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Paul Avrich anarchism collection, 1890-2006

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Pamphlets and Short Monographs, 1900-2005 (continued)
Recollections and reflections. London: Carl Slienger, 1976. no. 50
Kropotkin, Peter.
An appeal to the young. Translated by H.M. Hyndman. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company, 1984. no. 51
The State, Its Historic Role. A new translation from the French original. London: Freedom Press, 1969. no. 52
Le Guin, Ursula K.
L’anarchismo: un ideale necessario. Co-intervistatore, curatore e traduttore Pietro Ferrua. Bordighera: OASI, [1994]. no. 53
Lehning, Arthur.
In memoriam Maria Hunink, 1924-1988 rede uitgesproken door Arthur Lehning, Wijhe, 24 maart 1988.Amsterdam: Rob Stolk, April 1988. no. 54
Libertarian Book Club.
Mugshots and memories. NYC, NY: Libertarian Book Club, 1993. no. 55
Makhno, Nestor.
My visit to the Kremlin. Edmonton: Black Cat Press, 1979. no. 56
Mariani, Giuseppe.
Primo maggio 1886 e primo maggio 1956.Torino: Tip. M. Appiano, 1956. no. 57
Mett, Ida.
The Kronstadt uprising, 1921 London: Solidarity, [1977]. no. 58
Mikhaël, Ephraïm.
Lettres à Bernard Lazare (1885-1889). [Reims?]: Editions “A l’écart”, [1992]. no. 59
The Modern School: an experiment in libertarian education.[Stelton, New Jersey?] : [Publisher not identified], [1948]. no. 60
BOX 131b Ackelsberg, Martha.
Mujeres Libres: individuality and community: organizing women during the Spanish Civil War.[S.l.]: [Publisher not identified], [between 1984 and 1986]. Photocopy. no. 106
Berkman, Alexander.
The “anti-climax”: the concluding chapter of my Russian diary “The bolshevik myth”.Berlin: Printed by Maurer and Dimmick, 1925. no. 96
Cantine, Holley.
Double, double, toil and trouble. [Tucson, Arizona]: The Match!, [1987]. Pamphlets no. 107
(2 copies)
Il caso Sacco-Vanzetti: una mostruosita’ giudiziaria: esposizione sintetica dei fatti piu’ importanti inerenti al caso.Boston: Edito à cura del Comitato centrale di difesa, [1924?]. no. 99
Costantini, Flavio.
La galleria del naviglio presenta “Il faut que les poètes meurent les premiers” / Flavio Costantini pittore, Novembre 1976. Milano: Galleria del Naviglio, [1976]. no. 115
Emma Goldman Papers Project.
Emma Goldman: exhibit notes.[Berkeley: The Project, 1990]. no. 111
Fellner, Gene.
Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman / drawings by Gene Fellner; text by Howard Zinn; design by Marcy Kass.Hoboken; Burlington: [publisher not identified], 1987. no. 114
Ferm, Alexis C.
Inklings of activities of children at the Modern School, by the principals and staff: excerpts from reports made at the 23rd annual Convention,October 2 and 3, 1937 / by Alexis C. Ferm, Anna Schwartz, Jo Ann Wheeler. Stelton, N.J.: Modern School, [1937]. no. 97)
Ferrua, Pietro.
Anarchists and film: May 1-18, 2002, Portland Art Museum NW FilmCenter. [Portland, Oregon]: [Publisher not identified], [2002]. no. 112
Fox, Len.
May Day in Australia.[Sydney]: [Sydney May Day Committee], [1966]. no. 108
Herbst, John A.
A slice of the earth.Haledon, New Jersey: The American Labor Museum, [1983]. no. 118
Herrada, Julie.
Jo Labadie and his gift to Michigan: a legacy for the masses / curated by Julie Herrada and Edward Weber.Ann Arbor, Mich.: Special Collections Library, University of Michigan Library, [2000]. no. 120
Soapboxers and saboteurs: 100 years of Wobbly solidarity / an exhibit curated by Julie Herrada, Special Collections Library, University of Michigan. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Library, University of Michigan, [2005]. no. 122
James, Edward Holton.
