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Mezzotints and Prints of Woodcuts and Metal Engravings, 1922-1928 (continued)
Herman Polsterer, “2i-xxii v.h. 26,” 1926, pencil note in Victor Hammer’s hand: “Mr. Polsterer, Vienna” (Middeldorf No. 9) (continued)
Image 12 1/4 x 9 cm., sheet 30 x 21 1⁄2 cm.
FOLDER 5 Dozent Oscar Stracker (a Viennese surgeon), 1928 , no. 19, (Middeldorf No. 10)
Image 24 1⁄2 x 20 cm., sheet 37 x 27 cm.
FOLDER 6 Mme. Auriel (Paula) Richter, 193? , with Hammer estate mark in red ink. (Middeldorf No. 12)
Image 25 x 18 1⁄2 cm., sheet 38 x 29 1⁄2 cm
BOX 2, oversize Set of matted prints from Victor Hammer’s woodcuts and engravings
23 items
BOX 3, oversize Photographs, 1920-1996
Envelopes or wrapped packages including material from the Anvil Press, bibliographic materials, manuscript notes, and drafts of letters, lecture notes, and art-related notes. Also includes Hammer documents and Fritz Kudel.
Arranged chronologically by correspondant's name.
BOX 3, oversize and 35-41 Works of Art by V. Hammer. Photographs, negatives and published photographs of works of art by Victor Hammer. This pictorial archive of Hammer’s works of art is filed according to subject, and it includes 888 pieces (excluding negatives).
BOX 3, oversize Large, matted exhibition/publication quality black and white salon prints of Victor Hammer at work, sewing book bindings and printing. (10 photographs, 7 of these by Van Deren Coke, fine art photographer and writer, who was later Curator of George Eastman House in Rochester, NY, and Curator of Photography at the San Francisco Museum of Art.)
BOX 35 FOLDER 1 Aesopus and Rhodopis, a gold ground painting (25)
FOLDER 2 Arnoldsheim Banner (church tapestry) (3)
FOLDER 3 Austrian Dress (drawings for a publication) (17)
FOLDER 4 Bernstorff, Albrecht, Graf von (8)
FOLDER 5 Booksellers in the Borgo degli Albizzi, Florence (11)
FOLDER 6 Brass Cuts for printing ornamental initials (4)
FOLDER 7 Christ and The Adulteress (1st version) (7)
FOLDER 8 Christ and The Adulteress (2nd version) (10)
FOLDER 9 Christ and The Adulteress (3rd version) (11)
FOLDER 10 Christ and The Adulteress (4th version) (7)
FOLDER 11 Christ and The Adulteress (drawings) (24)
FOLDER 12 Christ and The Adulteress (5th version) (16)
FOLDER 13 Christ and The Money Changers (13)
FOLDER 14 Cinelli, Delfino and his wife (5)
FOLDER 15 Clavichord, built by Victor Hammer (2)
FOLDER 16 Crucifixus (Kolbsheim, Gethsemani, Newman Center) (26)
FOLDER 17 Drawings (owned by Carolyn R. Hammer) (19)
FOLDER 18 Photographs (by Helm Roberts) (7, plus 18 negative strips)
FOLDER 19 Drawings (women) (19)
FOLDER 20 Early Works (men) (21)
FOLDER 21 Early Works (women) (45)
BOX 36 FOLDER 1 Exhibitions (Photos) (10)
FOLDER 2 Farnsley, Charles, Mayor of Louisville (3)
FOLDER 3 Franckenstein, Baron Georg (13)
FOLDER 4 Frankl, Paul Theodor (1)
FOLDER 5 Garten, Edme (6)
FOLDER 6 Graves, Joseph C., Sr. (5)
FOLDER 7 Grunelius, Antoinette (4)
FOLDER 8-10 Hagia Sophia (57)
FOLDER 11 Jacob Hammer (5)
FOLDER 12 Rosl Hammer (20)
FOLDER 13 Harrach, Count and Countess von (6)
FOLDER 14 Saint Hildegard (2)
FOLDER 15 Hofmannsthal Bust (27) and Hofmannsthal Bust (correspondence)
FOLDER 16 Huni, Mme. (15)
FOLDER 17 Jeanne D’Arc (2)
FOLDER 18 Kaufmann, Edgar, Sr. (10, plus 4 negatives)
Folder 19: Kredel, Fritz (3)
FOLDER 20 Mautner, Konrad (15, plus 4 negatives)
FOLDER 21 Mayr von Melnhof, Franz (5)
FOLDER 22 McDonald, Edward (1)
FOLDER 23 MacDonald (Englishman) (2)
FOLDER 24 McLain, Raymond (4)
FOLDER 25 Merton, Thomas (13, plus 12 negatives)
FOLDER 26 Meuron, Mme. de (17)
FOLDER 27 Miscellaneous (ring, pin, house numbers, sculpture) (17)
FOLDER 28 Miscellaneous Sketches (12)
FOLDER 29 Mizener, Rosemary (2)
BOX 37 FOLDER 1 “Moni” (Veronica Hammer von Oppenheimer) (Victor’s Daughter) (6)
FOLDER 2-3 Muses (43)
FOLDER 4 Niles, John Jacob (10)
FOLDER 5 Notburga, Santa (17)
FOLDER 6 Nudes (19)
FOLDER 7 Ogden, Mr. (3)
FOLDER 8 Ogle, Miss (12)
FOLDER 9 Olrich-Lange, Frances (Mrs. Victor Lange) (2)
FOLDER 10 Opel, Carl and Frau, and Ludwig (4)
FOLDER 11 Paravicini, Count C. R. (13, plus 1 negative)
FOLDER 12 “Parmenia” (Parmenia Ekstrom, a ballet patron and historian, and founder of Stravinsky-Diaghilev Foundation) (13)
FOLDER 13 Placci, Count Carlo (2)
FOLDER 14 Resurrection (16)
FOLDER 15 Reventlow, Countess (cousin of Bernstorff) (16)
FOLDER 16 Richter, Paula (1)
FOLDER 17 Schenker, Heinrich (musicologist) (4)
FOLDER 18 Schermerhorn, Mrs. (25)
FOLDER 19 Self-Portraits (30, plus 3 negatives)
FOLDER 20 Seydoux, Mme. Roger (13)
FOLDER 21 Stracker, Oskar (2)
FOLDER 22 Tapestry (8)
FOLDER 23 Tauss, Martha (3)
FOLDER 24 Twelve Apostles (3)
FOLDER 25 Warndörfer (Nora Hodges’s father) (1)
FOLDER 26 Unruh, Fritz von (2)
FOLDER 27 Wilkinson, Tudor and Don (Helen Rose, his wife) (4)
FOLDER 28 Wood-Turners of Constantinople (11)
FOLDER 29 World War I (portraits) (18)
FOLDER 30 World War I (Russian Front) (6)
FOLDER 31 Wurmbrand, Ernst, Graf von (1917) (1)
FOLDER 32 Zambour, Adolf von (Consul at Constantinople) (3)
BOX 38-41 Personal Photographs. The 694 photographs, slides, and negatives include the following, along with an exhibition visitors’ register, a photograph album of the installation, and a set of exhibition captions.
