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Autographs of European notables., 1422-1879

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Series 19: Saxony
FOLDER 1290 Maurice, Duke of (1521, 1547-1552), Elector after the Schmalkaldic war, May 7, 1551
DeRicci Number: 1290
l. s. Magdeburg, May 7, 1551, to the councilors of Magdeburg, minor administrative matter.
FOLDER 1291 John Frederick, Elector of (1529, 1557-1595), December 22, 1562
DeRicci Number: 1291
l. s. "Hiltburg," Dec. 22, 1562, in regard to the city council and city hall of Weimar.
FOLDER 1293 Augustus, Elector of (1670, 1694-1722), June 20, 1708
l. s. Dresden, June 20, 1708, letter to a cardinal expressing his desire for harmony between the church and the Emperor which the recent disturbance in Italy has interrupted. He offers his influence and services to this cause.
FOLDER 1292 John, King of (1801, 1854-1872), April 22, 1872
l. s. Dresden, Apr. 22, 1872, to Cardinal de Angelis, letter of courtesy.
Series 20: Bologna
FOLDER 1294 Bentivoglio, Giovanni, tyrant of (1442-1508), dispossessed of his estates by Pope Julius II, January 18, 1498
DeRicci Number: 1294
a. l. s. Bologna, Jan. 18, 1498, regarding a recommendation made to him on behalf of one Thebald Thebaldescho, stating his readiness to be of service to him.
Series 21: Florence
FOLDER 1295 Soderini, Pietro, Gonfaloniere of (1450-c. 1512), elected in 1501, deposed in 1512, upon the demand of Pope Julius II, July 22, 1506
DeRicci Number: 1295
a. l. s. Florence, July 22, 1506, to Raphael Volaterrano, regarding a work which he promises to examine and upon the completion of which he offers congratulations.
Series 22: Mantua
FOLDER 1296 Gonzago, Ferdinando di, Duke of (1587-1626), January 14, 1615
l. s. Mantua, Jan. 14, 1615, to the Marquis of Ramboullet at Turin, thanking him for a kindness and discussing the affairs of his duchy.
FOLDER 1297 Catherine de Medici (1592-1629), wife of Ferdinand Gonzaga, Duke of, July 6, 1627
l. s. Florence, July 6, 1627, personal letter to the Bishop of Mantua.
Series 23: Modena and Ferrara
FOLDER 1298 Ercole I d'Este, Duke of (1421, 1470-1505), January 10, 1500
DeRicci Number: 1298
d. s. Ferrara, Jan. 10, 1500, document providing for the improvement of uncultivated and swampy lands in the vicinity of Ferrara, and exempting certain of these districts from taxation.
FOLDER 1299 Este, Francesco d' (1516-1578), son of Alfonso I, Duke of Modena and Ferrara and Lucretia Borgia, August 18, 1565
DeRicci Number: 1299
l. s. Ferrara (?), Aug. 18, 1565, to Ambassador Arisoti expressing dissatisfaction with the mAnner in which the case of a friend has been conducted, signed al by Luigi d'Este.
FOLDER 1300 Este, Luigi d', Cardinal (1528-1586), son of Ercole II, Duke of, 1575; April 18, 1579
DeRicci Number: 1200
d. s. 1575, a receipt [in French]. + l. s. Tivoli, Apr. 18, 1579, to an official in Paris asking to show any kindness possible to a cleric who is then setting out for Paris.
FOLDER 1301 Alfonso II d'Este, Duke of (1522, 1559-1597), December 9, 1570; October 9, 1589
DeRicci Number: 1201
a. l. s. Ferrara, Dec. 9, 1570, to the Pope (Pius V), thanking him for a recent letter, referring to Doctor Bertazzuolo whom he commends to the Pope's favor and expressed his devotion to the church. + l. s. Pesaro, Oct. 9, 1589, letter to a friend assuring him of his interest.
FOLDER 1302 Margherita Gonzaga d'Este, wife of Alfonso II, Duke of, August 10, 1610
a. l. s. Mantua, Aug. 10, 1610, personal.
FOLDER 1302 Renaldo d'Este, Duke of (1655, 1694-1727), June 1, 1710
a. l. s. Modena, June 1, 1710, regarding the arrival of the Marchese Ludovico Rangoni and expressing his esteem for him.
FOLDER 1304 Francesco II d'Este, Duke of (1660, 1662-1694), July 15, 1688
l. s. Modena, July 15, 1688, referring to the birth of an heir to his sister, Queen of England. *Note-His sister was wife of James II of England. The child referred to was James Francis Stuart, the Old Pretender.
FOLDER 1305 Charlotte of Hanover (1671-1710), Duchess of Modena, wife of Renaldo d'Este, April 10, 169[8?]
l. s. Modena, Apr. 10, 169[8?], personal.
Series 24: Sardinia
FOLDER 1306 Charles Emmanuel IV, Prince of Piedmont, King of Sardinia (1751, 1796-1802, 1819), February 28, 1801
l. s. Naples, Feb. 28, 1801, to Cardinal Carossa de Belvedere, assuring him of his interest and friendship and promising him aid.
