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Pforzheimer collection of Bruce Rogers materials, 1200-1957

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Printing Samples, 1892-1961 (continued)
Double Crown Club
Grolier Club. See also Box 7, oversize
BOX 52 Guyon-Hart
Harvard University (3 folders)
Hawthorn House
Laboratory Press
Limited Editions Club
Little Bookshop-Locomobile
Marchbanks-McGraw Phillips
Merrymount Press
BOX 53 Metropolitan Museum of Art
October House-Officina Bodoni
Pelican Press
Peter Pauper-Prang
BOX 54 Quarto Club-Riccardi
Society of Arts and Crafts-Society of Typographic Arts
Streamdale-Three Hawks
BOX 55 University Club-Village Press
Unidentified (3 folders)
BOX 56 Other printed ephemera collected by Pforzheimer, 1892-1961, n.d.
Dinner in honor of Paul Bennett, 1953
Grolier Club
Society of Printers
BOX 57 Other printed ephemera collected by H.W. Kent, 1915-1945, n.d.
Rogers-related ephemera
Christmas cards sent by Kent, some Rogers-related
Christmas cards and broadsides designed by Kent (2 folders)
Christmas cards sent by Kent with artwork by Ruzicka
Christmas cards received from Ruzicka
Christmas cards sent by Merrymount Press (Updike/Ruzicka)
George W. Jones Christmas cards
John Angel Christmas cards
Miscellaneous (2 folders)
BOX 58 Paper samples, 1925-1938, n.d. See also Box 9, oversize
Rogers-designed Glaslan; Maidstone; Roxburghe; Designs and typography for cover paper
Canson and Montgolfier
Grosvenor, Chater
Japan Paper
BOX 59 Stevens-Nelson (3 folders)
BOX 60 Unidentified
BOX 61 Unidentified
BOX 62 Stationery designed by Rogers for his own use, undated (6 folders)
BOX 63 Stationery and envelopes designed by Rogers for himself, Pforzheimer Library, and Biblio Corp., undated (8 folders)
BOX 64 Type design Letters, 1926-1951, n.d. (14 folders). See also Box 9, oversize: Mock-ups, trial proofs, etc. of letters designed by Rogers
BOX 65 Type design Letters, 1926-1951, n.d. (14 folders). See also Box 9, oversize: Mock-ups, trial proofs, etc. of letters designed by Rogers
BOX 66 Type design Letters, 1911-1946, n.d. (5 folders). Specimen sheets collected by Rogers on Goudy, Greek, and other types. Includes miscellaneous pages from type catalogs.
BOX 67 Type design Letters, 1927-1947, n.d.
Eastern Corp. specimen sheets (5 folders)
Monotype, v. 21, no. 72 (4 folders)
BOX 68 Type design Letters, 1920-1948, n.d. Monotype and Linotype catalogs collected by Rogers (6 folders). See also Box 138 for type specimen books
BOX 69 Type design Ornaments, undated. Mock-ups, proofs, etc. of designs by Rogers (15 folders).
BOX 70 Type design Ornaments, 1928-1948, n.d. Miscellaneous catalogs and sheets collected by Rogers (3 folders)
BOX 71 Type design Title pages and plates collected by Rogers, ca. 1508-1941 (19 folders). Title pages, etc. from pre-1801 works, including facsimiles and manuscript leaves
BOX 71a Miscellaneous plates, including over 200 by Ruskin
BOX 7, oversize Broadsides. See also box 9, oversize. Cataloged individually on the Library of Congress database, search under call number Pforzheimer Rogers oversize 6"
BOX 6, oversize Albion Press, 1956 (1 item)
American Institute of Graphic Arts, 1924-1925 (3 items)
Atlantic Charter, [ca. 1941) (9 items) see also Box OV 6
Bedford Club, undated (1 item)
Centaur see Box 9, oversize
Charles Beck Co., undated (1 item)
Club of Odd Volumes, 1911-1952 (6 items)
De Forest, Robert, 1919-1922 (2 items)
Double Crown Club, 1930 (1 item)
Douglas C. McMurtrie Inc., 1926 (1 item)
Goudy, Frederic (1 item, Frederic W. Goudy 1932)
Henry Lindenmeyr and Sons, undated (1 item)
Illian, George, undated (1 item, Ultramarine Dance)
Joseph W. Lippincott Award 1939
Koopman, H.L., undated (1 item)
Laboratory Press, [ca. 1924] (1 item)
Lanston Monotype, undated (2 items)
Lincoln, Abraham. Excerpts from the Second Inaugural Address ..., undated (1 item)
Liber librorum, 1955 (2 items)
Macy, George, 1937-1958 (2 items)
Marchbanks Press, 1923, n.d. (5 items). 4 original posters, with woodcuts by Allen Lewis, Rhyme Sheet vacation announcement no. 10
Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1928(1 item)
Morris, William, 1932 (1 item, Song)
Murray, Alexander G.W., 1919 (1 item)
New York School of Printing, 1939 (1 item)
Plymouth, Mass., 1921 (1 item)
Poetry Bookshop, undated (2 items). Rhyme Sheet nos. 8, 10 (ill. by Lovat Fraser)
Rogers, Bruce. When a man writes a book ..., 1954 (14 copies)
Root, Elihu, 1923 (1 item)
Selection of the Work of Bruce Rogers, 1948 (poster by Emmons)
United States. Declaration of Independence. See Box 30, oversize
Whittier, John G., undated. Quotation; illumination by Thomas Rogers?
BOX 8, oversize Certificates and diplomas, 1917-1952, n.d.
Chess set design (possibly for Philidor book proposed by David J. Way?), undated (3 folders)
BOX 9, oversize Map of New Fairfield (Conn.), 1942
Miscellaneous, 1951, n.d.
Paper samples, undated (2 folders)
Printers' marks, undated
Type design Letters and ornaments, 1931-1948, n.d
Centaur broadsides
Inscriptions on buildings (Hunter College, Flagler, etc.)
BOX 10, oversize Original leaves (mainly pre-1801) collected by Rogers
BOX 11, oversize Designed or collected by Earl Emmons; purchased by Pforzheimer with associated correspondence, 1923-1942 (4 folders)
Edited galleys and published copy of Rogers' In Reply: An Open Letter from an Arranger of Types to the Greatest Designer of Them All
Prep material and published copies (including scroll) of An Unholy Bible Story
Prep material and published copies of The Saga of Barnacle Bruce, the Sailor and Sequel to the Saga of Barnacle Bruce, the Sailor
Published copies of a Bookplate for Bruce Rogers; An Account of the Making of the Oxford Lectern Bible; Italian Old Style; Monotype (v. 9, no. 6, 1923); PM (v. 2, no. 5, 1936)
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