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Autographs of European notables., 1422-1879

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Series 28: Statesmen, Clerics, and Military (continued)
FOLDER 1388 Siri, Vittorio (1608-1685), a Benedictine, historian, June 8, 1647
a. l. s. Venice, June 8, 1647, brief personal letter.
FOLDER 1389 Strozzi, Alessandro, member of a famous Florentine family, January 25, 1499
DeRicci Number: 1289
a. l. s. Venice, Jan. 25, 1499, to Lodovico (di Florentia) at Villabona, apparently a baliff or steward of the Strozzi, to whom he gives directions regarding certain details of the estate.
FOLDER 1390 Strozzi, Roberto ( -1566), member of a famous Florentine family, October 16, 1491
DeRicci Number: 1290
a. l. s. Villabona, Oct. 16, 1491, personal letter to his brother, Alessandro Strozzi, then in Venice.
FOLDER 1391 Tasso, Bernardo (1492-1564), poet, father of Torquato Tasso, December 6, 1556(?)
DeRicci Number: 1291
a. l. s. Venice, Dec. 6, 1556(?), to Sperone Speroni in Padua, in which he gives a quotation from his poem Amadigi.
FOLDER 1392 Tasso, Torquato (1544-1595), great Italian poet, no date
DeRicci Number: 1292
a. d. s. s. d., autograph sonnet, signed.
FOLDER 1392 Testi, Fulvio (1592-1646), poet, secretary of state of Alfonso d'Este, September 20, 1629
a. l. s. Modena(?), Sept. 20, 1629, brief letter of official instructions.
FOLDER 1394 Türr, Stephan (1825-1908), Hungarian general, companion of Garibaldi, cousin by marriage of Napoleon III, March 29, 1865
a. l. s. Paris, Mar. 29, 1865, polite note.
FOLDER 1395 Vespucci, Guido Antonio, uncle of Americo Vespucci, ambassador of Florence to Rome and to France, September 20, 1482; 1512
DeRicci Number: 1295
a. l. s. Rome, Sept. 20, 1482, letter of condolence. + Also a license to carry weapons signed by brother, Antonio Vespucci, dated August 1512.
FOLDER 1396 Viviani, Vincenzo (1622-1702), astronomer and mathematician, friend of Galileo, honored by Louis XIV, August 11, 1698
a. l. s. Pisa, Aug. 11, 1698, personal.
FOLDER 1397 Volta, Alessandro (1745-1827), physicist, November 28, 1782
d. s. Pavia, Nov. 28, 1782, a list of charges for work performed.
Series 29: Popes
FOLDER 1398 Paul II (1418, 1464-1471), Pietro Barbo, May 14, 1467
DeRicci Number: 1298
d. May 14, 1467, bull, conferring upon Jacobus de Baccariis, rector of the church of St. John the Evangelist in Berecto, of the diocese of Parma, the canonicate which has been left vacant by the resignation of JohAnnes de Beccariis, presbyter of the diocese (in Latin). Given in his name, with four signatures, probably cardinals.
FOLDER 1399 Alexander VI (1420, 1492-1502), Roderigo Borgia, archbishop of Valencia, December 9, 1497
DeRicci Number: 1299
d. s. Rome, Dec. 9, 1497, a papal diploma of installation in behalf of Cardinal Alexander [Farnese].
FOLDER 1400 Leo X (1475, 1512-1521), Giovanni de Medici, April 15, 1492
DeRicci Number: 1400
a. l. s. Rome, Apr. 15, 1492, as cardinal to his brother, Pietro de Medici at Florence, upon the occasion of the death of their father Lorenzo de Medici (in Latin).
FOLDER 1401 Clement VII ( , 1522-1524), Giulio de Medici, no date [1527]
DeRicci Number: 1401
d. s. s. d., favorable action of Clement VII upon a petition of the monastery of Saint Cosmas and Damian to be permitted to sell a piece of real estate in order to gain money upon which to live during the present calamity [probably the sack of Rome in 1527].
FOLDER 1402 Paul III (1468, 1524-1549), Alessandro Farnese, no date
DeRicci Number: 1402
d. s. s. d., schedule for the division of the property of one Ambrosus Recalcatus among his relatives, with a portion going to the monastery of Monte Cassion. Approved with certain alterations of detail.
