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Autographs of European notables., 1422-1879

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Series 2: France (continued)
FOLDER 1134 Marie Amelia of Sicily, Queen of France (1782-1866), wife of Louis Philippe, January 28, 1828
l. s. The Tuileries, Jan. 28, 1828, to Mme. Cappella Celentani at Naples, personal letter.
FOLDER 1135 Ferdinand, Duke of Orleans (1810-1842), second son of Louis Philippe, no date
Unsigned and undated piece in the handwriting of Ferdinand, relative to benefits accorded his officers. Nine officers named.
FOLDER 1136 Louis, Duke of Nemours (1814-1896), second son of Louis Philippe, May 14, 1829
a. l. s. Neuilly, May 14, 1829, affectionate and boyish letter to his father.
FOLDER 1137 Henry, Duke of Aumâle (1822-1897), fourth son of Louis Philippe, general and historian, French Academy, June 6, 1858
a. l. s. Twickenham, June 6, 1858, letter of thanks.
FOLDER 1138 Louise, Queen of Belgium (1812-1850), daughter of Louis Philippe, July 25, 1842
a. l. s. July 25, 1842, personal note.
FOLDER 1139 Marie of Orleans (1812-1829), daughter of Louis Philippe, [1820]
a. l. s. [1820], comments on the situation in Paris and states that it has been announced that the city is in a state of siege.
FOLDER 1140 Clementine, Duchess of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (1817-1907), daughter of Louis Philippe, April 14, 1862
a. l. s. Vienna, Apr. 14, 1862, to the Reverend René, giving him a sum of money to aid a young cleric.
FOLDER 1141 Louis Phillipe Albert, Count of Paris (1828-1894), grandson of Louis Philippe, September 20, 1852
a. l. s. "Rustuk", Sept. 20, 1852, to Chevalier Meroni, letter of courtesy.
FOLDER 1142 Bourdeaux, Henry Charles Ferdinand, Count of Chambord, Duke of (1820-1882), son of the Duke of Berry, and grandson of Charles X, December 12, 1859
a. l. s. Frohsdorf, Dec. 12, 1859, to Viscount Edward Walsh, letter of courtesy, alluding to "unjust attacks" in the Courrier de Nantes satisfactorily answered by La France Centrale.
Series 3: Bonaparte Family
FOLDER 1143 Buonaparte, Giovanni Francesco, an ancestor of Napoleon, September 4, 1565
DeRicci Number: 1142
a. l. s. Pisa, Sept. 4, 1565, letter to Adam de Crapon at Salon di Crano in regard to a purchase of land, about which he promises to write again; he offers his services in this matter and in any other which may arise (in Italian).
FOLDER 1144 Fesch, Joseph (1762-1829), uncle of Napoleon, step brother of Letitia Bonaparte, priest, served as commissary in army prior to the Consulate, archbishop of Lyons (1802), grand almoner (1805), cardinal (1802), August 17, 1796
a. l. s. Brescia, Aug. 17, 1796, to Colonel Oser, friendly greetings, including the remark, "Cette armée donnera la paix à l'Europe."
FOLDER 1145 Bonaparte, Charles (1744-1785), father of Napoleon, August 14, 1768
d. s. Aug. 14, 1768, signature under his wife's uncle's name.
BOX 17 FOLDER 1146 Bonaparte, Maria Letizia Ramolino (1750-1826), mother of Napoleon, called Madame Mére during the Empire, lived at Rome after the fall of Napoleon, November 12, 1808
l. s. Madrid, Nov. 12, 1808, personal note to one of her sons.
FOLDER 1147 Bonaparte, Joseph (1808-1844), brother of Napoleon I, King of Naples (1806-1808), King of Spain (1808-1814), October 28, 1797; March 29, 1809; March 22, 1822
a. l. s. Rome, Oct. 28, 1797, as ambassador at Rome to the French consul at Ancona applauding his measures to preserve order. + l. s. Madrid, Mar. 29, 1809, to Jerome Bonaparte, King of Westphalia, formally announcing his assumption of the Spanish throne, signed also by Chevalier Urquijo. + a. l. s. Philadelphia, Mar. 22, 1822, personal letter.
