE 1414/1-48 Gilmore, Gale to Grandi, Dino
BOX-ENVELOPE 1415/1-33 Grange, David E. to Great Britain--armaments
BOX-ENVELOPE 1416/1-23 Great Britain--armaments to Great Britain--foreign affairs, general
BOX-ENVELOPE 1417/1-32 Great Britain--foreign affairs, China to Great Britain--foreign affairs, Germany
BOX-ENVELOPE 1418/1-19 Great Britain--foreign affairs, Germany to Great Britain--foreign affairs, Italy
BOX-ENVELOPE 1419/1-22 Great Britain--foreign affairs, Japan to Great Britain--foreign affairs, Spain
BOX-ENVELOPE 1420/1-21 Great Britain--foreign affairs, Spain to Great Britain--religion
BOX-ENVELOPE 1421/1-31 Great Lakes to Guffey, Joseph F.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1422/1-43 Guffey coal bill to Hague, Frank
BOX-ENVELOPE 1423/1-20 Hague, Frank to Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia
BOX-ENVELOPE 1424/1-49 Hairdressers to Harvard University
BOX-ENVELOPE 1425/1-30 Harvey, George U. to Hayes, Patrick Cardinal
BOX-ENVELOPE 1426/1-43 Haymarket Riots--Chicago, 1886 to Henson, Matt
BOX-ENVELOPE 1427/1-24 Herald Tribune Forum on Current Events to Hindenburg disaster
BOX-ENVELOPE 1428/1-17 Hindenburg disaster to Hitler, Adolf
BOX-ENVELOPE 1429/1-30 Hitler, Adolf to Holding companies
BOX-ENVELOPE 1430/1-31 Holding company bill to Hopkins, Harry L.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1431/1-31 Hopkins, Harry L. to Housing--Federal
BOX-ENVELOPE 1432/1-37 Housing--Federal to Housing--New York City
BOX-ENVELOPE 1433/1-19 Housing--New York City
BOX-ENVELOPE 1434/1-35 Housing--New York State to Hull, Cordell
BOX-ENVELOPE 1435/1-26 Hull, Cordell to Hungary
BOX-ENVELOPE 1436/1-36 Hungary to Income
BOX-ENVELOPE 1437/1-39 Independence Day to Insurance inquiry
BOX-ENVELOPE 1438/1-32 Insurrection law--Georgia to Ireland
BOX-ENVELOPE 1439/1-32 Ireland to Italo-Ethiopian conflict--military operations
BOX-ENVELOPE 1440/1-36 Italy--general to Italy--foreign affairs, Albania
BOX-ENVELOPE 1441/1-27 Italy--foreign affairs, Austria to Italy--foreign affairs, Spain
BOX-ENVELOPE 1442/1-44 Italy--foreign affairs, Spain to Janis, Elsie
BOX-ENVELOPE 1443/1-26 Janson, William to Japan--foreign affairs, general
BOX-ENVELOPE 1444/1-15 Japan--foreign affairs, China
BOX-ENVELOPE 1445/1-19 Japan--foreign affairs, France to Japan--foreign affairs, U.S.S.R.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1446/1-35 Japan--foreign affairs, U.S.S.R. to Johns Hopkins University
BOX-ENVELOPE 1447/1-61 Johnson, Edd to K--general
BOX-ENVELOPE 1448/1-52 K--general to Keys disaster
BOX-ENVELOPE 1449/1-33 Kickbacks to Kondolf, George
BOX-ENVELOPE 1450/1-35 Konyote, Fumitaka to Labor relations--Allied Printing Helpers Union
BOX-ENVELOPE 1451/1-28 Labor relations--Alteration Plumbers-Steamfitters and Helpers Union to Labor relations--American Federation of Labor--General 1937 May
BOX-ENVELOPE 1452/1-15 Labor relations--American Federation of Labor--General, 1937 August to Labor relations--American Federation of Labor--Denver meeting, 1937 September-October
BOX-ENVELOPE 1453/1-27 Labor relations--American Federation of Labor--Denver meeting, 1937 October to Labor relations--American Newspaper Guild--General
BOX-ENVELOPE 1454/1-26 Labor relations--American Newspaper Guild--General to Labor relations--Art Students League
BOX-ENVELOPE 1455/1-36 Labor relations--Associated Actors and Artists to Labor relations--Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers
BOX-ENVELOPE 1456/1-26 Labor relations--Brotherhood of Painters, Decorators and Paperhangers to Labor relations--Building Service Employees Union
BOX-ENVELOPE 1457/1-33 Labor relations--Building Service Employees Association, New York to Labor relations--circus
BOX-ENVELOPE 1458/1-40 Labor relations--City Industrial Relations Board, New York City to Labor relations--Committee for Industrial Organization (C.I.O.)
BOX-ENVELOPE 1459/1-22 Labor relations--C.I.O.
BOX-ENVELOPE 1460/1-56 Labor relations--C.I.O. to Labor relations--Federation of Architects, Engineers, Chemists, and Technicians
BOX-ENVELOPE 1461/1-33 Labor relations--Federation of Carpet and Rug Workers to Labor relations--Hospital Workers Union
BOX-ENVELOPE 1462/1-33 Labor relations--Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union to Labor relations--International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
BOX-ENVELOPE 1463/1-22 Labor relations--International Brotherhood of Foundry Employees to Labor relations--International Fur Workers Union
BOX-ENVELOPE 1464/1-22 Labor relations--International Glove Workers Union to Labor relations--International Longshoremen's Association, 1936 April - 1937 August
BOX-ENVELOPE 1465/1-20 Labor relations--International Longshoremen's Association, 1937 September - 1939 to Labor relations--International Seamen's Union, Atlantic and Gulf coasts
BOX-ENVELOPE 1466/1-30 Labor relations--International Seamen's Union, West coast to Labor relations--Labor Standards Act, Fair Labor Standards Act
BOX-ENVELOPE 1467/1-58 Labor relations--Laundry Workers International Union to Labor relations--National Labor Relations Board, 1936 - 1938 April
BOX-ENVELOPE 1468/1-17 Labor relations--National Labor Relations Board, 1938 May - 1939 June to Labor relations--National Maritime Union, 1937 July-August
BOX-ENVELOPE 1469/1-49 Labor relations--National Maritime Union, 1937 September - 1939 June to Labor relations--picketing
BOX-ENVELOPE 1470/1-44 Labor relations--picketing to Labor relations--Screen Actors Guild
BOX-ENVELOPE 1471/1-75 Labor relations--Screen Writers Guild to Olympic games, 1936
BOX-ENVELOPE 1472/1-25 P--general to Quakers
BOX-ENVELOPE 1473/1-40 R--general to Social Security--New York State, 1936
BOX-ENVELOPE 1474/1-25 Spain--general to Spain--foreign affairs, Great Britain
BOX-ENVELOPE 1475/1-20 Spain--foreign affairs, Italy to Spain--piracy
BOX-ENVELOPE 1476/1-22 Spain--refugees to Spain--revolution, general
BOX-ENVELOPE 1477/1 to 1484/16 Spain--revolution, 1936 January 1 - 1938 October 31
BOX-ENVELOPE 1485/1-21 Spain--revolution, 1938 November 1 - December 31 to Spain--sympathizers
BOX-ENVELOPE 1486/1 to 1487/16 Steel Workers Organization Committee (S.W.O.C.)
BOX-ENVELOPE 1488 Steel Workers Organization Committee (S.W.O.C.) to Yankee clipper
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