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Photographic Prints (continued)
Social life and recreation in the Washington, D.C. area, 1909-1932 (continued)
Amusement Arcades and Parks (continued)
Note: Exterior views of amusement arcade, views of Glen Echo Park including rides, facilities and activities at Arlington Beach
Clothing and Dress
Call No.: LOT 12342-5 (F)
Note: Prominent citizens in holiday costume including Halloween and Mardi Gras, people in costume for special occasions including debutantes in costume for Russian Bazaar, Washington and California women in bathing suits including Washington Bathing Beauty Contestants, people in sport dress and women in fur coats.
Horse Shows
Call No.: LOT 12342-6 (F)
Note: Spectators and participants attending Washington Horse Shows including prominent citizens and foreign dignitaries.
Social Life and Customs
Call No.: LOT 12342-7 (F)
Note: Domestic scenes in Washington, prominent women in Washington social life, Washington Debutantes, social activities in Washington including Senate Ladies Luncheon, specialists at Ford Tractor Show, "Society Folk" working for Charity including house of mercy drive, Neat East relief Lawn Pete, Elks outing for orphans, garden party to benefit neighborhood house, scenes of casual social activities including wading in Rock Creek, taking automobile outings, knitting/ sitting at water's edge of Potomac River.
Pets and Owners
Call No.: LOT 12342-8 (F)
Note: Washingtonians and prominent Washingtonians and their pets, White House pets, pets and owners entered in the Washington Cat Show, visitors and funerals at dog cemetery, interiors with caskets and floral arrangements for deceased dogs, owners walking unusual pets in New York City.
Call No.: LOT 12342-9 (F)
Note: Holiday activities in Washington including Easter Egg Rolling at the White House, New Year's Reception line and guests at White House, home interiors at Christmas time with family members around decorated Christmas trees, Christmas decorations in Washington church, Christmas tree and children in Washington school, Christmas tree and prisoners in District Jail, Washington, pine trees (Christmas trees) in natural habitat, marketing Christmas trees, Christmas crown and Christmas decorations in downtown Washington, turkeys, and individuals photographed with turkeys, turkeys on farms, buying turkeys at market groups on Flag Day in Vienna, Virginia, crowd during Flag Day exercises in Washington, U.S . Post Office interior decorated for Flag Day, children in Fourth of July Parade in Takoma Park, Maryland.
Performing Arts
Call No.: LOT 12342-10 (F)
Note: Crowds outside Washington theatres, performing artists visiting Washington including Atwater Kent, third national radio audition finalists, members of circus troupe performing in Washington, St. Patrick's player on stage, Washington, members of Uncle Sam's follies performing, Washington Mack Sennett girls and Sidney Lust girls in bathing suit costume, members of National American Ballet. Dancing, Michel Fokine of the Russian Ballet rehearsing dancers in New York, Misc. performing artists in costume and dancing.
The Fuzzy Focus, 1923-1924
Call No.: LOT 12343 (H)
Extent: 12 p.(ephemera) ; 27 x 44 cm.
Note: LOT title from newspaper banner; other information from catalog card and published guide: Washingtoniana Photographs ... Library of Congress, 1989.
Note: French was a founding member of the White House News Photographers Association.
Note: The Prints and Photographs Division holds the Fuzzy Focus, vol. 1, no. 1 (incomplete?), vol. 2, no. 2 (incomplete?), and undated pages.
Summary: The Fuzzy Focus, a burlesque newspaper published by the White House News Photographers Association. Contains satiric news stories about members of the association, news photography, and Washington events and comic portraits, some composites, including some of Herbert E. French.
Sports activities in the Washington, D.C. area, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12344 (F)
Extent: ca. 939 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 26 x 36 cm. or smaller.
Note: LOT title devised by cataloger; other information from catalog card and published guide: Washingtoniana Photographs ... Library of Congress, 1989.
Note: Some images are captioned; some have dates. Some images mounted on paper or cardboard.
Corresponding Negatives: Found in LC-F8, LC-F81, and LC-F82. Some are in bad condition.
Summary: Sports activities in the Washington, D.C. area. Includes individual and group portraits of members of athletic clubs; action photos of lacrosse, motorcycle racing, hunting in Virginia, ice skating on the Mall, women engaged in various sports, and government officials playing golf at Maryland country clubs. Some locations outside of the Washington, D.C., area.
Call No.: LOT 12344-1 (F)
Note: Action and group pictures of individual Washington team players, Griffith ball park in Washington, D.C., young women playing baseball.
