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Paul Avrich anarchism collection, 1890-2006

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Manuscripts, 1854-1980 (continued)
Tucker, Benjamin, correspondence, (1935)
Turkel, Pauline
Berkman, Alexander, (1924, 1932-35, no date)
Capes, Ben, (1918-19, 1953)
Goldman, Emma, (1930-39, no date)
A-Z, (unid., 1918-32, 1941, 1951-79) (includes M. Eleanor Fitzgerald, Peggy Guggenheim, Harry Kelly, Eugene O'Neill, Woodrow Wilson)
Documents re: State Department employment
Printed matter, (1931, 1959-63, no date)
Warren, Josiah, miscellaneous, (1842, 1850)
BOX 33 Workers Education Bureau of America, printed matter, (1921-37, no date), (includes other materials re: worker education)
(5 folders)
BOX 34-40 Secondary Literature, 1916-2006
Theses, dissertations, and secondary writings on anarchism, in typescript.
Arranged alphabetically by author.
BOX 34 Avrich, Paul, et. al.
"Anarchism in the United States: Historical Beginnings," (1984)
Barrow, Leo and Robert Hammond
"Macario," (1973)
Blatt, Martin H.
"The Anarchism of Ezra Heywood (1829-1893)," (1983)
Coppola, Ralph
"Stones and Bricks," (1972)
Cowell, Clara Dixon Davidson
"Henry Cowell: Material for a Biography," (ca. 1916)
BOX 35 Cutler, Robert M.
"The Basic Bakunin: Speeches and Articles, 1869-71," (no date)
"The Thought of Michael Bakunin," (1974)
Demick, Barbara
"An Experiment in Anarchist Living: The Making of the Ferrer Colony at Stelton 1910-53," (1980)
Dunbar, Gary S.
"Elisee Reclus: An Anarchist in Geography," (no date)
Federation Anarchist Korean
"International World Peace Seminar Bulletin," Fischler, Steven and Joel Sucher, (1988)
Fischler, Steven and Joel Sucher
"Anarchism in America: A Proposal," (1978)
"Anarchism in America," (1979)
BOX 36 Fleury, Serge
(2 folders)
"Le Mouvement Anarchiste Russe et La Question du Terrorisme: Premiere Periode, 1903-07," (no date)
Goehlert, Robert and Claire Herczeg
"Anarachism: A Bibliography," (1982)
Goring, Bill
"Bang!," (no date)
Helms, Hans G.
"Die Unaufhaltsame Entwicklung Eines Sozialisten," (1978)
Isaak, Harvey
"From Haymarket to McKinley: A View of Anarchism in America," (1983)
Kaplan, Temma
"Conflicts Between Feminism and Syndicalism in Spanish Anarchism," (1974)
Kiel, Mark W. "Joseph Bovshover: Anarchist Poet," (no date)
Levitas, Irving
"The Historiography of American Anarchism," (1968)
Levy, Carl
"Malatesta in London," (no date)
Lida, Clara
"Agrarian Anarchism in Andalusia," (1970)
McKinley, Blaine
"Anarchist Jeremiads: American Anarchists and American History," (no date)
BOX 37 Mischler, Paul C.
"Heaven on Earth in New Jersey," (1979)
Montoya, Maria
"The Anarchist Influence on the Woman Question: Free Love in Victorian America," (1986)
Naef, Rudolf
"Russische Revolution und Bolschewismus 1917/18 in Anarchistischer Sicht," (1974)
New York University
"Archives of the Tamiment Library"
"Guide to Oral History of the American Left," (1984)
Nokkentved, Christian D.
"Did the Bomb-Thrower Confess? A Research Note," (ca. 1985)
Oved, Yaacov
(2 folders)
"El Anarquismo en los Sindicatos Obreros de la Argentina," Vol. I-II, (1975)
BOX 38 Perlin, Terry M.
"The Assassination of McKinley," (no date)
Pernicone, Nunzio
"Carlo Tresca and the Sacco-Vanzetti Case," (no date)
Pernicone, Nunzio
"Carlo Tresca: Rebel Without Uniform," (1976)
"Carlo Tresca and the Sacco-Vanzetti Case," (no date)
Petsche, Randy
"Bakuninist Anarchism and the Ideology of the IWW," (no date)
Picqueray, May
"May," (1980)
Popoff, John A.
"Canadian Doukhobors and the Anton Popoff Family," (no date)
Porter, David
"Participation and Leadership in the Historical Anarchist Movement," (1977)
Salerno, Salvatore
"The Early Labor Radicalism of the Industrial Workers of the World: A Socio-cultural Critique," (1986)
Schmidt, Judith B.
"The Sunrise Co-operative Farm Community, 1933-36," (no date)
BOX 39 Schmuck, Jochen
"Die Anarchisten und die Russische Revolution von 1917," (1984)
Schwartz, Stephen
"Brotherhood of the Sea: A History of the Sailor's Union of the Pacific, 1885-1985," (1985)
Sedgwick, Peter
"Brotherhood of the Sea: A History of the Sailor's Union of the Pacific, 1885-1985," (1985)
Shor, Frances
"Cultural Identity and Americanization: The Life History of a Jewish Anarchist," (no date)
Silberman, Marsha
"Tolstoy's Doctrine of Nonresistance: Its Reception in America, 1880-1910," (no date)
Swift, Tony
"The Workers vs. The Party: The IWW and the Bolshevik Revolution," (1982)
Umrath, Heinz
(2 copies)
"Aufs Neue Beginnen," (no date)
University of California, Riverside
"The Sadakichi Hartman Papers," (1980)
BOX 40 Vecoli, Rudolph J.
"Luigi Galleani: Knight Errant of Anarchism," (1976)
Watner, Carl
"The History of the Idea of Propertary Justice in the Libertarian Tradition"
Weitz, Mark
"Edouard Berth and Fascism," (1970)
Werkshagen, Paul E.
"Robert Reitzel: Seine Persoenlichkeit and Seine Weltanschauung," (1908)
Yassour, Avraham
"Topos and Utopia in Landauer's and Buber's Social Philosophy," (1982)
Zarrow, Peter
"Wu Zhihui and Chinese Anarchism, 1906-1911," (1981)
Misc. Secondary Literature
(5 folders)
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