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Alfred Bendiner memorial collection (Library of Congress)

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Popular Graphic Art, ca. 1820 - 1926
Call No.: PGA (AA) (A) (D)
Life in New York: The rivals, [ca. 1830]
Creator: Edward Williams Clay (1799-1857)
Call No.: PGA: Clay, (E.) - Life in New York - The rivals (AA)
Extent: 1 print on paper: lithograph with watercolor ; 16 x 21 cm (sheet)
Note: Ethnic stereotype of two fashionably dressed Black men vying for the attention of a fashionably dressed Black woman. Edward Clay continued producing social satires modelled on his successful series, Life in Philadelphia, in New York. The series Life in New York was published by Anthony Imbert.
Life in Philadelphia, plate 4, 1828
Creator: Edward Williams Clay (1799-1857)
Call No.: PGA: Clay, (E.) - Life in Philadelphia, plate 4 (AA)
Extent: 1 print on paper: etching with watercolor ; 17 x 14 cm (sheet)
Note: Stereotype of Black man and woman in fashionable clothing. Published by W. Simpson in Philadelphia. Caption: How you find yourself dis hot weader Miss Chole?" "Pretty well I tank you Mr. Cesar only I aspire too much!" Pencil sketch of bust of woman on verso.
The Polka, [ca. 1850]
Creator: W. Kohler (printer)
Call No.: PGA: Koher-Polka (A)
Note: Couple dancing; a moveable wheel on the verso allows the faces to change into 15 different variations. Some are ethnic stereotypes and animals. Published by William Spooner in London. Spooner's changing drolleries, no. 7.
Love at Philadelphia, [between 1820 and 1850]
Creator: F. Rymer (lithographer) and Auguste Hervieu
Call No.: PGA: Rymer-Love at Philadelphia (A)
Extent: 1 print on paper: lithograph ; 20 x 21.5 cm (sheet)
Note: Fashionably dressed Black couple courting. A. Hervieu del. On stone by G. Rymer. Caption: "Oh Rose! Coal black Rose! I wish I may be scorched if I don't love Rose!"
Thomas Starling Sullivant, [ca. 1926]
Creator: Thomas Starling Sullivant (1854-1926)
Call No.: PGA: Sullivant-Thomas Starling Sullivant (A)
Note: Eight small caricatures of animals by Sullivant including a hippopotamus, an ostrich, a turtle, lions, elephants, monkeys, a hyena, a rabbit, a giraffe, and a centaur, with a poem by Oliver Herford in the center, titled "Thomas Starling Sullivant." To dear Mrs. Sullivant with deepest sympathy and sincere homage to the memory of a great artist. Oliver Herford.
Snake game, [between 1850 and 1900]
Creator: Unattributed
Call No.: PGA: Unattributed (U.S)-Snake game (D)
Note: Game board includes portrait of George Washington and 19th century vignettes.
Artist Posters (U.S. and Foreign), ca. 1921 - 1963
Call No.: POS (B) (C)
Bal des Arts Deco: du Riffifi chez le Borgia..., 1963
Creator: Donnot
Call No.: POS: Fr. D655, no. 1 (B)
Extent: 1 poster: lithograph ; 34.5 x 48 cm
Note: Poster for a student ball featuring Bill Collman, Dixie Cats, and Trio Dillinger, depicts a man holding a woman in his arms. Published in Paris. Promotional goal: Fr. K4 1963.
Interdit a l'Assemblee Nationale: Zoologie du Palais-Bourbon, 1956
Creator: Pinatel
Call No.: POS: Fr. P56, no. 1 (B)
Extent: 1 poster: offset lithograph ; 40.5 x 30 cm
Note: Poster advertisement for a book by Andres Figueras featuring caricatures of animals with the heads of French political features. Promotional goal: Fr. D41 1956. Published by Les Imprimeries Lamartin in Paris.
Saluto al Duce, [between 1921 and 1945]
Creator: Senci
Call No.: POS: It. S44, no. 1 (C)
Extent: 1 poster: lithograph ; 82 x 60 cm
Note: Bust of Benito Mussolini. Promotional goal: It. H11 19??
The two mules: A fable for the nation, [between 1920 and 1950]
Creator: Unattributed
Call No.: POS: U.S. A01, no. 165 (B)
Extent: 1 poster: lithograph ; 54.4 x 41.5 cm
Note: Multiple panels showing two mules pulling against each other before finally cooperating. Promotional goal: U.S. H6 19--. Published by the American Friends Service Committee, Friends Peace Committee, National Council for the Prevention of War, and the Women's International League.

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