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Autographs of European notables., 1422-1879

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Series 1: England (continued)
Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (1772-1842), sixth son of George III, March 25, 1827 (continued)
a. l. s. Newstead Abbey, Nottinham, Mar. 25, 1827, personal.
FOLDER 1054 George Frederick William, Duke of Cambridge (1819-1904), grandson of George III, son of Adolphus Frederick, seventh son of George III, March 26, 1851
a. l. s. Dublin, Mar. 26, 1851, note of courtesy.
FOLDER 1055 Charlotte Augusta Matilda, Princess Royal (1766- ), eldest daughter of George III, Queen of Württembert (1796), no date
a. l. s. s. d., to her brother, Duke of Mecklenburg, written prior to a marriage of a niece, his daughter, to her son (in French).
FOLDER 1056 Elizabeth (1770-1840), third daughter of George III, married Frederick, Landgrave and Prince of Hesse-Homburg, March 18, 1822; no date; no date
a. l. s. Homburg, Mar. 18, 1822, personal. + Also two signatures.
FOLDER 1057 Augusta Sophia (1768-1840), second daughter of George III, no date
a. l. s. s. d., to Mrs. Berkeley, personal.
FOLDER 1058 Sophia (1777-1848), fifth daughter of George III, September 1, [ ? ]
a. l. s. Sept. 1, [ ], to Lady Litchfield, personal. Conventional sign, not full signature.
FOLDER 1059 Augusta, Princess of Wales (1726-1772), mother of George III, January 14, 1762
a. l. s. Leicester House, Jan. 14, 1762, to her nephew, an acknowledgment (in French).
FOLDER 1060 Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland (1745-1790), brothere of George III, August 2, 1769
d. s. Spithead, Aug. 2, 1769, certificate of presence for salary due captain Samuel Barrington.
FOLDER 1061 Serres, John Thomas (1759-1825) husband of Olive Wilmot, daughter of Henry Frederick Duke of Cumberland, French Artist, October 20, 1807
a. l. s. London, Oct. 20, 1807, to Robert Freebarin, inviting him to inspect a picture.
FOLDER 1062 Serres, Olive (1772-1824), daughter of Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland and Olive Wilmot, called herself Princess of Cumberland, landscape painter, October 10, 1810
a. l. s. Belgrave Terrace, Oct. 10, 1810, to Mr. Maln, inviting him to call.
FOLDER 1062 Maria, Duchess of Gloucester ( -1807), wife of William Henry, Duke of Gloucester, brother of George III, July, 1804
a. l. s. Gloucester House, July, 1804, personal note to Miss Jones, a miniature painter.
FOLDER 1064 George IV (1762, 1820-1820), December 1, 1772; January 22, 1805; December 29, 1805; [1816]
Dec. 1, 1772, holograph copy of Pope's "The Universal Prayer", signed. + a. l. s. Carlton House, Jan. 22, 1805, personal. + a. l. s. Brighton, Dec. 29, 1805, to Keate, a "secret and confidential" summons. + d. s. [1816], first page of a "warrant for granting the proceeds of the booty and effects taken at the Isle of France by sea and land forces on that expedition."
FOLDER 1065 Caroline of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Queen of England (1768-1821), wife of George IV, June 25, [ ? ]; no date
a. l. s. June 25 [ ], to her brother, asking him to see that a letter reaches the King. + Also a drawing by her.
FOLDER 1066 Charlotte Augusta (1796-1817), daughter of George IV, married to Leopold I, King of Belgians, no date
a. l. s. "Monday Evening," personal.
FOLDER 1067 Fitzherbert, Maria Ann (1756-1827), wife of George IV, no date
a. l. s. s. d., to George Jackson, personal.
FOLDER 1068 William IV (1765, 1820-1827), March 5, 1828; June 15, 1822
a. l. s. Admiralty, Mar. 5, 1828, concerning the appointment of Sir W. I. Hope as Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital. + d. s. June 15, 1822, concerning the recall of Sir Colin Halkett, signed also by his cabinet.
FOLDER 1069 Adelaide of Saxe-Coburg-Meiningen, Queen of England (1792-1849), wife of William IV, no date
Cut signature.
FOLDER 1070 Victoria (1819, 1827-1901), June 22, 1827; July 5, 1827; December 19, 1877
d. s. June 22, 1827, license to plead, signed also by Russell. + d. s. July 5, 1827, warrant concerning the Court of Bankruptcy. + a. l. s. Windsor Castle, Dec. 19, 1877, note to one of her children.
FOLDER 1071 Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel (1819-1861), Prince Consort of Queen Victoria, August, 1854
August, 1854, autograph description of a letter of Lord Hardinge (in French).
