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Part 2: Open-air education in the United States, by state and city and school (continued)
Kentucky (continued)
Includes: Parades, "Eskimo suits."
Louisiana - New Orleans
Call No.: LOT 5338-28 (F)
Extent: 2 items
Includes: Eating.
Call No.: LOT 5338-29 (F)
Extent: 14 items
Includes: Horseback riding, rifle practice, tennis, nature study, camps, dancing, all-girls schools, "Eskimo suits," marching, gardening.
Maine - Bangor (Fresh Air School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-108 (H)
Extent: 4 items
Includes: Sleeping, eating, recreation.
Maryland - Baltimore
Call No.: LOT 5338-30 (F)
Extent: 21 items, including book cover and 1 page of text
Includes: All-boys schools, all-girls schools, "Eskimo suits," study porches, gymnasia, outdoor class, recreation
Call No.: LOT 5338-31 (F)
Extent: 37 items
Includes: All-boys schools, open-air school rooms, study porches, "Eskimo suits," music, weaving, sleeping, breathing exercises, dormitories, camps, roof-top schools, woodworking, basketry, architectural drawing(s).
Massachusetts - Boston
Call No.: LOT 5338-32 (F)
Extent: 28 items
Includes: Roof-top schools, "Eskimo suits," weaving, sleeping, schools for the disabled, open-air school rooms, outdoor class, African Americans.
Massachusetts - Boston (Castle Island School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-109 (H)
Extent: 5 items
Includes: Schools for anemic children, storytelling, sleeping, ring around the rosie, eating, African Americans.
Massachusetts - New Bedford (New Bedford Antituberculosis Hospital)
Call No.: LOT 5338-110 (H)
Extent: 14 items
Includes: outdoor study rooms, study porches, nursery schools, weighing, taking pulse, knitting, sewing, sleeping, reading, cooking, eating, basketball, bean-bag toss, African Americans.
Michigan - Detroit, Kalamazoo, etc.
Call No.: LOT 5338-33 (F)
Extent: 25 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," study porches, roof-top schools, camps, architectural drawing(s), open-air school rooms, swimming, African Americans.
Call No.: LOT 5338-34 (F)
Extent: 24 items
Includes: Nature study, eating, showering, tooth brushing drills, "Eskimo suits," weighing, sleeping.
See also: LOT 5338-7
Missouri - Kansas City, St. Louis, etc.
Call No.: LOT 5338-35 (F)
Extent: 30 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," weighing, dental hygiene, printing, hand washing, breathing exercises, sleeping, knitting, dining halls, open-air school rooms.
Call No.: LOT 5338-36 (F)
Extent: 2 items
See also: LOT 5338-7
Includes: Hand washing, open-windows schools.
Nebraska - Perkins County
Call No.: LOT 5338-37 (F)
Extent: 2 items
See also: LOT 5338-7
Includes: Obsolete types.
See also: LOT 5338-8
New Hampshire
Call No.: LOT 5338-38 (F)
Extent: 30 items
Includes: Camps, manual arts, nature study, swimming, gardens, outdoor study rooms, hiking, all-boys schools, chess.
New Jersey
Call No.: LOT 5338-39 (F)
Extent: 26 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," roof-top schools, sleeping, gymnasia, preventoria, African Americans.
New Jersey - Montclair and Newark
Call No.: LOT 5338-40 (F)
Extent: 8 items
See also: LOT 5338-8
Includes: Study porches, eating, sleeping, "Eskimo suits."
New Jersey - Newark (Morton St. Open-Window Class)
Call No.: LOT 5338-111 (H)
Extent: 1 item
Includes: Roof-top schools, eating.
New Mexico - Albuquerque and Los Alamos Ranch
Call No.: LOT 5338-41 (F)
Extent: 29 items
Includes: All-boys schools, camps, trout fishing, herding, horseback riding, fencing, farming, manual arts, hunting, rifle practice, washing dishes, breathing exercises, basketball, snow sledding.
New York - (New York State Hospital For Crippled and Deformed Children and others)
Call No.: LOT 5338-42 (F)
Extent: 41 items
See also: LOT 5338-7
Includes: Nature study, hiking, "Eskimo suits," sleeping, tooth brushing drills, nose-blowing drills, ice hockey, snow sledding, ring around the rosie, dining halls, all-girls schools, all-boys school, gymnasia, manual arts, open-air school rooms, roof-top schools, bicycling, African Americans.
New York - Adirondacks - Florida School
Call No.: LOT 5338-43 (F)
Extent: 5 items
Includes: Boys camps, hunting, rifle practice.
New York - Buffalo (Nicholas Summer Play School and others)
Call No.: LOT 5338-44 (F)
Extent: 10 items
Includes: Play schools, theater, open-air school rooms, "Eskimo suits."
New York - New York City
Call No.: LOT 5338-45 (F)
Extent: 64 items in 2 folders
Includes: Roof-top playgrounds, schools for disabled, study porches, "Eskimo suits," weighing, outdoor class, basketball, gardening, gymnasia, sanatoria, breathing exercises, manual arts, roof-top schools, Montessori Schools, Native Americans (Seneca), African Americans.
New York - New York City (Friends School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-112 (H)
Extent: 15 items
Includes: Roof-top schools, gymnasia, dining halls, gymnastics, eating, studying, reading, recreation, ring around the rosie, breathing exercises, basketball, woodworking, storytelling, Asian Americans.
New York - New York City (Bronx P. S. no. 4, Hunter Island Farm)
Call No.: LOT 5338-46 (F)
Extent: 15 items
Includes: Gardening, study porches, baseball.
New York - New York City - Coney Island - Sea Breeze Hospital
Call No.: LOT 5338-47 (F)
Extent: 9 items
See also: LOT 5338-8
Includes: Sanatoria, gardening, recreation, dormitories, African Americans.
New York - New York City - Ferryboat schools
Call No.: LOT 5338-48 (F)
Extent: 18 items
Includes: Adult patients, breathing exercises, schools for tubercular children, "Eskimo suits," sleeping, weaving, day camps, African Americans.
New York - New York City - Play schools
Call No.: LOT 5338-49 (F)
Extent: 18 items
Includes: Roof-top playgrounds.
New York - Rochester
Call No.: LOT 5338-50 (F)
Extent: 16 items
See also: LOT 5338-8
Includes: "Eskimo suits," cooking, gardening, sleeping.
New York - Yonkers
Call No.: LOT 5338-51 (F)
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