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Photographs, postcards and prints from the Daniel Carter Beard papers, ca. 1840-ca. 1935 (continued)
Boy scouting, various activities
Call No.: LOT 11156-1 (F)
Extent: 28 items
Geographic views in the United States
Call No.: LOT 11156-2 (F)
Extent: 325 items
Berea, Kentucky (Commencement Day)
Call No.: LOT 11156-2-A (F)
Extent: 11 items
Gladwin County, Michigan, Feb., 1893 (logging operation)
Call No.: LOT 11156-2-B (F)
Extent: 50 items
Geographic views: lakes, streams, waterfalls, geysers
Call No.: LOT 11156-2-C (F)
Extent: 53 items
Geographic views: mountains, glaciers, canyons, and other geological features (buttes, arches, etc.)
Call No.: LOT 11156-2-D (F)
Extent: 34 items
Trees, plants, fungi (including close-ups)
Call No.: LOT 11156-2-E (F)
Extent: 82 items
Note: 2 folders: folder 1: 28 items; folder 2: 54 items
Various views of towns, houses (esp. log cabins), railroads, and bridges
Call No.: LOT 11156-2-F (F)
Extent: 95 items
Note: 2 folders: folder 1: 42 items; folder 2: 53 items
People and places, non-U.S.
Call No.: LOT 11156-3 (F)
Extent: 291 items
South African music and dance
Call No.: LOT 11156-3-A (F)
Extent: 56 items
South African and Swazi peoples, including traditional clothing, housing, soldiers, etc.
Call No.: LOT 11156-3-B (F)
Extent: 49 items
South African geography and industry, especially mining
Call No.: LOT 11156-3-C (F)
Extent: 44 items
South Africa -- British occupation
Call No.: LOT 11156-3-D (F)
Extent: 19 items
Arab culture, especially traditional clothing
Call No.: LOT 11156-3-E (F)
Extent: 30 items
Unidentified European cultures (France, Germany, England, Scotland, etc.), featuring traditional clothing
Call No.: LOT 11156-3-F (F)
Extent: 46 items
Other foreign cultures (Philippines, China, New Zealand, Japan, etc.)
Call No.: LOT 11156-3-G (F)
Extent: 30 items
Canada: geographic views and people, especially of British Columbia
Call No.: LOT 11156-3-H (F)
Extent: 17 items
Various animals, birds, reptiles, fish, insects, etc. subdivided as follows:
Call No.: LOT 11156-4 (F)
Extent: 294 items
Call No.: LOT 11156-4-A (F)
Extent: 15 items
Call No.: LOT 11156-4-B (F)
Extent: 25 items
Birds' nests
Call No.: LOT 11156-4-C (F)
Extent: 21 items
Caribou, deer, elk
Call No.: LOT 11156-4-D (F)
Extent: 22 items
Domestic animals (horses, cows, pigs, dogs, cats, etc.
Call No.: LOT 11156-4-E (F)
Extent: 36 items
Primates (monkeys, orangutans, baboons, etc.)
Call No.: LOT 11156-4-F (F)
Extent: 42 items
Pronghorn antelope, mountain goats and sheep
Call No.: LOT 11156-4-G (F)
Extent: 27 items
Reptiles, amphibians, and fish
Call No.: LOT 11156-4-H (F)
Extent: 19 items
Rodents and marsupials
Call No.: LOT 11156-4-I (F)
Extent: 29 items
Trained animals
Call No.: LOT 11156-4-J (F)
Extent: 17 items
Miscellaneous wild animals (including buffalo, foxes, sea mammals), animal skeletons and fossils, insects
Call No.: LOT 11156-4-K (F)
Extent: 41 items
European Americans
Call No.: LOT 11156-5 (F)
Extent: 172 items
Individuals engaged in various outdoor activities: camping and canoeing, hunting, trapping, lumbering, building, etc., in Minnesota, California, among other locations.
Call No.: LOT 11156-5-A (F)
Extent: 69 items
Note: 2 folders: folder 1: 44 items; folder 2: 25 items
Individuals engaged in sports: snowshoe instruction, fishing, shooting, shot-put, boxing, etc.
Call No.: LOT 11156-5-B (F)
Extent: 45 items
Portraits of individuals including moonshiners, mountain men, U. S. presidents and generals, also, DCB's studio and models points of historical interest
Call No.: LOT 11156-5-C (F)
Extent: 58 items
American Indians, portraits and activities
Call No.: LOT 11156-6 (F)
Extent: 68 items
Ships and boats
Call No.: LOT 11156-7 (F)
Extent: 83 items
Note: 2 folders: folder 1: 59 items; folder 2: 24 items
Postcards of various subjects
Call No.: LOT 11156-8 (F)
Extent: 121 items
Photographic reproductions of paintings by James H. Beard and others, sculpture
Call No.: LOT 11156-9 (F)
Extent: 41 items
Note: 2 folders: folder 1: 23 items; folder 2: 18 items
Flora & Fauna: Stereographs of various subjects (e. g., wild animals, birds, Native Americans, Post-Civil War views, New Orleans, ca. 1865-1890)
Call No.: LOT 11156-10 (S)
Extent: 49 items
Hunting and camping
Call No.: LOT 11156-10-A (S)
Extent: 18 items
Places, people, and ships
Call No.: LOT 11156-10-B (S)
Extent: 24 items
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