FOLDER 1072 Alfred Ernes Albert, Duke of Edinburgh (1844-1900), second son of Queen Victoria, June 15, 1895
a. l. s. Clarence House, St. James, June 15, 1895, personal note of thanks.
FOLDER 1072 Helena (1846- ), third daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess of Schleswig-Holstein, February 19, 1868; no date
a. l. s. Frogmore House, Windsor, Feb. 19, 1868, personal. + Also an unsigned note without date giving her address in Germany.
FOLDER 1074 Christian, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein (1821- ), husband of Princess Helena, daughter of Queen Victoria, January 10, 1872
a. l. s. Cumberland Lodge, Jan. 10, 1872, personal note to Mr. Backland.
FOLDER 1075 Louisa Carolina Alberta, Duchess of Argyll (1848-1914), 4th daughter of Queen Victoria, July 5, 1871
a. l. s. London, July 5, 1871, note of thanks for a wedding present.
FOLDER 1076 Victoria Mary Louise (1786-1861), Duchess of Kent, mother of Queen Victoria, July 8, 1847
a. l. s. Reinhards-Brunnen, July 8, 1847, personal letter to her sister.
FOLDER 1077 Edward VII(1841, 1901-1910), November 5, 1852; November 22, [ ? ]
a. l. s. Windsor castle, Nov. 5, 1852, personal. + a. l. s. Hotel Bristol, Nov. 22 [ ], personal.
FOLDER 1078 Alexandra of Denmark, Queen of England (1844-1925), wife of Edward VII, no date
a. l. s. Marlborough House, s. d., to Mrs. Gladstone, regretting her inability to accept an invitation to dine.
FOLDER 1079 Mary Adelaide Wilhelmina Elizabeth, Princess of Teck (1822-1897), daughter of the Duke of Cambridge, mother of Mary, wife of George V, no date
Cut signature.
FOLDER 1080 Francis Paul Charles Louis Alexander, Prince of Teck (1827-1900), father of Queen Mary, wife of George V, no date
Cut signature.
Series 2: France
FOLDER 1081 Charles V (1227, 1264-1280), May 20, 1274
DeRicci Number: 1081
l. s. Chaalis, May 20, 1274, to the Viscoutn de Caen, requesting him to pay 1000 francs to Jehançon Stançon, "receveur des aides" at Rouen.
FOLDER 1082 Charles VI (1268, 1280-1422), June 19, [1289]
DeRicci Number: 1082
d. s. Paris, June 19 [1289], damaged by time, illegible.
FOLDER 1083 Isabella of Bavaria, Queen of France (1270-1425), wife of Charles VI, February 17, 1404
DeRicci Number: 1082
d. s. Feb. 17, 1404, to the Duke of Brittany, pledging protection to his titles, estates and property and promising to come to his support in case of war.
FOLDER 1083a Orleans, Louis, Duke of ( -1407), son of Charles V, September 24, [between 1292 and 1407]
DeRicci Number: 1082a
l. s. Paris, Sept. 24 [between 1292 and 1407], to the Grand Almoner of the Pope, requesting a benefice for the natural son of the King of Armenia, that he may continue his studies.
FOLDER 1084 Orleans, Charles, Duke of (1291-1465), grandson of Charles V, poet, take prisoner at Agincourt (1415), release after more than twenty years at a great ransom., September 19, 1442; September 20, 1442
DeRicci Number: 1084
d. s. Sept. 19, 1442, reduction of the tax imposed by Charles VI for his ransom on account of the distress resulting from the war. To this is added a statement dated Sept. 20, 1442, signed by Jehan Lefuzelier, "gouverner des finances" of the Duke of Orleans concerning the execution of the preceding ordinance and naming the towns relieved.
FOLDER 1085 Charles VII (1402, 1422-1461), 1419
DeRicci Number: 1085
d. s. Bourges, 1419, as dauphin and regent, order to the commissioners of finance of Languedoc to pay 100 livres tournois to his secretary, Jehan Larbalestier for services rendered.
FOLDER 1086 Dunois and Lougueville, Count of, John, the bastard of Orleans (1402-1468), July 11, 1452
DeRicci Number: 1086
d. s. July 11, 1452, a receipt.
FOLDER 1087 Dunois and Lougueville, François, Count of ( -1491), Duke of Tancarville, governor of Normandy and Duaphiny, grand chamberlain of France, son of John, Count of Dunois, December 9, 1490
DeRicci Number: 1087
d. s. Châteadun, Dec. 9, 1490, order to Jean Gontier, receiver of the county of Fréteval, to pay to Jean Potier, his secretary, 200 livres.
