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Serials and miscellaneous publications of the underground movements in Europe during World War II, 1936-1945

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France: Miscellaneous Publications, 1939-1944 (continued)
Folder 3: Charte Revendicative des Démobilisés de 1939 - 1940 L’Union des Amicales Populaires des Démobilisés de la Banlieue-Est de Paris. A flyer listing demands of the Vichy government made by French soldiers of the First World War: bonuses, exemptions from rent, utilities, and work, receipt of pensions, and the freeing of prisoners held in German prison of war camps. (Local veterans group from the suburbs of Paris) (Undated)
Folder 4: Cheminots de France! L’Union des Comités Populaires des Cheminots de France. A flyer addressed to French railroad workers informing them that the head of their union was tortured and executed by the Gestapo, and an apeal to derail German trains. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 5: Cheminots de France! Le 7 Mars 1942 le Grand Patriote Pierre Semard,.... Confédération Générale du Travail Fédération Nationale des Travailleurs des Chemins de Fer. This flyer was published on the 2nd anniversary of the death of Pierre Semard, the former secretary of the National Federation of railroad workers, who was executed by the Germans. It urges French railroad workers to sabotage trains used by the Germans. (8 copies) (Undated)
Folder 6: Cheminots Francais! Confédération Générale du Travail Fédération Nationale des Travailleurs des Chemins de Fer. ee oversize Box 1, Folder 2 for other copy. A leaflet urging French railway workers to commit sabotage. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 7: Chronique du Front d’Unification de la Jeunesse Libération. An excerpt from the French newspaper La Libération offering an account of those French young people who are distributing food in the cities. (4 copies) Aug. 28, 194?
Folder 8: Ci-Contre le Fac-similé.... A short flyer reprinting Marshall Pétain’s welcome address in 1918 to American troops. (Undated)
Folder 9: Cinquième Année de Guerre. L’Office d’Information de Guerre des Etats-Unis d’Amérique A flyer listing all the German defeats during the first 5 years of the war. (Undated)
Folder 10: Clairval: Légende. An essay celebrating the resuscitation of life in the city of Paris after liberation. 4 pp. (Undated)
Folder 11: Classe 1944, Classe de la Liberté. Le Comité d’Action Contre la Déportation An appeal to young French people to join the resistance movement, instead of working for the Germans. (2 copies ) Feb. 9, 1944
Folder 12: Collaboration. A cartoon (pro-Vichy?) extolling the reward of collaborating with Germany. (Undated)
Folder 13: Collaboration que nous offrent les vendus....Le Parti Communiste Français A small flyer declaring that collaboration between masters and slaves is not acceptable. (Undated)
Folder 14: Le Comité "Allemagne Libre" pour l’Ouest.... Conférence d’Information Le Comité "Allemagne Libre" pour l’Ouest. An invitation to a 2nd conference to be held on Feb. 27, 1945 (Paris?) by a committee working for a free Germany after the war. (Undated)
Folder 15: Comité d’Organisation des Editeurs et Libraires Mouvement de Libération Nationale. A leaflet praising both editors and bookstores who have refused to publish and sell any books imposed upon the French public by the Vichy regime. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 16: La Comité Départemental de la Libération à la Population du Nord rassemble dans son.... La Comité Départemental de la Libération à la Population du Nord. See also oversize Box 1, Folder 3 for other copy. A leaflet praising the French citizens of the North (occupied France) for resisting the deportations of their countrymen to work in Germany. (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 17: Le Comite du Directeur du Front National de Lutte pour la Libération de Comité Francais de la Libération Nationale à Alger. Le Comité Directeur du Front National de Lutte A leaflet asking the counterparts of the French Committee in Algiers to support its efforts against forced deportations to Germany. 3 pp. (Undated)
Folder 18: Le Comité du Rhône de la Résistance Française Invite les Lyonnais. Le Comité du Rhône de la Résistance Française An appeal by this committee asking the people of Lyon to prevent the next shipment to Germany of French workers, and to demand the releasee of those in prison, and to stop shipments of food to Germany. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 19: Comité Français de la Libération Nationale, Communiqués de Guerre. Comité Français de la Libération Nationale A list of acts of sabotage carried out by patriots against the railroads, powerplants, breweries, etc.... (9 copies; 1 mutilated) (Undated)
