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Autographs of European notables., 1422-1879

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Series 1: England (continued)
FOLDER 1020 James V, King of Scotland (1512, 1512-1542), father of Mary Queen of Scots and grandfather of James I, King of England, December 16, 1528
DeRicci Number: 1020
l. s. Edinburgh, Dec. 16, 1528, to Cardinal Alexander Farnese, letter of courtesy (in Latin).
FOLDER 1021 Stuart, John, Duke of Albany (1481-1526), regent of Scotland during the minority of James I, November 7, 1520
DeRicci Number: 1021
d. s. Nov. 7, 1520, receipt for a grant of 15,000 livres made to him by Francis I of France (in French).
FOLDER 1022 Charles I (1600, 1625-1649), September 20, 1627; August 22, 1641
l. s. Sept. 20, 1627, to the provost and bailiff of Edinburgh, letter of credence of the new provost. + a. l. s. Eden, Aug. 22, 1641, to his secretary, Sir Edward Nicholas, giving instructions of minor importance.
FOLDER 1023 Henrietta Maria of France, Queen of England (1609-1669), wife of Charles I, April 15, [1644]
a. l. s. Oxford, Apr. 15 [1644], to Mazarin, recommending a gentleman returning to France by her consent after serving in the armies of England (in French).
FOLDER 1024 Cromwell, Oliver (1599, 1648-1658), December 17, 1642; June 6, 1655; October 12, 1657; December 1642, August 17, 1861
d. s. Dec. 17, 1642, to Captain Vernon, demand to pay bearer George Baxton, a sum due Cromwell and his troops. + d. s. Whitehall, June 6, 1655, concerning payment of an award made by agreement with the United Provinces in the war of 1652-1654, to persons who had sustained damages by the Dutch East Indian Company in the East. + d. s. Oct. 12, 1657, and order to the Commissioners for the Admiralty. Also Dec., 1642, salary order for Cromwell then captain of a troop of arquebusiers, signed by Essex. Also Chelsea, Aug. 17, 1861, a letter from Thomas Carlyle to John Webster, discussing at length the significance of the above document, indicating the Cromwell must have fought at Edgehill as a Captain of Foot.
FOLDER 1025 Cromwell, Richard (1626, 1658-1659, 1712), son of Oliver Cromwell, March 26, [1658?]
d. s. Whitehall, Mar. 26, 1658(?), to the Commissioners of the Admiralty, requesting the appointment of an officer to an important commission.
FOLDER 1026 Cromwell, Henry (1628-1674), son of Oliver Cromwell, November 17, 1648
d. s. Nov. 17, 1648, a certificate of protection for Richard Anot.
FOLDER 1027 Charles II (1620, 1660-1685), April 21, [16--]
a. l. s. Oxford, Apr. 21 [16--], to his cousin Prince Rupert, desiring the exchange of two prisoners of war, Major Jackson and Kilvers, a Cornet.
FOLDER 1028 Catherine of Braganza, Queen of England (1628-1705), wife of Charles II, November 25, 1662
l. s. London, Nov. 25, 1662, to her brother, letter of courtesy (in Portuguese).
FOLDER 1029 James II (1622, 1685-1688, 1701), no date; January, 1689
a. l. s. s. d., concerning military orders. + l. s. St. Germain-en-laye, Jan. 1689, to his cousin, letter of courtesy (in French).
FOLDER 1030 Mary of Modena, Queen of England (1685-1718), wife of James II, February 25, 1717
a. l. s. St. Germain-en-laye, Feb. 25, 1717, note of thanks (in French).
FOLDER 1031 James Francis Edward Stuart (1688-1765), the Old Pretender, only son of James II by Mary of Modena, July 7, 1749
d. s. Rome, July 7, 1749, appointment to the rank of brigadier general of Lt. Col. John Obrien, "given at our court at Rome, in the 48th year of our Reign," signed James R.
FOLDER 1032 Charles Edward Louis Philip Casimir Stuart (1720-1778), the Young Pretender, son of James Francis Stuart, grandson of James II, January 25, 1742
l. s. Rome, Jan. 25, 1742, to the Count of Bethune, protestation of friendship (in French).
FOLDER 1032 Louisa, Countess of Albany (1752-1824), 1818
a. l. s. 1818, to M. Boni, request to pay Charles send a sum of money (in French).