FOLDER 1402 Julius III (1487, 1550-1555), Giovanni Maria della Monte, July 20, 1552; March 21, 1549
DeRicci Number: 1402
l. s. Palazzo San Marco, July 20, 1552, recommendation to Henry II, king of France, on behalf of the bishop of Santa Croce. + Also the fragment of a letter signed as cardinal, dated Bologna, Mar. 21, 1549.
FOLDER 1404 Pius IV (1499, 1559-1565), Giovanni Angelo de Medici, September 2(?), 1562(?)
DeRicci Number: 1404
d. s. Rome, Sept. 2(?), 1562(?), a decree mitigating the legal requirements for the dowry and trousseau in the case of Cynthia de Lenis (in Latin).
FOLDER 1405 Gregory XIII (1502, 1572-1585), Ugo Buoncompagno, 1584
DeRicci Number: 1405
l. s. Rome, 1584, regarding the will of the late bishop of Vigevano, approving a bequest to the latter's natural son and claiming tithe.
FOLDER 1406 Sixtux V (1521, 1585-1590), Felice Peretti, January 19, 1586
DeRicci Number: 1406
l. s. Rome, Jan. 19, 1586, regarding the mAnner in which a debt is to be paid by a certain bishop di Cervia and his father.
FOLDER 1407 Gregory XIV (1525, 1590-1591), Nicolo Sfondrati, June 28, 1591
DeRicci Number: 1407
l. s. Monte Cavallo, June 28, 1591, confirmation of the inheritance of certain natural children, in opposition to a decree of Pius IV.
FOLDER 1408 Clement VIII (1526, 1592-1605), Ippolito Aldobrandini, April 8, 1602
d. s. Monte Cavallo, Apr. 8, 1602, to prelate urging him to issue in his diocese such decrees and mandates as may seem fitting and necessary.
FOLDER 1409 Leo XI (1525, April-May 1605), Alessandro de Medici, October 27, 1595
DeRicci Number: 1409
a. l. s. Saint-Quentin, Oct. 27, 1595, as cardinal of Florence and legate to France, to Pomponne de Bellièvre, regarding certain false rumors of the death of the king of Spain.
FOLDER 1410 Paul V (1552, 1605-1621), Camillo Borghese, February 14, 1609
d. s. Rome, Feb. 14, 1609, to his treasurer directing that certain privileges be granted the territory of Corneto, and that agriculture be encouraged there.
FOLDER 1411 Urban VIII (1568, 1622-1644), Maffeo Barberini, April 20, 1599
DeRicci Number: 1411
d. s. Rome, Apr. 20, 1599, as clerk of the aposotlic chamber, giving lists of expenses attendant upon the taking of Ferrara by Caesar I, grandson of Alphonso d'Este.
BOX 22 FOLDER 1412 Alexander VII (1599, 1655-1667), Fabio Chigi, September 29, 1645
l. s. Munster, Sept. 29, 1645, as cardinal, regarding the infrequency of news of the war and expressing his hopes for peace, with four autograph lines.
FOLDER 1412 Clement IX (1600, 1667-1689), Giulio Rospigliosi, September 14, 1650
a. d. s. Madrid, Sept. 14, 1650, a general document addressed to the Spanish court protesting against the circulation in the low countries of a Flemish work in which tenets of the Jansenists were being promulgated.
FOLDER 1414 Innocent XI (1611, 1676-1689), Benedetto Odecalchi, May 16, 1642
a. l. s. Rome, May 16, 1642, signed as Benedetto Odescalchi, to Antonio Fatioli, at Ancona, acknowledging information sent to him.
FOLDER 1415 Alexander VIII (1610, 1689-1691), Pietro Ottoboni, [December 16, 1690]
d. s. [Dec. 16, 1690], proclaiming of an indulgence for seven years to the Church of the Holy Defender in the city of Lodi (in Latin).
