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Photographic Prints (continued)
Foreign views, 1909-1932 (continued)
Panama Canal
Call No.: LOT 12349-58 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-59 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-60 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-61 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-62 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-63 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-64 (F)
Puerto Rico
Call No.: LOT 12349-65 (F)
Rumania [Romania]
Call No.: LOT 12349-66 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-67 (F)
Salvador (El Salvador)
Call No.: LOT 12349-68 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-69 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-70 (F)
South Sea Island
Call No.: LOT 12349-71 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-72 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-73 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-74 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-75 (F)
Tierra del Fuego
Call No.: LOT 12349-76 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-77 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-78 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-79 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-80 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-81 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-82 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12349-83 (F)
Miscellaneous: Foreign Views
Call No.: LOT 12349-84 (F)
Note: Materials include architecture and city views, people, landscapes, activities, and village life. Architecture and city views: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Vienna, Austria; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Santiago, Chile; Havana, Cuba; Cathedrals in England; Paris, France; Cathedrals in France; Augsburg, Germany; Venice, Italy; Rome, Italy; Cathedrals in Italy; Guatemala City, Guatemala; Mexico City; Mexico; Lima, Peru; Belgrade, Serbia; Madrid, Spain; Montevideo, Uruguay. People: African women convicts, Andes Mountain Indians, villagers in Trieste, Germans in China, Chinese Military, Czechoslovakian soldiers in Siberia, Czechoslovakians in native costume, Egyptian women, "White peasants" in Grenada, Mexican Generals and bandit leaders, Polish Military, Russian Cossacks, Czar Nicholas and Empress Alexandria of Russia, Philippine Military, Serbian soldiers, Austrian prisoners of war in Serbia, presidents of foreign countries. Landscapes: Alps, Andes mountains, banana plantation in Costa Rica, Grenada, views on Hawaiian Islands, ruins in Egypt, ruins in Guatemala, ruins in Peru. Activities: sugar production in Argentina, Australia, Cuba, India, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Peru, and the Philippines, Bolshevik demonstration in Austria, coffee production in Brazil, mining in Chile, silk manufacturing in China, beheading on street in China, dock scenes in Hawaii, tea production in Japan, hospital scenes in Serbia, harvesting bitter orange leaves, sheep shearing. Village life: scenes in Bolivia, Brazil, Grenada, Mexico, Salvador, and Serbia.
Transportation, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12350 (F)
Extent: ca. 430 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Note: Title from cover of French's original numbered folder.
Note: Most photos are captioned; most have dates. Most photos mounted on cardboard or paper.
Corresponding Negatives: Found in LC-F8, LC-F81, and LC-F82. Some are in poor condition.
Summary: Transportation. Includes people posed with cars and trucks, some painted with advertisements, parked in front of Washington landmarks and commercial buildings. Transit buses and military vehicles; aircraft on the ground and in flight; pilots and spectators, including Capt. Roald Amundsen and Congressman O. D. Bleakley. Railroad cars, railway personnel, and railway accidents. Includes reproductions of illustrations and pamphlets on railroads; one pamphlet issued by Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
Call No.: LOT 12350-1 (F)
Note: Automobiles parked in various locations in Washington, D.C., drivers and passengers in automobiles in various Wash. D.C. locations, boys and men with cars as if repairing them or learning to drive, automobile shows in Wash., military vehicles.
Commercial Automobiles
Call No.: LOT 12350-2 (F)
Note: Automobiles used for business advertising and company deliveries, automobiles parked in front of commercial businesses in Wash. D.C., transit buses in Washington D.C.
Auto Accidents
Call No.: LOT 12350-3 (F)
Note: Includes automobiles after traffic accidents and people at the scene of accidents in Washington D.C.
Call No.: LOT 12350-4 (F)
Note: Includes aircraft on the ground and in flight, the first twin motor airplane to be placed on the aerial mail routes, the first arrival of airmail service, pilots and spectators including Congressman D.D. Bleakley with air mail pilots, Capt. Roald Amundsen and Lieut. Commander Richard Evelyn Byrd.
