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Serials and miscellaneous publications of the underground movements in Europe during World War II, 1936-1945

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France: Miscellaneous Publications, 1939-1944 (continued)
Folder 21: Origine, Activité et Rôle du Comité "Allemagne Libre" Comité "Allemagne Libre" pour l’Ouest. A leaflet giving an historical account of the formation and activities of a resistance group whose members were from many countries, including Germany and Austria. 3pp. (Undated)
Folder 22: Oslo Strasbourg Les Comités Universitaires du Front National de la Libération Strasbourg. A leaflet addressed to the students of the University of Strasbourg informing them of the arrests and executions of some of that University’s students and professors by the Germans. (Undated)
Folder 23: Ouvriers Français Le Mouvement Ouvrier Français. A flyer warning to French workers who may have to report for deportation to Germany that Allied air forces are bombing factories in major cities, such as Bremen, Hamburg, etc.... (Undated)
Folder 24: Ouvriers, Techniciens, Fonctionnaires Lyonnais La Région Lyonnaise du Parti Communiste Français. A flyer requesting workers in Lyon to demonstrate on next Bastille Day (July 14, 194?) for the liberation of prisoners, better salaries, more food and clothing, etc.... (Undated)
Folder 25: Parents d’Élèves,.... Le Parti Communiste Français. A flyer addressed to the parents of school children asking them to resist the closing of schools, and to demand more food and clothing for their children. (Undated)
Folder 26: Paroles Françaises. An extract of an essay originally published in London for a journal called Marseillaise concerning the subject of Gen. Giraud. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 27: Le Parti Communiste Français (S.F.I.C.) a la Douleur de Faire Part.... Le Parti Communiste Français. A flyer announcing the execution on Dec. 15, 1941 of 2 of its members (photographs included) by the Nazis with the complicity of the Vichy regime (Undated)
Folder 28: Le Parti Communiste Français Approuve la Dissolution de Internationale Communiste Le Comité Central du Parti Communiste Français. The Party announces in this leaflet that the International Communist is dissolved, thereby, removing an obstacle preventing the people of France from uniting in concerted resistance action against the Germans. (Undated)
Folder 29: Le Parti Socialiste au Peuple Français Le Conseil National de la Resistance. A flyer issued by the Socialist Party urging French citizens to join the fight for the coming liberation by placing them- selves under the discipline of the F.F.I. (Undated)
Folder 30: Pas Un Etudiant au Service de l’Allemagne Les Forces Unies de la Jeunesse. A flyer urging French students to resist being deported for labor in Germany. (Undated)
Folder 31: Pas Un Jeune aux Griffes des Trafiquants de Chair Française.... Les Forces Unies de la Jeunesse Patriotique. A leaflet addressed to young French citizens urging them to hide under cover instead of reporting for labor deportation to Germany. (7 copies) (Undated)
Folder 32: Patriotes Savoyards! Le Mouvement des Francs-Tireurs de Savoie-Dauphiné. A flyer urging the people of the province of Savoy to join the F.T.P. in fighting the Germans. (Undated)
Folder 33: Pétain-Bazaine Valet des Boches Le Parti Communiste Français. A flyer criticizing Pétain for organizing a parade of school children and policemen in Paris to promote the false notion that all the French people approve of his Vichy regime. (Undated)
Folder 34: Pétain et la Cinquième Colonne Documents d’Histoire. A pamphlet offering an account of the subversive activities of the Fifth Column before the war, during the fall of France in 1940, and during the present period of collaboration. 46 pp. Feb. 1944?