FOLDER 1034 Henry Benedict Maria Clement Stuart (1725-1807), younger son of the Old Pretender, syled Henry IX by the Jacobite party, cardinal., April 19, 1788
a. l. s. Paris, Apr. 19, 1788, certificate for a sum of money to be paid the Marquis Jerome Belloni (in French).
FOLDER 1035 Berwick, James FitzJames, Duke of (1670-1724), natural son of James II, April 6, 1719
l. s. Bordeaux, Apr. 6, 1719, personal (in French).
FOLDER 1036 Mary II (1662, 1689-1694), daughter of James II, married William III (1678), October 7, 1691; March 12, [ ? ]
d. s. Whitehall, Oct. 7, 1691, order to the Treasury to pay royal bounties, among them one to James Roach, £20 for winning the Derry River to give notice to Londonderry that relief from the siege was en route, signed also by Godolphin, Lowther, R. Hampden, T. Pelham + a. l. s. Loo, Mar. 12 [ ], personal letter to Lady Bellasie, inviting correspondence.
FOLDER 1037 William III (1650, 1689-1702), married Mary II (1678), January 20, 1692
d. s. Jan. 20, 1692, an assignment of £5000 to Casper Frederick Henning for the Royal Gardens, signed also by Godolphin, John Lowther, R. Hampden.
FOLDER 1038 Anne (1665, 1702-1714), May 21, 1707; December 24, 1707; July 24, 1714
d. s. May 21, 1707, receipt, + d. s. Dec. 24, 1707, receipt, + d. s. July, 24, 1714, order to Robert Earl of Oxford to pay Daniel Arthur £2000 in satisfaction of a Bill of Exchange drawn upon Paris by Matthew Prior.
FOLDER 1039 George, Prince of Denmark (1652-1708), consort of Queen Anne, November 20, 1705
d. s. Nov. 20, 1705, to Edward Nicholas, treasurer, and receiver general of the Royal Household, instructions to pay the salary of J. G. Hugk, newly appointed secretary for the affairs of the Royal Household, signed also by Hugk.
FOLDER 1040 George I (1660, 1714-1727), February 5, 1708; December 25, 1722; November 9, 1724
d. s. Hanover, Feb. 5, 1708, as Elector of Brunswick, receipt for a sum of gulden spent for a contingent of the army (in Germany). + d. s. Xmas, 1722, receipt for South Sea dividend. + d. s. St. James, Nov. 9, 1724, order to the commissioners of the Treasury to pay £200 to Dr. Gideon for visiting sick prisoners of state in the Tower, signed also by Robert Walpole, Will Yonge, George Baille, George Dodington.
FOLDER 1041 Königsmark, Philip Christophe (1665-1694), Swedish count and colonel in the service of Hanover, alleged lover of Sophia Dorothea, wife of George I, April 8, 1692
a. l. s. Hamburg, Apr. 8, 1692, last page of a letter requesting further instructions in a legal matter (in German).
FOLDER 1042 Ernest Augustus, Elector of Hanover (1629-1698), father of George I, June 27, 1684
d. s. June 27, 1684, minor administrative matters (in German)
FOLDER 1042 Sophia, Electress of Hanover (1620-1714), mother of George I, January 22, 1681; August 28, 1705
d. s. Hanover, Jan. 22, 1681, to Frederick, Duke of Saxony, letter of condolence upon the death of his wife (in German). + l. s. Herrenhausen, Aug. 28, 1705, personal letter to Madame Colt in London in which she speaks of the approaching marriage of her grandson (George II) and the Princess of Anspach (in French).
FOLDER 1044 Frederick V (1596-1622), "Winter King" of Bohemia (1618-1620), elector palatine of the Rhine, grandfather of George I, August 17, 1619
l. s. Amberg, Aug. 17, 1619, to the Bishop Elector of Würzburg, concerning transportation of troops. Received in Heidelberg, Aug. 20, 1619 (in German).
FOLDER 1045 George II (1682, 1727-1760), April 12, 1716; June 9, 1757; December 24, [ ? ]
l. s. St. James, Apr. 12, 1716, to the Emperor of H. R. E., acknowledging the good wishes sent him through Count Volckra and expressing desire to maintain cordial relations (in Latin). This letter was never sent. + d. s. Kensington, June 9, 1757, to James Delancey, governor of New York, Aquainting him of the appointment of Mr. Robert Cholmondeley as auditor of the plantation, which position became vacant thought the death of Horace Walpole, signed also by Devonshire Nugent and Duncannon. + a. l. s. St. James, Dec. 24 [ ], acknowledgement of a note of condolence (in French).
