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Portraits of Clare Boothe Luce and photographs depicting her personal and professional life ca. 1890-1981 bulk 1935-1964
Call No.: LOT 13260 (H)
Extent: 1,338 photographic prints : chiefly gelatin silver, b&w ; 33 x 27 cm. or smaller. 6 prints on tissue paper : ink, b&w, 1 color ; 48 x48 cm. or smaller.
Includes portraits of Luce from early childhood through adulthood and portraits of her family; Luce with family members, including first husband George Brokaw, second husband Henry Luce, and daughter Ann Brokaw. Also includes Luce at parties and award ceremonies; socializing with friends, dignitaries, government officials, and associates; participating in political and other professional activities, including speaking at college commencements and at the 1944 GOP convention; working in the Far East and in Egypt as a Life magazine correspondent; touring World War II battle zones as a member of the House Military Affairs Committee, 1944-45; working as U.S. Ambassador to Italy. Also views from family and personal vacations in the United States and overseas; formal large format portraits of Luce; photographs of Luce's art collection; some photos of Luce acting in the play, Candida; portraits of Luce's friends and associates. The LOT also includes six fish prints (artist unknown).
Organized roughly by subject into 32 folder categories.

Government officials--1930-1980
Women--social life--1890-1980
War correspondents--American--1940-1950
Private art collections--United States--1890-1980
Rites & ceremonies--1890-1980
Public speaking--1930-1980
Fish prints--1950-1980
Clare Boothe Luce Portraits 1904-1970 (includes color prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-1 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce, Public Speaking (includes color prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-2 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce Public Appearances 1942-1948 Carlos Chavez cocktail party, Mar. 29, 1970 Public appearances, 1951-1965 Citadel, Charleston, 1965 Convocation for Peace, Seton Hall Univ., Oct. 17, 1966 (includes color prints) Public appearances, 1966-1981 (includes color prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-3 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce & Henry Luce 1935-1964. Honeymoon-Cuba 1935-1936
Call No.: LOT 13260-4 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce with friends & associates, ca. 1930-1974 (includes color prints) Clare Boothe Luce with unidentified friends & associates, ca.1920- 1964
Call No.: LOT 13260-5 (H)
Friends & associates. A-Z, Portraits (includes color prints) Bernard Baruch portaits Unidentified portraits (includes color prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-6 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce - family, ca. 1890-ca. 1930. Snyder family, ca. 1890-ca. 1938. David Booth, ca. 1904-ca. 1945. Luce family, unidentified (includes color prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-7 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce - Childhood & school years, Conn.,1911-1919 Castle school, Tarrytown, NY, 1918-1919
Call No.: LOT 13260-8 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce & George Brokaw (first husband), 1923-1927 (includes wedding photos)
Call No.: LOT 13260-9 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce & Ann Brokaw (daughter), 1929-1943
Call No.: LOT 13260-10 (H)
Henry Luce portraits, 1935-1961
Call No.: LOT 13260-11 (H)
Henry Luce with friends & associates, 1950-1964
Call No.: LOT 13260-12 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce with godchild Ann Clare Carey, no date.
Call No.: LOT 13260-13 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce - drama career, ca. 1945?
Call No.: LOT 13260-14 (H)
Political conventions and political activity House Military Affairs Committee activities, 1944-1945 House Military Affairs Battlefront tour GOP conventions, 1948-1964 Goldwater campaign, 1964
Call No.: LOT 13260-15 (H)
Journalism career--Vanity Fair Hollywood assignment with Edward Steichen (includes color prints) Far East trip-Chun King, China, 1941 Philippines, 1941 Cairo, Egypt, 1942 Chiang Kai-Shek & Madame Chiang, Gen. Stilwell, 1942 Burma, incl., Maymyo bombing, 1942 (includes color prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-16 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce - Ambassador to Italy Welcome ceremony, 1953 Various activities, 1953-1956 Turin ceremony, 1955 Villa Taverna, Rome, 1955-1956
Call No.: LOT 13260-17 (H)
Vacations European trip. 1914 European trip, 1920-1921 European trip, 1923 European trip, 1935 Northwind cruise, 1936 Hawaii, 1937 Mepkin Plantation, 1936-1939 European trip, 1938-1939 Spain, Easter, 1952 Caribbean - scuba diving, 1957 Hawaii Sea Life Park, 1970 Italy, 1966-1967 (includes color prints) S.Y. Niki (Yacht)
Call No.: LOT 13260-18 (H)
Art Collection (includes color prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-19 (H)
Miscellaneous personal and family photographs (includes color prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-20 (H)
Portraits of Clare Boothe Luce, 1943-1959 (large format prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-21 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce public speaking, 1946-1959 (large format prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-22 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce with friends & associates, 1930-1974 (large format prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-23 (H)
Portraits of friends & associates (large format prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-24 (H)
Ann Brokaw portraits (large format prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-25 (H)
Luce family portraits (large format prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-26 (H)
Clare Boothe Luce acting in the play Candida (large format prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-27 (H)
Political conventions & campaigns, 1948-1952 (large format prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-28 (H)
Arrival in Italy as ambassador (large format print)
Call No.: LOT 13260-29 (H)
Resignation as ambassador to Brazil (large format prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-30 (H)
Portraits of various friends & associates photographed by Carl Mydans (large format prints)
Call No.: LOT 13260-31 (H)
Fish prints (six folders)
Call No.: LOT 13260-32 (H)
Views of Italy, primarily in the cities of Pesaro, Urbino, and San Marino 1952
Porcellini, Rug. M., photographer
Call No.: LOT 13261 (H)
Extent: 135 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 8 x 10 in.
Photographs show buildings, events, and sites in Fano, Pesaro, San Leo, Urbino, and the city of San Marino. Includes festivals and carnivals; views of the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino; the Pallazo dei Principi; and the convent of Fonte Avellana in Serra Sant' Abbondio. Also views of Furlo Pass.

