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Federal Theatre Project collection, 1932-1943

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Production Records, 1934-1943 (continued)
BOX 960-963, 984, 1216, 1242, 1245-1271, 1279, 1285-1286, 1489-1496 MAPCASE FOLDER 32-49, 79-200 Posters File, undated
Approximately 1,000 posters of varying sizes of poster board done by the silk screen, offset lithography, and letterpress processes, as well as by hand. Produced by the Federal Art Project poster division and by artists employed directly by the FTP, the posters advertise more than 500 productions in 91 cities in 24 states and the District of Columbia.
Arranged alphabetically by production title or subject.
Accent on Youth
BOX-FOLDER 1267/14 Los Angeles, California [?]
MAPCASE FOLDER 83 Los Angeles, California
According to Finkenstein
Alternate title: Louis Quinze
MAPCASE FOLDER 84 Holyoke, Massachusetts
Adam and Eva
MAPCASE FOLDER 84 Yonkers, New York
The Adding Machine
BOX-FOLDER 1245/1 Denver, Colorado
BOX-FOLDER 1245/2 New York, New York
Ah, Wilderness!
BOX-FOLDER 1267/15 Los Angeles, California
MAPCASE FOLDER 85 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 1245/3, 1267/16 San Diego, California
BOX-FOLDER 1245/4 Miami, Florida
BOX-FOLDER 1245/5 Holyoke, Massachusetts
BOX-FOLDER 1245/6 Cincinnati, Ohio
BOX-FOLDER 1267/17 Seattle, Washington
MAPCASE FOLDER 32, 85 Seattle, Washington
BOX-FOLDER 1267/18 Pasadena, California
BOX-FOLDER 962/9 Los Angeles, California
MAPCASE FOLDER 86 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 1245/7 Lawrence, Massachusetts
The Alarm Clock
MAPCASE FOLDER 87 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 1267/19 San Diego, California
Alice in Wonderland
BOX-FOLDER 1267/20 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 1245/8 San Diego, California
BOX-FOLDER 960/1 San Francisco, California
MAPCASE FOLDER 87 San Francisco, California
BOX-FOLDER 1245/9 Portland, Oregon
BOX-FOLDER 1245/10, 1267/21 Seattle, Washington
Alien Corn
BOX-FOLDER 1245/11 Oakland, California
MAPCASE FOLDER 87 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 1245/12 San Francisco, California
Alison's House
BOX-FOLDER 960/2 Los Angeles, California
All American Minstrels
BOX-FOLDER 1245/13 Brooklyn, New York
BOX-FOLDER 1245/14 New York, New York
All of a Summer Evening
BOX-FOLDER 1245/15 Holyoke, Massachusetts
MAPCASE FOLDER 88 Holyoke, Massachusetts
All Star Vaudeville
MAPCASE FOLDER 89 Boston, Massachusetts
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
BOX-FOLDER 1245/16 San Francisco, California
BOX-FOLDER 1245/17 Denver, Colorado
BOX 1489 Unidentified location
Large banner
An American Exodus
MAPCASE FOLDER 90 Los Angeles, California
American Family Robinson
MAPCASE FOLDER 91-92 San Diego, California
American Holiday
Alternate title: Roman Holiday
BOX-FOLDER 1245/18 New York, New York
BOX 1492 Unidentified location
Large banner
American Wing
BOX-FOLDER 1245/19 Holyoke, Massachusetts
Androcles and the Lion
BOX-FOLDER 962/10, 1267/22 Los Angeles, California
Note: All-Negro production
MAPCASE FOLDER 93 Los Angeles, California
Note: All-Negro production
BOX-FOLDER 1246/1 New York, New York
BOX-FOLDER 1246/2 Seattle, Washington
The Animal Kingdom
BOX-FOLDER 1246/3 San Francisco, California
Anna Christie
BOX-FOLDER 1246/4 Denver, Colorado
MAPCASE FOLDER 80 Denver, Colorado
Another Language
BOX-FOLDER 1267/23 California [?]
BOX-FOLDER 1246/5 Yonkers, New York
MAPCASE FOLDER 94 Yonkers, New York
Anthony and Anna
BOX-FOLDER 1246/6 Chicago, Illinois
Arabian Nights Fantasy
BOX-FOLDER 962/11, 1267/24 Los Angeles, California
MAPCASE FOLDER 94 Los Angeles, California
Are You Listening?
BOX-FOLDER 960/3 New York, New York
Arms and the Man
BOX-FOLDER 1246/7 San Diego, California
BOX-FOLDER 1246/8 Des Moines, Iowa area
BOX-FOLDER 1246/9 Detroit, Michigan
BOX-FOLDER 1246/10 Unidentified location
As You Like It
BOX-FOLDER 1246/11 Chicago, Illinois
Attention Please
BOX-FOLDER 1246/12 Mamaroneck, New York
BOX-FOLDER 1246/13 New York, New York
Autumn Crocus
BOX-FOLDER 1246/14 Denver, Colorado
MAPCASE FOLDER 94 New Orleans, Louisiana
Awake and Sing
BOX-FOLDER 1267/25 Los Angeles, California
Note: Yiddish production
BOX-FOLDER 1246/15 New York, New York
Note: Yiddish production
MAPCASE FOLDER 94 Yonkers, New York
Note: Yiddish production
BOX-FOLDER 1246/16 Brooklyn, New York
Ballet Fedre
BOX-FOLDER 1246/17 Chicago, Illinois
The Barber of Seville
BOX 1489 Unidentified location
Large banner
The Barker
BOX-FOLDER 1247/1 Brooklyn, New York
Bassa Moona
BOX-FOLDER 1247/2 Brooklyn, New York
BOX-FOLDER 962/12, 1247/3 New York, New York
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