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Visual materials from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records (Library of Congress)

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LOT 13092 Ku Klux Klan Activities, 1926-ca. 1957.
Photos show destruction and defacing of personal property, cross burnings, church and house bombings by Ku Klux Klan in Montgomery, Ala.; Shreveport, La.; Groveland, Fla.; and Egg Harbor City, N.J. One postcard photo showing storm damage to a KKK building in Miami, Fla., taken ca. 1926. Ku Klux Klan May Day parade in Prague; Klan rallies in Swainsboro, Ga., and Visalia, Calif., and other unidentified locations. One photo depicting a Nazi party rally in an unidentified location; two snapshots of a Klan “motorcade” to Stone Mountain, Ga., taken in 1956 at Union City, Ga. 18 photographic prints.
Bombings, rallies, motorcades, etc.
LOT 13092, nos. 1-18 (F)
LOT 13093 Anti-lynching Campaign Activities and Victims of Beatings and Lynchings, 1916-1964.
Students and branch members demonstrating against lynching; snapshots of William Hastie and Walter White with Congressmen Joseph Gavagan and Raymond McKeough lobbying for anti-lynching legislation in Washington, D.C.; a flag displayed from NAACP headquarters window with the words “A MAN WAS LYNCHED YESTERDAY”; portraits of lynch victims and lynch mobs; some photos of victims' families, including Emmett Till and his mother, Mamie Bradley; one group portrait of the mothers of slain civil rights workers James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner. Includes reproductions of sculptures and artwork depicting lynch victims. One photo of a Virginia highway sign with text explaining the origin of the lynch law. Additional NAACP staff depicted include Medgar Evers, Daisy Lampkin, and Roy Wilkins. 98 photographic prints; 3 photomechanical prints. Organized into four subject categories: Anti-lynching legislation/demonstrations; Lynching victims and families; Victims of brutality; Miscellaneous.
Anti-lynching legislation/demonstrations, 1934-1950
LOT 13093, nos. 1-27 (F)
Lynching victims and families, 1916-1964
LOT 13093, nos. 28-69 (F)
Victims of brutality, 1945-ca. 1950
LOT 13093, nos. 70-95 (F)
LOT 13093, nos. 96-100 (F)
Miscellaneous oversize
LOT 13093, no. 101 (H)
LOT 13094 Segregated and Integrated Public Facilities, 1920-1964, bulk 1944-1950.
Includes activities at segregated recreation facilities; social welfare centers for minority children in Harlem; one photo of an integrated church service; miscellaneous buildings, churches, and businesses, including views of the African American-owned Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Company, Los Angeles, Calif. Picketing of segregated theaters, commercial businesses, amusement parks; several photos of a man sitting in a segregated library watched closely by police officers; several photos of vice-presidential candidate, Henry Wallace, on a campaign tour through Birmingham, Ala., that was cut short when he refused to speak before a segregated audience. Some photos show railroad dining car interiors; a few show sections of dining car tables roped off and separated from other seating areas. 132 photographic prints; 3 prints. Organized into five subject categories: Integrated public facilities; Melrose House/Pepsi Cola, Junior Club of Harlem; Segregated facilities; Transportation facilities; and Miscellaneous buildings/facilities.
Integrated public facilities
LOT 13094, nos. 1-4 (F)
Melrose House/Pepsi Cola, Junior Club of Harlem
LOT 13094, nos. 5-21 (F)
Segregated facilities
LOT 13094, nos. 22-55 (F)
LOT 13094, nos. 56-61 (F)
Transportation facilities
LOT 13094, nos. 62-77 (F)
Miscellaneous buildings/facilities
Golden State Mutual Life Insurance Co.
LOT 13094, nos. 78-80 (F)
LOT 13094, nos. 81-135 (F)
LOT 13095 Race Riots in Columbia, Tenn., and Los Angeles, Calif., and Tulsa, Okla., 1921-1946.
Primarily views of Tulsa, Okla., before and after the riot of 1921, and street scenes during the Los Angeles, Calif., “Zoot Suit Riot” of 1943. Includes three photos of vandalism and arrests at Columbia, Tenn., after the riot of 1946. 20 photographic prints.
Race riots, participants, and aftermaths
LOT 13095, nos. 1-20 (F)
LOT 13096 African Americans in Advertising, Broadcasting, Film, and Theater, 1916-1958, bulk 1944-1949.
Photos show celebrities in publicity portraits and film stills. Prominent African Americans represented include Joe Louis, Jackie Robinson, and Ethel Waters. Also includes stills from religious, war, educational, and feature films, including Canterbury Tale, Home of the Brave, and Pinky. One photo shows Walter White being interviewed on a television program; includes some images of African American stereotypes including “black-face” entertainers performing skits; several photos of NAACP branch members protesting the screening of the film Birth of a Nation at a Flushing, N.Y., movie theater. 130 photographic prints; 3 photomechanical prints; 3 prints. Organized into six subject categories: The Birth of a Nation picketing; Film stills; Product promotion; Stereotypes; Television and radio; Theater.
