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BOX 1 and 6 Portraits, statues, and memorials of Booker T. Washington and his family ca. 1890-1935
Call No.: LOT 13164-A (F) (H)
Also includes group portraits of Washington family members; a reproduction of a landscape painting by Mrs. Frank R. Hill entitled "Mt. Booker Washington," (1904); a design for a memorial portrait group designed and copyrighted by photographer C.M. Battey (c1911); one portrait of Margaret Murray Washington.
BOX 1 and 6 Washington at public speaking engagements ca. 1900-1914
Call No.: LOT 13164-B (F) (H)
Includes Washington addressing large crowds at locations in Arkansas, California, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia as well as other unidentified locations. Also views of crowds gathered at the various venues; Washington traveling by coach, automobile, and train to locations; some group portraits, including one of Washington posing with Mary McCloud Bethune.
Arranged alphabetically by city.
BOX 2, 6, and 8 Tuskegee Institute 1890-1910
Call No.: LOT 13164-C (F) (H) (OH)
Includes campus views of buildings and monuments, student portraits, campus events, including a celebration and parade for President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 and a 25th anniversary ceremony. Also includes portraits of faculty and alumni; students attending classes.
BOX 3 and 6 Portraits of Washington's associates ca. 1889-1914
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (F) (H)
Note: All are F size unless otherwise noted.
Arranged alphabetically by sitter's surname. Includes single and group portraits.
BOX 3 Altiers, Genoiro 1906 Puerto Rico
BOX 3 Amos, Moses, Dr. 1904 Gate City, Georgia
BOX 3 Arkansas Business Mens League
BOX 6 Baldwin, William
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (H)
BOX 3 Borchers, [Edw.?] 1903
BOX 3 Bromet, M.S. 1904 Paris
BOX 3 Brooks, A. L., Major
BOX 3 Brown, E. S. Cambridge, Massachusetts
BOX 6 Bruce, Blanche K.
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (H)
BOX 3 Campbell, C. Durham
BOX 3 Chase, Henry W. Washington, D.C.
BOX 3 Coleman, Henry F. Mt. Vernon, Iowa
BOX 3 Cooley, Elizabeth Cooley, Elizabeth
BOX 3 Cooley, Elizabeth San Antonio, Texas
BOX 3 Dowling, Oscar, Dr.
BOX 3 Drouillard, Geo. Cliff. Georges Creek
BOX 3 Douglass, Frederick
BOX 3 Ellison, Geo. S.
BOX 3 Evans, [Z?] T. The Corning Mattress Works
BOX 3 Fisher, Isaac Branch Normal College
BOX 3 Floyd, W. D. Hawkinsville, Alabama
BOX 3 Forrester, Stephenie
BOX 3 Freeman, Julius Wilson, North Carolina
BOX 3 Gibbs, M. W. [Washington, D.C.]
BOX 6 Greener, Richard T.
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (H)
BOX 3 Griggs, E. M. [Texas]
BOX 3 Guy, Ira O. [Kansas]
BOX 3 Haas, Henry Hubert, L.L.D. 1906 Roanoke, Virginia
BOX 3 Hardin, Mrs. G. C., and little Margarette
BOX 3 Harford, Mark A.
BOX 3 Herren, John W. Atlanta, Georgia
BOX 3 Jackson, and Emmett J. Scott
BOX 3 James, Jim 1911 West Point City
Johnson, James W.
Note: photos filed under Moton, Robert R.
BOX 3 Jones, Acie 1911 Thomasville, Georgia
BOX 3 Jones, Lula H. 1914
BOX 6 Langston, John Mercer
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (H)
BOX 3 LeBeouf, Miss
BOX 3 Lucas, Dora [Ohio]
BOX 6 Lynch, John R.
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (H)
BOX 3 Lyon, Ernest (Consul-General to the Republic of Liberia), and Emmett J. Scott 1909
BOX 3 Marr, J. M. Moundbayou, Mississippi
BOX 3 Martin, Isaac D. [Alabama]
Note: 2 poses
BOX 3 Mason, [W. G.]
BOX 3 Maxwell, Minnie P. Zenia, Ohio
BOX 3 Maytes, A. L. Chicago, Illinois
BOX 3 Millers Wonderful Musical Family of Washington, D.C.
BOX 3 Millie & Christine (Siamese twins)
BOX 3 Mitchell 1906 [Illinois]
BOX 3 Monteria Silva, F. R. 1907 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
BOX 3 Morris, S. L.
BOX 3 Moton, Robert R. and James W. Johnson [after 1915]
BOX 3 Payton, J. W. [South Carolina]
BOX 3 Plummer, D. J. Bournemouth, England
BOX 3 Powell, Annie M. Washington, D.C.
BOX 3 Pratt, Lawton L. [1913]
BOX 3 Reid, William Cooper 1903 Fulton, Mississippi
BOX 3 Roosevelt family
BOX 3 Roosevelt, Theodore 1908
BOX 3 Sanghorne, Edw. T. [1910]
BOX 3 Scott, Emmett J.
Note: 2 poses
BOX 3 Sheridan, James Jay 1903 Chicago
BOX 3 Simons, H. L Columbia, South Carolina
BOX 3 Soga, A. Kirkland East London, South Africa
BOX 3 Swann, J. Richard
BOX 6 Tanner, Henry O.
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (H)
BOX 3 Terborg, William Surinam
BOX 3 Terry, Matt
BOX 3 [Toicard, C.?] 1905 Haiti
Note: 2 poses
BOX 3 Walker, S. C. [California]
BOX 3 Watkins, son of Lee W.
BOX 4 and 7 Unidentified portraits ca. 1890-ca. 1915
Call No.: LOT 13164-E (F) (H)
Includes men, women, and children. Also group portraits.
BOX 5 and 7 Colleges and schools (excluding Tuskegee) ca. 1900-1916
Call No.: LOT 13164-F (F) (H)
Includes public schools and colleges primarily in the South; school buildings and group portraits of students standing in front of school buildings; campus views; students attending classes. Also two portraits of Hawaiian school children; one portrait of Japanese school children.
Arranged alphabetically by school name.
BOX 5 Canning & Poultry Club Conference, Caroline Co. Aug. 8, 1913
Call No.: LOT 13164-G (F)
BOX 5 YMCA 1912-ca. 1915
Call No.: LOT 13164-H (F)
Includes buildings and activities at YMCA facilities in Arundel-on-the-Bay, Md., Bexton, Iowa, Chicago, Ill., Columbus, Ga., Indianapolis, Ind., Philadelphia, Washington, D.C.
Arranged alphabetically by city.
BOX 5 Buildings ca. 1900-ca. 1915
Call No.: LOT 13164-I (F)
Residences, commercial buildings, and churches. Includes the Frederick Douglass home in Anacostia, Washington, D.C. Includes views in Alabama, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Virginia.
Arranged alphabetically by city.
BOX 5 Unidentified buildings ca. 1900-ca. 1915
Call No.: LOT 13164-J (F)
Exterior views of dwellings and commercial buildings.
BOX 5 Agricultural workers ca. 1905-ca. 1915
Call No.: LOT 13164-K (F)
Children and adults working or posing in gardens. One group portrait of two aged women posing in front of a tent.
BOX 5 Miscellaneous subjects ca. 1900-ca. 1910
Call No.: LOT 13164-L (F)
Includes city views, some buildings, people at unidentified events, other unidentified subjects. One unidentified color waterfront view; one praline candy box with a portrait of two women.

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