FOLDER 1046 Caroline of Brandenburg-Anspach, Queen of England (1628-1727), wife of George II, October 8, 1728
a. l. s. Windsor, Oct. 8, 1728, to the Earl of Chesterfield, personal letter assuring him of her interest and friendship.
FOLDER 1047 Frederick, Prince of Wales (1707-1751), son of George II, January 19, 1745
d. s. Leicester House, Jan. 19, 1745, to William, Duke of Saxony, acknowledging a New Year's greeting (in German).
BOX 15 misc. files
FOLDER 1048 George III (1728, 1760-1820), November 29, 1787
a. l. s. St. James, Nov. 29, 1787, minor military matter.
FOLDER 1049 Charlotte Sophia of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, Queen of England (1744-1818), wife of George III, August 15, 1809; September 1, 1811
a. l. s. Frogmore, Aug. 15, 1809, to Mr. Cowden, asking to have her carriages in repair for travel. + a. l. Windsor, Sept. 1, 1811, initialed letter asking M. de la Fite to make inquiries concerning a book she wishes to read.
FOLDER 1050 Frederick Augustus, Duke of York and Albany ( -1827), second son of George III, May 9, 1825
a. l. s. South Audley Street, May 9, 1825, to the Marquis Conyngham about a pension for Mrs. Wharton.
FOLDER 1051 Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent (1767-1820), fourth son of George III, father of Queen Victoria, August 22, 1812; no date
a. l. s. Kensington, Aug. 22, 1812, to M. de Guillermy, about a military appointment. + Also a cut signature.
FOLDER 1052 Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (1771-1851), King of Hanover (1827), fifth son of George III, May 12, [ ? ]
a. l. s. May 12 [ ], to one Jones, concerning a recommendation.
FOLDER 1052 Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex (1772-1842), sixth son of George III, March 25, 1827
a. l. s. Newstead Abbey, Nottinham, Mar. 25, 1827, personal.
FOLDER 1054 George Frederick William, Duke of Cambridge (1819-1904), grandson of George III, son of Adolphus Frederick, seventh son of George III, March 26, 1851
a. l. s. Dublin, Mar. 26, 1851, note of courtesy.
FOLDER 1055 Charlotte Augusta Matilda, Princess Royal (1766- ), eldest daughter of George III, Queen of Württembert (1796), no date
a. l. s. s. d., to her brother, Duke of Mecklenburg, written prior to a marriage of a niece, his daughter, to her son (in French).
FOLDER 1056 Elizabeth (1770-1840), third daughter of George III, married Frederick, Landgrave and Prince of Hesse-Homburg, March 18, 1822; no date; no date
a. l. s. Homburg, Mar. 18, 1822, personal. + Also two signatures.
FOLDER 1057 Augusta Sophia (1768-1840), second daughter of George III, no date
a. l. s. s. d., to Mrs. Berkeley, personal.
FOLDER 1058 Sophia (1777-1848), fifth daughter of George III, September 1, [ ? ]
a. l. s. Sept. 1, [ ], to Lady Litchfield, personal. Conventional sign, not full signature.
FOLDER 1059 Augusta, Princess of Wales (1726-1772), mother of George III, January 14, 1762
a. l. s. Leicester House, Jan. 14, 1762, to her nephew, an acknowledgment (in French).
FOLDER 1060 Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland (1745-1790), brothere of George III, August 2, 1769
d. s. Spithead, Aug. 2, 1769, certificate of presence for salary due captain Samuel Barrington.
FOLDER 1061 Serres, John Thomas (1759-1825) husband of Olive Wilmot, daughter of Henry Frederick Duke of Cumberland, French Artist, October 20, 1807
a. l. s. London, Oct. 20, 1807, to Robert Freebarin, inviting him to inspect a picture.
FOLDER 1062 Serres, Olive (1772-1824), daughter of Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland and Olive Wilmot, called herself Princess of Cumberland, landscape painter, October 10, 1810
a. l. s. Belgrave Terrace, Oct. 10, 1810, to Mr. Maln, inviting him to call.
