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Demolished and altered buildings in the Washington, D.C. area, ca. 1870-ca. 1983 (continued)
Views, City Plans and Maps, Street Views (continued)
City Plans and Maps
BINDER TT-1 Proposed design for the Mall [by Glenn Brown]
BINDER TT-1 Proposed design for the Mall [by Glenn Brown]
BINDER TT-1 Proposed design for the Mall [by Glenn Brown]
BINDER TT-1 Proposed design for the Mall by Cass Gilbert
BINDER TT-1 Proposed design for the Mall by Paul J. Pelz
BINDER TT-1 Mall, Washington, DC
BINDER TT-1 Map showing routes of streetcars and buses
BINDER TT-1 L'Enfant Plan
BINDER TT-1 Federal Triangle
Street Views
BINDER TT-1 Row houses and commercial buildings in Washington, D.C.
BINDER TT-1 Dupont Circle
BINDER TT-1 East Capitol Street
BINDER TT-1 F Street?
Location: Near 12th
BINDER TT-1 1st Street, NW
Location: At C Street
BINDER TT-1 14th Street, NW
Location: At Pennsylvania Avenue
BINDER TT-1 Georgetown Waterfront
BINDER TT-1 K and 25th Streets, NW
BINDER TT-1 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
BINDER TT-1 Museum of Natural History
Note: Smithsonian Institution
BINDER TT-1 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Location: At intersection with 12th and D Streets
BINDER TT-1 Scott Circle
BINDER TT-1 6th Street, NW
Location: At E Street
BINDER TT-1 10th Street, NW
Location: Looking North from Constitution Avenue
BINDER TT-1 Thomas Circle
BINDER TT-1 Truxton Circle
Location: North Capitol Street
BINDER TT-1 Welcome Parade
Location: 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Extent: 1 binder of photographs.
BINDER UU-1 Mrs. Rosalie Bertley
Note: Housewife
BINDER UU-1 John J. Darlington
Note: Attorney
BINDER UU-1 Joseph J. Darlington
Note: Attorney
BINDER UU-1 Dr. Michael Del Colliana
BINDER UU-1 Cass Gilbert
BINDER UU-1 Stilson Hutchins
BINDER UU-1 Commander Charles Theodore Jewell
BINDER UU-1 Abram Lisner
BINDER UU-1 Alice Roosevelt Longworth
BINDER UU-1 Professor Thaddeus S. C. Lowe
Note: Aeronaut
BINDER UU-1 George Peabody
BINDER UU-1 Major Benjamin Perley Poore
BINDER UU-1 Major Benjamin Perley Poore and Colonel E.W. Hincks
BINDER UU-1 Potomac River Boat Club
Note: Four Members
BINDER UU-1 John Clagett Proctor
Note: D.C. Society of Natives
BINDER UU-1 Vinnie Ream
BINDER UU-1 Stilletta (Stapleton) Renchard
Note: Debutant
BINDER UU-1 William Winston Seaton
Note: Mayor of Washington, D.C., 1840-1850
BINDER UU-1 George Horatio Shannon
BINDER UU-1 J. Harry Shannon
BINDER UU-1 Dr. Grafton Tyler
Note: Physician
Miscellaneous Photos
Extent: 1 binder of photographs.
Note: Miscellaneous Information Files: Architects-Miscellaneous, Carlisle Barracks-PA, International Museum, National Archives World War II Resources, Sculpture-Government Buildings and Squares, and Smithsonian.
BINDER VV-1 Study of Trees & Cattle on Rock Creek
BINDER VV-1 Great Falls
BINDER VV-1 Ice vessel at wharf at foot of 11th Street
BINDER VV-1 Vet Cab Co. gives day's proceeds to March of Dimes
BINDER VV-1 Skating on Tidal Basin
BINDER VV-1 Emancipation Monument & interior stairs of the Carnegie Institution
BINDER VV-1 Mr. Rice plowing his garden on 16th Street
BINDER VV-1 Procession carrying remains of the Unknown Soldier of WWI to Arlington Cemetery
BINDER VV-1 Certificate of Indebtedness for the Paving of Pennsylvania Avenue
BINDER VV-1 People playing the game "Diablo" in Franklin Park
BINDER VV-1 Southern Boundary Stone
BINDER VV-1 Inaugural procession, woodcut
BINDER VV-1 Dedication of Joseph Henry Statue
BINDER VV-1 Buffalo House, National Zoo
BINDER VV-1 Books on Washington, D.C.
BINDER VV-1 New York Crystal Palace (etching?)
BINDER VV-1 An exhibition building modelled after the north façade of the White House
Row houses and commercial buildings in Washington, D.C., 1974
Call Number: LOT 12279 (G)
Extent: 343 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 28 x 13 cm. or smaller.
Note: Address and other caption information appears on the verso of most images. Corresponding negatives in series LC-G73 for approximately one-third of the prints.
Includes late nineteenth and early twentieth-century structures. Facades, architectural details. Includes houses on the following streets: Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twentieth, Twenty-first, Twenty-second, M, N, Q, R, S, Corcoran, Florida, Swann, Riggs Place, Connecticut Avenue, New Hampshire Avenue in the Dupont Circle neighborhood.
LOT 12279-1: Numbered streets; LOT 12279-2: Lettered streets; LOT 12279-3: Names streets; LOT 12279-4: Unidentified structures.
Numbered streets
Call Number: LOT 12279-1 (G)
Lettered streets
Call Number: LOT 12279-2 (G)
Names streets
Call Number: LOT 12279-3 (G)
Unidentified structures
Call Number: LOT 12279-4 (G)
Sculptures by Daniel Chester French in Washington, D.C., ca. 1963-1970
Call Number: LOT 12280 (G)
Extent: 16 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm.
Includes statues of Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, Henry Wilson, Lewis Cass, Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet, Herodotus, and allegorical figures. Fountains, monuments, relief marbles, medals. Portrait of French.
Supreme Court and Federal Triangle buildings in Washington, D.C., ca. 1931-ca. 1941
Call Number: LOT 12563 (H)
Extent: 15 photoprints : gelatin silver ; 27 x 41 cm. or smaller.
Supreme Court exterior, one with scaffolding; sculpture and hallway in Supreme Court building. Commerce Building tympana. National Archives murals. Drawing for Federal Trade Commission Building.

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