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Serials and miscellaneous publications of the underground movements in Europe during World War II, 1936-1945

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BOX 29 through 32 Greece: Miscellaneous Publications, 1943-1944
Greek miscellaneous materials on the topic of underground movements in Europe During World War II. Includes leaflets, letters, memos, etc.
Arranged by publications of standard size and then by oversize.
BOX 29 Folder 28: Brave Greeks Be Prepared! R.A.F. A message of encouragement to the Greek people from the R.A.F. (Undated)
Folder 29: Higher Command. A leaflet offering translations of 2 orders (dated Apr. 6 and 11, 1944 respectively) from the collaborators warning the people of Salonika that a column of tanks will shortly pass through the city and that children should be kept off the streets and sidewalks, and, also, warning the people to take cover when the air raid siren is sounded.
(dated Apr. 6 and 11, 1944)
Folder 31: To the Officers, N.C.O.’s and Men of the British Forces in Greece. Ethnikon Apeleutheråotikon Metåopon An E.A.M. leaflet claiming that that organization represents the wishes of the majority of the Greek people, and that British forces are fighting for a dictator-King.
(dated Apr. 6 and 11, 1944)
BOX 30 Folder 1: About the Civil War Ethnikon Apeleutheråotikon Metåopon A pamphlet by the E.A.M., 8pp. (Undated)
Folder 2: The Agreement of Gazerta A reply to General Scoby’s statement. (Undated)
Folder 3: Announcement Blackout and curfew.
June 27, 1944
Folder 4: Announcement Blackout and the imposition of new measures.
July 15, 1944
Folder 5: Announcement A call by the German authorities in Athens ordering all citizens of enemy states to surrender themselves.
Aug. 2, 1944 (2 copies)
Folder 6:Announcement Central Committee of the Hellenic Liberation Front criticizing Papandreou.
July 2, 1944
Folder 7: Announcement Change of fisheries boundaries
June 7, July 22, 1944
Folder 8: Announcement Kommounistikon Komma tåes Hellados Communist Party of Greece (Eleias Area) (Undated)
Folder 9: Announcement Kommounistikon Komma tåes Hellados Communist Party of Greece (Kalamata Area)(2 copies)
July 18, 1944
Folder 10: Announcement Concerning the conversion of automobile engines to gasoline.
July 6, 1944
Folder 11: Announcement First Labor Committee of Piraeus calling for worker strikes against the Germans. (Undated)
Folder 12: Announcement The German authorities in Phaliron prohibit swimming in the area.
July 3, 1944?
Folder 13: Announcement The German authorities proclaim that they will no longer execute Greek civilians in retaliation for the killing of German soldiers by Communists.
Aug. 9, 1944?
Folder 14: Announcement Greek Air Force on the blackout.
June 27, 1944
Folder 15: Announcement The Greek government-in-exile (Cairo) criticizes the regime of Rallis in Athens. (Undated)
Folder 16: Announcement Measures to be imposed for limiting electricity. (Undated)
Folder 17: Announcement Meeting of all teachers of the Province of Eleia to discuss education matters. (5 copies)
July 15, 1944
Folder 18: Announcement The names of 50 Greek men executed by the German authorities (on July 12, 1944?) in retaliation for the killing of 2 German soldiers (Undated)
Folder 19: Announcement The Peloponnese Committee plan to reorganize the P.E.E.A. (Undated)
Folder 20: Announcement A personal story told by the Chief of the Police Department of Peloponnese. (2 copies)
July 14, 1944
Folder 21: Announcement Siren drill information. (12 copies)
July 31, 1944?
Folder 22: Announcement Speech given by the General Administrator of Crete (Undated)
Folder 23: Announcement Sophoulis is informed by the British that Papandreou should remain as Prime Minister in the new coalition government. (Undated)
Folder 24: Benefits of Having in Power the Hellenic Patriotic Front Accusation against E.A.M. of orchestrating civil war in Greece and committing various atrocities. (Undated)
Folder 25: The British Bearers of Destruction Accusations against the British of betraying innocent and weak nations such as Greece and Poland after leading them into the war .