General Collection/LC Call no.: DC397.P4718
Folder 35: Pétain tel qu’il est Le Front National de Lutte pour l’Indépendance de la France. A leaflet denouncing the pro-German policies of the Vichy regime. (Undated)
Folder 36: Peuple Dauphinois! Le Comité de l’Isère et des Alpes Dauphinoises de la France Combattante. A leaflet addressed to the people of the province of Dauphiné urging to join this committee in fighting for the liberation of France. (5 copies) (Undated)
Folder 37: Peuple de France! Le Comité Central du Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet proclaiming that the Communist Party is the only instrument to liberate France, and, in spite of the failed German-Russian Non-Aggression Pact, Stalin remains an inspiration. (Undated)
Folder 38: Le Peuple de France... Accuse....A pamphlet accusing Pétain of being partly responsible for the insufficient military preparations in the years prior to the German attack of 1940. 4 pp. Nov. 1941
Folder 39: Peuples! A small flyer claiming that the enemies of France are the politicians, bosses, dictators, and journalists. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 40: Les Pillards et les Provocateurs au Service des Boches.... Le Comité Militaire des Francs-Tireurs et Partisans Français du Limousin, du Périgord et de la Marche. A flyer critical of Vichy plundering on behalf of it’s German superiors. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 41: Plus que Jamais, à bas le Gouvernement de Vichy!!! Le Parti Communiste Français. A flyer proclaiming that arrests and persecution will not silence the Communist Party, and urging French citizens to read the Party’s newspaper, L’Humanité. (Undated)
Folder 42: Plutôt que de Répondre aux Appels.... A flyer claiming that 250 young men attending clock-making schools joined the resistance movement in order to avoid deportation for work in Germany. Libération (Undated)
Folder 43: Le Populaire (Edition Spéciale) Le Parti Socialiste Clandestin. A special issue of the journal Le Populaire, announcing an assassination attempt against Hitler, proving that his popularity in Germany is waning. (Undated)
Folder 44: Pour Améliorer la Production Agricole il Faut:... Le Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet listing a number of recommendations for breaking up the German control of French agricultural produce. (Undated)
Folder 45: Pour Combattre et Vaincre comme les Patriotes Savoyards Levez-Vous Le Comité de France National. A flyer asking French citizens to follow the example of their countrymen in the province of Savoy who left their villages to live in the mountains rather than be deported to work in German factories. (Undated)
Folder 46: Pour, Contre, Souscrivez Le Front National. A flyer asking French citizens to give clothing, food and money to this organization for the support of their countrymen in the resistance movement. (Undated)
Folder 47: Pour Désarmer l’Allemagne. A flyer stating that the United Nations will oversee the disarming of Germany. (Undated)
Folder 48: Pour l’Unité Totale de Toutes les Forces Françaises.... Le Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet in which the Party praises the creation of Le Comité Français de la Libération Nationale which will unite the various armed resistance groups. (Undated)
Folder 49: Pour la Dissolution de la Milice.... Le Comité du Rhône de la Résistance Française. A leaflet demanding the dissolution of the Milice, Vichy police, who are now committing acts of sabotage and then accusing the resistance movement of committing the very same crimes. (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 50: Pour Libérer la Patrie, tous les Français Doivent se Battre! Le Front National. An appeal by this organization for French citizens to procure arms, ambush German convoys, destroy bridges and railroad tracks. (Undated)
Folder 51: Pour un 14 Juillet de Combat! Les Mouvements de Résistance Unis. A flyer asking French citizens not to report for work on Bastille Day, July 14, 1943, to display the Tricolor, and to sing the "Marseillaise" in front of the city hall. (Undated)
Folder 52: Pourquoi Manquons de Viande Groupe de Bouchers Parisiens. A flyer stating that a communique issued by L’Association Générale des Producteurs de Viande Publié claiming that its estimate of meat shipped from France to Germany is far less than the actual amount pillaged from the French people. (Undated)
Folder 53: Premier Mai 1943 Le Comité National d’Unité Syndicale et d’Action. A leaflet calling upon French workers, especially metallurgists, railway workers, and miners, to refrain from working on May Day 1943 in order to frustrate the war effort of Germany and Vichy. (Undated)
Folder 54: 1er Mai 1944 Le Parti Socialiste. A flyer urging French workers to cease working to cease working from 11AM to 12 Noon on May Day 1944. (Undated)
Folder 55: 1er Mars: Anniversaire de la Luftwaffe. A leaflet, possibly air-dropped, ridiculing the Luftwaffe on its upcoming 9th anniversary (Mar. 1, 1944) for not having the ability to stop British and American aerial bombing campaigns. (Undated)
Folder 56: Prenez Garde! Les Mouvements de Résistance Unis. A flyer warning the French people that due to the successful Allied invasion the Germans have ordered the destruction of factories, electrical power plants, works of art, and the increase of deportation of French workers to Germany. (Undated)
Folder 57: La Presse Clandestine
These are 3 memos each presenting condensed press articles: 1) Apr. 14, 1944 - A demand made by "Défense de la France" for the union of all resistance groups in France under a "Comité d’Initiative du Mouvement de la Libération Nationale". 2) Apr. 15, 1944 - Several speeches made by Stalin concerning the defense of the Soviet Union. 3) Apr. 17, 1944 - A press account of the Giraud-de Gaulle feud, favorable to Giraud.