FOLDER 1148 Bonaparte, Julie, née Clary (1777-1845), wife of Joseph Bonaparte, sister of the Queen of Sweden, no date; no date
a. l. s. Paris, s. d., upon a financial matter.
FOLDER 1149 Bonaparte, Charlotte (1802-1829), daughter of Joseph Bonaparte, wife of Napoleon Louis, elder brother of Napoleon III, October 25, 1825
a. l. s. Albano, Oct. 25, 1825, to David the painter, expressing her admiration.
FOLDER 1150 Napoleon I (1769-1821), [1799]; 22 Thermidor [1804] (August 9, 1804); April 10, 1812; no date; no date
a. l. s. [1799], to General Chambarlac, relative to peace negotiation with the Vendée after 18 Brumaire, awaits the news that Frotté is beaten. + a. l. s. 22 Thermidor [1804] personal letter to Josephine, who is ill, probably from the camp of Boulogne, referring probably to the battle of Cape Finistère between Villeneuve and Sir Robert Clader. + d. St. Cloud, Apr. 10, 1812, initial on a permit for an American ship trading with a Lyonese firm. + d. s. s. d., signatures on a project and request report. + Also a fragment of one of his works, corrected at St. Helena.
FOLDER 1150 Napoleon I (1769-1821), [1799]; 22 Thermidor [1804] (August 9, 1804); April 10, 1812; no date; no date
a. l. s. [1799], to General Chambarlac, relative to peace negotiation with the Vendée after 18 Brumaire, awaits the news that Frotté is beaten. + a. l. s. 22 Thermidor [1804] personal letter to Josephine, who is ill, probably from the camp of Boulogne, referring probably to the battle of Cape Finistère between Villeneuve and Sir Robert Clader. + d. St. Cloud, Apr. 10, 1812, initial on a permit for an American ship trading with a Lyonese firm. + d. s. s. d., signatures on a project and request report. + Also a fragment of one of his works, corrected at St. Helena.
FOLDER 1151 Josephine, Empress of France (1762-1814), widow of Counte Alexandre de Beauharnais, married to Napoleon (1796), divorced (1809), 29 Germinal [ ? ] (April 18, [ ? ]); 22 Brumaire (November 14, 1802)
a. l. s. St. Cloud, 29 Germinal [ ], to Secretary Page, in behalf of the Count Cleret, signed Lapagerie Bonaparte. + a. l. s. 22 Brumaire [Nov. 14, 1802], to Napoleon, letter of affection.
FOLDER 1152 Beauharnais, Eugène (1781-1824), viceroy of the kingdom of Italy (1805-1814), son of Josephine by her first marriage, June 5, 1811; May 20, 1818
d. s. Paris, June 5, 1811, in regard to a claim growing out of the campaign of 1809, army of Italy. + a. l. s. May 20, 1818, personal letter to a family friend.
FOLDER 1153 Tascher de la Pagerie, Joseph Gaspard (1725-1790), nobleman, soldier and planter of Martinique, father of the Empress Josephine, 1782
d. s. Fort Royal, 1782, report.
FOLDER 1154 Marie Louise, Empress of France (1791-1847), daughter of Francis I, Emperor of Austria, married Napoleon in 1810, Duchess of Parma, Piacenza, and Guastalla (1815), May 12, 1798; June 26. 1812; February 19, 1814; July 28, 1814
a. l. s. May 12, 1798, at the age of seven to Henrietta de Marion. + s. St. Cloud, June 26, 1812, signature from a document signed as regent., + d. s. Paris, Feb. 19, 1814, as regent, approving the retirement on account of illness of an officer, signed also by the Duc de Feltre. + a. l. s. Aix-en-Savoie, July 28, 1814, letter of courteous acknowledgement.
FOLDER 1155 Neipperg, Count (1775-1829), after overthrow of Napoleon, lover of Marie Louise, morganatic husband (1827), no date
l. s. d., invitation from the Count and Countess to C. Edward Lister, United States consul to dine with them (in English).
FOLDER 1156 Napoleon II (1811-1822), Duke of Reichstädt, son of Napoleon and Marie Louise, January 16, 1820; July 17, 1818
Jan. 16, 1820, school exercises. + Also a signature on July 17, 1818, in a book as "Prinus Franz," signed by Marie Louise as Herzögin von Parma.