Railroad and Street Railroad
Call No.: LOT 12350-5 (F)
Note: Includes street railroad system in Washington D.C., street railroad accidents in Washington D.C., trains (exterior and interiors) and railroad accidents, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Centenary exhibition, The Washington D.C. Railroad Terminal.
Government and politics, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12351 (F) (H)
Extent: ca. 753 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 28 x 36 cm. or smaller.
Extent: 1 print : engraving.
Note: Title from cover of French's original numbered folder.
Note: Some photos are captioned; some are dated. Images mounted on paper or cardboard.
Corresponding Negatives: Found in LC-F8, LC-F81, and LC-F82. Some are in poor condition.
Summary: Government and politics. Congress in session and members at work and recreation. Portraits, some silhouette, include Franklin D. Roosevelt with Governor Cox, Vice President Marshall, Bainbridge Colby, the Prince of Wales, Belgian and Swedish royalty, Alexander Mitchell Palmer, and Samuel Gompers. Conferences and groups include the Disarmament Conference, International Labor Conference, Pan American Financial Conference, and British, French, and Japanese Commissions visiting Washington, 1917; congressional pages playing in the snow in front of the U.S. Capitol.
Foreign Dignitaries and Visitors
Call No.: LOT 12351-1 (F)
Note: Portraits and groups of Foreign Dignitaries in Washington including foreign ambassadors, diplomatic groups, arrival of General Joffe and French Commission 1917, arrival of Japanese Commission 1917, arrival of Mr. Balfour and British commission 1917, British and French Commission at Mt. Vernon 1917, Italian Debt Commission, French Debt Commission, Czechoslovakian Debt Commission, Rumanian [Romanian] Debt Commission, Governing Board of Pan American Union, Chinese Delegation, Interparliamentary Union at Capitol; Mexican Claims Commission, members of Japanese Military Commission, groups during signing of U.S. Loans to foreign countries, diplomatic family members including Chilore in Mexican Embassy and family members around cherry blossom trees, Prince of Wales visiting Washington and America, King Albert and Queen Elizabeth of Belgium visiting New York and America, Prince and Princess of Sweden visiting Washington.
International Conferences
Call No.: LOT 12351-2 (F)
Note: Held in Washington, including President Harding and foreign dignitaries during disarmament conference, 1921, foreign delegates to International Labor Conference, representatives to International Communication, delegates to Pan American Financial Conference, 1915, Pan American Commercial Conference in session, delegates to Chili-Peruvian Conference.
U.S. Congress and Cabinet
Call No.: LOT 12351-3 (F) (H)
Note: Activities of Senators and Congressmen alone and with other, governments officials, congressional committees including investigating committees, finance committee and senate military affairs committee, group picture of: members of U.S. Congress, Congressional recreational activities including "When Congress is not in session," Republican and Democrat Baseball game, group pictures of members of President's Cabinet and President's Cabinet exercising, individuals in President's Cabinet including Secretary of State Colby, activities of Vice President Marshall, group pictures and activities of Congressional pages, including pages with Vice President Marshall, Campaign activities for Palmer, members of Congress in the uniform of their former occupation as railroad men, U.S. Congress in session including Presidents delivering addresses to Congress, activities of family members of U.S. Congress and cabinet including Attorney General Palmer, Senator Penrose, Speaker Gillette, Sen. Crowe, Senator H. Johnson, Senator Poindexter. One autographed photo of Charles Evans Hughes addressing a Joint Session of Congress during the President Harding Memorial ceremonies in the House of Representatives (Feb. 24, 1929); President Coolidge and Supreme Court Justices in front row.
Public Figures and Groups
Call No.: LOT 12351-4 (F)
Note: Variety of groups in Washington including Republican National Committee, Farmers Association Group, Emergency Fleet Corp. Group, Governor of Hawaii and group, "House of David" Group, Grange Group, Arkansas Delegation, variety of public figures in Washington including William Jennings Bryan and Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Meredith, William Hale Thompson (Mayor of Chicago), members of National Press Club with U.S. Treasury Official, Governor Parker, Governor Hughes, Samuel Gompers.
