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Photographic Prints (continued)
United States views, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12352 (F)
Extent: ca. 400 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 8 x 10 in. or smaller.
Extent: 3 photographic prints : color ; 3.5 x 5.5 in.
Note: LOT title devised by Library staff.
Note: Some images captioned. Most photos mounted on paper. Includes some copy photographs.
Corresponding Negatives: Found in LC-F8, LC-F81, and LC-F82. Some are in poor condition.
Summary: Landscapes, architecture, people, agricultural and recreational activities. Includes Luray Caverns and houses in Va. Harper's Ferry, W. Va. Aerial views of Montgomery, Ala., and New Orleans, La. Winter scenes in New York City and Saranac Lake, N.Y.; houseboats on Harlem River. Alaska railroad. Yellowstone National Park; government hunters; aftermath of forest fires. Deserts and irrigation projects in the West. Trees nominated for Tree Hall of Fame. Regatta in Miami, Fla. Includes pamphlets issued by Union Pacific Railroad and reproductions of illustrations.
Business and industry, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12353 (F)
Extent: ca. 1,035 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Extent: 7 photomechanical prints : photogravure ; 9 x 14 cm.
Note: Title from cover of French's original numbered folder.
Note: Some images are captioned; a few have dates. Most images mounted on paper or cardboard.
Corresponding Negatives: Found in LC-F8, LC-F81, and LC-F82. Some are in poor condition.
Summary: Business and industry. Includes Virginia Ship Building Corporation in Alexandria, Virginia. Trial trip of the ship Leviathan. People listening to the radio; cartoon diagrams of radio transmission process; telephone operators. International First-Aid and Mine Rescue contests. American export activities; Washington business buildings and employees; Center Market in Washington, D.C.
Ship Industry
Call No.: LOT 12353-1 (F)
Note: Views of Virginia Ship Building Corp. Yard, workers in Virginia Ship Building Yard, workers building ships in unidentified locations and in Squantum ship yards; views of ships under construction including ships in New York Shipbuilding Co., reproduction of poster "Ships will win the war help build them," dismantled [?] ships belonging Western Marine & Salvage Co., Alexandria, Virginia, interior and exterior views of "The Carnegie" non-magnetic ship.
Patent Models
Call No.: LOT 12353-2 (F)
Note: Inventors' models of early patents including first printing press, 1440, gasoline automobiles, 1895 and 1896, earliest typewriter, 1868, first patented sewing machine, 1846, early locomotive, 1842, Lincoln steamboat, Whitney Cotton Gin, 1794.
Radio and Telephone
Call No.: LOT 12353-3 (F)
Note: Students and equipment in National Radio School, National Radio School Graphics of Radio Technology, individuals and group listening to Atwater Kent radios, Atwater Kent with group listening to radio in hotel in Washington, Atwater Kent Radio equipment, radios on display including Philco Radio displays, people viewing radios on display, members of U.S. Marine Band with radio "American Legion Broadcasting Party" broadcasting from airplane, radio made from oatmeal box, man and boy with radio, boy with radio during President Harding's address, equipment and views of towers at Arlington Radio Station, interiors of C & P Telephone Co., Washington activities of C & P Building under construction, men and boys with wireless telephone, C & P Telephone Company exhibit, type of telephone C & P furnished subscribers, printing telegraph 1908, man with printing 1908.
Call No.: LOT 12353-4 (F)
Note: Illustrations and photos of fish, exterior view of interiors of Bryans Point Hatchery, Maryland, Bryans Point Hatchery activities, local fisherman and women with fish in net, men stocking tidal basin with fish, activities of fishing industry and U.S. Bureau of fisheries in unidentified locations and in Maine, Mass., and California including men in fishing boats, fish stations, transporting fish, packing salmon eggs.
Mining and Drilling
Call No.: LOT 12353-5 (F)
Note: Oil wells in unidentified locations and in West Virginia, drilling activities of United Oil, coal mining activities including men working in coal mines, coal miners before strike, Pennsylvania coal miners, exteriors of coal mines and plant, Fuel Co. Equipment, coal miners family, mining activities including salt mining, bauxite mining, zinc mining, iron silver mining, international mine meet activities, including first aid and rescue contest.
