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Visual materials from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records (Library of Congress)

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MILITARY SERVICES, 1914-1955 (continued)
African Americans in the Army Air Forces, during World War II, 1944-ca. 1950, bulk 1944-1948. (continued)
African Americans in the Army Air Forces, during World War II, 1944-ca. 1950, bulk 1944-1948. (continued)
LOT 13105 African Americans in the Army Air Forces, during World War II, 1944-ca. 1950, bulk 1944-1948.
Emphasis is on training in the United States and active duty with the Air Services Command in England and Italy. Activities include aviation and mechanical training, recreation, transportation of supplies. Many portraits of soldiers and officers enlisted in the 13th and 15th Air Force, the 92nd Field Artillery, the 99th Fighter Squadron, and graduates of the Air Forces Training Command, as well as other service units. Post-World War II photos show the Berlin Air Lift of 1948 and document African American participation in this effort. Includes one photo of Mary McLeod Bethune reviewing a military parade held in her honor at MacDill Air Field, Tampa, Fla., and one photo of Joe Louis with soldiers of the 15th Air Force in Italy. 175 photographic prints. Organized into nine subject categories: Air Service Command Depot, England; Berlin Air Lift, Operation Vittles; 15th Air Force Service Command; Military decorations; 99th Fighter Squadron; Portraits; Recreation; Training; Miscellaneous.
Air Service Command Depot, England, 1945
LOT 13105, nos. 1-19 (F)
Berlin Air Lift, Operation Vittles, 1948
LOT 13105, nos. 20-41 (F)
15th Air Force Service Command, 1944-1945
LOT 13105, nos. 42-63 (F)
Military decorations
LOT 13105, nos. 64-73 (F)
99th Fighter Squadron, 1944-1945
LOT 13105, nos. 74-81 (F)
Portraits, 1944-1950
LOT 13105, nos. 82-131 (F)
Recreation, 1944-1945
LOT 13105, nos. 132-137 (F)
Training, ca. 1950
LOT 13105, nos. 138-165 (F)
Miscellaneous, 1944-1950
LOT 13105, nos. 166-174 (F)
LOT 13106 African Americans in the Army Corps, during World War II, 1938-1952, bulk 1943-1945.
Photos show soldiers stationed at bases and training camps in the United States and abroad. Subjects include soldiers receiving military decorations, training exercises, and work activities, such as constructing an air field in England, transporting supplies with the Transportation Corps, Port Battalion at the New York Port of Embarkation, repairing equipment and automobile engines. Some photos show soldiers at church services, reading, or involved in other leisure activities. Many photos of organized sports events including a track and field competition in Louisiana and Joe Louis in a boxing exhibition for the 5th Army in Italy; some group portraits of basketball teams. Units represented include an artillery battalion with the 8th Army in Japan; the Aviation Engineer Construction Battalion in England; several photos of the 93rd Infantry with combat teams on Bougainville Island (Papua New Guinea); the Quartermaster Corps; the Transportation Corps; the 92nd Infantry Division on maneuvers with the 5th Army in Italy; and the 94th Engineer Construction Battalion working on “Exercise Swarmer” in North Carolina, April 1950. Includes one photo of African American troops guarding German POWs in France, a photo of a victory parade in New York, N.Y., celebrating the return of the 332nd African American Fighter Group (Tuskegee Airmen). Prominent people represented include General Eisenhower talking with an African American private at an unidentified location on the Western Front; Benjamin O. Davis, Sr., being awarded Distinguished Service and Legion of Honor medals and shown with the 369th Artillery Regiment of the New York National Guard (NYNG), which he commanded in 1938. Includes individual portraits of soldiers and officers and some group portraits of companies. 289 photographic prints. Organized into ten subject categories: General activities; Japan, 8th Army; Military decorations; Swarmer; Port battalions; Portraits; Recreational activities; Theater of operations; Training; 369th Artillery Regiment, New York National Guard (NYNG).