FOLDER 1157 Bonaparte, Lucien (1775-1840), saved the day for Napoleon at the coup d'état of Brumaire, but later estranged, made Prince of Canino by Pope Pius VII (1814), October 27, [ ? ]; April 20, 1802
a. l. s. [Canino], Oct. 27 [ ], to Mgr. Cunéo d'Ornano, expressing the hope of a visit. + a. l. s. Paris, Apr. 20, 1802, endorsement on an application.
FOLDER 1158 Bonaparte, Christine Boyer (1772(?)-1801), first wife of Lucien Bonaparte, June, 1798
d. s. Marseilles, June 1798, rental of an apartment.
FOLDER 1159 Bonaparte, Alexandrine de Bleschamps (1778-1855), second wife of Lucien Bonaparte (1802). Her first husband was M. de Jouberthon, no date
a. l. s. s. d., to M. Mennechet, to express regret at missing his call.
FOLDER 1160 Bonaparte, Charles Lucien (1802-1857), Prince of canino, son of Lucien Bonaparte, August 20, 1826
a. l. s. Point Breeze, Aug. 20, 1826, to LeRoy, Bayard and Co., asking them to forward to Italy two letters enclosed.
FOLDER 1161 Bonaparte, MariAnne ELISE (1877-1820), sister of Napoleon I, Princess of Lucca and of Piombino (1805), married Felix Baciocchi (1797), May 6, 1812
a. l. s. Florence, May 6, 1812, to Napoleon, in regard to a local meeting.
FOLDER 1162 Camerata, Elisa Napoléone, Countess of (1806-1869), daughter of Elise Bonaparte, wife of Prince of Camerata (1825), June 25, 1821
a. l. s. Villa Vincentino, June 25, 1821, to Mlle. Brocq, in regard to certain papers.
FOLDER 1163 Bonaparte, Louis (1778-1846), King of Holland (1806-1810), brother of Napoleon I, June 26, 1820
a. l. s. Florence, June 26, 1820, to Baron Bignon thanking him for his history of France.
FOLDER 1164 Hortense, Queen of Holland (1782-1827), daughter of Josephine and Count of Beauharnais, married to Louis Bonaparte (1802), September 19, 1814
a. l. s. Havre, Sept. 19, 1814, to her cousin about matters of personal business.
FOLDER 1165 Napoleon III, Emperor of France (1808, 1852-1872), Charles Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, son of Louis Bonaparte and Hortense, attempted Napoleonic restoration in 1826 and 1840, elected president of Second French Republic (1848), organized coup d'état in 1851, Emperor in 1852, overthrown after the capture of Sedan (1870), November 16, 1841; August 17, 1868
a. l. s. Ham, Nov. 16, 1841, to one who has been authorized to visit him (in prison) assuring this correspondent that he will be glad to receive him, signed Napoleon Louis. + a. l. s. Fontainebleu, Aug. 17, 1868, to his cousin, about his health, etc.
FOLDER 1166 Marie Eugénie Ignace Augustine, Empress of France (1826-1920), wife of Napoleon III (1852), daughter of the Count of Montijo, October 14, [ ? ]; July 14, [1872]
a. l. s. Arenenberg, Oct. 14 [ ], to M. Larry, acknowledging courtesies. + a. l. s. Chislehurst, July 14, [1872], acknowledging the courteous letter of an Altesse Royale.
FOLDER 1167 Montijo, Comtesse, mother of the Empress Eugénie, July 9, [ ? ]
a. l. s. July 9 [ ], to M. de Puybusque, acknowledging a book and referring to a recent military riot in Spain.
FOLDER 1168 Morny, Duke of (1811-1865), natural son of Hortense (Queen of Holland) and Charles Joseph, Count de Flahault, married Princess Sophie Troubetzkoi, president of Corps Législatif (1854), Duke (1862), no date
a. l. s. s. d., to a friend referring to his mother-in-law, the Princess Troubetzkoi and her husband "les plus grands seigneurs de Russie, d'une fortune collassale, et aussie bonnes gens et simple que possibles."