Call No.: LOT 12353-6 (F)
Note: Farming activities in a number of U.S. locations, including plowing, harvesting demonstration of farm tiller, community gardening, farm livestock, including dairy cows, cattle, sheep, pigs on USDA farm in Beltsville, farm crops including corn, tobacco, mushrooms, cotton, views of orchards.
Call No.: LOT 12353-7 (F)
Note: Industrial activities in United States, including manufacturing chocolate in Mass., manufacturing Stetson Hats, exteriors and interiors of N.H. cotton mill, logging in various U.S. locations, history of printing, manufacturing paper for newspaper, manufacturing toys, manufacturing sugar from corn, manufacturing rubber products, interiors and exterior of Tennessee Coal, Iron & R.R. Co., fur seal industry, activities of sugar manufacturing including exteriors and interiors of sugar manufacturing plants, workers in sugar manufacturing plants, activities of U.S. beet sugar manufacturing, turpentine manufacturing, manufacturing U.S. Army shoes, Baldwin Locomotive works, Phila., interiors of Hackett Motor Car Co., Mich., workers in Express Spark Plug Co., machine shop training in General Electric Company, Ind., laundry equipment, workers outside Kalamazoo Laundry Co. with equipment, workers and interiors in J.E. Smith Granite Co., interiors and workers in Pompeian [?] Olive Oil Co., industrial activities in Washington including Farm Utilities Corp. equipment demonstration, Washington, D.C., Ford Motor Co. exhibit, Washington, industrial exposition, Washington, J.E. Hangar Co., Washington office, men at work, workshops, Barrett Co. worker's facilities.
Call No.: LOT 12353-8 (F)
Note: Postcards published by the National Photo Co. for Washington businesses including automobile sales companies, Real Estate, displays during food show in Washington, women posing with products including eyeglasses, butter, lamp billboard for Jordan Piano Co., Washington, display case for Raleigh Haberdasher, Washington.
Business Activities
Call No.: LOT 12353-9 (F)
Note: American export activities, including foreign views of American goods being used in foreign countries, employees of Proctor & Gamble voting for Director of Board, business activities in Washington, D.C., including store window displays, interiors of businesses including drug stores, apparel shops, florists, hotels, automobile sales and repair shops, gas stations, print shops, employees of Washington businesses including People's Drug Stores, automobile merchandise outside businesses, crowds outside Washington business having sale.
Food Business
Call No.: LOT 12353-10 (F)
Note: Interior of Washington grocery stores, interior of Washington food establishments including candy store, restaurants, Washington market scenes including food, customers shopping, interiors of markets, New York market scenes.
Events in the Washington, D.C. area, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12354 (F)
Extent: ca. 865 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Note: Title from cover of French's original numbered folder.
Note: Some photos are captioned; a few have dates. Some photos mounted on paper or cardboard. Includes reproductions of illustrations.
Corresponding Negatives: Found in LC-F8, LC-F81, and LC-F82. Some are in poor condition.
Summary: Events in the Washington, D.C. area. Includes aftermath of fires, floods, storms in Washington, D.C.; Red Cross relief work in flooded Mississippi Valley. Picketers, strikers, peace demonstrations; Ku Klux Klan; Disarmament Conference; Preparedness Day, and labor union parades. Ceremonies marking construction and completion of Washington buildings and monuments; burial of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Funerals and weddings. Receptions for public figures, including the king and queen of Belgium, Governor Cox, and Charles Lindbergh, attended by President and Mrs. Coolidge and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Reunion of the Grand Army of the Republic; conventions of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and political, health, and labor organizations. Virginia Ship Building Corporation in Alexandria, Virginia. Some locations other than Washington, D.C.
Call No.: LOT 12354-1 (F)
Call No.: LOT 12354-2 (F)
Rites and Ceremonies
Call No.: LOT 12354-3 (F)
Parades and Processions
Call No.: LOT 12354-4 (F)
Conferences and Conventions
Call No.: LOT 12354-5 (F)
Ship Launchings
Call No.: LOT 12354-6 (F)
Occupations and services, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12355 (F)
Extent: ca. 760 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 28 x 36 cm. or smaller.
Note: Title from cover of French's original numbered folder.
Note: Some photos are captioned; some have dates. Most images mounted on cardboard or paper. Includes some copy photographs.