General activities, 1944-1952
LOT 13106, nos. 1-20 (F)
Japan, 8th Army, 1948-1949
LOT 13106, nos. 21-29 (F)
Military decorations, 1943-1952
LOT 13106, nos. 30-53 (F)
LOT 13106, nos. 54-60 (F)
Port battalions, 1944
LOT 13106, nos. 61-73 (F)
Portraits, 1942-1962
LOT 13106, nos. 74-112 (F)
Recreational activities
LOT 13106, nos. 113-154 (F)
Theater of operations
Australia, 1944
LOT 13106, nos. 155-158 (F)
Belgium, 1944
LOT 13106, no. 159 (F)
Burma India, 1945
LOT 13106, no. 160-170 (F)
England, 1943-1946
LOT 13106, nos. 171-195 (F)
Bougainville Island (Papua New Guinea), 1944
LOT 13106, nos. 198-203 (F)
France, 1944
LOT 13106, nos. 196, 197, 204-218 (F)
Germany, 1945
LOT 13106, nos. 219-221 (F)
Italy, 1944
LOT 13106, nos. 222-236 (F)
Luxemburg, 1944
LOT 13106, nos. 237-238 (F)
South Pacific, 1944-1945
LOT 13106, nos. 239-244 (F)
LOT 13106, nos. 245-271 (F)
369th Artillery Regiment, New York National Guard (NYNG)
LOT 13106, nos. 272-289 (F)
LOT 13107 African Americans in the Coast Guard, during World War II, 1942-1945.
Two photos show coastguardsmen at Pea Island Coast Guard Station working with a surfboat and a signalman sending a message; three portraits of coastguardsmen John W. Banks of Atlanta, Ga.; Willie Brown of Newark, N.J.; and Fred D. Campbell of Chadbourne, N.C. 5 photographic prints.
Coast Guard
LOT 13107, nos. 1-5 (F)
[see note]
LOT 13108: Lot number not used
LOT 13109 African Americans in the Marines, during World War II, 1943.
Photos show new recruits in combat training at Camp Lejuene, N.C.; recruits at drills or receiving medical exams; portraits of marine officer candidates enrolled at the Marine Training School, Quantico, Va.; portraits of Marine journalists, a boxer, and a track athlete; Private Jeff Smith receiving the Purple Heart; one photo of a Marine singing quintet. 16 photographic prints.
LOT 13109, nos. 1-16 (F)
LOT 13110 African American Soldiers and Women Civilians Participating in Activities and Services of the American Red Cross, United Service Organizations, and Theater Special Services, during World War II, 1943-1951, bulk 1943-1946.
Photos (several on postcard mounts) show soldiers and nurses in various leisure activities at Red Cross service clubs and “clubhouses” in London, England; Leghorn, Italy; the South Pacific; and the United States. Includes some portraits of nurses and Red Cross directors; leisure activities and entertainment at USO service clubs in the United States, many of which show USO hostesses engaged in casual conversation or in social activities with soldiers. Includes a group portrait of a Salvation Army interracial women's club and social activities sponsored by the Theater Special Services. Prominent people represented in USO photos include Canada Lee and Raymond Massey performing a radio broadcast at an NBC studio; Charles Laughton at a camp show at Fort Lawton, Wash.; Alan Ladd visiting soldiers at a Station Hospital in Kearns, Utah; Jackie Robinson at a USO club in Daytona Beach, Fla. 58 photographic prints. Organized into five subject categories: Red Cross, Salvation Army; ca. 1945; Theater Special Services; USO; Miscellaneous or unidentified.
Red Cross, 1943-ca. 1951
LOT 13110, nos. 1-20 (F)
Salvation Army, ca. 1945
LOT 13110, nos. 21-23 (F)
Theater Special Services, ca. 1943
LOT 13110, nos. 24-33 (F)
USO, 1943-1946
LOT 13110, nos. 34-56 (F)
Miscellaneous or unidentified, 1943, 1946
LOT 13110, nos. 57-58 (F)
LOT 13111 African Americans in the Navy, 1942-1955, bulk 1942-1949.