Folder 20: Comité, France-Amérique, documents Comité France-Amérique. A leaflet providing details of the celebration of Bastille day, July 14, 1942, in the United States including remarks by President Roosevelt and other public figures. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 21: Comité France-Amérique, lettre de l’Épiscopat Catholique.... Comité France-Amérique. A letter, Dec. 22, 1941, written by Archbishop Mooney of Detroit to President Roosevelt declaring that American Catholics will fight for freedom. The President’s reply , Dec. 24, is found on the verso. (Undated)
Folder 22: Le Comité National des Ecrivains décide... Le Comité National des Ecrivains. Le Comité National des Ecrivains This committee announces that it will re-hire those French authors who lost their positions because they refused to collaborate with the Vichy regime. 3 pp. (4 copies)
Folder 23: Le Comité National des Ecrivains vous parle.... Le Comité National des Ecrivains. A plea to all French intellectuals to unite in order to place France once again in a prominent position among all nations by working with the clandestine press of the resistance movement. 4 pp. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 24: Le Comité National des Médecins...aux Médecins Francais Le Comité National des Médecins. A leaflet issued by this committee which claims to be in liaison with the resistance movement and which discusses the health problems faced by France in the war. (7 copies) (Undated)
Folder 25: Comment Se Défendre. La Commission Centrale des Cadres du Parti Communiste Français A pamphlet issued by the Central Committee urging Party members to reveal the names of Vichy policemen and to unite and defend each other. 19 pp. April 1944
Folder 26: Conseils aux Réfractaires pour l’Hiver. A pamphlet offering advice to help the French resistance members who are living outdoors on how to built a shelter and prepare food during the Winter. 8 pp. (Undated)
Folder 27: Contre l’Évaluation, le Peuple Marseillais ses Francs-Tireurs et Partisans Engagent la Lutte Le Comité Militaire Régional des Francs- Tireurs et Partisans Français du Front National (Région Provençale). A flyer urging citizens of Marseillais not to evacuate the city as the Germans have ordered. Instead the committee recommends acts of sabotage against German vehicles. (Undated)
Folder 28: Copie du Rapport du Capitaine Aimé Le Commandant du Camp de Vernet d’Ariège. A report from the French commander of a POW camp for German soldiers claiming that these Germans realize now that Hitler and his Nazis are responsible for the defeat of their country. 2 pp. (Undated)
Folder 29: Le Courrier de l’Air Illustré Royal Air Force. A small pamphlet with photographs and captions providing news about Allied leaders and the Allied war effort. 4 pp. (Undated)
Folder 30: Le Coût de la Vie a Doublé.... Le Parti Communiste Français. A small flyer proclaiming that the cost of living has doubled in France since the outbreak of the current war, and that all French workers should join the Party to fight for salary increases. (Undated)
Folder 31: Le Crime Contre l’Esprit par le Témoin des Martyrs. A pamphlet providing an account of those students who demonstrated in Paris on Nov. 11, 1940, who were arrested and executed by the Germans in Oct. 1941. The pamphlet also asserts that Vichy police participated in the arrests. 16 pp. (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 32: Le Crime d l’Armistice 2me ed., Entièrement refondue. A pamphlet proclaiming the 1940 armistice with the Germans is illegal because the Vichy government came to power through unconstitutional means. 43 pp. 1944 (3 copies)
General Collection/LC Call no.: D812.C7
Folder 33: D’Un Chrétien, à ses Frères de la Résistance. A Catholic writer has written this leaflet proclaiming that although a few priests and bishops have recognized the Vichy regime as legitimate, most Christians are supportive of the resistance movement. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 34: D’Une Année à l’Autre La Région Paris-Ville du Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet decrying the lack of food and coal, and the large numbers of death to freezing and suicide. It demands that 1941 should be the year of liberation. (Undated)
Folder 35: Dauphinois, C’est l’Heure du Combat! Comité Départemental de la Libération. A pamphlet urging the citizens of the Dauphiné region to rise up against the Germans. (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 36: Une Déclaration du Parti Communiste Français Le Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet disavowing any Communist involvement in the publication of the journal "La France au Travail’. (Undated)
Folder 37: Les "Défenseurs de la Civilisation" assassinent les Elites Intellectuelles Les Forces Unies de la Jeunesse Patriotique. Les Forces Unies de la Jeunesse Patriotique A flyer giving an account of Gestapo murders of professors and students at the University of Strasbourg. (Undated)
