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Demolished and altered buildings in the Washington, D.C. area, ca. 1870-ca. 1983 (continued)
Views, City Plans and Maps, Street Views (continued)
Aerial Views (continued)
BINDER TT-1 From Washington Monument looking SE
BINDER TT-1 From Washington Monument looking SE [Bureau of Printing and Engraving visible]
BINDER TT-1 From Washington Monument looking E
BINDER TT-1 Showing Jefferson Memorial, old 14th Street Bridge and Pentagon
BINDER TT-1 Looking East from Virginia Side of Potomac near Theodore Roosevelt Bridge
BINDER TT-1 Looking SE from Dupont Circle
BINDER TT-1 Showing Federal Triangle [buildings numbered]
BINDER TT-1 Showing Federal Triangle
BINDER TT-1 [Washington, DC]
BINDER TT-1 Showing Capitol and Union Station
BINDER TT-1 Looking east from Washington Monument
BINDER TT-1 [Facing Washington Monument and Capitol]
BINDER TT-1 Looking NE from the Mall, showing later site of Federal Triangle
BINDER TT-1 Block near Washington Circle being demolished for George Washington University Hospital
Panoramic Views
BINDER TT-1 Detail from Larger panorama taken at 14t and B Streets, SW
BINDER TT-1 Detail of larger panorama taken from 14th and B Streets, SW
BINDER TT-1 Taken from 14th and B Streets, SW
City Plans and Maps
BINDER TT-1 Proposed design for the Mall [by Glenn Brown]
BINDER TT-1 Proposed design for the Mall [by Glenn Brown]
BINDER TT-1 Proposed design for the Mall [by Glenn Brown]
BINDER TT-1 Proposed design for the Mall by Cass Gilbert
BINDER TT-1 Proposed design for the Mall by Paul J. Pelz
BINDER TT-1 Mall, Washington, DC
BINDER TT-1 Map showing routes of streetcars and buses
BINDER TT-1 L'Enfant Plan
BINDER TT-1 Federal Triangle
Street Views
BINDER TT-1 Row houses and commercial buildings in Washington, D.C.
BINDER TT-1 Dupont Circle
BINDER TT-1 East Capitol Street
BINDER TT-1 F Street?
Location: Near 12th
BINDER TT-1 1st Street, NW
Location: At C Street
BINDER TT-1 14th Street, NW
Location: At Pennsylvania Avenue
BINDER TT-1 Georgetown Waterfront
BINDER TT-1 K and 25th Streets, NW
BINDER TT-1 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
BINDER TT-1 Museum of Natural History
Note: Smithsonian Institution
BINDER TT-1 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Location: At intersection with 12th and D Streets
BINDER TT-1 Scott Circle
BINDER TT-1 6th Street, NW
Location: At E Street
BINDER TT-1 10th Street, NW
Location: Looking North from Constitution Avenue
BINDER TT-1 Thomas Circle
BINDER TT-1 Truxton Circle
Location: North Capitol Street
BINDER TT-1 Welcome Parade
Location: 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Extent: 1 binder of photographs.
BINDER UU-1 Mrs. Rosalie Bertley
Note: Housewife
BINDER UU-1 John J. Darlington
Note: Attorney
BINDER UU-1 Joseph J. Darlington
Note: Attorney
BINDER UU-1 Dr. Michael Del Colliana
BINDER UU-1 Cass Gilbert
BINDER UU-1 Stilson Hutchins
BINDER UU-1 Commander Charles Theodore Jewell
BINDER UU-1 Abram Lisner
BINDER UU-1 Alice Roosevelt Longworth
BINDER UU-1 Professor Thaddeus S. C. Lowe
Note: Aeronaut
BINDER UU-1 George Peabody
BINDER UU-1 Major Benjamin Perley Poore
BINDER UU-1 Major Benjamin Perley Poore and Colonel E.W. Hincks
BINDER UU-1 Potomac River Boat Club
Note: Four Members
BINDER UU-1 John Clagett Proctor
Note: D.C. Society of Natives
BINDER UU-1 Vinnie Ream
BINDER UU-1 Stilletta (Stapleton) Renchard
Note: Debutant
BINDER UU-1 William Winston Seaton
Note: Mayor of Washington, D.C., 1840-1850
BINDER UU-1 George Horatio Shannon
BINDER UU-1 J. Harry Shannon
BINDER UU-1 Dr. Grafton Tyler
Note: Physician
Miscellaneous Photos
Extent: 1 binder of photographs.
Note: Miscellaneous Information Files: Architects-Miscellaneous, Carlisle Barracks-PA, International Museum, National Archives World War II Resources, Sculpture-Government Buildings and Squares, and Smithsonian.
BINDER VV-1 Study of Trees & Cattle on Rock Creek
BINDER VV-1 Great Falls
BINDER VV-1 Ice vessel at wharf at foot of 11th Street
BINDER VV-1 Vet Cab Co. gives day's proceeds to March of Dimes
BINDER VV-1 Skating on Tidal Basin
BINDER VV-1 Emancipation Monument & interior stairs of the Carnegie Institution
BINDER VV-1 Mr. Rice plowing his garden on 16th Street
BINDER VV-1 Procession carrying remains of the Unknown Soldier of WWI to Arlington Cemetery
BINDER VV-1 Certificate of Indebtedness for the Paving of Pennsylvania Avenue
BINDER VV-1 People playing the game "Diablo" in Franklin Park
BINDER VV-1 Southern Boundary Stone
BINDER VV-1 Inaugural procession, woodcut
BINDER VV-1 Dedication of Joseph Henry Statue
BINDER VV-1 Buffalo House, National Zoo
BINDER VV-1 Books on Washington, D.C.
BINDER VV-1 New York Crystal Palace (etching?)
BINDER VV-1 An exhibition building modelled after the north façade of the White House
Row houses and commercial buildings in Washington, D.C., 1974
Call Number: LOT 12279 (G)
Extent: 343 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 28 x 13 cm. or smaller.
Note: Address and other caption information appears on the verso of most images. Corresponding negatives in series LC-G73 for approximately one-third of the prints.
Includes late nineteenth and early twentieth-century structures. Facades, architectural details. Includes houses on the following streets: Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, Twenty-first, Twenty-second, M, N, Q, R, S, Corcoran, Florida, Swann, Riggs Place, Connecticut Avenue, New Hampshire Avenue in the Dupont Circle neighborhood.
LOT 12279-1: Numbered streets; LOT 12279-2: Lettered streets; LOT 12279-3: Names streets; LOT 12279-4: Unidentified structures.
Numbered streets
Call Number: LOT 12279-1 (G)
Lettered streets
Call Number: LOT 12279-2 (G)
Names streets
Call Number: LOT 12279-3 (G)
Unidentified structures
Call Number: LOT 12279-4 (G)
Sculptures by Daniel Chester French in Washington, D.C., ca. 1963-1970
Call Number: LOT 12280 (G)
Extent: 16 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm.
Includes statues of Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, Henry Wilson, Lewis Cass, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, Herodotus, and allegorical figures. Fountains, monuments, relief marbles, medals. Portrait of French.
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