The Birth of a Nation picketing
LOT 13096, nos. 1-3 (F)
Film stills
LOT 13096, no. 4 (F)
Angel in Ebony
LOT 13096, no. 5 (F)
Answer for Anne
LOT 13096, no. 6 (F)
Birthday Party, 1931
LOT 13096, no. 7 (F)
A Canterbury Tale
LOT 13096, nos. 8-30 (F)
Fisk University film, CBS, 1955
LOT 13096, nos. 31-36 (F)
Home of the Brave
LOT 13096, nos. 37-65 (F)
Into the Good Ground
LOT 13096, nos. 66-68 (F)
The Jackie Robinson Story
LOT 13096, nos. 69-71 (F)
A Job for Bob
LOT 13096, no. 72 (F)
Joe Louis, Morton Moreland, Mickey McAvoy
LOT 13096, nos. 73-76 (F)
Kenji Comes Home
LOT 13096, no. 77 (F)
The Mulatto
LOT 13096, nos. 78-81 (F)
Our Children
LOT 13096, no. 82 (F)
Out of the Dust
LOT 13096, no. 83 (F)
Ox Bow Incident
LOT 13096, no. 84 (F)
Pinky, 1949
LOT 13096, nos. 85-102 (F)
LO T 13096, nos. 103-104 (F)
Sahara, 1943-1944
LOT 13096, no. 105 (F)
Second Chance
LOT 13096, no. 106 (F)
South of the Clouds, 1950-1951
LOT 13096, no. 107 (F)
A Wonderful Life
LOT 13096, no. 108 (F)
LOT 13096, nos. 109-110 (F)
Product promotion
LOT 13096, nos. 111-116 (F)
Stereotypes (nos. 117-120 are in color)
LOT 13096, nos. 117-125 (F)
Stereotypes (no. 125A is in color; it does not appear on the microfilm surrogate)
LOT 13096, no. 125A (H)
Television and radio
LOT 13096, nos. 126-129 (F)
LOT 13096, nos. 130-134 (F)
LOT 13097 Labor and Housing of African Americans at Mississippi River Flood Control and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Construction Sites, 1934.
Snapshot photos of work sites and camps at Hughes, Ark.; Friar's Point, Miss.; Memphis, Tenn.; and possibly other unidentified locations, show African American workers, their families, and houses. Several photos of a child identified as the “baby who caused the change in the sanitary regulations”; some views of an industrial building and dam, as well as tractors and hoisting machinery. John P. Davis, Charles Houston, and Walter White appear in several photos. 50 photographic prints. Organized chronologically.
Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, etc.
LOT 13097, nos. 1-50 (F)
LOT 13098 Voting Registration Activities and Voter Rights Infringement Cases, 1944-1962.
Voter registration activities and campaigns in Atlanta, Ga.; Birmingham, Ala.; Tampa, Fla.; and other unidentified locations. Includes children participating in registration activities; photos of “Tent City” in Fayette County, Tenn., a camp for African Americans driven from their homes for registering to vote in 1960; several photos of witnesses for voting rights infringement cases; photos related to the Gus Courts and George Lee voting restrictions case of 1955 show Courts in the hospital suffering from gun shot wounds he received for registering to vote and photos taken at the funeral of George Lee, who was murdered for his voter registration activities. NAACP staff depicted include William Borders, Gus Courts, Clarence Mitchell, and Austin T. Walden. 38 photographic prints; 1 print. Organized into four subject categories: General voter registration activities; Voter registration campaigns, Tampa, Fla.; Court cases and congressional hearings; Gus Courts and George Lee case, 1955.
General, 1944-1962
LOT 13098, nos. 1-13 (F)
Campaigns, Tampa, Fla., 1960 (?)
LOT 13098, nos. 14-23 (F)
Court cases and congressional hearings, 1946-1957
LOT 13098, nos. 24-30 (F)
Gus Courts and George Lee case, 1955
LOT 13098, nos. 31-38 (F)
LOT 13099 Civil Rights Marches, Demonstrations, and Lobbying Activities to Promote Civil Rights Legislation at National and Local Levels, 1917-1966, bulk 1950-1963.
Primarily marches, demonstrations, and meetings on civil rights issues. Includes images of the Silent Protest parade of 1917 (New York, N.Y.) and the Prayer Pilgrimage of 1957. Also includes color snapshots of the Selma, Ala., march of 1965. Miscellaneous subjects include a photo of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., speaking at a labor rally in New York, N.Y.; Korean War veterans picketing in front of the Robert E. Lee Hotel; branch members in Detroit, Mich., marching in a parade to protest segregation; several photos of Roy Wilkins celebrating his birthday at the 5th Statewide Fair Practices & Civil Rights Conference of 1966; NAACP executives Clarence Mitchell, Channing Tobias, Walter White, and Roy Wilkins, meeting with Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, and Kennedy about civil rights legislation. Includes snapshots documenting a Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) sponsored memorial walk for slain civil rights activist William Moore, showing young civil rights activists walking and resting along the march route. Other civil rights leaders depicted include Martin Luther King, Jr., and A. Philip Randolph. 98 photographic prints. Organized into three subject categories: Civil rights conferences; Legislation and political action; Marches and rallies. Arranged chronologically within each category.
Civil rights conferences, 1951-1966
LOT 13099, nos. 1-7 (F)
Legislation and political action
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