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Paul Avrich anarchism collection, 1890-2006

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BOX 132-144 Ephemera 1911-1998
Series contains announcements, art works, book catalogs, brochures, buttons, bumper stickers, calendars, a flag, fliers, portrait busts, posters, tee-shirts, and other miscellaneous items. Some itbsoems also added in 2006.
Grouped by type and shelved by size.
Aero into the Aether. Chicago: Black Swan Press, [198-?].
Art: Miscellaneous posters, etc.
Book Catalogs
Bibliographische Information, Zurich, Switzerland,1972-76
(2 folders)
Black Rose Books,Montreal, Canada, 1977-80
(2 folders)
Freedom Bookshop, London, England,1970-73, (no date)
Free Life Editions, New York, N.Y., 1975-77
Karin Kramer, Berlin, Germany, ca. 1970s
(2 folders)
BOX 133 Laissez-Faire Books, New York, N.Y., 1972-85
(4 folders)
Libertarian Book House, Bombay, India
Mother Earth Books, Seattle, WA., ca. 1972
La Salamandra, Milan, Italy, 1977, 1979
Carl Slienger, London, England, ca. 1970s
BOX 134 Solidarity Bookstore, Chicago, IL., ca. 1970s
(45 items, 11 folders)
Wooden Shore Bookstore, Philadelphia, PA., 1980-83
General in English, 1949, ca. 1970s-80s in German, ca. 1970s in Spanish, ca. 1970s. Other languages,1976, 1978 Bumper Stickers, (no date). Buttons, (no date).
BOX 135 Calendars
Anarchist Calendar, 1952
Anarchist Revolutionary Calendar, 1969-73
Catholic Worker,1973
Days of Gandhi,1968
Laissez-Faire Books,1973
Peace Calendar,1972, 1977
Solidaridad International Antifascista,1973, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1991
Total Anarchy,1984
War Resisters League,1970, 1971
Framed Emma Goldman quotation, (no date)
Matchbooks, (no date)
Oriole Press, Berkeley Heights, N. J./Joseph Ishill: Miscellaneous publications Pencil (Kropotkin), (no date)
Postcards, Pencil (Kropotkin), (no date)
Stickers, (no date)
BOX 135 Calendars
Anarchist Calendar, 1952.
Anarchist Revolutionary Calendar, 1969-73.
Catholic Worker, 1973.
Days of Gandhi, 1968.
Laissez-Faire Books, 1973.
Peace Calendar, 1972, 1977.
Solidaridad International Antifascista, 1973, 1974, 1977, 1978, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1991.
Total Anarchy, 1984.
War Resisters League, 1970, 1971.
Framed Emma Goldman quotation, (no date).
Matchbooks, (no date).
Oriole Press, Berkeley Heights, N. J./Joseph Ishill: Miscellaneous publications Pencil (Kropotkin), (no date).
BOX 136 Portraits
De Clayre
Voltairine, (2)
Jeanne D'Arc
BOX 137 Ceramic
Kropotkin, Peter
Lincoln, Abraham
Michel, Louise
Reclus, Elisee (2)
Rocker, Rudolf
Tolstoy, Leo
BOX 138 Ceramic
Kropotkin, Peter
Lincoln, Abraham
Michel, Louise
Reclus, Elisee, (2)
Rocker, Rudolf
Tolstoy, Leo.
BOX 139 Misc. Anarchist Materials, (On Political Prisoners)
(12 folders)
BOX 139 Misc. Anarchist Materials, (programs, announcements, etc.)
(12 folders)
BOX 140 Misc. Anarchist Materials
(12 folders)
BOX 141 Envelopes
(15 folders)
Ceramic coffee mugs with Emma Goldman quotation
(2 items)
BOX 142 Envelopes
(5 folders)
BOX 142 Envelopes
(5 folders)
Ceramic coffee mugs (white with ornate handles)
(2 items)
BOX 43, oversize Calendars, (1969-1972)
(59 oversize items)
"Cartoons for the Cause, 1886-1896"
Walter Crane, reprint, (no date)
"Cartoons From Challange by Selma Bluestein"
"Estampas de la Revolucion Espanola 19 Julio de 1936," (no date)
Phonograph records, 1974-1975, (no date).
BOX 44, oversize Flag, black and red diagonal, used in Vietnam war protest marches, includes pole and leather holder, 1970-72.
Emma Goldman, (no date)
Haymarket gathering, 1986
Neoboys/Kinetics, 1980
Painting of Hippolyte Havel (by Selma Bluestein?), ca. 1934-1940
BOX 45, oversize Posters
BOX 47, oversize Posters
BOX 46, oversize Posters
BOX 1, Audio through 4, VHS Non-Print Media 1868-1996
Microfilm includes serials, dissertations, and manuscripts. Audio and video cassettes include radio and television broadcasts, interviews, and recordings of events. The materials were received in 1986 and 2006 and interfiled in 3/2015. Includes LPs, cassette tapes and compact discs, microfilm and VHS. An additional set of 69 reels of microfilm of The Emma Goldman Papers were transferred in June of 2015 to the Library of Congress Manuscript Division: Microfilm 24,463-69P. See: In total, the series includes: Audio cassettes (2 boxes), video recordings (4 boxes: 53 items), LP recordings (1 box, 6 items), Microfilm (5 boxes), 48 VHS tapes, 1 DVD received in 2006; 4 VHS tapes received earlier. Box 1: VHS tapes. Emma Goldman, Jewish anarchism, etc. : Box 2: VHS tapes. Sacco and Vanzetti, (1 DVD); Modern School movement, VHS tapes. Spanish Civil War, Spanish language films, Box 4: VHS tapes: Russian Revolution, Haymarket, miscellany.
Arranged in alphabetical order by title for each medium.
BOX 1, Audio L.B.C. Mtng. [Libertarian Book Club]“Kronstadt”.Paul Avrich. Mailed from Mr. Robert S. Calese. 3-28-91
1 audio cassette.
Paul Avrich and Terry Gross, Interview, “Fresh Air”WHYY-FM, Philadelphia, 11/20/84
1 audio cassette.
Phil Schaap, Bob Calese. WKCR Interview, Dec. 18, 1996
1 audio cassette.
Stuart Christie“Profile,”BBC Radio 4, July 10, 11, 1981
1 audio cassette.
Avrich, Paul, interview by Michael Bacon, “The Haymarket Tragedy”by Paul Avrich. WXPN, Philadelphia, [1984?].
1 audio cassette.
Studs Terkel. “Haymarket 100 years later”.
1 audio cassette.
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