FOLDER 1416 Innocent XII (1650, 1691-1700), Antonio Pignatelli, May 12, 1690; 1698; August 16, 1698
a. l. s. Naples, May 12, 1690, to a friend in reply to a recommendation made in behalf of Francesco Antonio di Rosa, assuring him of his readiness to accede to the request. + d. s. 1698, petion of Andrea Zelus, aged seventy, of Cremona, for an assistant in his duties as canon of the cathedral, approved by a fiat un petitur etc. Supplementary petition regarding Antonios Fonciscus de Musso with provision for a stipend, which also is approved. Dated at Rome, at Santa Maria Maggiore, Aug. 16, 1698, with a confirmation dated Aug. 20, 1698.
FOLDER 1417 Clement XI (1649, 1700-1721), Giovanni Francesco Albani, April 7, 1709; March 19, 1721; July 14, 1721
d. s. Rome, Apr. 7, 1709, favorable action on petition of Carolus Berton to be put in possession of certain benefices at Vienna, a rival claimant alleging rights granted by another person. + d. s. Rome, Mar. 19, 1721, document relieving Francisco Domingo y Gonrez canon of the cathedral, of his duties on account of ill health and appointing a deputy in his place. + d. s. Rome, July 14, 1721, to Franciscus Sanchez, appointed as coadjutor in the canonicate of the cathedral at Albarazin, with right of succession.
FOLDER 1418 Innocent XIII (1655, 1721-1724), Michelangelo Conti, January 19, 1722
d. s. Monte Cavallo, Jan. 19, 1722, confirmation of the sons of the late Count Mario Capizucctii in certain of their father's possessions, and extending to his natural sons a share in these possessions.
FOLDER 1419 Benedictine XIII (1649, 1724-1720), Pietro Francesco Orsini, 1678; July 17, 1717
l. s. 1678, personal letter of thanks. + l. s. Benevento, July 17, 1717, regarding a case which is shortly to appear before the Supreme Tribunal, concerning the disposition of certain benefices in the diocese of San Sofia.
FOLDER 1420 Clement XII (1652, 1720-1740), Lorenzo Corsini, March 20, 1705; February 1729
d. s. Mar. 20, 1705, as archbishop of Nicomedia, in reference to heirs of Alberti de Justis for lands in Monte Restorato. + d. s. Quirinial Palace, Feb. 1729, conferring a pension upon the wife of a deceased servitor, Marco Fontana.
FOLDER 1421 Benedict XIV (1675, 1740-1758), Porpero Lambertini, 1721; August 14, 1724; 1727
l. s. Ancona, 1721, letter of condolence to a friend, Albergati Capacelli, when the author was a cardinal. + l. s. Bologna, Aug. 14, 1724, as archbishop of Bologna, regarding the defense he plans to offer for certain imprisoned persons, with an autograph postscript in reference to certain cardinals. + l. s. Bologna, 1727, personal.
FOLDER 1422 Clement XIII (1692, 1758-1769), Carlo Rezzonico, December 29, 1752
l. s. Cordova, Dec. 29, 1752, letter of thanks.
FOLDER 1422 Clement XIV (1705, 1769-1774), Lorenzo Gianvincenzo Ganganelli, November 7, 1744; April 9, 1764
a. l. s. Rome, Nov. 7, 1744, to Padre Giazzani thanking him for a kindness and commending himself to his favor for the future. + a. d. Apr. 9, 1764, report by a cardinal upon vote of consistory of this date appropriating a large sum for the relief of distress at Rome, unsigned.
FOLDER 1424 Pius VI (1717, 1775-1799), Giovanni Angelo Brashi, December 14, 1798
l. s. Florence, Dec. 14, 1798, written after his removal to Florence, discussing various political and papal affairs, and expressing his resolution not to leave Florence.
FOLDER 1425 Pius VII (1742, 1800-1822), Barnaba Chiaramonti, April 7, 1814
d. s. Rome, Apr. 7, 1814, document stating that Gioachino Sebastiani has passed eighteen years in the Collegio Romano as pupil and instructor and now asks that his duties be given over to an acting assistant.
FOLDER 1426 Leo XII (1760, 1822-1829), Annabale della Genga, January 4, 1808; November 29, 1816
a. l. s. Jan. 4, 1808, to Anna Giorgi, while en route from Germany to France, giving her an account of his journey. + a. l. s. Spoleto, Nov. 29, 1816, to Antonio d'Este at Rome, regarding the payment of a debt.