Photos show seamen performing work duties, leisure activities, training, and drilling on board naval vessels and at bases in Norfolk, Va.; Camp Robert Smalls, Great Lakes, Ill.; Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va.; and locations in Hawaii and Guam. Includes African American cadets in integrated classroom and training activities at the U.S. Naval Academy. Includes some photos of seamen in recreational activities--church services, reading, letter writing. Includes a photo of Joe Louis in a boxing exhibition at a USN base in North Africa. Two photos of sailors and civilians at an integrated dance sponsored by “messmen on the USS McCawley.” Includes photos of Navy Seabees constructing bunk beds; one photo of Seabee Marvin P. Smith, a New York City photographer, pictured with a film camera at a Naval photography training school. Portraits of enlisted men and officers, including the first African American Navy Lieutenant Edward Swain Hope; Jesse Leroy Brown, the first African American to receive wings from the Naval Aviation Cadet program; and Dorie Miller receiving the Navy Cross from Admiral Chester W. Nimitz at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, 1942. Other prominent people represented include Walter White (visiting an unidentified military base), Lester Granger (with officers at Pearl Harbor), and Hampton Institute President Dr. Malcolm S. MacLean. 111 photographic prints. Organized into eight subject categories: General activities; Military decorations; Portraits; Recreational activities; Reserves; Seabees; Training; U.S. Naval Academy.
General activities
LOT 13111, nos. 1-16 (F)
Military decorations
LOT 13111, nos. 17-24 (F)
LOT 13111, nos. 25-53 (F)
Recreational activities
LOT 13111, nos. 54-65 (F)
LOT 13111, nos. 66-74 (F)
LOT 13111, nos. 75-83 (F)
LOT 13111, nos. 84-99 (F)
U.S. Naval Academy
LOT 13111, nos. 100-111 (F)
LOT 13112 African, Brazilian, and West Indian Soldiers Serving with International Forces, during World War II, 1943-ca. 1945.
Includes photos of East African troops training and at leisure, in Ceylon, and in active duty in Burma; two views of West African soldiers in India and in Burma; West Indian soldiers training in England. Includes a few photos of women recruits. Also includes two photos of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force--en route to England and in Italy. Some individual and group portraits. 44 photographic prints; 1 photomechanical print.
Non-U.S. military, 1943-ca. 1945
LOT 13112, nos. 1-45 (F)
LOT 13113 African American War Veterans, 1944-1952.
Photos show disabled veterans making “Buddy Poppies” for a charity sale at a New Jersey hospital and patients at veterans hospitals in Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Includes one photo of NAACP civil rights attorney, Jack Greenberg, with client Frank S. Cole, who was exonerated of mutiny charges filed against him during the war; one photo of a 96-year-old Spanish American War veteran. 8 photographic prints; 1 photomechanical print.
LOT 13113, nos. 1-9 (F)
LOT 13114 War Film Stills and Other Miscellaneous Military Subjects, 1914-1949.
Stills from “Victory Loan Program” films: Bonds of Victory, The Fleet That Came To Stay, Stilwell Road, Target--Invisible, and To Win the Peace;some photos of U.S. soldiers, stationed in England and awaiting repatriation, taking courses in British agriculture; portrait of Bert Williams taken during his service with the 15th Regiment, New York National Guard (NYNG), 1914; one photo of General Pershing standing before the 10th Cavalry at Fort Myer, Va., in 1932. 38 photographic prints; 1 print.
General (no. 39 is in color)
LOT 13114, nos. 1-39 (F)
Photographs and other visual materials that do not appear to relate to any of the above series or that lack sufficient identification to assign to a specific series. Included here are personal snapshot photos that belonged to Roy Wilkins. Although some of the individual images may relate to specific campaigns, groups are kept together to preserve their provenance.
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