FOLDER 1307 Maria Theresa of Austria, Queen of Sardinia (1772-1822), wife of Victor Emmanuel I, January 14, 1800
a. l. s. Verceil, Jan. 14, 1800, to her sister, announcing the death of her only son.
Series 25: Savoy
FOLDER 1308 Amadeo, Marquis of St. Rembert, natural son of Emmanuel Filberto, Duke of Savoy, July 26, 1585
DeRicci Number: 1208
l. s. Bruges, July 26, 1585, personal. To Camello Capizucchi.
BOX 20 FOLDER 1309 Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of (1562, 1580-1620), March 4, 1607; May 21, 1629
d. s. Turin, Mar. 4, 1607, to Cardinal Aldobrandini, expressing his satisfaction at a recent treaty of peace. + l. s. Turin, May, 21, 1629, to an officer, granting him leave of absence and instructing him to whom to entrust his command.
FOLDER 1310 Catherine of Austria, Duchess of Savoy (1562-1620), wife of Charles Emmanuel I, March 17, 1595
DeRicci Number: 1210
d. s. Turin, Mar. 17, 1595, an order to her treasurer for the payment of his salary for the last quarter to Battista Lealdo, a town official.
FOLDER 1311 Filiberto, Prince of Oneille (1588-1624), son Charles Emmanuel I, Duke of, September 25, 1616
l. s. Porto di Santa Maria, Sept. 25, 1616, personal.
FOLDER 1312 Victor Amadeo I, Duke of (1587, 1620-1627), August 5, 1625
l. s. Turin, Aug. 5, 1625, to one Bollogniti, thanking him for a letter and asking him to continue to send news.
FOLDER 1312 Louise, daughter of Victor Amadeo I ( -1692), February 18, 1625
l. s. Turin, Feb. 18, 1628, to a cleric in Rome, congratulating him upon his zeal in restoring the church of Santo Sudario in Rome.
FOLDER 1314 Charles Emmanuel II, Duke of (1624, 1628-1675), March 15, 1672
l. s. Turin, Mar. 15, 1672, to Raimondo Capizucchi, congratulating him upon his appointment as master of the Sagro Palazzo.
FOLDER 1315 VICTOR AMADEO II, Duke of Savoy (1666, 1675-1720, 1722,), King of Sardinia (1720), October 5, 1687; no date; January 21, 1695; June 2, 1697
l. s. Turin, Oct. 5, 1687, to a cleric in Rome, expressing his displeasure at the heavy expenses to which he is subjected for ecclesiastical purposes. + l. s. Turin, s. d., to the Abbé Grimani, informing him of a visit to Venice which he proposes to make incognito, and requests his aid in this design (in French). + l. s. Turin, Jan. 21, 1695, to the Count Giovanni Maffei, thanking him for his sentiments of affection and esteem, and assuring him of his continued favor (in French). + l. s. Turin, June 2, 1697, to the Abbé Grimani, regarding an exchange of musicians for the opera which he proposes during the coming winter for his theater (in French).
FOLDER 1316 Anne Maria of Orleans, Duchess of Savoy, Queen of Sardinia (1669-1728), wife of Victor Amadeo II, October 9, 1687
l. s. Turin, Oct. 9, 1687, to a cleric in Rome, the prefect of the Compagnia del Santo Sudario, expressing her pleasure at learning that the church of the order has been restored, and extending to him her favor and protection.
FOLDER 1317 Eugene Francis, Prince (1662-1726), cousin of Victor Amadeo II, entered the Austrian service in 1682, general of the Imperial forces, associated with Marlborough at Blenheim, [June, 1691], December 12, 1708; May 4, 1716; December 29, 1722
a. l. s. Magin, [June 1691: received June 29] to Victor Amadeo, explaining why he cannot bring the military aid asked (in French). + l. s. Lolle in Flanders, Dec. 12, 1708, a report of the taking of Lille. + d. s. Milan, May 4, 1716, financial transaction. + l. s. Vienna, Dec. 29, 1722, a statement that he has received the commands recently sent to him.
FOLDER 1318 Charles Emmanuel III, Duke of (1701, 1720-1772), July 28, 1726
l. s. Turin, July 28, 1726, to the Queen of England (Caroline, wife of George II), effusive letter in which he acknowledges the receipt of letters through Essex to himself and assures her of the satisfactory execution of her injunction (in French).
FOLDER 1319 Maria Elisabetta Theresa of Lorraine, Duchess of Savoy (1711-1741), wife of Charles Emmanuel III, January 14, 1741
l. s. Turin, Jan. 14, 1741, polite letter (in French).
Series 26: Tuscany
FOLDER 1320 Lorenzo I, de Medici, the Magnificent (1449, 1469-1492), December 9, [ ? ]
DeRicci Number: 1220
a. l. s. Florence, Dec. 9 [ ], to a Florentine in Rome, regarding a musician whose services he wishes to obtain.
