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Visual materials from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records (Library of Congress)

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ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAMS, 1916-1969 (continued)
National, Regional, and State Conference Activities and Delegates, 1919-1962, bulk 1943-1951. (continued)
Miscellaneous conferences (continued)
1950 (continued)
Mid-Century White House Conference on Children and Youth (continued)
LOT 13078, nos. 246-248 (F)
IMHOTEP National Conference on Hospital Integration
LOT 13078, no. 249 (F)
Ministers Luncheon, Bronx, N.Y.
LOT 13078, no. 250 (F)
LOT 13078, nos. 251-259 (F)
Banner for Annual Mass Meeting, Union Baptist Church, Druid Hill Ave.
LOT 13078, no. 260 (P) (H surrogate)
LOT 13079 Youth Council and College Chapter Delegates and Conference Activities, 1941-1957, bulk 1950-1957.
General views of youth and college delegates at selected national and state conferences. Also includes some photos of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt, and Richard Nixon speaking at programs or meeting informally with youth or NAACP staff. One photo of youth delegates meeting with Senator Joseph Ball at the 1947 Youth Legislative Conference at Washington, D.C. NAACP staff depicted include Ruby Hurley, Roy Wilkins, Walter White, and Herbert Wright. 93 photographic prints; 9 prints. Organized into three subject categories: Annual youth conferences (arranged chronologically); State youth conferences (arranged alphabetically by state); Miscellaneous conferences (arranged chronologically).
Annual youth conferences
Hampton University, Hampton, Va. (3rd)
LOT 13079, no. 1 (F)
Lincoln University, Lincoln University, Pa. (5th)
LOT 13079, nos. 2-9 (F)
Virginia Union University, Richmond, Va. (6th)
LOT 13079, nos. 10-12 (F)
Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, Ohio (7th)
LOT 13079, nos. 13-21 (F)
Houston, Tex. (9th)
LOT 13079, nos. 22-28 (F)
St. Louis, Mo. (10th)
LOT 13079, nos. 29-31 (F)
State youth conferences
LOT 13079, no. 32(F)
Michigan, Kalamazoo, 1954
LOT 13079, nos. 33-35 (F)
New York
LOT 13079, nos. 36-39 (F)
North Carolina, Greensboro, 1953
LOT 13079, nos. 40-42 (F)
Pennsylvania, Johnstown, 1955
LOT 13079, nos. 43-46 (F)
Texas, 1955
LOT 13079, nos. 47-48 (F)
Virginia, Roanoke, 1947
LOT 13079, nos. 49-51 (F)
Miscellaneous youth conferences
National Planning & Advisory Committee meeting
LOT 13079, nos. 52-54 (F)
Youth Legislative Conference, Washington, D.C.
LOT 13079, nos. 55-60 (F)
Youth Legislative Conference, Washington, D.C.
LOT 13079, no. 61 (F)
National Emergency Youth Conference, Washington, D.C.
LOT 13079, no. 62 (H)
National Emergency Youth Conference, Washington, D.C.
LOT 13079, no. 63 (F)
Youth Legislative Conference, Washington, D.C.
LOT 13079, nos. 64-67 (F)
Youth Legislative Conference, Howard University, Washington, D.C.
LOT 13079, nos. 68-71 (F)
Youth Round Up, Shaw University, Raleigh, N.C
LOT 13079, no. 72 (F)
Ohio Youth Leadership Conference
LOT 13079, no. 73 (F)
Political Forum
LOT 13079, nos. 74-80 (F)
“Confab,” Charlotte, N.C.
LOT 13079, no. 81 (F)
New Jersey Coordinating Council Leadership Conference
LOT 13079, no. 82 (F)
Brotherhood Rally 365
LOT 13079, no. 83 (F)
LOT 13079, nos. 84-96 (F)
Undated/Unidentified (includes Thurgood Marshall)
LOT 13079, no. 97 (H)
LOT 13080 Freedom Fund Activities, General Fundraising Campaigns and Programs, 1937-1965, bulk 1950-1959.
NAACP staff and board members accepting donations from members, representatives from charities and clubs, and labor organizations; one photo of NAACP national staff meeting in 1953 to plan the “Fight for Freedom” fundraising campaign--an effort to raise one million dollars annually until 1963, the centennial of the Emancipation Proclamation. Includes some branch activities to raise money for the Freedom Fund campaign, a Freedom Fund poster, and one sheet of Freedom Fund Christmas seals. NAACP staff depicted include Lucille Black, Charles Houston, Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson, Arthur Spingarn, Roy Wilkins, and Walter White. Other prominent people include Lena Horne and Charles Houston. 49 photographic prints; 2 photomechanical prints; 2 prints (1 poster, 1 Christmas seal stamp sheet). Organized into two subject categories: General fundraising; Freedom fund.