BOX 38 FOLDER 1-2 Photographs of Victor Hammer’s printing presses, wooden and iron, with original glass-plate negatives of the presses in Florence in the 1920s; also includes a view of VH’s two Washington iron hand presses in Lexington’s historic Hunt-Morgan house, showing life mask of VH, photographed by noted fine art photographer Van Deren Coke.
(27 photographs)
FOLDER 3-12 Victor Hammer’s family photographs and Victor Hammer from early 1900s to last photographs with Carolyn Reading Hammer.
(161 photographs)
FOLDER 13-15 Residences of Victor Hammer: envelope containing prints of Villa del Santuccio, Florence (exterior and interior); the Hunt-Morgan House, Lexington; and 220 Market Street, Lexington. Used in Grolier Club exhibition.
(4 photographs)
BOX 39 FOLDER 1 Residences of Victor Hammer, interior and exterior views, with glass negatives of Florence; includes five fine prints on exhibition board, 13 professional 8x10 matte finish prints, two slides, and one positive glass transparency showing VH.
(62 photographs)
Victor Hammer “at table,” with his bust of Hugo von Hofmannsthal on mantel, taken by Joseph C. Graves, Sr., in the Hunt-Morgan house, ca. 1950; in museum board exhibition matte. (See letter of R. H. Middleton, 2 February 1950: “...this represents the exact setting, costume and attitude which you have been working toward these many years.”) Joseph C. Graves, proprietor of the Gravesend Press, was an exhibiting member of the Lexington Camera Club.
(1 photograph)
FOLDER 3-4 Victor Hammer at work: at the easel and at the press, by Brooks Hamilton and others; all are professional quality prints, with 7 mounted on exhibition board by Brooks Hamilton, a regionally recognized fine art photographer.
(27 photographs)
FOLDER 5 Victor Hammer and Rudolf Koch, Vienna, early 1930s, original and copy prints; very fine original mounted on board for museum display. Koch, associated with the Klingspor Foundry, was the leader of the Offenbach Werkstett and premier European typeface designer of the early twentieth century.
(3 photographs)
BOX 39 FOLDER 6 Victor Hammer at the press and cutting punches for type. Fine photographs of exhibition/publication quality.
(3 photographs)
BOX 39 and 40 FOLDER 7-23 for box 39 and 1-3 for box 40 Photographs and other pictures, saved by Victor Hammer, from Italy and various locations: architecture, art works, etc. Almost all are professional 8x10 black and white photographs.
(211 items)
BOX 40 FOLDER 4 Popular Catholic author Thomas Merton (“Father Louis”) and Victor Hammer at 220 Market Street, Lexington, Kentucky, ca. 1966; Thomas Merton at the Abbey of Gethsemani, 1965; other Gethsemani photographs; color and black and white, miscellaneous sizes to 11 x 14, and 1 color slide.
(30 photographs)
BOX 40 FOLDER 5-6 Photographs of Victor Hammer, Carolyn Reading Hammer, and author Thomas Merton, 1950s-1960s, including snapshots of variable quality, some negatives and ten color slides.
(48 items)
FOLDER 7 Envelope with slides from Victor Hammer exhibitions at Rochester Institute of Technology, October 1993, by Margaret von Koschembahr.
(74 slides)
FOLDER 8 Color photographs of Victor Hammer’s house in Aurora, New York, 1939-1949, by Chalmers McCormick, 1993.
(2 photographs)
FOLDER 9 Photographs of Victor Hammer’s Aurora, New York, house by Bekir Arpag, October 1995.
(6 photographs)
BOX 40-41 FOLDER 10-20 and folder 1-16 Three envelopes of glass plate negatives from Florence, containing 9, 10, and 11 images, one print of credenza, bust of Cosimo II, and Rudolph Koch tapestry
(30 glass plates, 1 photograph)
FOLDER 17 Guestbook from the 1996 Transylvania University exhibition of Victor Hammer.
BOX 41 FOLDER 18-19 and folder 1-16 Photograph Album of 1996 Victor Hammer exhibition at Transylvania University.
BOX 41 FOLDER 20 Three envelopes of exhibition labels from the Grolier Club Hammer show, 1995.
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