Call No.: LOT 12344-2 (F)
Note: Group pictures and individual members of high school and college basketball teams in Washington, D.C., group pictures and individual members of the Palace club - the Washington entry in the American Basketball League ca. 1920.
Boating and Rowing
Call No.: LOT 12344-3 (F)
Note: Action pictures, group pictures and individual members of the Washington Boat Club, boats and boat races on the Potomac.
Call No.: LOT 12344-4 (F)
Note: Action pictures of fox hunts in Nation's Capital, Middleburg and Upperville, VA. Horse racing at Benning and Laurel race tracks, horses and riders entered in Washington Society circus and National Capitol Horse Show, horses jumping and doing stunts.
Call No.: LOT 12344-5 (F)
Note: Action pictures of college football games in Washington, portraits of football players.
Call No.: LOT 12344-6 (F)
Note: Congressmen and Government officials playing golf at the Chevy Chase Country Club, Golf links in Potomac Park, Washington, action pictures of people playing golf.
Auto Racing
Call No.: LOT 12344-7 (F)
Note: Action pictures of auto racing at York, PA, Benning, MD, and Laurel, MD, racetracks.
Winter Sports
Call No.: LOT 12344-8 (F)
Note: Action pictures of people ice skating on the mall in Washington, D.C., Children sledding and playing in snow in Washington, D.C.
Sports Miscellaneous
Call No.: LOT 12344-9 (F)
Note: Group pictures of high school and college and women's teams, action pictures of sports including track and field and tennis, action pictures of Lacrosse game at the University of Maryland, pictures of Champion Male and Female trap-shooters and swimming and diving champions and E. Wede, Swedish runner, training at Georgetown University, action pictures of playing field hockey and soccer.
Columbus story, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12345 (F)
Extent: 13 photographic prints ; 6.5 x 8.5 in. or smaller.
Note: Title from cover of French's original numbered folder.
Note: Images captioned. Most images mounted on paper; most stained and fading.
Summary: Includes American "doughboys" gathered in front of Columbus' home in Genoa, Italy. Columbus' tomb in Santo Domingo, and statues of him in South America. One image of the "Pinza," a replica of Columbus' vessels. Includes reproductions of illustrations.
Sulphur industry in the Andes, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12346 (F)
Extent: 7 photographic prints ; 5 x 7 in.
Note: Title from cover of French's original numbered folder.
Note: Images captioned. Images mounted on paper.
Summary: Photographs show refining plant in Chisum, Chile; llamas hauling bags. Views of Mt. Olca, Mt. Tacora, Mt. Ollagüe.
Independence story, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12347 (F)
Extent: 10 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 13 x 18 cm.
Note: LOT title from cover of French's original numbered folder; other information from catalog card and published guide: Washingtoniana Photographs ... Library of Congress, 1989.
Note: Images mounted on paper. Some images are captioned. Includes some copy photographs.
Summary: "Independence story." Objects and sites relating to U.S. independence, including manuscripts of the "Star Spangled Banner" and Declaration of Independence; furnishings associated with drafting and signing of the Declaration, and painting depicting the signing. Flag that flew over Fort McHenry.
Poor Richard's Almanacks illustrations, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12348 (F)
Extent: 14 photographic prints ; 8 x 10 in.
Note: LOT title devised by Library staff.
Note: Proverbs inscribed on images.
Summary: Photographs show reproductions of illustrations, probably from 19th century edition of almanacs, depicting moral adages dealing primarily with thrift and hard work.
Foreign views, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12349 (F)
Extent: ca. 2,405 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 18 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Extent: 1 photomechanical print : photogravure ; 9 x 14 cm.
Note: LOT title devised by Library staff.
Note: Most images captioned; a few have dates.
Corresponding Negatives: Found in LC-F8, LC-F81, and LC-F82. Some are in poor condition.
Summary: Includes landscapes, buildings, people, agricultural and industrial activities of approximately 78 countries. Some are reproductions of illustrations.
Arrangement: Alphabetical by country or physical feature as identified on National Photo Company's named folders.
Call No.: LOT 12349-1 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-2 (F)
Andes Mountains
Call No.: LOT 12349-3 (F)
Arabian Desert
Call No.: LOT 12349-4 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-5 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-6 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-7 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-8 (F)
Bahama Island
Call No.: LOT 12349-9 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-10 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-11 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-12 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-13 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-14 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-15 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-16 (F)
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