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BOX 1-21 Correspondence, 1941-1944
The correspondence files contain papers concerning art and publishing activities (exhibitions, book manuscript acquisition, typographical and editorial topics, acquisition of printing supplies, marketing) as well as correspondence with collectors, scholars, curators, colleagues, friends, and literary, publishing, intellectual and cultural figures. The files contain letters, forms, photographs, cards, drafts of responses, proofs of publications, keepsakes, and other documents contributing to an understanding of the work of the Hammers. Correspondents include such well-known individuals as Bernard Berenson, Sir Kenneth Clark, Benedetto Croce, T. S. Eliot, Eric Gill, Aldous Huxley, Randall Jarrell, Theodor Mommsen, Lewis Mumford, Reinhold Niebuhr, Rainer Maria Rilke, Rudolf Serkin, Andres Segovia, Edmund Wilson, and many other prominent names in the fields of scholarship, art, the graphic arts, and fine publishing.
Arranged alphabetically by individual or organization.
BOX 1 Adler, Elmer
Allen, Greer
Allen, Lewis
Altschul, Frank
Alverthorpe Gallery
American Type Founders
Amottols (unidentified)
Amsterdam Continental
Andrews, Nelson, Whitehead
D’Ancona, Flora Levi
Andrian, Leopold
Anrep, Cecil. (See Berenson file: Box 2, Folder 10)
Antin, Charles
Antoninus, Brother
Anvil Press
Archer, H. Richard
D’Ancona, Flora Levi
Arion Press (See also Hoyem)
Arnold, Fritz
Ascherl, Joseph P.
Ashantilly Press
Atterbury, Rowley S.
Auchincloss, Kenneth
Austrian Embassy, London
Austrian Emigres Documentation
Austrian Landesmuseum
Austrian Press and Information Service
BOX 2 Baillou, Clemens de
Basel Kunstmuseum
Basilisk Press
Beauclair, Gotthard de
Becher, Ulrich
Belanger, Terry
Benesch, Dr. Otto
Bennett, Paul
Benson, John Howard
Berenson, Bernard
Berger, Sidney
Bernstorff, Albrecht, Graf von
Bethmann-Hollweg, Renata von
Bieler Press. Private press of Gerald Lange; see California: Box 3, Folder 13
Bier, Justus
Bixler, Michael
Blinn, Carol J.
Blumenthal, Joseph
BOX 3 Blumenthal, Joseph (continued from Box 2, Folders 19-20)
Bodoni, Museo
Bowra, Sir Maurice
Braig, Gustav
Braun, Felix
Broch, Herman
Bruce, Edward. (see Box 50, Folder 18)
Bruckman, A.
1 letter
Burckhardt, Erwin
Butler, Pierce
Caflisch, Max (printer)
California/University of Southern California, Fine Arts Press
Camberwell Press
Carey, Graham
Carnegie Foundation
Carter, Harry
Carter, John
Carter, Sebastian and Will
Catnip Press. (see Summers, Nicholas: Box 20, Folder 4)
Cave, Roderick
Chambers, David
Champion Paper Company
Chappell, Warren
BOX 4 Chiswick Book Shop
Christmas Cards of Interest
Clark, Colette
Clark, Sir Kenneth
Cleverdon, Douglas
Cohen, Herman and Aviv (see Chiswick Bookshop: Box 4, Folders 1-2)
Colish, Abraham, represented by Jerry Kelly
Columbia University Library
Coomaraswamy, Ananda
Cooper, John Sherman
Coster, Vincenza Byba
Coudenhove, Count
Crampton, W. D.
Croce, Benedetto
Cuala Press
Chiswick Book Shop
Curtius, E. R.
Dale Guild Type Foundry
Davenport, Guy
Davies, Robertson
Delitz, Leo
Detterer, Ernst
Chiswick Book Shop
Dillersberger, Joseph
Doherty, Robert
BOX 5 Doller, Anton
Dreyfus, John
Driver, Clive
Duensing, Paul
Dunlap, Joseph R.
Dupre, Huntley
Eide, Elling: see Box 23, Folders 2-5.
Eliade, Mircea
Eliot, T. S.
Elliot, Harrison
Ellison, Alberta T.
England, Patricia
Evans, Bertram
Evans, Margaret (see Frank Altschul: Box 1, Folder 4)
Fabbri, Egisto
Faber Du Faur, Curt von
Federal Works Agency
Fehl, Philipp
Feibleman, James K.
Feigl Gallery
Feldegg, Ferdinand von
Fine Print
Fitts, Dudley
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