Folder 38: Demain, Il Sera Trop Tard! Le Comité Exécutif de la Libération Nationale. A flyer declaring that on June 3, 1943, the "Comité Exécutif" proclaimed that all French citizens must quickly choose sides in this war to the death. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 39: La Déportation Vous Menace Les Mouvements de Résistance Unis. A flyer appealing to French citizens to resist Nazi attempts to deport them to work in Germany, and offering them assistance to hide. If they are deported they should engage in acts of sabotage at their workplace. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 40: La Dernière Carte d’Hitler: L’Anticommunisme Le Front National. A leaflet denouncing Hitler’s attacks on communism as his last trump card. (Undated)
Folder 41: Des Français en qui la France Peut Avoir Confiance Le Parti Communiste Français. A pamphlet providing a list of names of French citizens who can be trusted, all members of the Communist Party. 24 pp. Feb. 1944
Folder 42: Des Restaurants Parisiens .... Les Comités Féminins. A flyer that complains that only German officers and French collaborators can afford to eat well, while French children are starving. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 43: Deutsch-Französische Kommission Beschluss Deutsch-Französische Kommission (Commission Franco-Allemande). The director of the Theatre de la Michodière is ordered to list all his employees on this form for labor deportation to Germany. In French and German. (2 copies) Aug. 23, 1944
Folder 44: Deutsch-Französische Kommission Firma Deutsch-Französische Kommission. A list issued by the Nazis that is to be filled out by various French organizations giving information on their employers or members who may be deported as factory workers to Germany. Apr. 26, 1944
Folder 45: Deux Dates Mouvement Ouvrier Français, Combat, etc....This brief flyer states that this July 14 (1943) should be the last "July 14" of servitude. (Undated)
Folder 46: Les Dictatures Conduisent l’Europe à la Ruine. This small flyer criticizing the dictators of Europe was distributed on trains traveled by Germans. In French and German. (Undated)
Folder 47: 12 Février 1934.... 12 Février 1944.... Le Parti Socialiste. Le Bureau de la Confédération Générale du Travail A leaflet claiming that unity and action supporting a strike in 1934 was a defeat for Facism, and that unity and action in 1944 will bring about a defeat for Hitler. (Undated)
Folder 48: Du 15 Février au 15 Mars. A leaflet appealing to the French people to assist those young men and women who are in hiding to avoid forced deportation to Germany as factory workers. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 49: L’Empire Français Résiste. A flyer criticizing the Japanese invasion of Indochina and German attempts to seize French colonies in Africa. (Undated)
Folder 50: En Avant dans la Bataille pour Paris! Order du Jour No. 3 Front National Forces Françaises Intérieures. A flyer ordering the citizens of Paris to rise up, attack the agents of the Gestapo and Vichy police, and to commit various acts of sabotage to hasten the successful liberation by the Allied forces. Aug. 10, 1944
Folder 51: En Avant Jeunesse de France Les Forces Unies de la Jeunesse Patriotique. A flyer appealing to young men and women to sabotage German transportation and factory production in order to assist the Allied landings in Normandy. (Undated)
Folder 52: En Avant Vers le Deuxième Front! Le Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet urging Party members that due to the victories of Stalingrad and in North Africa that resistance activities in France should be intensified. 1942
Folder 53: En France la Guerre Semble Finie,.... Royal Air Force. A flyer dropped by air proclaiming that the R.A.F. will continue to attack the Germans in France and in Germany until the war is won. Sept. 14, 1940
Folder 54: En 1944, Producteurs Français! Le Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet appealing to French farmers to hide their crops from the Germans. (Undated)
Folder 55: Entrevue de Saint-Florentin-Vergigny. A leaflet distributed by the Vichy regime praising Marshal Pétain for convincing the Germans to release French POWs and French factory workers in Germany. Dec.1, 1941
Folder 56: L’Exemple de la Corse Le Parti Communiste Français. An account of the liberation of the island of Corsica by French troops and a tribute to resistance members who were killed there. 4 pp. (7 copies) (Undated)
Folder 57: Faisons du Jour Anniversaire de l’Armistice de 1918 Le Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet urging French citizens to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Armistice ending World War 1, in spite of the fact that the Germans have forbidden any parades by the French. Nov. 1943
Folder 58: Faisons Echec a la Déportation! Front National de Lutte pour la Libération et l’Indépendence de la France. A flyer urging French citizens not to go to work for the Germans. (Undated)
Folder 59: Faisons Échec à la Mobilisation et Déportation des Femmes! Le Front National de Lutte pour l’Indépendance et la Libération de la France (Comité des Savoies). A flyer urging French women of Savoy to resist deportation to Germany as factory workers. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 60: Fédération Générale des Fonctionnaires Fédération Nationale de l’Enseignement. A flyer addressed to French teachers urging them to disobey orders from the Vichy regime as well as from the Germans. (Undated)
