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Visual materials from the Booker T. Washington papers

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BOX 2, 6, and 8 Tuskegee Institute 1890-1910
Call No.: LOT 13164-C (F) (H) (OH)
Includes campus views of buildings and monuments, student portraits, campus events, including a celebration and parade for President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 and a 25th anniversary ceremony. Also includes portraits of faculty and alumni; students attending classes.
BOX 3 and 6 Portraits of Washington's associates ca. 1889-1914
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (F) (H)
Note: All are F size unless otherwise noted.
Arranged alphabetically by sitter's surname. Includes single and group portraits.
BOX 3 Altiers, Genoiro 1906 Puerto Rico
BOX 3 Amos, Moses, Dr. 1904 Gate City, Georgia
BOX 3 Arkansas Business Mens League
BOX 6 Baldwin, William
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (H)
BOX 3 Borchers, [Edw.?] 1903
BOX 3 Bromet, M.S. 1904 Paris
BOX 3 Brooks, A. L., Major
BOX 3 Brown, E. S. Cambridge, Massachusetts
BOX 6 Bruce, Blanche K.
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (H)
BOX 3 Campbell, C. Durham
BOX 3 Chase, Henry W. Washington, D.C.
BOX 3 Coleman, Henry F. Mt. Vernon, Iowa
BOX 3 Cooley, Elizabeth Cooley, Elizabeth
BOX 3 Cooley, Elizabeth San Antonio, Texas
BOX 3 Dowling, Oscar, Dr.
BOX 3 Drouillard, Geo. Cliff. Georges Creek
BOX 3 Douglass, Frederick
BOX 3 Ellison, Geo. S.
BOX 3 Evans, [Z?] T. The Corning Mattress Works
BOX 3 Fisher, Isaac Branch Normal College
BOX 3 Floyd, W. D. Hawkinsville, Alabama
BOX 3 Forrester, Stephenie
BOX 3 Freeman, Julius Wilson, North Carolina
BOX 3 Gibbs, M. W. [Washington, D.C.]
BOX 6 Greener, Richard T.
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (H)
BOX 3 Griggs, E. M. [Texas]
BOX 3 Guy, Ira O. [Kansas]
BOX 3 Haas, Henry Hubert, L.L.D. 1906 Roanoke, Virginia
BOX 3 Hardin, Mrs. G. C., and little Margarette
BOX 3 Harford, Mark A.
BOX 3 Herren, John W. Atlanta, Georgia
BOX 3 Jackson, and Emmett J. Scott
BOX 3 James, Jim 1911 West Point City
Johnson, James W.
Note: photos filed under Moton, Robert R.
BOX 3 Jones, Acie 1911 Thomasville, Georgia
BOX 3 Jones, Lula H. 1914
BOX 6 Langston, John Mercer
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (H)
BOX 3 LeBeouf, Miss
BOX 3 Lucas, Dora [Ohio]
BOX 6 Lynch, John R.
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (H)
BOX 3 Lyon, Ernest (Consul-General to the Republic of Liberia), and Emmett J. Scott 1909
BOX 3 Marr, J. M. Moundbayou, Mississippi
BOX 3 Martin, Isaac D. [Alabama]
Note: 2 poses
BOX 3 Mason, [W. G.]
BOX 3 Maxwell, Minnie P. Zenia, Ohio
BOX 3 Maytes, A. L. Chicago, Illinois
BOX 3 Millers Wonderful Musical Family of Washington, D.C.
BOX 3 Millie & Christine (Siamese twins)
BOX 3 Mitchell 1906 [Illinois]
BOX 3 Monteria Silva, F. R. 1907 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
BOX 3 Morris, S. L.
BOX 3 Moton, Robert R. and James W. Johnson [after 1915]
BOX 3 Payton, J. W. [South Carolina]
BOX 3 Plummer, D. J. Bournemouth, England
BOX 3 Powell, Annie M. Washington, D.C.
BOX 3 Pratt, Lawton L. [1913]
BOX 3 Reid, William Cooper 1903 Fulton, Mississippi
BOX 3 Roosevelt family
BOX 3 Roosevelt, Theodore 1908
BOX 3 Sanghorne, Edw. T. [1910]
BOX 3 Scott, Emmett J.
Note: 2 poses
BOX 3 Sheridan, James Jay 1903 Chicago
BOX 3 Simons, H. L Columbia, South Carolina
BOX 3 Soga, A. Kirkland East London, South Africa
BOX 3 Swann, J. Richard
BOX 6 Tanner, Henry O.
Call No.: LOT 13164-D (H)
BOX 3 Terborg, William Surinam
BOX 3 Terry, Matt
BOX 3 [Toicard, C.?] 1905 Haiti
Note: 2 poses
BOX 3 Walker, S. C. [California]
BOX 3 Watkins, son of Lee W.
BOX 4 and 7 Unidentified portraits ca. 1890-ca. 1915
Call No.: LOT 13164-E (F) (H)
Includes men, women, and children. Also group portraits.
BOX 5 and 7 Colleges and schools (excluding Tuskegee) ca. 1900-1916
Call No.: LOT 13164-F (F) (H)
Includes public schools and colleges primarily in the South; school buildings and group portraits of students standing in front of school buildings; campus views; students attending classes. Also two portraits of Hawaiian school children; one portrait of Japanese school children.
Arranged alphabetically by school name.
BOX 5 Canning & Poultry Club Conference, Caroline Co. Aug. 8, 1913
Call No.: LOT 13164-G (F)
BOX 5 YMCA 1912-ca. 1915
Call No.: LOT 13164-H (F)
Includes buildings and activities at YMCA facilities in Arundel-on-the-Bay, Md., Bexton, Iowa, Chicago, Ill., Columbus, Ga., Indianapolis, Ind., Philadelphia, Washington, D.C.
Arranged alphabetically by city.
BOX 5 Buildings ca. 1900-ca. 1915
Call No.: LOT 13164-I (F)
Residences, commercial buildings, and churches. Includes the Frederick Douglass home in Anacostia, Washington, D.C. Includes views in Alabama, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Virginia.
Arranged alphabetically by city.
BOX 5 Unidentified buildings ca. 1900-ca. 1915
Call No.: LOT 13164-J (F)
Exterior views of dwellings and commercial buildings.
BOX 5 Agricultural workers ca. 1905-ca. 1915
Call No.: LOT 13164-K (F)
Children and adults working or posing in gardens. One group portrait of two aged women posing in front of a tent.
BOX 5 Miscellaneous subjects ca. 1900-ca. 1910
Call No.: LOT 13164-L (F)
Includes city views, some buildings, people at unidentified events, other unidentified subjects. One unidentified color waterfront view; one praline candy box with a portrait of two women.

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