FOLDER 1427 Pius VIII (1761, 1829-1820), Francesco Saverio Castiglioni, November 19, 1815; July 22, 1821
a. l. s. Montalto, Nov. 19, 1815, as bishop of Montalto to a friend in Rome upon his return from a journey, giving various details of the condition of affairs in his diocese. + a. l. s. Rome, July 22, 1821, to the Cardinal Consalvi, declining the position of Grand Penitencier.
FOLDER 1428 Gregory XVI (1765, 1821-1846), Mauro Capperllari, October 21, 1828; June 4, 1821; January 16, 1822; no date
a. l. s. Rome, Oct. 21, 1828, to the archbishop of Ancyra, in which he discussed a manuscript submitted by the archbishop on the subject of universities (in Italian). L. s. Rome, June 4, 1821, to the archbishop of Rheims, expressing the affection which he feels for him (in Latin). + l. s. Rome, Jan. 16, 1822, to the archbishop of Nazianzeno, concerning details of certain letters lately received from him (in Latin). + d. s. d much corrected document of doubtful origin.
FOLDER 1429 Pius IX (1792, 1846-1878), Giovanni Mari Mastai Ferretti, September 28, 1829; June 27, 1848
a. l. s. Spoleto, Sept. 28, 1829, to a friend in Rome, asking his help in two affairs. + d. s. Rome, June 27, 1848, granting Alberto Barbolani di Montano permission to assist at the services celebrated in the Basilica Vaticana.
Series 30: Castille
FOLDER 1420 Henry III (1274, 1290-1406), May 15, 1295
DeRicci Number: 1420
d. s. May 15, 1295, addressed to Lope Alfonso de Lemos, and others of the city of Chantada, regarding the case of one Doña Juana of that city, who asks to be confirmed in the possession of a house and estate, granted to her father-in-law, but which had been seized unjustly by the constable Don Pedro.
FOLDER 1421 John II (1405, 1406-1454), September 2, 1424
DeRicci Number: 1421
d. s. Segovia, Sept. 2, 1424, charter of investment delivered to Don Fernando de Cordova for the tenure of d'Ysmayer.
FOLDER 1422 Henry IV (1425, 1454-1474), December 12, 1466
DeRicci Number: 1422
d. s. Segovia, Dec. 12, 1466, grant to martin Hernandes in perpetuity of the "royal thirds" of Cordova, because he has abandoned the cause of Prince Alfonso.
FOLDER 1422 Henry, Duke of Sergovia, grandson of Ferdinand I, King of Aragon and Sicily, July 12, 1484
DeRicci Number: 1422
l. s. Barcelona, July 12, 1484, to Gian Galeazzo Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan, in which he announces the taking of Alora (a town near Malaga) from the Moors on June third of the same year.
Series 31: Aragon
FOLDER 1424 John II (1297, 1428-1479), father of Ferdinand, the Catholic, March 2, 1454
DeRicci Number: 1424
l. s. Montalban, Mar. 2, 1454, to the Queen of Aragon and the Sicilies, complaining of her failure to send him by her treasurer the sums necessary to the support of his household and to the maintenance for his cavalry in navarre and urging her to dispatch the money without delay.
FOLDER 1425 Ferdinand V (the Catholic) (1452, 1479-1516), August 2, 1500; March 18, 1514
DeRicci Number: 1425
l. s. Grenada, Aug. 2, 1500, to Don Diego Hurtado de Mendoça, duce del Infantado, upon the death of his father, expressing their recognition of his royal services to the crown and confirming the present duke in the titles and privleges of his father, signed also by Isabella. + d. s. Madrid, Mar. 18, 1514, issued in the name of the king but signed by his daughter Joanna, confirming to Lorenço Galindez de Carvajal, a professor at the University of Salamanda and a member of the council of Ximenez, a gift of certain tAnneries in the city of Granada.
FOLDER 1426 Germaine de Foix, Queen of Aragon (1488-1528), second wife of Ferdinand, the Catholic, June 21, 1511
DeRicci Number: 1426
l. s. Eltan, June 21, 1511, to Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Savoy, commending to her favor the son of a loyal servant, one Diego de Sarabia, who wishes to enter the service of Germaine's nephew.
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