FOLDER 1088 René, Duke of Anjou, of Lorraine, Counte of Provence, King of Naples, Sicily, and Jerusalem (1409-1480), "Good King René", May, 1472
DeRicci Number: 1088
d. s. May 1472, document ordering the joining of the hospital for lepers at Loungjumeul and the church of Saint Eloy.
FOLDER 1088a René II, Duke of Lorraine (1451-1508), grandon of "Good King René", November 18, 1505
DeRicci Number: 1088a
d. s. Nov. 18, 1505, concerning forests bordering Burgundy and Lorraine.
FOLDER 1089 Isabella of Lorraine, Queen of Naples and Sicily (1410-1452), wife of René, April 15, 14--
DeRicci Number: 1089
l. s. Tarascon, April 15, 14??, to the vicar and municipal officials of the town of Grasse, recommending to their fabor the archdeacon of Angers, ambassador to the Pope (in Latin).
FOLDER 1090 Louis XI (1422, 1461-1482), January 2, 1464; [c.1470]
DeRicci Number: 1090
d. s. Jan. 2, 1464, accrediting to the Duke of Milan, Galeas Sforza, the ambassadors he is sending to Pope Pius II. + l. s. [c.1470], to Pierre de Marvilliers, Bishop of Orleans, touching the affairs "Despaigne," and negotiations between Henry IV, King of Castile and the King of Aragon.
FOLDER 1091 Anne of France, Duchess of Beaujeu (1462-1522) daughter of Louise XI, March 6, 1496
DeRicci Number: 1091
l. s. Lyons, Mar. 6, 1496, to the Duke of Savoy, asking for passports for two diplomatic agents going to Naples.
FOLDER 1092 Beaujeu, Pierre de, Duke of Bourbon (1429-1502), son-in-law of Louis XI, regent of France during the minority of Charles VIII, May 11, 1486; May 1, 1491
DeRicci Number: 1092
l. s. Troyes, May 11, 1486, notifying certain officials that the allowances of Jacques Berzain amount to six livres tournois per year and that in view of the difficulties of this service the King had agreed to employ him for two years at the most. + d. s. May 1, 1491, receipt for 24,000 livres tournois from the King for his services as governor of Languedoc.
FOLDER 1092 Charles VIII (1470, 1482-1498), November 17, 1484; May 26, 1487
DeRicci Number: 1092
d. s. Gien-sur-Loire, Nov. 17, 1484, remission of a fine to Perrin Varin. + l. s. Laval, May 26, 1487, to the Signory of Florence, in regard to letters accrediting to him as ambassador Antonio Squarsafico Concini (in Italian).
FOLDER 1094 Louis XII (1462, 1498-1515), May 16, 1491
DeRicci Number: 1094
d. s. May 16, 1491, a receipt.
FOLDER 1095 Marie of Cleves, Duchess of Orleans (1426-1487), mother of Louis XII, February 28, 1468
DeRicci Number: 1095
d. s. Chanteauneuf, Feb. 28, 1468, ordering her treasurer general to turn over seventy livres tournois to John, the Seneschal.
FOLDER 1096 Francis I (1494, 1515-1547), no date
DeRicci Number: 1096
a. l. s. s. d., to the Emperor (Charles V), a letter accrediting as his ambassador M. de Clavimont, second president in his court of the Parlement of Bordeaux.
FOLDER 1097 Eleanore of Austria, Queen of France (1498-1558), second wife of Francis I, sister of Charles V, Emperor of H. R. E., September 11, 1556
DeRicci Number: 1097
l. s. Flessingen, Sept. 11, 1556, to Pierre Saichet, her counselor, asking him to attend to the final settlement of her dowry and dower rights.
FOLDER 1098 Francis, the first Dauphin (1518-1526), son of Francis I, August 6, 1524
DeRicci Number: 1098
d. s. Aug. 6, 1524, to André Blondet, receipt for the maintenance of a military corps.
FOLDER 1099 Louis of Savoy, Countess of Angoulême (1476-10521), mother of Francis I, September 18, 1516
DeRicci Number: 1099
d. s. Amboise, Sept. 18, 1516, order for payment.
FOLDER 1100 Henry II (1519, 1547-1559), August 2, 1552
DeRicci Number: 1100
l. s. Offemont, Aug. 2, 1552, to the Duke of Ferrara, letter of thanks for services at the request of Bishop Lodève. Three lines and autograph added.
FOLDER 1101 Catherine de Medici, Queen of France (1519-1589), wife of Henry II, November 22, 1582; no date
DeRicci Number: 1101
a. l. s. Paris, Nov. 22, 1582, to Nicolas d'Angennes, seigneur de Rambouillet, refer to a letter to her son, the Duke of Anjoy, which she has left open so that M. d'Angennes may write in the same sense. + a. l. s. s. d., to M. de Vérac, introducing M. de Montaigu to him in Scotland.
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