Folder 58: La Presse Parisienne n’a qu’un Seul Directeur: Le Docteur Eich Le Comité National des Journalistes (Zone Nord. A leaflet declaring that a German army officer controls press coverage in French newspapers such as Le Matin, L’Oeuvre, Paris-Soir, etc.... (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 59: Un Prisonnier de Guerre Écrit à Sa Manan Le Comité National des Prisonniers de Guerre. A published letter from a French prisoner of war detailing the brutal and harsh conditions imposed upon them by the Germans. 4 pp. (Undated)
Folder 60: Prisonniers Évadés,.... Le Mouvement de Résistance des Prisonniers et Déportés. A flyer urging escaped French prisoners of war to protest to Vichy, veterans organizations, and private associations their lack of legal status in France. (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 61: Le Problème Angoissant des Pommes à Cidre: Pillage Nazi, Récolte Médiocre, Taxe Insuffisante Le Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet protesting Vichy’s tax policy for apple cider. (Undated)
Folder 62: Producteurss de Blé de l’Oise Le Comité Départemental du Front National. A flyer addressed to the farmers of the Oise department which accuses the Vichy regime of deliberately lowering the price of wheat in order to allow the Germans to purchase more of it. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 63: Projet de Lettre. A leaflet urging small business owners and craftsmen to send petitions to their unions demanding reforms from Vichy. (Undated)
Folder 64: La Promotion pour la Libération de la France Le Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet declaring that the Communist Party has been defending the rights of the working class since 1920, and is working now to unite all French citizens against Vichy and the Germans. (5 copies) (Undated)
Folder 65: Prophéties de Sainte Odile l’Alsacienne. A flyer reporting that St. Odile prophesized that after 3 years of German occupation, the Allies will liberate France. (Undated)
Folder 66: Proposition Faite par le Parti Communiste aux Groupements de Résistance et au Conseil de la Résistance Le Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet claiming that 300,000 French citizens have been imprisoned, and another 30,000 have been executed by the Vichy regime and the Germans, and that such crimes must be avenged. July 14, 1943
Folder 67: 14 Juillet. A small flyer urging citizens (Parisians?) to celebrate on Bastille Day by demonstrating at the Place du XIV. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 68: 14 Juillet. Le Comité de la France Combattante A small flyer urging French citizens to demonstrate on Bastille Day against the continued holding of French prisoners of war and political prisoners. (Undated)
Folder 69: 14 Juillet 1789 - 14 Juillet 1942 Le Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet urging the French people to observe Bastille Day publicly fly the Tricolor, workers to engage in acts of sabotage, and sailors of the Navy to desert to de Gaulle’s forces (Undated)
Folder 70: Quelques Exemples de l’Activité et du Rôle du Mouvement. A pamphlet offering an account of a new resistance group entitled "Allemagne Libre", which is operating in the French Rivière, and other reports of resistance activity are included. 11 pp. (Undated)
Folder 71: Les Rapatriés à Celui Qui Rentre Les Prisonniers de Guerre. A leaflet addressed to recently freed French prisoners of war by previously released prisoners warning them to beware of Vichy collaborators. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 72: Rapport du Préfet Régional de Limoges. A report by a Vichy official to Marshal Petain complaining of German atrocities committed in a village called Oradour-sur-Glane where men, women, and children were locked in a church that was set afire. All perished. (Undated)
Folder 73: Recommandations et Directives aux Militants Le Parti Communiste Français. A pamphlet addressed to party members instructing them how to behave during police interrogations and in the courtroom. 6 pp. (Undated)
Folder 74: Le Remaniement du Ministère de l’Intérieur.... Le Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet urging the general public to support Resistance members with arms and food. An appeal is made to French police to disobey the Vichy government. (Undated)
Folder 75: Réponses à Deux Campagnes Contre L’U.R.S.S. A leaflet claiming that Russia will not try to exploit Poland when its forces enter that country, and that Russia will never try to annex Poland. Feb. 1944
