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Part 2: Open-air education in the United States, by state and city and school (continued)
New York - Yonkers (continued)
Extent: 4 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," sleeping, breathing exercises, African Americans.
North Carolina - Brevard (French Broad Camp)
Call No.: LOT 5338-52 (F)
Extent: 5 items
Includes: Boys camps, swimming.
North Dakota - Dunseith
Call No.: LOT 5338-53 (F)
Extent: 4 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," eating.
Call No.: LOT 5338-54 (F)
Extent: 15 items
Includes: All-girls schools, dancing, roof-top schools, "Eskimo suits," gymnasia, gardening, "school in the glass house," African Americans.
Ohio - Cincinnati
Call No.: LOT 5338-55 (F)
Extent: 13 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," roof-top schools, outdoor class, sleeping, roof-top playgrounds, open-air school rooms, African Americans.
Ohio - Cincinnati (Guilford School, Dyer School and Jewish Settlement Roof Garden)
Call No.: LOT 5338-113 (H)
Extent: 7 items
Includes: Roof-top schools, "Eskimo suits," recreation, nature study, sleeping, eating, reading, African Americans.
Ohio - Cleveland
Call No.: LOT 5338-56 (F)
Extent: 6 items
See also: LOT 5338-8
Includes: "Eskimo suits," eating, hygiene instructions, schools for the disabled.
Ohio - Cleveland ("Elementary School")
Call No.: LOT 5338-114 (H)
Extent: 1 item
See also: LOT 5338-8
Includes: Hygiene instructions.
Oklahoma - Tulsa
Call No.: LOT 5338-57 (F)
Extent: 3 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," open-air school rooms.
Oregon - Portland (A. L. Mills Open-Air School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-58 (F)
Extent: 8 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," eating, showering, tooth brushing drills, weighing, sleeping, dormitories.
Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Open-Air School, Miss Anna Thomas Open-Air School and Others
Call No.: LOT 5338-59 (F)
Extent: 27 items
Includes: Camps, rifle practice, open-air school rooms (pagoda design), "Eskimo suits," roof-top schools, basketball, solariums, tree houses, sleeping, architectural drawing(s).
Pennsylvania - Chester Springs - Summer School of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
Call No.: LOT 5338-60 (F)
Extent: 10 items
Includes: Art studios, dormitories.
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia
Call No.: LOT 5338-61 (F)
Extent: 22 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," roof-top schools, camps, nature study, May poles, gardening, African Americans.
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia (Miss Mills School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-62 (F)
Extent: 5 items
Includes: outdoor study rooms, outdoor class, "Eskimo suits," gardens.
Pennsylvania - Philadelphia (Overbrook, Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of the Blind)
Call No.: LOT 5338-63 (F)
Extent: 17 items
Includes: Gardening, dancing, theater, cooking, May poles, knitting, adult patients, schools for the blind.
Pennsylvania - Pitcairn
Call No.: LOT 5338-115 (H)
Extent: 1 item
Includes: Volley ball.
Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh
Call No.: LOT 5338-64 (F)
Extent: 17 items
Includes: Roof-top school, knitting, eating, sleeping, "Eskimo suits," African Americans.
Pennsylvania - (Pennsylvania State College)
Call No.: LOT 5338-65 (F)
Extent: 11 items
Includes: Gardening, dancing, theater, open-air gymnasia.
Rhode Island - Providence and Pawtucket - Providence R.I. Open-Air School, Summit St. Open-Air School
Call No.: LOT 5338-66 (F)
Extent: 9 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," open-window schools.
South Carolina - Columbia and Spartanburg (Saxon Mill Schools)
Call No.: LOT 5338-67 (F)
Extent: 17 items
Includes: Basketball, dancing, camps, outdoor class, swimming, volleyball.
Tennessee - Memphis
Call No.: LOT 5338-68 (F)
Extent: 6 items
See also: LOT 5338-7
Includes: Roller skating, "Eskimo suits," weighing, sleeping.
Virginia - Richmond, Williamsburg, Hot Springs
Call No.: LOT 5338-69 (F)
Extent: 8 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," music, roof-top schools, outdoor class, sleeping, African Americans.
Washington, D.C. - Georgetown Open-Air School, Minor Normal School
Call No.: LOT 5338-70 (F)
Extent: 9 items
Includes: Open-windows school, tooth brushing drills, weaving, sewing, African Americans.
West Virginia - Charleston (St. Hilda's Hall)
Call No.: LOT 5338-71 (F)
Extent: 2 items
Includes: Study porch.
Wisconsin - Kenosha and Milwaukee (Laphan Open-Air School and others)
Call No.: LOT 5338-72 (F)
Extent: 27 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," gymnasia, basketball, tooth brushing drills, eating, sleeping, dental hygiene, picnics, gardens, cooking.
Part 3: Open-air education in foreign countries, by country
Australia - New South Wales
Call No.: LOT 5338-73 (F)
Extent: 9 items
Includes: Nature study, gardens, outdoor class, ring around the rosie.
Australia - Perth
Call No.: LOT 5338-74 (F)
Extent: 10 items
Includes: Open-air school rooms, field hockey, breathing exercises.
Australia - Victoria
Call No.: LOT 5338-75 (F)
Extent: 1 item
Includes: Open-air school rooms.
Austria - Weiner Neustadt
Call No.: LOT 5338-76 (F)
Extent: 17 items
Includes: outdoor class, gardening, manual arts, bathing, woodworking.
Canada - Montreal
Call No.: LOT 5338-77 (F)
Extent: 6 items
Includes: Summer camps, "Eskimo suits."
Canada - Ontario (chiefly Toronto, 1 Hamilton)
Call No.: LOT 5338-78 (F)
Extent: 15 items
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