FOLDER 1169 Bonaparte, PAULINE, Princess Borghese (1780-1825), sister of Napoleon, married General Leclerc (1797), after his death (1802) she married Prince Camille Borghese (1802), Duchess of Guastalla (1806), June 21, 1822
a. l. s. June 21, 1822, to "Josephine," in which she complains her lack of tact and excessive expenses (in Italian).
FOLDER 1170 Borghese, Camille (1775-1822), secon husband of Pauline Bonaparte, September 10, 1801
a. l. s. Mondovi, Sept. 10, 1801, to Citizen Ambassador of France, explaining his services to France.
FOLDER 1171 Bonaparte, Maria Annonciata CAROLINE (1872-1829), sister of Napoleon, married Joachim Murat, King of Naples, no date
a. l. s. s. d., to Lucien, an affectionate note.
FOLDER 1172 Murat, Achille (1801-1847), son of Joachim Murat, King of Naples and Caroline Bonaparte, emigrated to United States about 1821, postmaster in Tallahassee (1826-1828), married a grand niece of Washington, June 8, 1826
a. l. s. Waseillo, June 8, 1826, to his business representatives LeRoy, Bayard and Co., on details of his projects, mentioning that corn was $2.871⁄2 a bushel (in English).
FOLDER 1173 Bonaparte, JEROME (1784-1860), brother of Napoleon, King of Westphalia (1807-1814), June 19, 1826
a. l. s. Florence, June 19, 1826, concerning his financial claims against the French government.
FOLDER 1174 Bonaparte, Elizabeth Patterson (1785-1879), married Jerome (1802), marriage anulled by French courts, but annulment not recognized by Pope Pius VII, no date
a. l. s. s. d., to Mrs. Cooke, asking her to order thirty pairs of shoes, twenty in white satin and ten in morocco.
FOLDER 1175 Patterson, William, wealthy Baltimorian merchant, father of Elizabeth Patterson, first wife of Jerome Bonaparte, February 9, 1816
a. l. s. Baltimore, Feb. 9, 1816, to General Harper, in regard to a case before the courts.
FOLDER 1176 Bonaparte, Jerome (1805-1870), son of Jerome, the later King of Westphalia, and Elizabeth Patterson of Baltimore, December 16, 1858
d. s. Dec. 16, 1858, note of admission as visitor to the Maryland Club House to John R. Thompson, Esq.
FOLDER 1177 Catherine of Württemburg (1782-1825), second wife of Jerome Bonaparte (1807), April 28, 1812
a. l. s. Cassel, Apr. 28, 1812, a letter of affection to her mother, whom she asks in closing to speak of her to the Emperor and Empress and to give affectionate greeting to Caroline and Pauline.
FOLDER 1178 Bonaparte, Napoleon Joseph Charles Paul (dit Plon-Plon) (1822-1891), second son of King Jerome and Catherine of Württemburg, September 17, 1861; no date
a. l. s. Niagara, Sept. 17, 1861, note sending his and his wife's signature to a correspondent, signed "Jerome" in both letters. + a. l. s. s. d., to Dubuisson, about regatta prize.
FOLDER 1179 Bonaparte, Marie Clotilde (1842- ), wife of Napoleon Joseph Bonaparte (Plon-Plon), daughter of Victor Emmanuel, King of Italy, January 9, 1861
Signature and the date Jan. 9, 1861, on a letter of her husband.
FOLDER 1180 Bonaparte, Matilde Letitia Wilhelmine (1820-1904), daughter of King Jerome, married Prince Anatole Demidov (1841), no date
a. l. s. s. d., letter of polite acknowledgment.
FOLDER 1181 Demidov, Prince Anatole (1812-1870), husband of Matilde Bonaparte (1841), April 2, 1829
l. s. Paris, Apr. 2, 1829, to M. Cherubini, requesting a loge at an approaching concert of the Conservatoire.
Series 4: Napoleonic Notables
FOLDER 1182 Augereau, Pierre François Charles (1757-1816), soldier of fortune, serving first in Russian and other foreign armies, general of division in French Army (1792), distinguished himself at Castiglione (1796), marshal (1804), Duke of Castiglione (1808), May 24, 1799; October 6, 1811
d. s. Perpignan, May 24, 1799, to administrators of the municipality, in regard to passports. + a. l. s. Schonpaye, Oct. 6, 1811, minor military business.