FOLDER 1321 Cosmo I, de Medici, first Grand Duke of (1519, 1527-1574), September 16, 1550; September 9, 1572
DeRicci Number: 1221
d. s. Poggio, Sept. 16, 1550, certificate of the purchase by Guiliano Capponi of a house in Florence belonging to the Duke of Ferrara. + l. s. Florence, Sept. 9, 1572, to the Duke of Anjou (later Henry III of France), offering congratulations and asking that opportunities of serving him be pointed out more frequently. *Note-Probably written upon the assumption by the Duke of Anjoy of the command of the army at La Rochelle.
FOLDER 1322 Giovanni de Medici ( -1621), natural son of Cosmo I. He followed Marie de Medici into France but later returned to Florence, February 15, 1614
a. l. s. Florence, Feb. 15, 1614, to Marie de Medici, Queen of France, asking her aid in obtaining an early decision in a dispute with a debtor, Baccio Nicolini.
FOLDER 1322 Cosmo II, de Medici, fourth Grand Duke of (1590, 1607-1621), June 20, 1614
l. s. Florence, June 20, 1614, to a friend in Parma, announcing the death of his brother Francesco.
FOLDER 1324 Francesco de Medici ( -1614), brother of Cosmo II, February(?) 20, 1610
a. l. s. Careggi, Feb(?) 20, 1610, to Paolo Capozzucchi at Rome, personal.
FOLDER 1325 Christina of Lorraine, Grand duchess of Tuscany (1565-1627), wife of Ferdinand I, August 12, 1611
l. s. Aug. 12, 1611, regarding the help which she and the Grand Duke Ferdinand are disposed to give a Cavaliere Guigni in a certain piece of work.
Series 27: Venice
FOLDER 1326 Foscari, Francesco, Doge of (1272-1457), hero of Byron's The Two Foscari, April 4, 1448
DeRicci Number: 1226
d. s. Venice, Apr. 4, 1448, registration and transcription for the legislation of the will of Marino Sanudo (in Latin and Italian).
FOLDER 1327 Priuli, Lornzo, Doge of (1556-1599), July 21, 1595
DeRicci Number: 1227
l. s. Venice, July 21, 1595, to Albate Prezzato, empowering him to treat with the Pope and certain other persons concerning the affairs of the Seminario di Venetia
Series 28: Statesmen, Clerics, and Military
FOLDER 1328 Aldobrandini, Giovanni (1525-1572), cardinal, April 20, 1572
DeRicci Number: 1228
d. s. Apr. 20, 1572, providing for the papal share of expense for the war against the Turks, ending in the Battle of Lepanto (1572), signed also by Giovanni Morone and four other cardinals.
FOLDER 1329 Aldus, Manutius, Jr. (1547-1597), grandson of the great Aldus, April 20, 1586
DeRicci Number: 1229
a. l. s. Bologna, Apr. 20, 1586, to a friend regarding the works which he is at present producing.
FOLDER 1330 Aleotti, Giovanni Battista (1546-1626), architect and engineer, August 29, 1589
DeRicci Number: 1220
a. l. s. Aug. 29, 1589, brief personal note.
FOLDER 1331 Alfieri, Vittorio (1749-1802), poet, 1798
An autograph signature written upon the fly-leaf of a book, date Florence, 1798.
FOLDER 1332 Andiffredi, J. B. (1714-1794), a learned Dominican astronomer, bibliographer, historian of Italian printing., September 12, 1788
a. l. s. Rome, Sept. 12, 1788, a brief friendly letter to Angelo Bandini in Florence, apologizing for his delay in answering a recent communication.
FOLDER 1333 Ariosto, Ludovico (1474-1522), poet, no date
DeRicci Number: 1222
d. s. s. d., document signed by Ariosto with four others, setting forth the details of a recent condemnation and fine and asking that it be canceled.
FOLDER 1334 Azeglio, Massimo Taparelli, Marqui of (1798-1866), litterateur and statesman, no date
d. s. s. d., an extract from a memorandum regarding legislation to encourage commerce and mechanical arts.
FOLDER 1335 Azzolino, Decio (1626-1689), cardinal, friend of Queen Christine of Sweden, December 15, 1651
l. s. Rome, Dec. 15, 1651, letter to a friend in which he mentions that he is to leave Rome for Christmas.
FOLDER 1336 Bandini, Angelo Maria (1726-1800), antiquary, writer upon musical subjects, biographer of Americus Vespuccius, October 1, 1791
a. l. s. Florence, Oct. 1, 1791, to a friend in which he discusses a collection of fifteenth century manuscripts which he has recently examined and gives and account of his own work, Annali tipografici della Toscana.
FOLDER 1336a (Special Note--PVW) Barberini, Antonio (1608-1671), cardinal, December [16?], 1652
d. s. Dec. [16?], 1652, written in a secretary's hand and signed by Barberini. *Note: Not part of the Thacher collection, acquired in 1985.
FOLDER 1337 Bellarmino, Roberto (1542-1621), cardinal, archbishop of Capua, historian and contoversialist, September 11, 1606
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