Folder 76: La Résistance Française Vous Communique.... Les Mouvements Unis de Résistance. A warning to collaborators that the hour of retribution for them is coming. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 77: Résultats de Vingt Mois de "Révolution Nationale" Le Parti Communiste Français. This leaflet claims that small farmers were hurt by a change in farm regulations in 1941 by the Vichy regime which now favors the large rich farms. (Undated)
BOX 26 Folder 1: Saint-Cyriens, Polytechniciens, Flottards,....A small flyer claiming that the Vichy regime allowed Germany to infiltrate the North African territories. Such collaboration is treason. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 2: Selon que vous serez puissants ou misérables ... A leaflet claiming that the Vichy regime has made survival difficult for small businesses because of its price control policy. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 3: Les Sept Poèmes d’Amour en Guerre Jean du Haut. A pamphlet presenting 7 poems about the sufferings of the French people in the present war. 8 pp. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 4: Service de Défense des Nouveaux Français. A flyer urging economic boycotts against Germany in reponse to its pillage of France. (Undated)
Folder 5: Si Ce Redressement Doit Être Une Réalité....A pamphlet attacking Pétain for hypocrisy in calling for a return to moral life while allowing the Germans to persecute Jews on French soil. 8 pp. (3 copies) Mar. 28, 1941 Postscript, Apr. 9, 1941
Folder 6: Le Socialisme à Ses Morts Paris. A flyer memorializing those who lost their lives resisting the Germans. Aug. 15, 1944
Folder 7: Sous-Officiers! Soldats de l’Armée de l’Armistice! A flyer warning French soldiers formerly in service before the Armistice of 1940 that the Germans will attempt to have them deported to Germany to work in war-effort factories. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 8: Suivons l’Exemple de la Corse Le Comité de la Loire du Front National de Lutte pour l’Indépendance de la France. A flyer encouraging French citizens to imitate the citizens of Corsica who rose up in revolt against Vichy when the Allies invaded in Corsica. (Undated)
Folder 9: Syndiqués, Anciens Syndiqués, Travailleurs de Toutes Corporations de la Région Parisienne Unions des Syndicats de la Région Parisienne. This union leaflet urges its members to support the resistance. (3 copies) (Undated)
Folder 10: Toujours Sous la Coupole de la Rotonde,....This flyer reveals the traitorous conduct of a collaborator named Mr. Peytral who will be punished after the war. Also, retaliatory bombings against the places of work of other collaborators. (Undated)
Folder 11: Toutes les Armes Contre Hitler! Le Comité "Allemagne Libre" pour l’Ouest Paris. This pamphlet is the first conference report of a group of both Frenchmen and Germans opposed to Hitler. 24 pp. Nov. 13, 1944
Folder 12: Travailleur des Services Publics. A small flyer urging public service employees to resist the Vichy regime’s attempts to divide them. (Undated)
Folder 13: Le Travailleur Qui Change d’Employeur....This blank form is a check that the French workers in Germany would use to exchange Deutsche marks into French currency so that pay earned in Germany may be sent to the workers’ families in France. There is a warning which states that if a worker changes his job for another, the German authority will deprive him of this exchange privilege. Crédit Lyonnais Paris (Undated)
Folder 14: Travailleur, Souviens-toi! La Confédération Générale du Travail. A leaflet which state that although the Vichy regime’s labor ministry has dissolved the CGT, the spirit of that union continues to fight. (Undated)
Folder 15: Les Travailleurs Parisiens se Rassemblent Massivement.... L’Union des Syndicats de la Région Parisienne. A leaflet appealing to citizens of Paris to rise up and participate in the city’s liberation. (Undated)
Folder 16: Travailleurs, Sabotez la Production de Guerre Allemande. A flyer calling for acts of sabotage by French workers in German factories. (Undated)
Folder 17: Le Triomphe de la Canaille Un Groupe d’Anciens Combattants Décrétés Qui n’Ont ni Spéculé ni Volé. This flyer charges that Pétain gave important jobs to 3 men who had previously been implicated in speculation and corruption. (Undated)
Folder 18: Tu Seras un Scout Courageux et Loyal Secrétariat d’État à l’Éducation Nationale et à la Jeunesse. A pamphlet suggesting how French workers can avoid being deported to work in Germany by taking to living in the mountains in groups of ten. 15 pp. (Undated)
Folder 19: Unissez-Vous, Résistez, Sabotez. A flyer asking workers who are resisiting deportation to work in Germany to join the resistance movement. Oct. 30, 194?