Fonte Avellana (Monastery : Serra Sant'Abbondio, Italy)--1950-1960
Palazzo ducale (Urbino, Italy)--1950-1960
Castles & palaces--Italy--1950-1960
City & town life--Italy--1950-1960
Monasteries--Italy--Serra Sant'Abbondio--1950-1960
Pesaro (Italy : Province)--1950-1960
Urbino (Italy)--1950-1960
Fano (Italy)--1950-1960
San Leo (Italy)--1950-1960
Posters 1938-1954
Extent: 9 posters
Leoncio. Feria de Sevilla Granada : 1954
Call No.: POS-SPAIN.L58, no. 1 (C size)
Ruiz Vela. Sevilla Semana Santa, 1954. Granada : 1954.
Call No.: POS-SPAIN.R93, no. 1 (C size)
Gilbert Miller & Jack Buchanan present The Women, a play by Clare Boothe with forty characters-- all women.
Call No.: POS-TH-1938. W87, no. 1a (C size)
Gilbert Miller & Jack Buchanan present The Women, a play by Clare Boothe with forty characters-- all women. [London] : [ca. 1938]
Call No.: POS-TH-1938. W87, no. 1b (C size)
Mendoza. The Women, serial in the Evening Standard. [London] : [ca. 1938].
Call No.: POS-TH-1938. W87, no. 2 (C size)
Play - sensation "The Women" serial begins in tomorrow's Evening Standard. [London] : [ca. 1938].
Call No.: POS-TH-1938. W87, no. 3 (C size)
Jane Marnac presente La piece sans hommes femmes. Paris : Watelet-Arbelot, [1938].
Call No.: POS-TH-1938. W87, no. 4 (C size)
Madame Jane Marnac presente Femmes. [Paris] : [1938].
Call No.: POS-TH-1938. W87, no. 5 a&b (C size)
Hoff. Margin for Error. New York : Allied Printing, [1939]
Call No.: POS-TH-1939. M32, no. 1 (C size)
Panorama 1954
Extent: 1 photographic print : gelatin silver ; 6.5 x 30 in.
Inaugurazione del primo corso per la preparazione di personale specializzato nell'impiego del radar per La Difesa Antiaerea Nel Quadro Della N.A.T.O.--veduta panoramica della scuola
Call No.: PAN FOR GEOG - Italy, no. 44 (E size)

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