Corresponding Negatives: Found in LC-F8, LC-F81, and LC-F82. Some are in poor condition.
Summary: Occupations and services. Includes public health service employees at work; students from primary grades through university in classes and extracurricular activities; graduations; and conferring of honorary degree on the queen of Belgium. Red Cross posters; montages used in White House News Photographers' publication, The Fuzzy Focus. Training of policewomen. Artists and models with paintings and sculpture; labor union members; reporters with President Harding; industrial vehicles; snow removal in Washington streets; a man with a hurdy-gurdy. Religious groups, services, and pageants; clergy and evangelists, including Cardinal Mercier and Aimee Semple McPherson. Laboratories; astronomical equipment at the U.S. Naval Observatory; members of scientific expeditions, including Dr. R. L. Shantz with South African natives.
Health Care
Call No.: LOT 12355-1 (F)
Note: Health care in Washington include women bacteriologists working in laboratory, nurses in Homeopathic Hospital, Washington interiors and activities at Washington Asylum Hospital include nurses and patients, group of nurses from Garfield Memorial Hospital, office interiors with public health service employees at work, activities at public health service dispensary #32 including people in waiting room and X-ray room, Department of Health poster "Eat more fish."
See Also: LOT 12359-10 (F) Health Institutions
Call No.: LOT 12355-2 (F)
Note: Students in classrooms and on school playgrounds in Washington primary schools, classroom scenes and school activities in a number of Washington and Washington area high schools including Rockville High School, Anacostia High School, Bethesda Chevy Chase High School, Western High School, Roosevelt High School, faculty and student groups including student members of Cadet Corp, Eastern High School, extracurricular activities in Washington schools including stage productions, girls participating in auto mechanics class and girls rifle team, Central High School, student groups and activities from various Washington universities, including American University graduating class activities, George Washington University faculty-student baseball game, home economics classes at Howard University, University of Maryland and George Washington, Georgetown University Commencement Exercises including Herbert Hoover receiving Honorary Degree, Queen Elizabeth with Cardinal Gibbons and students at Trinity College during conferring of degree on the Queen, educational activities in classrooms in Wisconsin, Boston and New York City.
Fire Department
Call No.: LOT 12355-3 (F)
Note: Members of Washington Fire Department, Washington firemen in action including arriving at U.S. Capitol Building to put out fire, cleaning Senate Office Building and U.S. Capitol, firemen training at firemen's school, firemen with fire engines and rescue equipment including horse drawn firefighting equipment, exterior of fire house - "Vigilant Instituted" - Washington firemen's baseball team.
American Red Cross
Call No.: LOT 12355-4 (F)
Note: Children of the Junior Red Cross at White House, Red Cross groups working including church, hospital and college groups, Red Cross exhibits including model showing education of wounded, and window displays, Red Cross Emergency Ambulance Station and personnel including demonstration of emergency service, reproductions of Red Cross Posters including Norman Rockwell's illustration for "Join the Red Cross," exterior of two D.C. Red Cross Headquarters, Red Cross activities including mobilization, swimming, and outdoor activities.
Photography and Photographers
Call No.: LOT 12355-5 (F)
Note: Groups of photographs in Washington Government Office and outdoors (One group includes Herbert E. French), photographers in action including photographic children and "Difficulties of the Camera Man" (Photographers in precarious situations), individual Washington photographers, Montage photographs used in The Fuzzy Focus, a burlesque newspaper put out by the White House News Photographers Association, including Christmas and New Year's greeting cards from photographers' studios.
Forest Service
Call No.: LOT 12355-6 (F)
Note: U.S. Forest Service Rangers performing duties in U.S. National Parks including measuring snow, cutting timber, fighting forest fires herding livestock, lookout patrol including female fire warden, U.S. Forest Service model showing effects of fire deforestation and proper lumbering.
Police and Corrections
Call No.: LOT 12355-7 (F)
Note: Washington policewomen training and on duty, Washington policemen in classroom and on duty, Washington D.C. House of Detention facilities, personnel and inmates.
Art and Artists
Call No.: LOT 12355-8 (F)
Note: Students in art classes including Corcoran Art Gallery classes, individual Washington artists working indoors and outdoors including prominent sculptors and painters, artwork including sculpture and painting.