Folder 20: Urgent et à Reproduire Le Parti Socialiste. A small flyer warning Jews of all nationalities that they are in danger of being arrested by the Nazis and sent to concentration camps. (Undated)
Folder 21: 20 Septembre 1942 Cent Cinquantième Anniversaire de la Bataille de Valmy. A leaflet urging Frenchmen to publicly celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Valmy in 1792 in which the French army defeated the forces of the Duke of Brunswick, a Prussian precursor of Hitler. (Undated)
Folder 22: La Vérité sur la Politique de l’U.R.S.S. L’Association Française des Amis de l’U.R.S.S. A pamphlet declaring that France and Russia must put aside their past differences and unite against their common enemy of today, Germany. 34 pp. (Undated)
Folder 23: Vive la Corse Libre! Le Comité Exécutif du Parti Socialiste. A leaflet celebrating the liberation of Corsica on Sept. 19, 1943. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 24: Vive la Grève Générale La Front Patriotique de la Jeunesse. A flyer urging young French workers to go on strike in order to obtain more bread, clothes, and shoes, and to join the resistance movement. (4 copies) (Undated)
Folder 25: Vive la Nation! A leaflet by the pro-de Gaulle party urging French citizens to celebrate the 151st anniversary, Sept. 20, 1943, of the battle of Valmy, a victory over Prussia. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 26: Vive la République. A leaflet declaring that when the Germans are defeated and the republic restored, then freedom, prosperity, full employment, hunger, and tolerance will return to France. (Undated)
Folder 27: Vive le Courage, Vive l’Effort! Les Forces Unies de la Jeunesse Patriotique A leaflet stating that the young people of France, unlike their elders, cannot wait for Hitler to self- destruct, but will immediately demand more food, coal, and clothing, and also engage in acts of sabotage and attacks against collaborators. (7 copies) (Undated)
Folder 28: Vive le 11 Novembre Les Mouvements de Résistance Unis, Front National Parti, et Jeunesses Communistes. A flyer saluting the French sailors who scuttled their ships at Toulon on Nov. 27, 1942 to prevent their seizure by the Germans when they occupied Vichy France. (2 copies) (Undated)
Folder 29: Vive l’Union de la Nation Française! Le Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet proclaiming that only the Communist Party can be trusted to fight the Vichy collaborators. (Undated)
Folder 30: Voir. An English pamphlet which offers accounts of the American capture of Cherbourg, and other activities of Allied forces in Normandy. 3 pp. (Undated)
Folder 31: Voix d’Outre-Tombe. A leaflet presenting quoted criticisms of German barbarism made by Georges Clemençeau during World War I which are still relevant during the current conflict. (Undated)
Folder 32: Le Vrai Chef du Gouvernement, Pierre Laval.... Le Parti Communiste Français. Le Parti Communiste Français A small flyer calling for the removal of Laval. (Undated)
Folder 33: : Unidentified fragments, miscellany. Includes 15 page typescript list of LC French underground holdings: xD802.F8 (30 items)
BOX 72 Folder 1: Après Deux Années de "Révolution Nationale" Le Parti Communiste Français. A leaflet complaining about that France has a shortage of farm workers who are underpaid, but they are still being forced to by the Nazis to work on farms in Germany. 2 pp. (Undated)
Folder 2: Cheminots Français! La Confédération Générale des Travailleurs des Chemins de Fer. See also size box 2, folder 6 for other copies. A flyer urging railroad (Undated)
Folder 3: Le Comité départemental de la libération à la population du Nord. Le Comité départemental de la libération. See also Box 23, Folder 16 for other copies. A leaflet urging young workers to continue to resist German attempts to deport them to work in factories and on farms in Germany. (Undated) 2 pages.
Folder 4: Le Comité français en séance. A flyer presenting a photograph of a liberation committee listing the members names during a meeting in Algeria.
Folder 5: Comité parisien de libération (C.P.L.) Conseil national de la Résistance. Flyer issued by a committee of the C.N.R. and distributed to the people of Paris shortly after the Normandy invasion. It offers suggestions of acts of sabotage they can commit against the Germans when the Allies approach the city.
June 15, 1944.
Folder 6: La Corse délivrée. A flyer displaying photographs of the Allied liberation of the island of Corsica. (Undated)
Folder 7: La déportation des travailleurs français. A flyer appealing to the French people to resist efforts by the Germans to deport large numbers to work in Germany and to hide those who have been ordered to report for deportation. (Undated)
Folder 8: Deux voix françaises: Charles Péguy, Gabriel Péri. Paris. A pamphlet of selected writings of two French resistance patriots.
June 30, 1944. 8 pages.
Folder 9: Entrevue Laval-Hitler / La première défaite de la Wehrmacht. A flyer containing two articles about a meeting between Hitler and Laval in Dec. 1941, and announcing the first defeat of the Germany army in Russia (Undated)
Folder 10: L’Exemple de la Corse. Le Parti communiste français. A leaflet declaring that the Communist resistance on the island of Corsica provides a heroic example to the rest of France. (Undated) 2 pages.
