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Goldsberry collection of open-air school photographs

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Part 3: Open-air education in foreign countries, by country
Australia - New South Wales
Call No.: LOT 5338-73 (F)
Extent: 9 items
Includes: Nature study, gardens, outdoor class, ring around the rosie.
Australia - Perth
Call No.: LOT 5338-74 (F)
Extent: 10 items
Includes: Open-air school rooms, field hockey, breathing exercises.
Australia - Victoria
Call No.: LOT 5338-75 (F)
Extent: 1 item
Includes: Open-air school rooms.
Austria - Weiner Neustadt
Call No.: LOT 5338-76 (F)
Extent: 17 items
Includes: outdoor class, gardening, manual arts, bathing, woodworking.
Canada - Montreal
Call No.: LOT 5338-77 (F)
Extent: 6 items
Includes: Summer camps, "Eskimo suits."
Canada - Ontario (chiefly Toronto, 1 Hamilton)
Call No.: LOT 5338-78 (F)
Extent: 15 items
Includes: Preventoria, gymnasia, eating, outdoor class, "Eskimo suits."
Call No.: LOT 5338-79 (F)
Extent: 7 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," ring around the rosie, architectural drawing(s), sleeping.
England - General - Bradford, Barnsley, Clacton-on-Sea, Darlington, Earswick, Eastcote
Call No.: LOT 5338-80 (F)
Extent: 33 items
Includes: Breathing exercises, eating, sleeping, nursery school, bathing, knitting, study porches, schools for the disabled, open-air school rooms, gardening, outdoor class, dormitories, sanitoria, architectural drawing(s).
England - General - Harpenden, Maryland, Medstead, Norwich, Rachel McMillan Nursery, Summer Holiday Home
Call No.: LOT 5338-80 (F)
Extent: 25 items
England - Birmingham
Call No.: LOT 5338-81 (F)
Extent: 21 items
Includes: Nursery schools, gardening, outdoor class, sanitoria, basketry, nature study, architectural drawing(s), sleeping, open-air school rooms.
England - Derbyshire (Derbyshire Open-Air School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-116 (H)
Extent: 14 items
Includes: Nursery schools, solariums.
England - Halifax
Call No.: LOT 5338-82 (F)
Extent: 15 items
Includes: Gardening, woodworking, greenhouses, outdoor class, sleeping.
England - Liverpool (Bowling House School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-83 (F)
Extent: 4 items
Includes: Manual arts, outdoor class, eating.
England - Liverpool
Call No.: LOT 5338, panorama, no. 1 (OSE)
Extent: 1 item
Note: Use surrogate on videodisc
England - London (Bostall Wood School, Deptford Camp, Kentish School, King Alfred School, Miss Bell's School, Montpelier School, Shooter's Hill School, Shrewsbury House School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-84A (F)
Extent: 30 items
Includes: Breathing exercises, outdoor class, gardening, dormitories, nature study, nursery schools, weighing, hospital and home for incurable children, picnics, storytelling, snow sledding, open-air school rooms.
England - London (Anerly Residential School, Botanical Garden's School, Hominan Park, Northcourt, Oak Lodge, Peckham, St. Luke's, St. Marylebone)
Call No.: LOT 5338-84B (F)
Extent: 29 items
Includes: Manual arts, ring around the rosie, dancing, all-girls schools, all-boys schools, outdoor study rooms, nursery schools, gardening, sleeping, nature study, architectural drawing(s).
England - London (Homerton Residential School for the Deaf & Blind)
Call No.: LOT 5338-84C (F)
Extent: 33 items
Includes: Washing, nature study, swimming, outdoor class, tug-of-war, wheelbarrow racing, camps, sewing.
England - Manchester
Call No.: LOT 5338-85 (F)
Extent: 25 items
Includes: Crocheting, dormitories, sleeping, sanatoria, croquet, rounders, dining halls.
Call No.: LOT 5338-86 (F)
Extent: 1 item
Includes: Nature study.
Germany - Berlin, Charlottenburg, Elberfeld
Call No.: LOT 5338-87A (F)
Extent: 19 items
Includes: outdoor class, gardening, dining halls, storytelling, open-air school rooms, recreation.
Germany - Mannheim, München-Gladbach, Nurnberg
Call No.: LOT 5338-87B (F)
Extent: 17 items
Includes: Study porches, dining halls, piggy-back riding, outdoor class, dormitories, gardening, sleeping.
Hungary - Szombathely
Call No.: LOT 5338-88 (F)
Extent: 11 items
Includes: outdoor class, study porches, breathing exercises, eating.
Call No.: LOT 5338-89 (F)
Extent: 1 item
Includes: Weaving, all-girls schools.
Call No.: LOT 5338-90 (F)
Extent: 1 item
Includes: outdoor class.
Call No.: LOT 5338-91 (F)
Extent: 17 items
Includes: outdoor class, gardening, all-girls schools, eating (boat dining), open-air school rooms.
Call No.: LOT 5338-92 (F)
Extent: 47 items
Includes: Breathing exercise, eating, nature study, dormitories, gardening, weaving, sleeping, manual arts, outdoor class, bathing, sewing, hygiene, physical exams, gardening, cooking, Christmas activities.
Call No.: LOT 5338-93 (F)
Extent: 23 items
Includes: Sleeping, playing, "Eskimo suits," breathing exercises, swimming, ring around the rosie, outdoor class.
Phillipines [sic], 'Some typical school houses in the "Headhunters' Region"
Call No.: LOT 5338-94 (F)
Extent: 11 items
Includes: Rural school houses.
Call No.: LOT 5338-95 (F)
Extent: 6 items
Includes: outdoor class, weaving, study porches.
Scotland - Glasgow - Bernard St. Special School
Call No.: LOT 5338-96 (F)
Extent: 18 items
Includes: Manual arts, cooking, sewing, woodworking, hygiene, gymnasia, all-girls schools, gardening, schools for the disabled.
Scotland - Glasgow - Burnside School, Perry School
Call No.: LOT 5338-96 (F)
Extent: 17 items
Call No.: LOT 5338-97 (F)
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