Folder 61: Femmes de Prisonniers,.... Comité de Femmes de Prisonniers. A flyer asking French wives to urge their husbands to escape from the prison camps, and to demand that their city administrators to provide them with extra allocations of food and clothing. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 62: Les Femmes et les enfants....A small flyer claiming that the wives and children of French prisoners are cold and hungry and that their fellow citizens should contribute money for their relief. (Undated)
Folder 63: Femmes Françaises! A leaflet that seeks to remind French women that even if German soldiers are courteous to them, they are still the same Germans who shot at refugees on French roads in May 1940. 1940
Folder 64: Fête Nationale Le Front National de Lutte pour l’Indépendance de la France. A small flyer urging French citizens to celebrate Bastille Day, on July 14, 1943. (Undated)
Folder 65: Fête Nationale 14 Juillet 1943 Le Comité Français de Libération Nationale. A small flyer appealing to all workers to leave their place of work and demonstrate against the Germans on Bastille Day. 1943
Folder 66: Fonctionnaires! A flyer warning the bureaucrats working for the Vichy regime that collaborators will be severely punished after the liberation, thus, it is in their interests to work with the resisitance movement. (9 copies) (Undated)
Folder 67: Les Forces Unies de la Jeunesse....A leaflet urging the young people of France in 1943 to resist the attempts of the Nazis and Vichy to deport them to Germany to work in war production. (Undated)
Folder 68: Français, Amis! A flyer declaring that the Germans are stealing the resources of France. (Undated)
Folder 69: Français! Avec l’appel de la classe 1942,.... Comité de Coordination de la Résistance. A flyer urging young French people to hide in the countryside to avoid deportation to German factory. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 70: Français, Depuis 3 années....A flyer warning the French people not to collaborate with the Germans or they will suffer tragic consequences. Spring 1944
Folder 71: Français, L’écroulement italien ... A flyer issued after the Allied landings in Italy urging French citizens to obey the orders of the resistance movement. (Undated) (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 72: Français, L’écroulement italien....A flyer issued after the Allied landings in Italy urging French citizens to obey the orders of the resistance movement. (2 copies) (Undated)
BOX 24 Folder 1: Français, Françaises L’Association des Amis de l’URSS. A translation of a speech given by Molotov on June 22, 1941, informing the people of the Soviet Union that Hitler has invaded their country. The remainder of the leaflet asks French citizens to help Russia and to listen to Radio Moscow. (Undated)
Folder 2: Français, Françaises Mouvements Unis de Résistance. A leaflet criticizing Philippe Heurist and other French collaborators, and, in addition, it asks workers to form liberation committees, and to commit acts of sabotage in factories and on railroads. Mar. 1944
Folder 3: Français, Françaises...11 Novembre 1943. A small flyer appealing to workers to go on strike and demonstrate for more food and freedom. (Undated)
Folder 4: Français, Manifestez, faites.... A leaflet appealing French worker to obtain more food, a salary increase, and to commit acts of sabotage in the workplace. (Undated)
Folder 5: Français: Non la Guerre n’est pas Terminée. La Région Française en Angleterre. A flyer asking the French people to listen only to Radio-Londres (BBC) and not to read French newspapers full of Vichy lies. (Undated)
Folder 6: Français! On se Bat en Savoie Le Comité de la Libération de la Région de Lyon. The French Liberation Movement urges all French citizens to organize strikes, and to send petitions and letters of protest. (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 7: Français, Propagez et Appliquez nos Mots d’Ordres. A flyer urging the French people not to participate in the population census, to aid those who are arrested, and to denounce all collaborators. (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 8: Français, Si l’On ne se Bat en France,.... La Légion Française en France. A flyer warning French citizens to stay away from German installations as they will be bombed, to not interfere with British sabotage efforts, and to not read Parisian newspapers which are controlled by Vichy. (Undated)
Folder 9: Français! Voici Comment Sont Morts Le Parti Communiste Français. This leaflet gives an account of 27 Frenchmen who were taken hostage after a German officer was killed. All were executed on Oct. 22, 1941. (Undated)
Folder 10: La France a de Nouveau Repris les Armes....A flyer asking French citizens to gather food and beverages and to flee to into hiding because the Germans are being driven from France. It also predicts that within 90 days every town in the country will fly the Tricolor. (Undated)
