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Goldsberry collection of open-air school photographs

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Part 1: Open-air education in the United States, by topic
Home Environments
Call No.: LOT 5338-1 (F)
Extent: 15 items
See: [Goldsberry, p.63]
Includes: Alabama, Arizona (Phoenix), Illinois (Chicago), Louisiana (New Orleans), Montana, New York (New York), Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh).
Open-air schools for Native American children
Call No.: LOT 5338-2 (F)
Extent: 5 items
See also: LOT 5338-45
Includes: California (Bishop and Coachella), Idaho (Fort Lapwai), and Montana (Crow Indian Agency).
Open-air educational activities, Camp Fire Girls
Call No.: LOT 5338-3 (F)
Extent: 12 items
Includes: Alaska, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Wyoming.
Outdoor education, Boy Scouts
Call No.: LOT 5338-4 (F)
Extent: 6 items
Includes: Boy Scouts participating in various outdoor activities, e.g., building, camping, gardening, and cooking.
Outdoor education training, U.S. soldiers and others
Call No.: LOT 5338-5 (F)
Extent: 5 items
Includes: Young men and women participating in various outdoor activities, e.g., welding, loom weaving, basketry, reading, and playing croquet.
Playground work
Call No.: LOT 5338-6 (F)
Extent: 5 items
Includes: Playground and Recreation Association images of playground and festival activities in Massachusetts (Worchester), New Jersey (Camden), New York (New York City and Brooklyn). Includes: Roof-top playgrounds.
Rural school houses
Call No.: LOT 5338-7 (F)
Extent: 104 items in 3 folders
See: [Goldsberry, p. 60-62]
See also: LOT 5338-94
Includes: One-room, sod, dug-out, adobe, log cabin, and other schoolhouse types thought to cause tuberculosis (Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah).
Tent Schools
Call No.: LOT 5338-8 (F)
Extent: 38 items
See also: LOT 5338-25A, 5338-25B, 5338-29, 5338-30, 5338-31, 5338-32, 5338-38, 5338-44, 5338-45, 5338-47, 5338-49, 5338-52, 5338-55, 5338-57, 5338-59, 5338-64, 5338-67, 5338-72
Includes: Tent schools in Connecticut (Hartford and New Haven), Illinois (Chicago), New Jersey (Montclair and Newark), New York (Rochester), Ohio (Cleveland), and Wisconsin (Kenosha).
Part 2: Open-air education in the United States, by state and city and school
Alabama (Schools sponsored by Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company and Chickasaw Shipbuilding Company)
Call No.: LOT 5338-9 (F)
Extent: 22 items
See also: LOT 5338-7
Includes: Dancing, tooth brushing drills, theater, gardening, May poles, breathing exercises, storytelling, flag drills, African Americans.
Arizona - Clifton
Call No.: LOT 5338-10 (F)
Extent: 2 items
See also: LOT 5338-7, LOT 5338-1
Includes: Eating, sleeping, Latinos (Mexican Americans)
Call No.: LOT 5338-11 (F)
Extent: 19 items
Includes: Woodworking, weighing, sleeping, camps, outdoor class, study porches, eating, African Americans, Asians, Latinos (Mexican Americans).
California - Berkeley - Berkeley (University of California)
Call No.: LOT 5338-12 (F)
Extent: 16 items
Includes: Play schools, nursery schools, swimming, manual arts, theater.
California (Glendora Foothills School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-13 (F)
Extent: 15 items
Includes: Nature study, swimming, horseback riding, dormitories, study porches, gardening, sleeping.
California - Oakland, San Jose, and Alameda
Call No.: LOT 5338-14 (F)
Extent: 9 items
Includes: Nursery schools, outdoor class.
California - Palo Alto (Castilleja School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-15 (F)
Extent: 12 items
Includes: Gardening, study porches.
California - Sacramento
Call No.: LOT 5338-16 (F)
Extent: 90 items
Includes: Storytelling, music, mothers' afternoon meeting, nature study, dancing, graduation, theater, field day, outdoor class, all-girls school, nature study, gardening, study porches, Asians, African Americans.
California - San Diego Area - Francis W. Parker and Other Schools
Call No.: LOT 5338-17 (F)
Extent: 26 items
Includes: Sewing, manual arts, outdoor class, gardens, architectural drawing(s).
California - San Francisco
Call No.: LOT 5338-18 (F)
Extent: 16 items
Includes: Roof-top school, "Eskimo suits," eating, sleeping, gardens.
Call No.: LOT 5338-19 (F)
Extent: 2 items
See also: LOT 5338-7
Includes: Recreation, African Americans.
Connecticut (Rosemary Preparatory School and others)
Call No.: LOT 5338-20 (F)
Extent: 26 items
See also: LOT 5338-8
Includes: Cooking, all-girls schools, sanitoria, "Eskimo suits," sleeping, gardening, African Americans.
Florida - Miami (Miss Harris' School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-21 (F)
Extent: 10 items
Includes: All-girls schools, swimming, study porches, theater.
Georgia - Atlanta
Call No.: LOT 5338-22 (F)
Extent: 4 items
See also: LOT 5338-7
Includes: All-girls schools.
Hawaii - Makaweli
Call No.: LOT 5338-23 (F)
Extent: 1 item
Includes: Open-air school rooms.
Illinois - Harlowarden Preventorium & Other Schools
Call No.: LOT 5338-24 (F)
Extent: 7 items
Includes: Convalescence, sewing, "Eskimo suits," manual arts, outdoor class.
Illinois - Chicago (Elizabeth McCormic Schools and others)
Call No.: LOT 5338-25 (F)
Extent: 59 items in 2 folders
See also: LOT 5338-8
Includes: Preventoria, outdoor class, "Eskimo suits," anemic children, taking pulse, gardening, roof-top-gardens, roof-top schools, flag drills, toy-making, weighing, cooking, eating, sewing, manual arts, printing, sleeping, camps.
Illinois - Chicago (Elizabeth McCormic Schools and others)
Call No.: LOT 5338-107 (H)
Extent: 10 items
Includes: Roof-top gardens, roof-top schools, study porches, outdoor study rooms, open-windows schools, sleeping, eating, cooking, camps, "Eskimo suits."
Indiana - Indianapolis (Theodore Potter Open-Air School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-26 (F)
Extent: 5 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," sleeping.
Call No.: LOT 5338-27 (F)
Extent: 4 items
See also: LOT 5338-7
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