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Visual materials from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records (Library of Congress)

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ADMINISTRATIVE PROGRAMS, 1916-1969 (continued)
Promotional and Publication Materials, ca. 1943-ca. 1959. (continued)
Promotional and Publication Materials, ca. 1943-ca. 1959. (continued)
LOT 13084 Promotional and Publication Materials, ca. 1943-ca. 1959.
Includes original design drawings for NAACP membership campaign posters; camera-ready materials for a Christmas seal ad; and posters for NAACP anniversary dances, membership drives, “wartime” conferences, and voter registration campaigns designed by Louise Jefferson and Elton Fax. Photographs reproduced from a 1943 promotional film entitled On Guard show NAACP staff members Ella Baker, William Hastie, Thurgood Marshall, E. Frederic Morrow, Mary White Ovington, and Roy Wilkins. A series of cyanotype prints for a publication entitled “The Negro in America” includes portraits of prominent African American authors, entertainers, and sports figures, educators, and social leaders, including Marian Anderson, Mary McLeod Bethune, Ralphe Bunche, Alain Locke, Joe Louis, and Jackie Robinson. 51 photographic prints; 13 prints; 10 design drawings. Organized into four subject categories: Camera-ready mock-ups; film stills from the motion picture On Guard; Miscellaneous publications and fliers; Oversize design drawings and posters.
Camera-ready mock- ups
LOT 13084, nos. 1-4 (F)
Film stills from the motion picture On Guard (nos. 23-29 are in color)
LOT 13084, nos. 5-29 (F)
Miscellaneous publications and fliers (nos. 30-32 are in color)
LOT 13084, nos. 30-33Z (F)
Oversize design drawings and posters (nos. 37-46 are in color)
LOT 13084, nos. 34-46 (H)
Primarily photographs documenting segregation and other discriminatory practices that the organization protested in its attempt to achieve political and social equality. Civil rights campaigns, legislative, and legal programs. Includes branches involvement in demonstrations at the local level. Photographs of lobbying activities, marches, assemblies, and rallies organized by the NAACP and other organizations in support of civil rights legislation. Also documents general living and non-military working conditions of African Americans.
LOT 13085 Farmers, Migrant Agricultural Workers, and Sharecroppers, 1939-1958.
Primarily portraits of sharecroppers, migrant agricultural workers, and farmers in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Haiti--some by Farm Security Administration (FSA) photographers Jack Delano, Russell Lee, Arthur Rothstein, and Marion Post Wolcott. Includes U.S. Department of Agriculture and Agricultural Adjustment Agency photos of extension services for farmers and photos of food production, distribution, and conservation, during World War II. Several photos of Southern University, La., “Victory Farm Program” show students farming on the university campus. One photo of Mrs. Harold Ickes giving a tour to a group of Japanese Americans on her farm near Olney, Md. 39 photographic prints; 3 photomechanical prints. Organized into three subject categories: Department of Agriculture war effort; Farmers, migrant workers, and sharecroppers; Miscellaneous.
Department of Agriculture war effort
LOT 13085, nos. 1-9 (F)
Farmers, migrant workers, and sharecroppers
LOT 13085, nos. 10-34 (F)
LOT 13085, nos. 35-41 (F)
LOT 13086 Defendants in Criminal Cases and NAACP Attorneys, 1928-1949.
Portrait of a juvenile defendant in the Bell-Swain case; group portrait of the attorneys in the George Crawford case; defendant Jess Hollins with NAACP attorney Cecil Robertson; one photo of Juanita Jackson Mitchell visiting the Scottsboro defendants in jail; defendant W.D. Lyons; eight photos of NAACP clients Lawrence Mitchell, Richard Philip Adams, and John Walter Bordinane, soldiers convicted in a rape case, shown in military uniform and in prison dress; one photo of the principals involved in a slavery charge; defendants in the Columbia, Tenn., riot case with NAACP attorneys and the Nashville, Tenn., branch president M.G. Ferguson; one photo of the three defendants in the Groveland, Fla., rape case: Walter Irvin, Charles Greenlee, and Samuel Shepherd. Prominent NAACP staff and attorneys represented include Charles Houston, Z. Alexander Looby, and Walter White. 17 photographic prints; 3 photomechanical prints. Organized chronologically.