La France au Pillage. A flyer claiming that the German pillaging of France continues. They are not only seizing food stocks, but also drafting Frenchmen from the Alsace-Lorraine region into the Wehrmacht. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 11: La France Continue. A leaflet declaring that France has not surrendered because soldiers like Gen. Leclerc continue to fight the Germans. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 12: La France Continue....A leaflet giving the names of collaborators, directors of large factories, and well-know Vichy politicians. June 10, 1941
Folder 13: François la Colère. This leaflet offers a poem detailing all the sufferings that the French people have endured in the war. (3 copies) Aug./Sept. 1943
Folder 14: Les Francs-Tireurs et Partisans Français Le Comité Militaire des Francs-Tireurs et Partisans Français du Limousin, du Périgord et de la Marche. A flyer denouncing the looting by the Germans and Vichy, and claiming that many French partisans are being executed for trying to stop the pillaging. (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 15: Le Front National Appelle Tous les Français à s’Unir, s’Armer, se Battre. This leaflet gives details of German atrocities being committed in anticipated of the Allied invasion. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 16: Le Front National de Lutte pour l’Independance de la France est Indispensable au Salut de la Patrie Le Comité Central du Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet urging the French people to resist German attempts to steal the country’s natural resources and to not allow their railways to used for such pillage. (Undated)
Folder 17: Front National de Lutte pour la Liberté et l’Indépendance de la France. A public letter by the son of George Clemenceau criticizing Pierre Laval for using his father’s name in Vichy propaganda. (Undated)
Folder 18: Front National, Francs-Tireurs et Partisans Le Comité Militaire National des Francs-Tireurs et Partisans Français. This flyer describes the activities of the newly-formed Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur (F.F.I.) which include sabotage against munitions depots, railways, and bridges, and to prevent Vichy police from arresting French citizens and fight the Vichy militia. (Undated)
Folder 19: Le Fusil Mitrailleur "Bren" A leaflet providing instructions on the use of the British "Bren" machine gun. (Undated)
Folder 20: Gendarmes, Policiers, Gardes Mobiles, G.M.R.! Le Comité de l’Isère et des Alpes Dauphinoises de la France Combatante. A small flyer warning Vichy police not to arrest French resistance members. (Undated)
Folder 21: Gloire Immortelle à Nos Heros! A flyer offering an account of the execution of 2 young Communists by the Germans. (Undated)
Folder 22: Grande Fête Nationale du 14 Juillet Le Parti Communiste Français. A flyer appealing to French workers to observe Bastille Day (1943) by not going to work, and to attend parades instead. (Undated)
Folder 23: Gratuitement. A small "ticket" cynically inviting Frenchmen to attend winter sports in Russia by enlisting in the L.V.F. (Vichy volunteers). (Undated)
Folder 24: Hier, Aujourd’hui, Pourquoi? Le Parti Communiste Français. A flyer proclaiming that the Communist Party is the only political party fighting for liberation. (Undated)
Folder 25: Les Hommes des Trusts, Profiteurs de la Défaite, Après en Avoir Été les Organisateurs Le Parti Communiste Français. According to this leaflet the Comité d’Organisation de la Sidérurgie (Steel Manufacturers) is making a fortune working for Vichy and the Germans, and a list of these traitors is provided. (Undated)
Folder 26: L’Honneur des Poètes. A pamphlet offering poems written about Frenchmen who were tortured and executed by the Germans. 8 pp. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 27: Honneur et Gloire aux Héros de la Jeunesse Communiste Le Comité Central du Parti Communiste Français. A flyer giving the names of several young Communists who were executed by the Germans, and that more recruits are needed to carry on the work of the Party. July 1944
Folder 28: Honneur et Police. A flyer demanding that since the hour of liberation is at hand, it is time to punish the collaborators of the Vichy police. (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 29: L’Honneur Nous Interdit de Rien Entreprendre contre Notre Ancienne Alliée. A flyer listing some of the actions of the Vichy government which are viewed as treasonous. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 30: Il Faut à la Jeunesse Patriote des Armes, des Armes, des Armes! Les Forces Unies de la Jeunesse Patriotique. This leaflet is an appeal to the Allies to provide arms to the various resistance organizations. (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 31: Il N’y a Plus de Droit pour les Patriotes Comité National des Avocats. This flyer states that two French lawyers have been arrested by the Gestapo and have been charged with hiding records. Their release is demanded. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 32: Il y a 23 Ans la Russie Tzariste Était Misérable.... Le Parti Communiste Français. A small flyer proclaiming that just as Communists liberated Russia from the Tsar, they are also the only hope for freedom in France. (Undated)
