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Series 2: Biographical, 1870-2018 and undated (continued)
Subseries 1: Photographs and Negatives, 1870-2005 and undated
Subseries One consists of cased photographs, cartes-de-visites, 20th century photographs, negatives, contact sheets, photocopies and slides. Subjects include Hamady’s family history dating back to his grandparents, as well as his childhood, youth and nuclear family as an adult.
In original order.
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/1 Photos by Joseph Blou and Patrick Flynn, 1996
WSHH in classroom 6451 at University of Wisconsin, Madison
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/1a Photos by Zane Williams, undated
See also: Series 7, Subseries 1, Box 5, Folder 30
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/1b Poster and process photos, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/2 Assorted pictures, 1990
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/3 Photos by Dennis Church, 1989
WSHH portraits and contact sheets
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/4 Photos by Jon Bolton, 1984
WSHH portraits and contact sheets
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/5 Assorted pictures, 1981-1997
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/6 Assorted pictures, 1980
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/7 Assorted pictures, 1976
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/8 Photo by George Phillips in Old Komplin Farm, c. 1972-1973
Titled by creator
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/9 At 661 Van Dyke, Detroit, c. 1962-1964
Titled by creator
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/10 Copies of identification cards, 1961-1999
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/11 WSHH assorted photographs, c. 1960-c. 2005
Includes a small album
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/12 Charlotte and Josephine Brinker, c. 1870s
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/13 Hamady in paper mill & corn crib, undated
Titled by creator
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/14 WSHH with cat (2), undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/15 Ruth Evans Brinker Hamady, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/16 Mary C. Filthian, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/17 Sarah Ewing Filthian Sheppard, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/18 Bessie Maud Brinker, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/19 Michael Smith Brinker, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/20 Ruth Mulford Sheppard Evans, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/21 Jidu Hamady, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/22 Family photographs - historical, undated
Includes named and unnamed ancestors, images of a young WSHH
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/23 Assorted family photographs - maternal side, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/24 Old negatives, undated
Subseries 2: Family and Personal History, 1939-2018 and undated
Subseries Two focuses on Hamady’s family history and includes genealogical information, official paperwork such as birth certificates, notes from his childhood and examples of his early poetry.
In original order.
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/25 Paternal genealogy, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/26 Maternal genealogy, undated
See also: Series 7, Subseries 1, Box 1, Folder 4 (History of surnames Brinker and Hart)
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/27 Ruth Evans Brinker, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/28 Hamady/Brinker marriage license, July 17, 1939
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/29 Legal documents, assorted, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/30 Walter's earliest poems, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/31 WSHH early correpondence, 1947-1958
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/32 Walter's remembrance of Anna, 2018
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/33 Anna Hamady's last will, 2017
Subseries 3: Personal Ephemera, 1897-2008 and undated
Subseries Three consists of Hamady’s personal realia, including the boards from a family bible, a beloved copy of Grey’s Anatomy given to him by his mother, Ruth, guidebooks related to his travel in Europe, clipped items intended for future collages, and hats worn in professional portraits.
Arranged by material type.
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/34 Family Bible, undated
Boards from old family Bible
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/35 Sheets from family Bible, undated
Pages noting dates of births, marriages, etc.
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/36 Hayes, Bill - The Anatomist, 2008
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/37 Baedeker's Switzerland, Baedeker's Southern Germany, 1897-1902
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/38 Goss, Charles Mayo - A Brief History of Henry Gray and his Anatomy, 1959
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/39 Ephemera related to WSHH, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/40 Gray's Anatomy cuttings, undated
Creator's note: Organized by area
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/41 Cutting dies and templates, undated
BOX/FOLDER 2:1/42 Metal sign, undated
BOX 2:2 Gray's Anatomy, undated
With note of explanation and images of Ruth, WSHH's mother
BOX 2:2 S.S. United States box, undated
See also: Series 3, Subseries 8, Box 53, Folder 7 With explanatory letter
BOX 2:2 Hats (3), undated
Used in portraits by Zane Williams
Series 3: Professional Files, 1950-2018
The Professional Files series concerns Hamady’s work as an artist, publisher and book arts professor. It is arranged into eight subseries organized by undertaking and material type.
