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Photographic Prints (continued)
United States military and World War I, 1909-1932, bulk 1914-1918 (continued)
World War I - War Work (continued)
Call No.: LOT 12358-16 (F)
Note: WWI propaganda cartoons and illustrations, food conservation and war preparation in U.S., England, Canada, and France including boys working reserve in U.S., Belgian relief work, women war workers, sale of surplus Army supplies, war camp community service motor canteen, U.S. tank on display, Liberty Bond Drive, exterior view and interior views and activities of munitions factory and petrol works in France, interiors and activities of ammunition and gun manufacture in Britain, Italy, U.S. and France, volunteer war work abroad including Red Cross activities, war work activities of Canadian women and British women, activities of Army Laboratory Pasteur Institute, France.
World War I - Abroad
Call No.: LOT 12358-17 (F)
Note: Ruins in France, destruction of landscape in France by Germans, French soldiers, German prisoners, soldier in trenches, American soldiers unloading supplies, U.S. soldiers in China, wounded soldiers, soldiers with captured artillery, French field kitchen, members of Polish Army, American soldiers being transported by ship, General Pershing with military personnel, military medical care in the field, tanks and artillery, soldiers fighting on various "fronts," Italian soldiers, soldiers in gas masks, military laundry equipment, views of American warehouses and docks in France.
Foreign Naval Vessels
Call No.: LOT 12358-18 (F)
Note: World War I naval activities including exterior and detail views of French, Japanese, Italian, Canadian, Australian, and German ships, submarines and boats, English and German torpedo and mining activities, diagrams of mines, German ships being bombed by U.S. Navy for target practice, interned German ships in U.S. ports.
Architecture in the Washington, D.C., region, 1909-1932
Call No.: LOT 12359 (F)
Extent: 2,243 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Note: Title from cover of French's original numbered folder.
Note: Most images are captioned; some have dates. Most images mounted on paper, cardboard, or linen. Includes some copy photographs.
Corresponding Negatives: Found in LC-F8, LC-F81, and LC-F82. Some are in poor condition.
Arrangement: Subdivided by type of building.
Local and Federal Government Buildings
Call No.: LOT 12359-1 (F)
Extent: 742 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Note: Includes interiors, architectural details. Construction work on the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, and the Treasury Department Building. U.S. Capitol; Union Station; Library of Congress, including the Main Reading Room and bookstacks. Washington Navy Yard, Annapolis Naval Academy, and Fort Myer, Virginia. Post Offices and District of Columbia government buildings.
Lincoln Memorial
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-A (F)
U.S. Capitol
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-B (F)
White House
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-C (F)
Bureau of Printing and Engraving
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-D (F)
Senate and House Office Buildings
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-E (F)
Bureau of Standards
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-F (F)
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-G (F)
State War and Navy Buildings
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-H (F)
U.S. Commerce Department
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-J (F)
U.S. Pension Building
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-K (F)
U.S. Government Printing Office
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-L (F)
War Risk Building
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-M (F)
U.S. Justice Department
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-N (F)
U.S. State Department
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-P (F)
U.S. Labor Department
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-Q (F)
U.S. Patent Office
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-R (F)
U.S. Treasury Department
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-S (F)
Union Station
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-T (F)
Library of Congress
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-U (F)
Military Buildings
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-V (F)
Post Offices
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-W (F)
District Government Buildings
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-X (F)
Misc. Government Buildings
Call No.: LOT 12359-1-Y (F)
Foreign and International Government Buildings
Call No.: LOT 12359-2 (F)
Extent: 128 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Note: Pan American Union, including interiors, architectural details, grounds with fountains and plants. Chanceries and embassies, including Mexican Embassy interiors, murals, and Mexican ambassador and his family.
Pan American Union
Call No.: LOT 12359-2-A (F)
Chanceries and Embassies
Call No.: LOT 12359-2-B (F)
Residential Buildings
Call No.: LOT 12359-3 (F)
Extent: 287 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Note: Includes homes in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Model home interiors with appliances and furniture. Apartment houses, mansions, row houses, hotels, YMCA. Architectural details. One image of a parking garage and one of a home built out of two streetcars. One aerial photograph.
Note: Some photographs issued by Underwood & Underwood and U.S. Army Air Reserve.
Hotels (Exteriors)
Call No.: LOT 12359-3-A (F)
Apartment Houses (Exteriors)
Call No.: LOT 12359-3-B (F)
Houses (Exteriors)
Call No.: LOT 12359-3-C (F)
Call No.: LOT 12359-3-D (F)
Historic Buildings in Washington, D.C.
Call No.: LOT 12359-4 (F)
Extent: 175 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Note: Residences of historic figures, including William Jennings Bryan. Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century buildings, including churches and hotels.
Historic Homes & Buildings in Maryland and Virginia
Call No.: LOT 12359-5 (F)
Extent: 196 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Note: Includes interiors, outbuildings, gardens of Monticello and Mount Vernon; Lee Mansion (Arlington House); Gunston Hall; Colvin Run Mill.
Call No.: LOT 12359-5-A (F)
Mount Vernon
Call No.: LOT 12359-5-B (F)
Lee Mansion (Arlington)
Call No.: LOT 12359-5-C (F)
Gunston Hall
Call No.: LOT 12359-5-D (F)
Misc. Historic Buildings and Sites
Call No.: LOT 12359-5-E (F)
Business Establishments and Office Buildings in Washington, D.C.
Call No.: LOT 12359-6 (F)
Extent: 200 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Note: Includes storefronts with vehicles parked outside, food enterprises, bank, and theaters.
Business Establishments and Stores
Call No.: LOT 12359-6-A (F)
Call No.: LOT 12359-6-B (F)
Call No.: LOT 12359-6-C (F)
Office Buildings
Call No.: LOT 12359-6-D (F)
Religious Buildings
Call No.: LOT 12359-7 (F)
Extent: 147 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Note: Includes gardens, procession at Washington Cathedral; monks at Franciscan monastery; interiors, including altars decorated for the holidays.
Note: One photograph by Wide World Photos.
Clubs and Organizations
Call No.: LOT 12359-8 (F)
Extent: 98 photographic prints : gelatin silver ; 20 x 25 cm. or smaller.
Note: Includes Daughters of the American Revolution Memorial Continental Hall, Columbia Country Club, Congressional Country Club, and Scottish Rite Temple. Some interiors, one aerial view.
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