Folder 33: Il y a 25 Ans! Le Comité du Rhône de la Résistance Française. A leaflet praising the success of the Allied armies in Russia, North Africa, and Corsica, which will justify the celebration of French citizens on the next Armistice Day (Nov. 11, 1943). (Undated)
Folder 34: L’Insurrection Nationale est le Signal de la Libération de la France.... Les Ingénieurs Agronomes, Agricoles et Horticoles du Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet appealing to French farm workers after the Allied landings in Normandy to engage in acts of sabotage and passive resistance against the Germans. (Undated)
Folder 35: Je t’Avais Pourtant Recommandé de ne pas y Aller! A flyer bearing a cartoon of Napoleon admonishing the "child" Adolf for foolishly invading Russia. (Undated)
Folder 36: Jeunes! Forces Unies de la Jeunesse. A flyer appealing to the young people of France to join this organization. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 37: Jeunes Catholiques Les Jeunes Chrétiens Combattants. A flyer appealing to the young Catholic people of France to join this organization. (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 38: Jeunes de France! Les Forces Unies de la Jeunesse. A flyer stating that after 22 years of oppression, the Italian people have finally deposed Mussolini. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 39: Jeunes de France! Le Comité d’Action contre la Déportation Les Forces Unies de la Jeunesse Patriotique. A flyer urging young French workers to leave their jobs and join the resistance movement. If they do not they will be forced to work in factories in France and Germany which will be bombed by Allied air forces. (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 40: Jeunes des Classes 45, 46, 47, 48 Alerte! A flyer appealing to young people to refuse to work for the Germans. (Undated)
Folder 41: Jeunes Français! A small flyer proclaiming that the fall of Mussolini is the beginning of the end for Fascism. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 42: Jeunes Français des Chantiers! Le Mouvement F.T.P. de Savoie-Dauphiné. Another flyer urging young people to flee from their jobs. (Undated)
Folder 43: Jeunes Intellectuels Union des Etudiants et Lycéens Communistes. A flyer giving an account of the arrest of 2 studiants and the need for protest against their detention. (Undated)
Folder 44: Jeunes Paysans, Debout! Les Francs-Tireurs. An appeal to all young farmers to join this particular resistance organization. (Undated)
Folder 45: Jeunes Paysans, Unissez-vous.... La Fédération des Jeunesses Communistes de France. An appeal to young farmers to resist working for the Germans. 4 pp. (Undated)
Folder 46: Jeunesse de France! La Fédération des Jeunesses Communistes de France. A leaflet to young French people claiming that only the Communist Party is speaking out against the Vichy regime. (Undated)
Folder 47: Jocistes! La Fédération des Jeunesses Communistes de France. A letter from this organization to the Jocistes (Young Christian Workers) reminding them that one of their priests was tortured and executed by Italian Fascists and urging them to join in a general strike as well as acts of sabotage. (3 copies) Aug. 26, 1943
Folder 48: Jocistes! Les Jours Heureux Le Conseil National de la Résistance. See also oversize Box 1, Folder 16 for other copies. A pamphlet proposing the plan of action that the C.N.R. will seek to undertake, specifically to make many demands of the Vichy regime. 8 pp. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 49: Kommandant von Gross-Paris Verwaltungsstab Wi-soz. A summons by the German authority issued through the Office de Placement pour l’Allemagne for a French civilian to report for work deportation to Germany. July 21, 1944
Folder 50: Laissez-Passer Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur (F.F.I.). A safe conduct issued by the F.F.I. to allow a French citizen to return to his home. Sept. 9, 1944
Folder 51: Les Larbins d’Hitler.... A flyer stating that the Germans will begin prosecuting families of people who refuse work deportation to Germany. This proclamation warns that involved Vichy officials will be held accountable after the war. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 52: Lettre.... A flyer stating that some French manufacturers supported Hitler because they though he would revive the economy. (Undated)
Folder 53: Lettre d’un Français Fusillé par les Allemands. A letter from a Frenchman condemned to death by the Germans to his wife. His identity is not presented in order to protect his family. Dec. 29, 1943
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