Gandhi or Caesar? Boston, Mass.: Citizens’ Gandhi Committee, [1930]. no. 105
Joseph Ishill and the authors and artists of the Oriole Press. [United States]: [Publisher not identified], [1994]. no. 116
Mayday and anarchism: remembrance and resistance from Haymarket to now/ [edited by Anna Key].London; Berkeley, CA: Kate Sharpley Library, 2004. no. 119
The Modern School, Stelton, New Jersey.[Stelton, New Jersey]: Stelton Modern School Association of North America, [between 1917 and 1924]. no. 61
Mohegan Colony Association.
1923-1998, 75th anniversary gala, Saturday, September 5, 1998, Mohegan Colony Schoolhouse. [Crompond, N.Y.]: Mohegan Colony Association, [1998]. no. 98
Molaschi, Carlo.
Federalismo e libertà.Pisa: Biblioteca Franco Seratini, 1991. no. 62
Most, Johann.
Beast and monster: the beast of property, the social monster: two essays on anarchism. Tucson, Ariz.: The Match!, 1973. no. 63
Military science for revolutionaries.Cornville, Arizona: Desert Publications, [1978]. no. 64
Outcry for justice: poetry in the struggle for freedom of Sacco and Vanzetti, in two acts. [New Haven, Connecticut?]: [publisher not identified], [2002]. no. 110
Peacott, Joe.
Rocking the cradle of liberty: a guide to anarchist-connected historical sites in Boston / by Joe Peacott and Jerry Kaplan. Cambridge, Mass.: Anarchist Archives Project, July 2002. no. 65
Peirats, José.
Author’s appendix to Anarchists in the Spanish revolution/ by José Peirats ; translated by Félix R. Atance. Detroit, Michigan: Black and Red, 1993. no. 66
Breve historia de la CNT/ José Peirats Valls, José Viadiu. Mósteles: Madre Tierra, 1991. no. 67
Radical responses to the Great Depression, June 7-August 21, 2004 /Special Collections Library, University of Michigan Library, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Library, [2004]. no. 121
Raymond, Lilly Sarnoff.
Miscellaneous poems by Lilly Raymond. [United States]: Lilly Raymond, 1971. no. 68
Reclus, Elisée.
Evolution and revolution. 7th ed. London: W. Reeves, [between 1890 and 1899?]. no. 69
Man and nature: the impact of human activity on physical geography: concerning the awareness of nature in modern society. Sydney: Jura Media, 1995. no. 70
Rodrigues, Edgar.
Against all tyranny!: essays on anarchism in BrazilEdgar Rodrigues, Renato Ramos and Alexandre Samis; translated and edited by Paul Sharkey. London; Berkeley, Calif.: Kate Sharpley Library, 2003. no. 71
Anarquismo à moda antiga. Rio de Janeiro: Achiamé, [2000?]. no. 72
Anarquismo à moda antiga. 3a edição revista. Rio de Janeiro: Achiamé, [2004?]. no. 73
Catálogo da exposição / Edgar Rodrigues: pesquisador libertário da história social de Portugal e do Brasil.[Lisbon]: Edição Associação Cultural A Vida, 2002. no. 113
Rooum, Donald.
Wildcat: anarchists against bombs: arms trade comicsby Donald Rooum. London: Freedom Press, September 2003. no. 74
Rudolph Rocker 75th Jubilee Committee.
Seventy-fifth birthday anniversary celebration of Rudolph Rocker: Sunday afternoon, May 2, 1948, Amalgamated Center ... Chicago, Illinois / arranged by Rudolph Rocker 75th Jubilee Committee, Chicago, Illinois. Chicago: Allied Printing, [1948]. no. 79
Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee.
The story of the Sacco-Vanzetti case: including an analysis of the trial. Boston, Mass.: The Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee, [1921?] no. 100
Sacco-Vanzetti: murdered, August 23, 1927: dead-they still live! [New York]: Sacco-Vanzetti Memorial Committee, [2002]. no. 75
La salute e’ in voi![Luigi Galleani]: [United States], [1905]. Luigi Galleani published this manual of explosives in 1905, adapted from a guide to explosives compiled by Ettore Molinari, a professor of chemistry in Milan. no. 104
Sanchioni, Erte.
What is Anarchism? Boston, Massachusetts: The Excelsior Press, Inc., 1977. no. 76
Santo Pollastro: un uomo coraggiose e carico d’altruismo/ cura e nota introduttiva di Alberto Ciampi; profilo biografico di Aurelio Chessa. Cecina [Italy]: Archivio Famiglia Berneri, 1994. no. 77
Schechter, Joel.
