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Autographs of European notables., 1422-1879

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Series 33: Portugal
FOLDER 1452 Maria II de Gloria (1819, 1826-1852), October 20, 1827
a. l. s. Lisbon, Oct. 20, 1827, "to your Royal Highness", thanking her for samples of ribbon in the mode (in French).
XVIII: Miscellaneous
FOLDER 1454 Baudelair, Charles Pierre (1821-1867), distinguished poet, May 11, [18]62
a. l. s. May 11, [18]62, to "mon cher Florentino," asking him to assist at the debut of Mme. Des Champs at the Odeon in the rôle of Andromaque.
FOLDER 1455 Ireland, William Henry (1777-1825), notorious for his Shakespearean forgeries, April 24, 1812; no date; no date
DeRicci Number: 1455
a. l. s. Apr. 24, 1812, concerning his debts and his forth-coming publications, mentions a Shakespeare folio facsimile he is preparing. + a. l. s. s. d., largely concerning his financial embarrassment. + Also a forty-one line Shakespearean forgery.
FOLDER 1456 Kossuth, Louis (1802-1914), Hungarian statesman, March 10, 1852; May 25, 1857
l. s. St. Louis, Mo., Mar. 10, 1852, to the New York legislature, expressing his gratitude for an invitation to visit as guest of the legislature. + l. s. London, May, 25, 1857, to the Secretary of State of New York, requesting additional volumes of a natural history of New York, presented to him in 1852.
FOLDER 1457 Quinonez, Francisco de (1482-1540), cardinal, confessor of Charles V, negotiator for the deliverance of Clément VII, December 10, 1527
l. s. Rome, Dec. 10, 1527, to Ferdinand de Gonzague,
FOLDER 1458 Neri, Filippo de (1515-1595), Italian founder of Oratorians, no date
a. d. s. order for payment of money to Filippo de Neri, signed by Pietro Pettacchion
Series 34: Miscellaneous
FOLDER 1459 Watermarks of papers in the collection
Watermarks of papers in the collection; prepared by Thomas Gravell. Spring 1978. Photocopies.
FOLDER 1460 Introduction
The following autographs were omitted from Dr. Bourne's catalogue either because they had no bearing on the French Revolution or because they were so obscure no mention of them was discoverable in reliable dictionaries or encyclopedia.
FOLDER 1461 Electors of Brandenburg, no date
news clipping: The Ilustrated London News, "History of the House of Brandenburg."
FOLDER 1462 Belliard, Augusete Daniel (1769-1822), French General, July 12, 1789
a. l. s. Cairo, July 12, 1789, minor military matter.
FOLDER 1462 Brichet, M. J., no date
d. l. s. Palloy
FOLDER 1464 Buque, George ( - ), in the army at the front in the Bastille
FOLDER 1465 Castries, Charles Eugène Gabriel de la Croix, Marquis de (1727-1801), entered navy (1729), minister of the navy (1780), marshal of France (1782), governor general of Holland
FOLDER 1466 Cazalès, no date
This document is attributed, in the New York cataloque, to Jacques Antoine Marie de Cazalès (1758-1805). This is impossible as Cazalès was an ultra-royalist. At the time when the left was called the Mountain, Cazalès had emmigrated. The document was probably signed by an obscure member of a local Committee of Correspondence.
FOLDER 1467 Terrien, Jean (1766-1855), chief of the chouan insurgents of Chateaubriant district, "Lion Heart", no date
l. s.
FOLDER 1468 Ducherion
FOLDER 1469 Duhesme, Philippe Guillaume (1766-1815), general of division (1794), mortally wounded at Waterloo, April 2, 1815
a. l. s. Apr. 2, 1815.