FOLDER 1183 Antomarchi, Francesco ( -1828), Corsican physician, successor of O'Maera in care of Napoleon at St. Helena, July 8, 1824
d. s. Paris, July 8, 1824, certificate of illness.
FOLDER 1184 Bernadotte, Jean Baptiste (1762-1844), entered army in 1780, general of division (1794), marshal (1804), Prince of Ponte Corvo (1806), chosen Crown Prince of Sweden (1810), King of Sweden (1818) as Charles XIV, September 11, 1799
d. s. Paris, Sept. 11, 1799, as Minister of War to the Minister of Finances, in regard to a piece of property.
FOLDER 1185 Bernadotte, Désirée Clary (1777-1860), wife of Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, sister of Joseph Bonaparte's wife., April 12, 1826
a. l. s. Stockholm, Apr. 12, 1826, to Baron Lambot, reply referring to memories of her native Provence.
FOLDER 1186 Berthier, Pierre Alexander (1752-1815), national guard of Versailles (1789), chief-of-staff of marshal Lückner (1792), of the army of Italy (1796), an office which he held during the wholfrane Napoleonic period, marshal (1804), Prince of Neuchâtel (1806), Prince of Wargram (1809), April 12, 1799
d. s. Apr. 12, 1799, as chief-of-staff, an order of rations.
FOLDER 1187 Bertrand, Henry Gratien (172-1844) aide-de-camp of Napoleon after Austerlitz, accompanied him to Elba and St. Helena, count (1808), October 11, 1842
a. l. s. Cincinnati, Oct. 11, 1842, thanking Mr. Cist for courtesies.
FOLDER 1188 Bessières, Jean Baptiste (1768-1812), in "Constitutional Guard" of Louis XVI, general of division (1802), marshal (1804), killed in action while in command of the cavalry in the campaign of 1812, January 20, 1805
a. l. s. Paris, Jan. 20, 1805, as marshal and colonel-général de la garde, to Minister of Interior, a recommendation.
FOLDER 1189 Cambronne, Pierre Jacques Étienne (1770-1842), general whom was ascribed the reply at Waterloo to a summons to surrender: "La garde meurt et ne se rend pas.", May 14, 1822
a. l. s. Lille, May 14, 1822, to M. de Chéguillaume, with congratulations on the marriage of his eldest daughter.
FOLDER 1190 Caulaincourt, Armand Augustin Louis, Marquis de (1772-1827), early entered army but deprived of grade as captain (1792), restored (1795), aide-de-camp of Napoleon (1801), Duke of Vicence (1808), minister of foreign affairs (Hundred Days), May 22, [ ? ]
a. l. s. Paris, May 22 [ ], notifying the administrators of the mint that the Elector of Baden is to visit the establishment.
FOLDER 1191 Clarke, Henri Jacques Guillame (1765-1818), of an Irish Jacobite family, secretary of Duke of Orleans, general of division (1795), minister of war (1807), also at second Restoration, Duke of Feltre (1809), marshal (1816), February 26, 1812
a. l. s. Paris, Feb. 26, 1812, as Minister of War to the director-general of conscription upon the question of the Elèves-gendarmes.
FOLDER 1192 Davout, Louis Nicolas (1770-1822), noble, fellow-student of naploeon at Brienne, entered army (1788), general of division (1800), marshal (1804), gained victory of Auerstädt (1806), Duke of Auerstädt (1808), Prince of Eckmühl (1809), rank and titles taken away for a time under second Restoration, January 21, 1807
a. l. s. Jan. 21, 1807, to General Cerc, an order to reconoiter.
FOLDER 1193 Delacroix, Charles (1741-1805), lawyer, deputy of Marne to Convention, minister of foreign affairs (1795), prefect under Empire, December 9, 1796
a. l. s. Paris, Dec. 9, 1796, to James Monroe, Minister of the united States, promising an interview at which credentials of the Citoyen Pinckney are to be presented.
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