12 billionaires: further adventures of Alice the Anarchist: with Wobblies, Ralph Nader, Sourdough Slim, a Republican beauty pageant, Zapatistas and Clown Therapy / as told by Joel Schechter.Pleasant Hill, CA: Small Poetry Press, [1997]. no. 78
Shields, Art.
Are they doomed? New York City: Workers Defense Union, [1920?]. no. 94
Spooner, Lysander.
No treason: the Constitution of no authority; and, A letter to Thomas F. Bayard/ by Lysander Spooner; with introductions, annotations and a new afterword by James J. Martin. Colorado Springs: Ralph Myles Publisher, Inc., 1973. no. 80
Testimonial to Rudolf Rocker, 1873-1943., Los Angeles, California: Rocker Publications Committee, 1944. no. 82
Trask, Sherwood.
Out of this leopard walk. Edited by Robert Louis Jackson. Guilford, Conn.: [publisher not identified], [1973?]. no. 109
Tucker, Benjamin R.
1. State socialism and anarchism (1888)
2. The attitude of anarchism toward industrial combinations (1899)
3. Why I am an anarchist (1892) With an introduction by James J. Martin. Colorado Springs: Ralph Myles Publisher, Inc., 1972. no. 81
Udart︠s︡ev, S. F. (Sergeĭ Fedorovich).
Programma kursa “Istorii︠a︡ politicheskikh i pravovykh ucheniĭ” i plany seminarskikh zani︠a︡tiĭ. Almaty: Kazakhskiĭ gosudarstvennyĭ i︠u︡ridicheskiĭ institut Ministerstva i︠u︡stit︠s︡ii Respublicki Kazakhstan, 1996. no. 123
Under the yoke of the State: selected anarchist responses to prisons and crime. Volume 1, 1886-1929 / edited by the Dawn Collective. [London]: Kate Sharpley Library, 2003. Pamphlets no. 83
Vanzetti, Bartolomeo.
Background of the Plymouth trial. Chelsea, Mass.: Road to Freedom Group, [192-?]. no. 101
Lettere sul sindicalismo. Cesena (Forli): Edizioni “L’Antistato”, 1957. no. 84
The story of a proletarian life by Bartolomeo Vanzetti; translated from the Italian by Eugene Lyons; foreword by Alice Stone Blackwell. Boston: Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee, 1923. New York: Come! Unity Press, [1977?]. no. 102
Walker, James L.
The philosophy of egoism. With a biographical sketch by Henry Replogle and a foreword by James J. Martin. Colorado Springs: Ralph Myles Publisher, Inc., 1972. no. 86
The story of a proletarian life by Bartolomeo Vanzetti. New York: Come! Unity Press, [1977?], no. 85
Walled in this tomb: questions left unanswered by the Lowell Committee in the Sacco-Vanzetti Case and their pertinence in understanding the conflicts sweeping the world at this hour. Boston, Mass.: Excelsior Press, [193-?]. no. 103
(2 copies)
Walter, Nicolas.
About anarchism. [London]: Freedom Press, 1969. no. 87
War or revolution?: an anarchist statement / translated from the Italian by the Editorial Staff of Why?New York, N.Y.: Why? Publications Committee, 1944. no. 88
Weber, Edward.
Challenging religious dogma: A history of free thought.February 11-May 1, 1997.[Ann Arbor, MI.]: Special Collections Library, University of Michigan, [1997]. no. 89
Weinberger, Harry.
A rebel's interrupted autobiography: a personal document on the impact of war on one who has made a lifelong fight against it. [New York]: The American journal of economics and sociology, [1942]. no. 117
Wells, Lester Grosvenor.
The Skaneateles communal experiment, 1843-1846: a paper read before the Onondaga Historical Association, February 13, 1953 by Lester Grosvenor Wells. Syracuse, N.Y.: Onondaga Historical Association, 1953. no. 95
What ever happened to Sabotage? [New York?]: [publisher not identified], [1990?]. no. 90
Woodhull, Victoria C.
The Garden of Eden, or, The paradise lost and found. Santa Cruz: William James Association, 1976. no. 91
Woodworth, Fred.
The atheist cult. Tucson, Arizona: The Match Press, June 1991. no. 92
Zigrosser, Carl.
The Modern School. 2nd ed. Stelton, N.J.: Ferrer Colony, 1918. no. 93
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