July 25, 1944?
Folder 26: The British Invaded France The British are accused of wrongly liberating France first before Greece which they promised to liberate from the Germans. (Undated)
Folder 27: Bylaws of the National Committee of Greece Pamphlet, 7 pp.
Folder 28: A Call for Help at Distomon. Distomon, a village in Voiteia, witnessed the execution of 1,000 civilians, women and children included, by the Germans
June 12, 1944
Folder 29: Central Committee of All Employees A message to the public employees of mayoralities, municipalities, and hospital employees.
Feb. 9, 1944?
Folder 30: Commentary A commentary on a news item broadcast by the radio in Athens (Undated)
Folder 31: The Communists A commentary on a statement written in a British newspapers undermining the role of the Communists in the war of liberation. 31 pp. (Undated)
Folder 32: Current Problems of Hellenism Pamphlet written by Demetris Glenos, 26 pp.
August 1944?
Folder 33: Death to the German-Bulgarian Invaders A pamphlet by “Free Greece”, 7 pp. (Undated)
Folder 34: A Decree of the National Committee Politikåe Epitropåe Ethnikåes Apeleutheråosåes Establishment of the organization P.E.E.A., 11 pp.
Mar. 27, 1944
Folder 35: Destructors and Builders Pamphlet, 16 pp.
Folder 36: The Development of the Political Situation and the War Kommounistikon Komma tåes Hellados Pamphlet, 41 pp.
Dec. 1942?
Folder 37: E.A.M. or Communists Ethnikon Apeleutheråotikon Metåopon A leaflet declaring that E.A.M. is not a communist organization, but that its members are true Greek patriots. (Undated)
Folder 38: E.A.M. Proclamation Ethnikon Apeleutheråotikon Metåopon It accuses the Rallis government of allowing the Germans to steal food from Kokkinia, and calls upon the citizens of Kokkinia to protest. (Undated)
Folder 39: Eternal Shame to the Glysksmpourg Clique A leaflet criticizing the King and Prime Minister for not promoting internal unity.
June 27, 1944
Folder 40: Everyone in the Fight for Life Heniaia Panelladikåe Organåosåe Neåon A leaflet addressed to the young people of Pireaus
July 24, 1944
Folder 41: Everyone Join E.L.A.S. E.L.A.S. A flyer seeking recruits for the Communist Party. (Undated)
Folder 42: Farmer’s Party of Greece A proclamation urging farmers to join this group which promises nationalization of factories and social insurance. 4 pp.
Aug. 20, 1944?
Folder 43: Farmer’s Voice This “Extraordinary Edition” criticizing the Germans for causing starvation among the Greek population by depleting food stocks.
Oct. 5, 1943
Folder 44: For Freedom E.L.A.S. A pamphlet describing the activities of the First Pan Thessalian Conference of the Armed Groups of E.L.A.S., 16 pp.
July 1943?
Folder 45: For the Defense and the Rebirth of Hellenism A booklet written in 1942, printed in 1943, and distributed in 1944 during the German occupation, 75 pp.
Folder 46: For the Sake of the Allied War Effort, Stop the Bombing! Ethnikon Apeleutheråotikon Metåopon An E.A.M. leaflet.
Dec. 24, 1944
Folder 47: Glorious Action of E.L.A.S. in Pelloponnese E.L.A.S. An E.L.A.S. leaflet. (Undated)
Folder 48: Glyxburg Leave the Greek Nation Ethnikon Apeleutheråotikon Metåopon An E.A.M. leaflet critical of the royal family.
June 22, 1944
Folder 49: The Greece That Is Coming The meaning of the current tribulations of the Greek people, 13 pp.