General fundraising, 1937-1962
LOT 13080, nos. 1-31 (F)
Freedom fund, 1953-1965 (no. 52B and no. 53 are in color)
LOT 13080, nos. 32-53 (F)
LOT 13081 Membership Activities at the National, State, and Local Levels, 1943-1963, bulk 1953-1960.
General and life membership drives and benefits; includes national staff receiving contributions from representatives of social organizations and local businesses. Also photos of committees in planning sessions for membership campaigns; celebrities promoting membership; many photos of the “New York Metropolitan Area” membership campaign; members receiving life membership plaques from NAACP staff. NAACP staff depicted include Morris DeLisser, Kivie Kaplan, Thurgood Marshall, Arthur Spingarn, Channing Tobias, and Roy Wilkins. Includes some photos of Floyd Patterson, Freedom Fund co-chairman, at NAACP membership rally. Other entertainers and sports figures represented include Sammy Davis, Jr., Lena Horne, and Jackie Robinson. 114 photographic prints; 6 contact sheets (98 images); 2 prints. Organized into two subject categories: General membership; Life membership.
General membership, 1943-1963
LOT 13081, nos. 1-52 (F)
Life membership, 1943-1963
LOT 13081, nos. 53-121 (F)
LOT 13082 Local and National Award Winners and Scholarship Recipients, ca. 1920-1960.
Includes portraits of NAACP beautiful baby contest prize winners, recipients of the NAACP Ike Smalls Award, a portrait of the North Carolina NAACP mother of the year for 1957. Presentations of awards by Gloster Current, Ruby Hurley, Roy Wilkins, and Herbert Wright. Group portrait of the NAACP Emancipation Proclamation Centennial essay contest judges with Calvin Banks, NAACP program director. 26 photographic prints. Organized into two subject categories: Awards--general; Beautiful baby contest.
Awards--general, ca. 1946-1958
LOT 13082, nos. 1-17 (F)
Beautiful baby contest, ca. 1925-1947
LOT 13082, nos. 18-23 (F)
LOT 13083 Administrative Meetings, Office Social Gatherings, and Facilities, 1925-ca. 1960, bulk 1935-1942.
Primarily NAACP executive officers, board members, standing committees, and other staff at meetings, probably in New York offices. Also includes unposed photographs of office staff at unidentified social gatherings. Staff and board members photographed include Ella Baker, John Hammond, Thurgood Marshall, E. Frederic Morrow, Arthur Spingarn, Walter White, Roy Wilkins; one group photo of board member Eleanor Roosevelt meeting with NAACP executives. Includes photos of NAACP office buildings in New York, N.Y., and Washington, D.C., and a few snapshots of property, “G.W. Quinn's Groceries” located at Pine Bluff, Ark., that was bequeathed to the NAACP in 1935 by a former member. 28 photographic prints. Organized into two subject categories: Administrative meetings and gatherings; Buildings and facilities.
Administrative meetings and gatherings, 1942-ca. 1960
LOT 13083, nos. 1-18 (F)
Buildings and facilities, ca. 1925-1949
LOT 13083, nos. 19-29 (F)
LOT 13084 Promotional and Publication Materials, ca. 1943-ca. 1959.
Includes original design drawings for NAACP membership campaign posters; camera-ready materials for a Christmas seal ad; and posters for NAACP anniversary dances, membership drives, “wartime” conferences, and voter registration campaigns designed by Louise Jefferson and Elton Fax. Photographs reproduced from a 1943 promotional film entitled On Guard show NAACP staff members Ella Baker, William Hastie, Thurgood Marshall, E. Frederic Morrow, Mary White Ovington, and Roy Wilkins. A series of cyanotype prints for a publication entitled “The Negro in America” includes portraits of prominent African American authors, entertainers, and sports figures, educators, and social leaders, including Marian Anderson, Mary McLeod Bethune, Ralphe Bunche, Alain Locke, Joe Louis, and Jackie Robinson. 51 photographic prints; 13 prints; 10 design drawings. Organized into four subject categories: Camera-ready mock-ups; film stills from the motion picture On Guard; Miscellaneous publications and fliers; Oversize design drawings and posters.
Camera-ready mock- ups
LOT 13084, nos. 1-4 (F)
Film stills from the motion picture On Guard (nos. 23-29 are in color)
LOT 13084, nos. 5-29 (F)
Miscellaneous publications and fliers (nos. 30-32 are in color)
LOT 13084, nos. 30-33Z (F)
Oversize design drawings and posters (nos. 37-46 are in color)
LOT 13084, nos. 34-46 (H)
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