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Production Records, 1934-1943 (continued)
BOX 651-738, 964-984, 1217, 1237, 1242-1243, 1272, 1279-1282, 1286, 1497-1499 MAPCASE FOLDER 50-52 Photographic Prints File, 1934-1939
Three subsections containing more than 23,000 black and white photographs documenting more than 1,000 FTP productions in 67 cities in 27 states. Also included are portraits of actors, actresses, and well-known figures of the day, as well as prints of audiences, caravan theater, children's theater, circus, community theater presentation, marionette construction, office personnel, radio performances, research materials, sets, behind-the-scenes techniques, vaudeville, and workshops. Formats include photographic prints, photograph albums, mural photographs, lobby cards, and collages. Some duplicate prints included.
Arranged alphabetically within a subsection by production title, state, and city; personal name; or subject.
200 Were Chosen
BOX-FOLDER 651/1 Peoria, Illinois
Alternate title: Events of 1935
Note: Living Newspaper
BOX-FOLDER 651/2, 968/2, 1279/8 New York, New York
Accent on Youth
BOX-FOLDER 651/3 San Diego, California
BOX-FOLDER 651/4 Boston, Massachusetts
Adam and Eva
BOX-FOLDER 651/5 New York, New York
The Adding Machine
BOX-FOLDER 651/6 Denver, Colorado
BOX-FOLDER 651/7 Atlanta, Georgia
BOX-FOLDER 651/8, 964/1 New York, New York
African Dancers
BOX-FOLDER 651/9 New York, New York
BOX-FOLDER 651/10 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 651/11 Roanoke Island, North Carolina
Ah! Wilderness
BOX-FOLDER 651/12 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 651/13 San Diego, California
BOX-FOLDER 651/14 Peoria, Illinois
BOX-FOLDER 651/15 Des Moines, Iowa
BOX-FOLDER 651/16 New Orleans, Louisiana
BOX-FOLDER 651/17 Boston, Massachusetts
BOX-FOLDER 651/18 Newark, New Jersey
BOX-FOLDER 651/19 Cincinnati, Ohio
BOX-FOLDER 651/20 Seattle, Washington
BOX-FOLDER 651/21 Los Angeles, California
The Alarm Clock
BOX-FOLDER 651/22 Los Angeles, California
Alice in Wonderland
BOX-FOLDER 652/1 San Diego, California
BOX-FOLDER 652/2 San Francisco, California
BOX-FOLDER 652/3 New York, New Yor
BOX-FOLDER 652/4 Portland, Oregon
BOX-FOLDER 652/5 Unidentified location
Alien Corn
BOX-FOLDER 652/6 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 652/7 San Francisco, California
Alison's House
BOX-FOLDER 652/8 Los Angeles, California
All American Minstrels
BOX-FOLDER 652/9, 964/2 New York, New York
All My Life
BOX-FOLDER 652/10 Tacoma, Washington
All of a Summer Evening
BOX-FOLDER 652/11 Manchester, New Hampshire
Altars of Steel
BOX-FOLDER 652/12 Miami, Florida
BOX-FOLDER 652/13, 964/3 Atlanta, Georgia
MAPCASE FOLDER 50 Atlanta, Georgia
The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse
BOX-FOLDER 652/14 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 652/15 San Francisco, California
BOX-FOLDER 652/16 Denver, Colorado
America Sings
BOX-FOLDER 652/17 Little Rock, Arkansas
American Holiday
BOX-FOLDER 652/18 New York, New York
American Wing
BOX-FOLDER 652/19 Boston, Massachusetts
BOX-FOLDER 653/1 Springfield, Massachusetts
Androcles and the Lion
BOX-FOLDER 653/2 Los Angeles, California
BOX-FOLDER 653/3 Denver, Colorado
BOX-FOLDER 653/4 Atlanta, Georgia
BOX-FOLDER 653/5-6, 1242/9 New York, New York
BOX-FOLDER 653/7 Seattle, Washington
The Animal Kingdom
BOX-FOLDER 653/8 San Francisco, California
BOX-FOLDER 653/9 Denver, Colorado
Anna Christie
BOX-FOLDER 653/10 San Diego, California
BOX-FOLDER 653/11 Denver, Colorado
BOX-FOLDER 653/12 Atlanta, Georgia
BOX-FOLDER 653/13 Detroit, Michigan
Another Language
BOX-FOLDER 653/14 San Diego, California
BOX-FOLDER 654/1 Freeport, New York
Anthony and Anna
BOX-FOLDER 654/2 Chicago, Illinois
Die Apostel
BOX-FOLDER 654/3 New York, New York
Are You Listening?
BOX-FOLDER 654/4 New York, New York
Aria da Capo
BOX-FOLDER 654/5 Miami, Florida
Arms and the Man
BOX-FOLDER 654/6 San Diego, California
BOX-FOLDER 654/7 Des Moines, Iowa
BOX-FOLDER 654/8 Boston, Massachusetts
BOX-FOLDER 654/9 Detroit, Michigan
Around the Corner
BOX-FOLDER 654/10 Peoria, Illinois
Around the World in 80 Days
BOX-FOLDER 654/11 Newark, New Jersey
Art and Mrs. Bottle
BOX-FOLDER 654/12 New Orleans, Louisiana
As Husbands Go
BOX-FOLDER 654/13 Tampa, Florida
BOX-FOLDER 654/14 Freeport, New York
As You Like It
BOX-FOLDER 964/4 Los Angeles, California
Note: SERA production
BOX-FOLDER 654/15 Unidentified location
Ask Dad
BOX-FOLDER 654/16, 964/5 New York, New York
Attention, Please
BOX-FOLDER 654/17 New York, New York
Autumn Crocus
BOX-FOLDER 654/18 Denver, Colorado
BOX-FOLDER 654/19 New Orleans, Louisiana
Awake and Sing
BOX-FOLDER 654/20 Los Angeles, California
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