FOLDER 1062 Maria, Duchess of Gloucester ( -1807), wife of William Henry, Duke of Gloucester, brother of George III, July, 1804
a. l. s. Gloucester House, July, 1804, personal note to Miss Jones, a miniature painter.
FOLDER 1064 George IV (1762, 1820-1820), December 1, 1772; January 22, 1805; December 29, 1805; [1816]
Dec. 1, 1772, holograph copy of Pope's "The Universal Prayer", signed. + a. l. s. Carlton House, Jan. 22, 1805, personal. + a. l. s. Brighton, Dec. 29, 1805, to Keate, a "secret and confidential" summons. + d. s. [1816], first page of a "warrant for granting the proceeds of the booty and effects taken at the Isle of France by sea and land forces on that expedition."
FOLDER 1065 Caroline of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, Queen of England (1768-1821), wife of George IV, June 25, [ ? ]; no date
a. l. s. June 25 [ ], to her brother, asking him to see that a letter reaches the King. + Also a drawing by her.
FOLDER 1066 Charlotte Augusta (1796-1817), daughter of George IV, married to Leopold I, King of Belgians, no date
a. l. s. "Monday Evening," personal.
FOLDER 1067 Fitzherbert, Maria Ann (1756-1827), wife of George IV, no date
a. l. s. s. d., to George Jackson, personal.
FOLDER 1068 William IV (1765, 1820-1827), March 5, 1828; June 15, 1822
a. l. s. Admiralty, Mar. 5, 1828, concerning the appointment of Sir W. I. Hope as Treasurer of Greenwich Hospital. + d. s. June 15, 1822, concerning the recall of Sir Colin Halkett, signed also by his cabinet.
FOLDER 1069 Adelaide of Saxe-Coburg-Meiningen, Queen of England (1792-1849), wife of William IV, no date
Cut signature.
FOLDER 1070 Victoria (1819, 1827-1901), June 22, 1827; July 5, 1827; December 19, 1877
d. s. June 22, 1827, license to plead, signed also by Russell. + d. s. July 5, 1827, warrant concerning the Court of Bankruptcy. + a. l. s. Windsor Castle, Dec. 19, 1877, note to one of her children.
FOLDER 1071 Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel (1819-1861), Prince Consort of Queen Victoria, August, 1854
August, 1854, autograph description of a letter of Lord Hardinge (in French).
FOLDER 1072 Alfred Ernes Albert, Duke of Edinburgh (1844-1900), second son of Queen Victoria, June 15, 1895
a. l. s. Clarence House, St. James, June 15, 1895, personal note of thanks.
FOLDER 1072 Helena (1846- ), third daughter of Queen Victoria, Princess of Schleswig-Holstein, February 19, 1868; no date
a. l. s. Frogmore House, Windsor, Feb. 19, 1868, personal. + Also an unsigned note without date giving her address in Germany.
FOLDER 1074 Christian, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein (1821- ), husband of Princess Helena, daughter of Queen Victoria, January 10, 1872
a. l. s. Cumberland Lodge, Jan. 10, 1872, personal note to Mr. Backland.
FOLDER 1075 Louisa Carolina Alberta, Duchess of Argyll (1848-1914), 4th daughter of Queen Victoria, July 5, 1871
a. l. s. London, July 5, 1871, note of thanks for a wedding present.
FOLDER 1076 Victoria Mary Louise (1786-1861), Duchess of Kent, mother of Queen Victoria, July 8, 1847
a. l. s. Reinhards-Brunnen, July 8, 1847, personal letter to her sister.
FOLDER 1077 Edward VII(1841, 1901-1910), November 5, 1852; November 22, [ ? ]
a. l. s. Windsor castle, Nov. 5, 1852, personal. + a. l. s. Hotel Bristol, Nov. 22 [ ], personal.
FOLDER 1078 Alexandra of Denmark, Queen of England (1844-1925), wife of Edward VII, no date
a. l. s. Marlborough House, s. d., to Mrs. Gladstone, regretting her inability to accept an invitation to dine.
FOLDER 1079 Mary Adelaide Wilhelmina Elizabeth, Princess of Teck (1822-1897), daughter of the Duke of Cambridge, mother of Mary, wife of George V, no date
Cut signature.
FOLDER 1080 Francis Paul Charles Louis Alexander, Prince of Teck (1827-1900), father of Queen Mary, wife of George V, no date
Cut signature.
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