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Part 2: Open-air education in the United States, by state and city and school
Alabama (Schools sponsored by Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company and Chickasaw Shipbuilding Company)
Call No.: LOT 5338-9 (F)
Extent: 22 items
See also: LOT 5338-7
Includes: Dancing, tooth brushing drills, theater, gardening, May poles, breathing exercises, storytelling, flag drills, African Americans.
Arizona - Clifton
Call No.: LOT 5338-10 (F)
Extent: 2 items
See also: LOT 5338-7, LOT 5338-1
Includes: Eating, sleeping, Latinos (Mexican Americans)
Call No.: LOT 5338-11 (F)
Extent: 19 items
Includes: Woodworking, weighing, sleeping, camps, outdoor class, study porches, eating, African Americans, Asians, Latinos (Mexican Americans).
California - Berkeley - Berkeley (University of California)
Call No.: LOT 5338-12 (F)
Extent: 16 items
Includes: Play schools, nursery schools, swimming, manual arts, theater.
California (Glendora Foothills School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-13 (F)
Extent: 15 items
Includes: Nature study, swimming, horseback riding, dormitories, study porches, gardening, sleeping.
California - Oakland, San Jose, and Alameda
Call No.: LOT 5338-14 (F)
Extent: 9 items
Includes: Nursery schools, outdoor class.
California - Palo Alto (Castilleja School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-15 (F)
Extent: 12 items
Includes: Gardening, study porches.
California - Sacramento
Call No.: LOT 5338-16 (F)
Extent: 90 items
Includes: Storytelling, music, mothers' afternoon meeting, nature study, dancing, graduation, theater, field day, outdoor class, all-girls school, nature study, gardening, study porches, Asians, African Americans.
California - San Diego Area - Francis W. Parker and Other Schools
Call No.: LOT 5338-17 (F)
Extent: 26 items
Includes: Sewing, manual arts, outdoor class, gardens, architectural drawing(s).
California - San Francisco
Call No.: LOT 5338-18 (F)
Extent: 16 items
Includes: Roof-top school, "Eskimo suits," eating, sleeping, gardens.
Call No.: LOT 5338-19 (F)
Extent: 2 items
See also: LOT 5338-7
Includes: Recreation, African Americans.
Connecticut (Rosemary Preparatory School and others)
Call No.: LOT 5338-20 (F)
Extent: 26 items
See also: LOT 5338-8
Includes: Cooking, all-girls schools, sanitoria, "Eskimo suits," sleeping, gardening, African Americans.
Florida - Miami (Miss Harris' School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-21 (F)
Extent: 10 items
Includes: All-girls schools, swimming, study porches, theater.
Georgia - Atlanta
Call No.: LOT 5338-22 (F)
Extent: 4 items
See also: LOT 5338-7
Includes: All-girls schools.
Hawaii - Makaweli
Call No.: LOT 5338-23 (F)
Extent: 1 item
Includes: Open-air school rooms.
Illinois - Harlowarden Preventorium & Other Schools
Call No.: LOT 5338-24 (F)
Extent: 7 items
Includes: Convalescence, sewing, "Eskimo suits," manual arts, outdoor class.
Illinois - Chicago (Elizabeth McCormic Schools and others)
Call No.: LOT 5338-25 (F)
Extent: 59 items in 2 folders
See also: LOT 5338-8
Includes: Preventoria, outdoor class, "Eskimo suits," anemic children, taking pulse, gardening, roof-top-gardens, roof-top schools, flag drills, toy-making, weighing, cooking, eating, sewing, manual arts, printing, sleeping, camps.
Illinois - Chicago (Elizabeth McCormic Schools and others)
Call No.: LOT 5338-107 (H)
Extent: 10 items
Includes: Roof-top gardens, roof-top schools, study porches, outdoor study rooms, open-windows schools, sleeping, eating, cooking, camps, "Eskimo suits."
Indiana - Indianapolis (Theodore Potter Open-Air School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-26 (F)
Extent: 5 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," sleeping.
Call No.: LOT 5338-27 (F)
Extent: 4 items
See also: LOT 5338-7
Includes: Parades, "Eskimo suits."
Louisiana - New Orleans
Call No.: LOT 5338-28 (F)
Extent: 2 items
Includes: Eating.
Call No.: LOT 5338-29 (F)
Extent: 14 items
Includes: Horseback riding, rifle practice, tennis, nature study, camps, dancing, all-girls schools, "Eskimo suits," marching, gardening.
Maine - Bangor (Fresh Air School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-108 (H)
Extent: 4 items
Includes: Sleeping, eating, recreation.
Maryland - Baltimore
Call No.: LOT 5338-30 (F)
Extent: 21 items, including book cover and 1 page of text
Includes: All-boys schools, all-girls schools, "Eskimo suits," study porches, gymnasia, outdoor class, recreation
Call No.: LOT 5338-31 (F)
Extent: 37 items
Includes: All-boys schools, open-air school rooms, study porches, "Eskimo suits," music, weaving, sleeping, breathing exercises, dormitories, camps, roof-top schools, woodworking, basketry, architectural drawing(s).
Massachusetts - Boston
Call No.: LOT 5338-32 (F)
Extent: 28 items
Includes: Roof-top schools, "Eskimo suits," weaving, sleeping, schools for the disabled, open-air school rooms, outdoor class, African Americans.
Massachusetts - Boston (Castle Island School)
Call No.: LOT 5338-109 (H)
Extent: 5 items
Includes: Schools for anemic children, storytelling, sleeping, ring around the rosie, eating, African Americans.
Massachusetts - New Bedford (New Bedford Antituberculosis Hospital)
Call No.: LOT 5338-110 (H)
Extent: 14 items
Includes: outdoor study rooms, study porches, nursery schools, weighing, taking pulse, knitting, sewing, sleeping, reading, cooking, eating, basketball, bean-bag toss, African Americans.
Michigan - Detroit, Kalamazoo, etc.
Call No.: LOT 5338-33 (F)
Extent: 25 items
Includes: "Eskimo suits," study porches, roof-top schools, camps, architectural drawing(s), open-air school rooms, swimming, African Americans.
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