Folder 50: The Greek People on the Occasion of the Death of the Child of England..... Satirical leaflet criticizing Britain for liberating France before Greece. (Undated)
Folder 51: Greek Security Units Kill Greek Hostages A leaflet urging the cessation of the execution of hostages by Greek collaborators (Undated)
Folder 52: Hellenic Patriotic Society A leaflet calling all Greeks to unite upon the eve of liberation (Undated)
Folder 53: Important Statement of the Leader of the National Organization of Greece A leaflet claiming that the focus of Allied armies upon Western Europe might leave Greece vulnerable to Russian and her Slavic neighbors. (Undated)
Folder 54: In the Name of the Nation and the Peoples.... Ethnikos Dåemokratikos Hellåenikos Syndesmos A leaflet from the E.D.E.S. party urging Greeks to be united at the end of the war. (Undated)
BOX 31 Folder 1: Leader of the National Union of Greece Statement of the Anglo-American Invasion of Europe. (Undated)
Folder 2: Let Them Come Nazi pamphlet ridiculing Anglo-American plans to invade France. 16 pp. (Undated)
Folder 3: Let’s Stop the Firings Heniaia Panelladikåe Organåosåe Neåon A message by E.P.O.N. to the workers of Pireaus.
July 26, 1944
Folder 4: Letter Kommounistikon Komma tåes Hellados A message from Aris Velouchiotes of the Communist Party to the people of Greece. (Undated)
Folder 5: Local Self-Government Small leaflet promising democracy, probably issued by the Communist Party. (Undated)
Folder 6: Local Self-Government Some remarks on the Code of Self-Government and Popular Justice, taken from the newspaper Free Phokis. (Undated)
Folder 7: Map of “Great Greece” Distributed by the national organization “Resurrection”.
March 1943
Folder 8: Memorial In honor of a policeman killed by the Germans. (Undated)
Folder 9: Memorial Service Leaflet issued by the Anti-Bulgarian Hellenic Committee about a memorial service for those killed by E.A.M. and E.L.A.S. (Undated)
Folder 10: Message from E.L.A.S. E.L.A.S. A call to the people of Greece to join E.L.A.S. in the mountains.
Feb. 25, 1944?
Folder 11: Message from E.L.A.S. E.L.A.S. A call to all armed rebel forces. (Undated)
Folder 12: Message to All People in the Peloponnese Kommounistikon Komma tåes Hellados A call to assist the Communist Party by contributing money and food for its soldiers.
July 1944
Folder 13: Message to All Workers Heniaia Panelladikåe Organåosåe Neåon A leaflet from E.P.O.N. addressed to workers in new factories in Piraeus.
Feb. 26, 1944?
Folder 14: Message to the Greeks: Salvation or Disaster A pamphlet warning the Greek people that an Anglo-American invasion of their country will be disastrous for them. 16 pp. 2 copies. (Undated)
Folder 15: Message to the People of Kokkina Ethnikon Apeleutheråotikon Metåopon An E.A.M. leaflet.
July 27, 1944
Folder 16: Message to the Workers, Employees, Students and Others Kommounistikon Komma tåes Hellados Communist Party leaflet. (Undated)
Folder 17: Message to the Youth Heniaia Panelladikåe Organåosåe Neåon A leaflet by E.P.O.N. addressed to the youth of Piraeus
June 14, 1944
Folder 18: Minutes A pamphlet of the minutes of a meeting of the National Committee. 36 pp.
June 1944
Folder 19: National Assistance of Greece Message A message to all organizations.
Dec. 24, 1944
Folder 20: National Freedom Front Message Ethnikon Apeleutheråotikon Metåopon A protest by E.A.M. against the government of Britain for the execution of 12 Greek soldiers in Egypt and the sentence of life imprisonment of 10 more. (Undated)
Folder 21: National Liberation Front Announcement Ethnikon Apeleutheråotikon Metåopon An announcement concerning a meeting among E.A.M., Church officials, and the British Prime Minister. (Undated)
Folder 22: National Liberation Front Leaflet A leaflet proclaiming that Greece would be liberated in 1944. (Undated)
Folder 23: National Liberation Front Message Ethnikon Apeleutheråotikon Metåopon An E.A.M. address to the people of Athens
Aug. 7, 1944
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