Folder 11: Fête nationale du 11 novembre. Grenoble. A flyer asking the people of Grenoble to leave work on Nov. 11, 1943, and to assemble at the Place de la Bastille to celebrate the victory over Germany in 1918. (Undated)
Folder 12: Une flagrante injustice! Le Parti communiste français. A leaflet attacking the Vichy regime for its ruinous agriculture policies. (Undated) 2 pages.
Folder 13: La France au vombat. A flyer with photographs of French paratroopers and sailors assembling in Morocco after the Allied victory in North Africa. (Undated)
Folder 14: Instructions pour la main-d’oeuvre embauchée pour l’Allemagne. L’Office de placement. A list of instructions to be issued to French workers who are being deported to Germany. (2 pages) Also nine documents that must be filled out by a worker before leaving for Germany, including the results of a physical examination. (Undated)
Folder 15: Jeunes des Chantiers, alerte! Les Forces unies de la jeunesse. A flyer warning the young people of France of the danger presented to them by forced deportation to German munitions factories and urges them to join the underground resistance. (2 copies)
Folder 16: Les jours heureux. Conseil national de la Résistance. See also Box 28, Folder 48 for other copies. A pamphlet urging the creation of committees in every town in France to demand better living conditions from the Vichy regime. 9 pp. (Undated)
Folder 17: Lettre attribuée a de Menzie à Pétain. Leaflet claims that Pétain’s regime has ruined France. He should convene the National Assembly and restore a divided France to its pre-war Republic.
Nov. 5, 1943. 2 pages.
Folder 18: M. Leaflet presents a parody of the death, funeral, and last will of Adolf Hitler, who was still alive at the time. 2 pp. (Undated)
Folder 18: M. Leaflet presents a parody of the death, funeral, and last will of Adolf Hitler, who was still alive at the time. 2 pp. (Undated)
Folder 19: Memorandum sur l’organisation de la résistance et les réfractaires. Leaflet urges French citizens to attack collaborators who assist the Germans who arrest and deport French countrymen to work in Germany. (Undated) 2 pages.
BOX 73 Folder 1: Messieurs et chers compatriotes. Comité paysan du Front nationale de lutte pour l’indépendence de la France. See also Box 24, Folder 65 for other copies. A leaflet urging the mayors of French rural towns to resist the efforts of the regime in the attempt to deport French farm workers to Germany. (Undated) 2 pages. (11 copies)
Folder 2: 1942: Tournant de la guerre. Flyer describes Allied defeats in early 1942, mostly in the Pacific, and then lists the victories at Stalingrad, in North Africa, and the new bombing campaign against Germany by the Allied air forces. (Undated) 2 pages.
Folder 3: 1943 Doit être un nouveau 1918. Le Parti communiste français. Leaflet describes how the Italians threw out Mussolini in 1943 and took up arms against the German occupation and urges the French to do the same. (Undated) 2 pages.
Folder 4: Nouvelle composition du Comité français de la libération nationale. Leaflet bearing a photograph of the French Committee for National Liberation with a list of names of the officials, including General de Gaulle. (Undated)
Folder 5: Programme d’action. Défense de la France. Flyer issued by a group calling itself “Défense de la France” lists political and social reforms the new Fourth Republic should undertake after the end of the war. (Undated) (7 copies)
Folder 6: La promotion “Pour la Libération de la France”. Le Parti communiste français. Leaflet gives an account of how many French Communist party members died fighting the German occupation of France, and how the party has tried to unite all factions in the country to resist. (Undated) 2 pages. (3 copies; 1 mutilated)
Folder 7: 14 juillet 1944, tous au combat! Le Front nationale de lutte pour l’indépendence de la France. Flyer urges Parisians not to report to work on July 14, 1944 but instead arm themselves and sabotage rail transportation and German Army communication systems. (Undated)
Folder 8: République française 11 november 1943. Le Front nationale de lutte pour l’indépendence de la France. Département de Saône-et-Loire. Flyer claims that France is not vanquished and she will triumph over Germany as she did in 1918. Lists Free French forces fighting with the Allies. (Undated)
Folder 9: Les usines Renault travaillaient pour l’armée allemande. Leaflet with photographs shows the damage done by the R.A.F. raid to a Renault factory that was producing vehicles for the German Army. (Undated) 2 pages.
Folder 10: Voleurs de terre! Le Parti communiste français. Leaflet proclaims the efforts of Communists in Russia and France to return farmland to the peasants/farmers and that the German Army in both countries has seized farm land and produce for its own needs. (Undated) 2 pages.
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