Defendants and their counsel
LOT 13086, nos. 1-20 (F)
LOT 13087 Public Signs Expressing Jim Crow Policies and Other Derogatory Sentiments, 1943- ca. 1960.
Includes two snapshots of a roadside advertisement in Vinita, Okla., reading “Eat nigger chicken” that were sent to the NAACP by J. Richardson Jones along with a letter explaining why the photos were taken; two photos of various discriminatory signs in a trash can, one photo with a letter 'X' painted across the image. One photo of a soft drink dispenser for white customers only. 4 photographic prints; 2 prints.
Discriminatory signs, interior and exterior
LOT 13087, nos. 1-6 (F)
LOT 13088 Schools and Activities to Eliminate Segregation in Public Education at the College and Secondary Levels, 1921-1961, bulk 1942-1957.
Emphasis is on buildings, facilities, and students at African American schools, colleges, and universities. Lincoln University, Wayne State, and Wilberforce are represented. Includes photos comparing schools for African Americans with those for whites and group portraits of graduating classes; some photos of defendants in school and college desegregation cases, including Donald Gaines Murray (University of Maryland), Autherine Lucy (University of Alabama), Henry Doyle and Heman Sweatt (University of Texas), Ada Lois Sipuel and G.W. McLaurin (University of Oklahoma); some photos show civil disturbances at schools attempting integration in the late 1950s, including some of Central High School, Little Rock, Ark.; one photo shows Daisy Bates with the “Little Rock Nine.” Includes NAACP youth protesting segregation at Texas State University, and college students marching in support of the Austin-Mahoney Bill. One photo of Billie Holiday with school children from Merriam, Kans. NAACP staff depicted include Daisy Bates, Oliver Hill, Ruby Hurley, and Thurgood Marshall. Includes several photos of Carl Van Vechten and Georgia O'Keeffe on the campus of Fisk University. 222 photographic prints; 23 photomechanical prints. Organized into eight subject categories: Desegregation cases; Integrated schools and colleges; Protest, secondary and college; African American schools; White schools and students; Unidentified school buildings; Universities and colleges; Miscellaneous. Arranged chronologically or alphabetically within each category.
Desegregation cases
College, 1938-1948
LOT 13088, nos. 1-10 (F)
Autherine Lucy, 1956
LOT 13088, nos. 11-16 (F)
Secondary, 1943-ca. 1960
LOT 13088, nos. 17-40 (F)
Integrated schools and colleges, 1948-1957
LOT 13088, nos. 41-52 (F)
Protest, secondary and college, 1939-1961
LOT 13088, nos. 53-74 (F)
African American schools, 1921-ca. 1950
LOT 13088, nos. 75-117 (F)
White schools and students, ca. 1940-ca. 1950
LOT 13088, nos. 118-121 (F)
Unidentified school buildings
LOT 13088, nos. 122-128 (F)
Universities and colleges
American University, Washington, D.C.
LOT 13088, nos. 129-131 (F)
Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga.
LOT 13088, no. 132 (F)
Baylor University, Waco, Tex.
LOT 13088, nos. 133-134 (F)
Bowie State College, Bowie, Md.
LOT 13088, nos. 135-136 (F)
Clark College, Atlanta, Ga.
LOT 13088, nos. 137-138 (F)
Fisk University, Nashville, Tenn.
LOT 13088, nos. 139-147 (F)
Florida A & M University, Tallahassee, Fla.
LOT 13088, no. 148 (F)
Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va.
LOT 13088, nos. 149-150 (F)
Lane College, Jackson, Tenn.
LOT 13088, nos. 151 (F)
Lincoln University, Lincoln University, Pa.
LOT 13088, nos. 152-161 (F)
Maryland State College, Princes Anne, Md.