FOLDER 1470 Duraus, September 19, 1795
d. s. Paris, Sept. 19, 1795,
FOLDER 1471 Fontenilles, le marquis de ( - ), a famous sailor who goes to the American war, aide-major-gènéral of the squadron
FOLDER 1472 la Gaolissonière, Roland-Michel Barris, marquis de (1692-1756), illustrious sailor who defeated the English in Canada, October 11, 1749
l. a. s. Louisbourg, Oct. 11, 1749, slightly trimmed at the margins.
FOLDER 1472 la Gaolissonière, Augustin-Félix-Elisabeth, comte de (1741-1828) nephew of Roland-Michel Barris de la Gaolissonière, marshal of camp, deputy of the nobility for the senechaussee of Anjou in the States-General, September 2, 1786
p. a. s. Valenciennes, Sept. 2, 1786.
FOLDER 1474 Hamelin, Fortunée (1776-1851), one of the most celebrated women of the Directory, a friend of Josephine, Madame Tallien, Madame Recamier, and General Bonaparte, no date
a. l. s. to Mme. Boursault, wife of the former conventionnel.
FOLDER 1475 Haudaudine, Pierre (1756-1846), politician from Nantais, "le Régulus Nantais", no date
a. l. s. Bayonne, to the maritime prefect of Brest.
FOLDER 1476 Hubert, Auguste (1755-1798), architect, September 20, 1795
a. l. s. Paris, Sept. 20, 1795.
FOLDER 1477 Klenze, Leo von (1784-1864), German architect who built the principle monuments in Munich, member of the association of l'Académie des Beaux-Arts, January 16, 1820
a. l. s. Munich, Jan. 16, 1820, to M. Delafontaine, a bronze manufacturer, in French.
FOLDER 1478 Louis Léon Théodore Gosselin (1855-1925), historian and playwright, wrote under the pen name G. Lenotre, 1906
a. l. s. 1906, to George Cain, signed G. Lenotre.
FOLDER 1479 Maillard, 27 Ventôse an 7 (March 17, 1799)
d. s. Paris, 27 Ventôse an 7, signed also by Doulhe.
FOLDER 1480 Maquet, Major-General, 2 Pluviôse an 2 (January 22, 1794)
a. l. s. Paris, 2 Pluviôse an 2,
FOLDER 1481 Mauger, Auguste ( - ), dupté extraordinaire to the National Assembly, no date
a. l. s. to Cityens administration general des postes.
FOLDER 1482 Montbarey, Alexandre Marie Léonar de Saint-Mauris, prince of (1722-1796), general and statesman, minister of war to Louis XVL, October 11, 1774
a. l. s. Versailles, Oct. 11, 1774, to Count Milly.
FOLDER 1482 Montenuovo, Guillaume Alberto, Comte de (1819-1895), son of Marie-Louise, Second wife of Napoleon I, and Adam Albert von Neipperg, November 29, [ ? ]
a. l. s. Nov. 29 [ ]
FOLDER 1484 Miscellaneous
FOLDER 1485 La Rochejaquelein, Auguste du Vergier de (1784-1868), 1er Thermidor an X (July 19, 1802); 1er Thermidor an X (July 19, 1802)
a. l. s. Niorte, 1er Thermidor an X, to the prefect of Deux-Sèvres. + a. l. s. Niorte, 1er Thermidor an X, to the prefect of Deux-Sèvres.
FOLDER 1486 Sardou, 1906
a. l. s. 1906, to M. George Cain.
FOLDER 1487 Thiers, Louis Adolphe (1797-1877), statesman and historian, First President of the French Republic, January 1, 1850
a. l. s. Paris, Jan. 1, 1850.
FOLDER 1488 Choffard, May 5, 1848
l. s. Passy, May 5, 1848, to Boucher.
FOLDER 1489 unidentified
FOLDER 1490 Vandenyver, J. B. ( - ), banker, guillotined as a conspirtaor on Dec. 7, 1792, no date
a. l. s. to M. Cretet, secretary of the committee of the St. Thomas disctrict.
FOLDER 1491 Vicq d'Azyr, Félix (1748-1794), physician
FOLDER 1492 unidentified

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