Laborers and Trades
Call No.: LOT 12355-9 (F)
Note: Portraits of laundrymen, women working in Mrs. Thomas E. Walsh's (garment) factory, men doing street and road work, street vendor and man with hurdy-gurdy on street, railway employees and employees of White House, group of newspaper men at White House with President Harding, members of National Press Club Group, American Federation of Labor Group, snow removal from Washington streets, coal distribution.
Call No.: LOT 12355-10 (F)
Note: Religious participating in Washington Cathedral Consecration, Sunday School Group in Washington, St. Patrick's Day procession at St. Patrick's Church, Washington, World Zionist Group in Washington, Anacostia Church interior with a religious, evangelists and religious leaders in Washington, Dominican Ceremonies at Catholic University, Washington group of Episcopal ministers at National Cathedral, Bishop Freeman overseeing building of National Washington Cathedral, Washington, Young Women's Hebrew Association group, church interiors with members of congregation, members of church choirs costumed participants for Episcopal Nationwide Campaign in New York, Cardinal Mercier of Belgium visiting New York including Cardinal Mercier with Cardinal Gibbons and other religious, ceremonies for Cardinal Mercier, Quakers and Quakes meeting house, N.J.
Office Employees
Call No.: LOT 12355-11 (F)
Note: Employees working in unidentified and identified offices in Washington including women in Frederick J. Haskin Information Bureau, Employees working in Selznick Theatre Office, Faulkner Inc. Office, National Assorting Co. Office, Allied Asphalt Product Co. Office and McKeever & Goss Realtors Office.
Call No.: LOT 12355-12 (F)
Note: Portraits of women scientists employed by the government in their work environments, scientific equipment at Naval Observatory, scientific activities at Naval Observatory, including Dr. George H. Peters, astronomer, at work, member of scientific division of the Graybar Electric Company of New York making "Survey of the Noises of the National Capital" with "Audiometer", interior views of National Academy of Sciences showing exhibits of scientific equipment, views of South African trip made by Dr. R.L. Shantz, Agricultural Explore of U.S. Department of Agriculture including pictures of South African natives employed by Dr. Shantz, views of expedition made by Shubert Garrick, portrait of Dr. Gilbert Grosvenor - President of National Geographic Society and members of McMillan Arctic Expedition, view of "The Westward" the ship of the American Nature Association's Expedition to Alaska, interior of "Corby's" laboratory in Washington, D.C., copy prints of views of interiors of wasp's nest.
United States government departments and Civil Service, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12356 (F)
Extent: ca. 650 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Note: Title from cover of French's original numbered folder.
Note: Some photos are captioned; some have dates. Some images are discolored. Most images are mounted on paper or cardboard.
Note: Accompanied by a photostat text description of the Bureau of Biological Survey.
Corresponding Negatives: Found in LC-F8, LC-F81, and LC-F82. Some are in poor condition.
Summary: U.S. government departments and the Civil Service. Employees, officials, building interiors, machinery, and activities. Includes agricultural and scientific experiments; laboratories; livestock; motion picture filming at the Department of Agriculture; Bureau of Public Roads, Weather Bureau, office, and assembly line work. Mail delivery by truck, rail, and airplane; Post Office Christmas parade float. Library of Congress units and activities, including Reading Room for the Blind, Main Reading Room, preservation efforts, and Herbert Putnam with the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.
Department of Agriculture
Call No.: LOT 12356-1 (F)
Note: Includes activities in various bureaus including the Bureau of Chemistry, Bureau of Soils, Bureau of Plant Industry, Bureau of Public Roads, Weather Bureau, activities at Beltsville and Arlington Agricultural Experimental Farms, Department of Agriculture activities including bacteriology and nutrition experiments, food and product testing, activities of children in agricultural clubs.
U.S. Treasury Department
Call No.: LOT 12356-2 (F)
Note: Interiors of U.S. Treasury Divisions and activities of employees including office of U.S. Treasurer, Internal Revenue Bureau, office of comptroller, U.S. Treasury Vaults, Redemption Division, Division of Customs, Bureau of Printing and Engraving.
U.S. Bureau of Standards
Call No.: LOT 12356-3 (F)
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