LOT 13088, nos. 162-164 (F)
Morgan State University, Baltimore, Md.
LOT 13088, no. 165 (F)
University of Maryland, College Park, Md.
LOT 13088, nos. 166-168 (F)
Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee Institute, Ala. (no. 169, no. 171, and no. 172 are in color)
LOT 13088, nos. 169-176 (F)
Virginia Union University, Richmond, Va.
LOT 13088, nos. 177-178 (F)
Wayne State University, Detroit, Mich.
LOT 13088, nos. 179-187 (F)
West Virginia State College, Institute, W.Va.
LOT 13088, nos. 188-189 (F)
Wilberforce University, Wilberforce, Ohio
LOT 13088, nos. 190-211 (F)
LOT 13088, nos 212-229 (F)
LOT 13089 African Americans in Business, Government, Public Service, and Labor, 1938-1964, bulk 1940-1948.
Photos show African American workers posed for group portraits, receiving awards, and in work related activities. Occupations represented include nurses, doctors, laborers, clerks, and retail management trainees. Includes Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC) photos documenting integration of African Americans into the work force; National Youth Administration photos show youth learning various trades; many publicity photos of scientists and administrators employed by the Department of Agriculture; some photos of tobacco workers striking; a few photos of workers in San Francisco, Calif., and Pontiac, Mich., protesting employment discrimination. NAACP staff represented in a few photos: Clarence Mitchell, Walter White, and Roy Wilkins. 95 photographic prints; 1 print. Organized into eight subject categories: African Americans employed at the Department of Agriculture; African Americans in professional occupations; Discrimination; Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC); Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC) in New York, N.Y.; National Youth Administration, vocational training program; Protests; Strikes.
African Americans employed at the Department of Agriculture, ca. 1940-ca. 1950
LOT 13089, nos. 1-18 (F)
African Americans in professional occupations
ca. 1943-1950
LOT 13089, nos. 19-48 (F)
CCNY Mid-town Business Center
LOT 13089, nos. 49-54 (F)
Discrimination, 1946-1947
LOT 13089, nos. 55-57 (F)
Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC)
LOT 13089, nos. 58-65 (F)
Fair Employment Practices Commission (FEPC) in New York, N.Y.
LOT 13089, nos. 66-72 (F)
National Youth Administration, vocational training program
LOT 13089, nos. 73-80 (F)
LOT 13089, nos. 81-89 (F)
LOT 13089, nos. 90-95 (F)
LOT 13090 Health Services and Public Health Facilities Available to African Americans, 1946- ca. 1950.
Includes photos of tuberculosis screening at a Harlem Health Center; photos and text about a proposed public health and rehabilitation center dedicated as a living war memorial; fundraising activities for Sydenham Hospital in New York, a proposed “interracial volunteer hospital.” Includes one photo of a child with sores or scars on her face and a one photo of assembly workers in a pharmaceutical plant. 15 photographic prints; 3 photomechanical prints. Organized into three subject categories: General; Hall of Health, War, and Peace; Sydenham Hospital.
General, 1948-ca. 1950
LOT 13090, nos. 1-7 (F)
Hall of Health, War, and Peace
LOT 13090, nos. 8-14A (F)
Sydenham Hospital
LOT 13090, nos. 15-20 (F)
LOT 13091 Urban and Rural Housing for African Americans, ca. 1911-1960.
Emphasis is on single-family houses and integrated developments in cities and rural areas in the Southern and Northeastern United States. Includes low-income housing projects in Brooklyn, N.Y.; Boston, Mass.; Chicago, Ill.; Cleveland, Ohio; Greenbelt, Md.; New York, N.Y., and Watts (Los Angeles, Calif.). Some photos show white resistance to integration in their neighborhoods, including a photo of a house with a sign declaring “This house is not for sale.” Includes miscellaneous unidentified rowhouses and a few home interiors. 63 photographic prints; 4 prints. Organized into four subject categories: Demonstrations against integrated housing; Poor housing conditions; Public housing; Miscellaneous oversize.
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