Call No.: LOT 12351-5 (F)
Note: Delegation of Women for prohibition, members of Senate Judiciary committee considering Volstead Law, individuals who testified before the committee, prohibition officials and prohibition activities including collection of confiscated alcohol, confiscated stills, destruction of confiscated alcohol, prohibition activities in other states in confiscation of alcohol in Illinois, secret service men dismantling still in California, Indiana Governor signing Prohibition Bill, interior of non-alcoholic public kitchen in New York, Monument erected to John Barleycorn in Connecticut, New Yorkers in Cuban Saloon, individuals in San Francisco injecting morphine.
Reproduction of Documents
Call No.: LOT 12351-6 (F)
Note: Reproductions of a variety of documents including letter from Representative Knutson to Representative McLeod, letters from Railway Mail Service Official, photographs of the original Last Will and Testaments of George Washington and Martha Washington, certificate for Harding Memorial Association, Paris Peace Treaty, close up of signatures on Paris Peace Treaty, congressional records, photo of original rough draft of the Declaration of Independence, close up of signatures on the Declaration of Independence, page of the "New England Weekly Journal" 1728, invitation to President Grant's Inauguration Ball, document for first patent in America.
Reproduction of Political Cartoons
Call No.: LOT 12351-7 (F)
Note: Political Cartoons concerning President Jackson's Administration of 1830, Van Buren Campaign of 1836 and 1837, Presidential Campaign of 1840, Van Buren Campaign of 1840, Polk & Clay Campaigns of 1844, Taylor Campaign of 1848, Fillmore Administration of 1851, Buchanan Campaign of 1856, Lincoln & Douglas Campaigns of 1860, Lincoln Cartoon of 1860, the Lincoln & McClellan Campaigns of 1864, Horace Greely Campaign of 1872, Grant & Seymour Campaigns of 1868, Roosevelt & Parker Campaigns of 1904, Roosevelt Administration, Taft Campaign of 1908.
Call No.: LOT 12351-8 (F)
Note: Photos of Early American flags, including original flag used by 3rd Maryland Regiment in 1777, flag raised at the North Pole by Peary, 1st American flag hoisted in Cuba, flag of Philadelphia Escort Troop to Gen. Washington in 1775, original Star Spangled Banner, flag presented to the American Army by the ladies of Brest in 1918, American flag of John Paul Jones, Civil War Flag.
Call No.: LOT 12351-9 (F)
Note: Crowd at the White House on night before November, 1920 election, Samuel Gompers casting ballot, individuals voting by mail in Republican Headquarters in Washington, Wilson election cases arriving at the Capitol in 1927.
Women - Politics and Suffrage
Call No.: LOT 12351-10 (F)
Note: Suffragette activities in Washington including Suffragette Demonstration at U.S. Capitol, 1915, and demonstrations at the White House, 1917, Suffragette parades in Washington 1913, 1915, 1917, suffragettes with ballots ca 1920, stone busts of 3 American Suffragettes, members of National Woman's Party and activities of National Woman's Party including members rehearsing Equal Rights Pageant and Delegation with Senator Harding; National Women's Party members in front of Washington Headquarters, variety of individuals and groups of women in politics, women voting.
Call No.: LOT 12351-11 (F)
Note: Individuals in U.S. accused of spying, bombing, anarchism or seditious action.
United States views, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12352 (F)
Extent: ca. 400 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 8 x 10 in. or smaller.
Extent: 3 photographic prints : color ; 3.5 x 5.5 in.
Note: LOT title devised by Library staff.
Note: Some images captioned. Most photos mounted on paper. Includes some copy photographs.
Corresponding Negatives: Found in LC-F8, LC-F81, and LC-F82. Some are in poor condition.
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