Subseries 1: Perishable Press Project Files, 1959-2017 and undated
Originally accessioned as Series 2, this subseries consists of project files related to the Perishable Press, Limited. The series includes documentation of book projects, from inception to completion, as well as reference materials and correspondence with collaborators.
Material types include correspondence, exhibition catalogs, mock-ups, contact sheets, negatives, photographs, supply catalogs, price lists, inventories, display materials, Perishable Press ephemera, broadsides, letterheads, greeting cards, C.V.s and financial information.
In original order.
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/1 The Quartz Crystal History of Perry Township, 1979
Removed from frame, item #64
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/1a Clarence Major, Parking Lots, 1988-1991
See also: Series 3, Subseries 8, Box 51, Folder 7
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/2 Clarence Major, Parking Lots, 1991-1992
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/3 Clarence Major, Parking Lots, 1992
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/4 Clarence Major, Parking Lots proofs, undated
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/5 Clarence Major, Parking Lots binding, 1992
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/6 Parking Lots distribution and post publication, 1992-1993
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/7 Parking Lots Arcus Ticket Company calendar, 1993
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/8 Clarence Major, Parking Lots 35mm slides of process photos, undated
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/9 Jonathan Williams MS, 1987-1990
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/10 Jonathan Williams, No-No Nse-Nse, 1991-1992
See also: Series 3, Subseries 8, Box 51, Folders 8 & 9
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/11 Jonathan Williams Drescher illustrations to go to Royal Engraving, April 12, 1993
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/12 Jonathan Williams, No-No Nse-Nse, 1993
See also: Series 7, Subseries 1, Box 5, Folder 2 (Limericks, Metaphors)
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/13 Jonathan Williams, No-No Nse-Nse post-partum, 1993-2001
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/14 Jonathan Williams, mock-up and proofs No-No Nse-Nse, undated
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/15 Jonathan Williams, 1994
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/16 Guy Davenport correspondence, 1993-1997
Regarding Williams' No-No Nse-Nse
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/16a Joel Oppenheimer Del Quien Lo Tomo: A Suite, 1982
Removed from frame, item #68
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/17 Joel Oppenheimer, 1985-1990
Creator's note: Post 'Notes Towards the Definition of David' See also: Series 7, Subseries1, Box 1, Folder 5 (Joel Oppenheimer Granite)
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/18 Joel Oppenheimer New Hampshire Journal dummy and mock-ups, undated
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/19 Joel Oppenheimer New Hampshire Journal proof and correspondence, 1991-1993
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/20 New Hampshire Journal misc. correspondence, 1993-1994
BOX/FOLDER 3:1/21 New Hampshire Journal binding samples, 1994
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/1 Joel Oppenheimer New Hampshire Journal mock-up, 1994
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/2 New Hampshire Journal misc. correspondence, 1993
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/3 New Hampshire Journal misc. correspondence, 1994-1998
Page spreads enclosed
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/4 Joel Oppenheimer New Hampshire Journal binding samples, 1994
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/5 Joel Oppenheimer New Hampshire Journal, 1994
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/6 Bobby Byrd correspondence, 1985-1994
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/7 Mclimans/Byrd Art in America, 1992-1998
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/8 Mclimans/Byrd Art in America, 1997
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/9 Mclimans/Byrd Art in America, December 1997-February 1998
See also: Series 7, Subseries 1, Box 1, Folder 6 (two sheets from Royal Graphix); Series 7, Subseries 1, Box 5, Folder 3
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/10 Art in America mock-up dummy, 1998
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/11 Bobby Byrd Art in America three proof copies, undated
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/12 Bobby Byrd Art in America, March 1998-June 1998
See also: Series 3, Subseries 8, Box 51, Folder 12
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/13 Bobby Byrd Art in America post-partum, June 1998-August 1998
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/14 Bobby Byrd Art in America post-partum, July 1998-December 1998
BOX/FOLDER 3:2/15 Byrd correspondence, 1998
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