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Visual materials from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People records (Library of Congress)

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PEOPLE AND GROUPS, ca. 1884-1967, bulk 1944-1960 (continued)
Identified individual portraits (continued)
Wells-Barnett, Ida B.
LOT 13074, nos. 546-547 (F)
Wheeler, Robert H.
LOT 13074, no. 548 (F)
White, Harvey E.
LOT 13074, no. 549 (F)
White, Josh
LOT 13074, nos. 550-551 (F)
White, Walter
LOT 13074, nos. 552-572 (F)
White, Walter
LOT 13074, nos. 573-574 (H)
Whitlock, Kenneth
LOT 13074, no. 575 (F)
Wilkins, Roger
LOT 13074, no. 576 (F)
Wilkins, Roy (no. 609 is in color)
LOT 13074, nos. 577-610 (F)
Wilkins, Roy
LOT 13074, nos. 611-612 (H)
Williams, Billie, Mrs.
LOT 13074, no. 613 (F)
Williams, C.C.
LOT 13074, no. 614 (F)
Williams, Franklin H.
LOT 13074, nos. 615-617 (F)
Williams, John A.
LOT 13074, no. 618 (F)
Williams, Margaret
LOT 13074, no. 619 (F)
Williamson, Richard E.
LOT 13074, no. 620 (F)
Willkie, Wendell
LOT 13074, no. 621 (F)
Wilson, Lucelustine W.
LOT 13074, no. 622 (F)
Wilson, Mary Evans
LOT 13074, no. 623 (F)
Wise, Stephen A.
LOT 13074, no. 624 (F)
Wood, Jack E.
LOT 13074, no. 625 (F)
Woolley, Celia Parker
LOT 13074, no. 626 (F)
Wright, Herbert
LOT 13074, nos. 627-629 (F)
Wright, Louis T.
LOT 13074, nos. 630-634 (F)
Yard, Leonard
LOT 13074, no. 635 (F)
Yergan, Max
LOT 13074, no. 636 (F)
Young, Charles
LOT 13074, no. 637 (F)
Unidentified portraits (no. 676, no. 695, and no. 744 are in color)
LOT 13074, nos. 638-751 (F)
LOT 13074, nos. 752-766 (F)
Groups (includes Belafonte Singers, nos. 916-925 (F)
LOT 13074, nos. 767-987 (F)
Primarily commercially made publicity photographs of staff and local members participating in various activities, conferences, and programs relating to the administration of the organization at the national and local levels. Includes illustrations that appeared in promotional literature and posters published by the NAACP.
LOT 13075 Branch Meetings, Fundraising Activities, Officers, and Members, 1917-ca. 1963, bulk 1942-1948.
Includes group portraits of PANCAS--members honored for having secured the largest number of memberships for their branch. Portraits of membership committees, branch officers, and membership campaign workers. Some images of NAACP executive staff at branch meetings, including Roy Wilkins at a Denver, Colo., meeting; one photo of Ella Baker at the New York State Conference of branches, taken in 1945 during her service as the national director of branches; one photo of Daisy Lampkin, field secretary, speaking at a Montgomery, Ala., benefit dance in 1939; a 1917 group portrait of the Atlanta, Ga., branch showing a young Walter White as one of its members; some photos of Gloster Current serving as Detroit, Mich., branch president in the early 1940s. One handbill announcing an Evansville, Ind., program and meeting in honor of Harry T. Moore, NAACP executive secretary for Florida, who was killed in December 1951 for voter registration activities. 129 photographic prints; 4 photomechanical prints. Organized alphabetically by state and thereunder by city.
LOT 13075, no. 1 (F)
LOT 13075, no. 2 (F)
Tri- Cities
LOT 13075, no. 3 (F)
LOT 13075, no. 4 (F)
Central Los Angeles
LOT 13075, no. 5 (F)
Los Angeles
LOT 13075, nos. 6, 8 (F)
Los Angeles
LOT 13075, no. 7 (H)
LOT 13075, no. 9 (F)
San Diego
LOT 13075, no. 10 (F)
San Jose
LOT 13075, no. 11 (F)
LOT 13075, no. 12 (F)
Denver Branch (NAACP Emancipation Proclamation annual program)
LOT 13075, nos. 13-15 (F)
LOT 13075, no. 16 (F)
LOT 13075, no. 17 (F)
Hartford (Pancas)
LOT 13075, no. 18 (F)
LOT 13075, no. 19 (F)
Kent-Sussex Counties
LOT 13075, no. 20 (F)
LOT 13075, no. 21 (F)
LOT 13075, no. 22 (F)
LOT 13075, nos. 23-24 (F)
LOT 13075, no. 25 (F)
LOT 13075, no. 26 (F)
East St. Louis
LOT 13075, no. 27 (F)
LOT 13075, no. 28 (F)
LOT 13075, nos. 29A, 29B (F)
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