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Book Materials, 1955-present (continued)
Folder 4: “Night Street”
Folder 5: “Deep in the Territory”
Folder 6: Slipcase
Folder 7: “A Landscape with Coins in It”
Folder 8: “Bone Songs”
Folder 9: “Beauty in Use”
Folder 10: “Well-Heeled”
Folder 11: “Aunt Sallie’s Lament” (without flags)
Folder 12: “Aunt Sallie’s Lament” (non-adhesive)
BOX 110 Materials related to editing
Folder 1: Margery Cantor correspondence, 5 items
Folder 2: Various financial matters related to production, 24 leaves
Folder 3: Editing of complete set of page proofs by Linda Lembke; 5 pieces of correspondence
BOX 111 Production details
Folder 1: [Elizabeth] Steiner correspondence
Folder 3 Steiner proofreading
Folder 4: Gioia
Folder 5: Gioia II
Folder 6: Moeraki Boulders
Folder 7: Sing Weaving
Folder 8: Compound Frame
BOX 112 Presses Page proofs
BOX 113 Loney, Alan. RISE, 2002 (2014431377)
Folder 1: Fletcher Manley, 2 notes, n.d.; Alan Loney,5 items, including the text of his introduction to a catalog for an exhibition of the artist’s books of Bruno Leti curated by Loney; and correspondence from CVV, 2001-2003
Folder 2: First manuscript: draft of poem, RISE, with CVV’s suggested revisions; letter from Alan Loney, 2001
Folder 3: Final manuscript
Folder 4: “Set text—first and corrected”
Folder 5: Proofs, and accompanying correspondence, 2001-2002, between CVV and Alan Loney, 4 items
Folder 6: Image: Photograph of Governors’ Bay and 6 color variants
Folder 7-11: Mockups and final product in slipcase
BOX 114 Aunt Sallie’s Lament (Altered), Chronicle Books. 1993 (92045270) Fabric samples, 2 published books, 1 marked up for re-publication, 2 mockups
BOX 115 Fabric and paper samples
BOX 116 Final draft before publication
BOX 117 Mock-ups of a 10.7 mm square edition, a 21 mm square edition, and a spare 20.5 mm black slipcase
Folder 1: Page patterns
Folder 2: St. Francis Preaches to the Birds, correspondence
Folder 3: Color chips, diagrams for assembling pages and slipcase, photocopies of quilt patterns, all for Aunt Sallie's Lament Also correspondence with editor at Chronicle Books
Folder 4: Pages. Light card and transparent plastic patterns
Folder 5: Type samples, versions of text and layout for the poem and colophon
BOX 118 Eight mock-ups using a variety of color combinations, and white
BOX 119, oversize Paper samples, models of paper weaving for the production of Handmade Definition of Obscurity, by Sandra McPherson. See also Series II, Box W
BOX 120 The Gospel of Mary l (2012658399)
Folder 1: Photocopies of two published translations of the gospel of Mary (from the Berlin Codex, a Gnostic manuscript of the early 5th century)
Folder 2: Typesetting manuscript
Folder 3: Early and typesetting manuscripts, correspondence with Rosemary Ruether
Folder 4: Galleys
Folder 5: Second [page] proofs
Folder 6: Second [page] proofs, marked up
Folder 7: Third [page] proofs, marked up, corrected
Folder 8: Last [page] proofs
BOX 121 The Gospel of Mary 2
Folder 1: Correspondence between CVV and Karen King, translator, and Rosemary Radford Ruether, author of the commentary, and with Polebridge Press concerning permission to use Karen King’s translation, published in the Complete Gospels, 1992, and with cabinetmakers about the construction of the box. Also early (and tentative) page layout, with text and commentary interwoven.
Folder 2: Colophon
Folder 3: Printing dummy
Folder 4: Page proofs corrected by Rosemary Ruether
Folder 5: Manuscript of commentary integrated with text
Folder 6: Type samples and correspondence with the Golgonooza Letter Foundry and Press
Folder 7: First paste-up of commentary
Folder 8: First paste-up of gospel text and commentary
BOX 122 The Gospel of Mary 3 Working materials: plastic template, 2 sleeves of slides
Folder 1: “Dynamic symmetry decorations”: working materials for graphics, 8 plastic sleeves, 1 envelope
Folder 2: First title page
Folder 3: Second title page
Folder 4: Uncial initials
Folder 5: Stripe initials
Folder 6: Initials research
Folder 7: Borders and numbers
Folder 8: Christian symbolism
Folder 9: Pochoir research and experiment
BOX 123 The Gospel of Mary 4
Folder 1: Draft
Folder 2: Draft, including photocopy of revised text pasteup with uncial initials and stripes
Folder 3: Illustration dummy (with woven and interlocking book structure)
Folder 4: Final uncial text for Owosso (photoengraver) cuts
Folder 5: Drafts, uncial typesetting
BOX 124 The Gospel of Mary 5 Binding structures
Folder 1: Dummy, sewn structure, pulp-dyed paper cover
Folder 2: Dummy, interlocking structure, pulp-dyed paper cover
Folder 3: Dummy, interlocking structure, no cover
BOX 125 The Gospel of Mary 6 Paper samples
BOX 126 The Gospel of Mary 7 Trial box and binding
BOX 127 The Gospel of Mary 8 Wooden slipcase, dummy binding
BOX 128 Waste Incant (2013660907). Plastic samples; mock ups, one with plastic interleaving and another with images only; other materials used in production; letters and notes from Susan Johanknecht
BOX 129 Papermaking at Hayle Mill l(2013660901)
Folder 1: First manuscript
Folder 2: First submission
Folder 3: Second text
Folder 4: Third text
Folder 5: Nancy Brown edit
BOX 130 Papermaking at Hayle Mill 2
Folder 1: Correspondence, mostly with Maureen Green
Folder 2: Loose pages, including correspondence with Maureen and Simon Green, a tearsheet from Icon News announcing the publication of Papermaking at Hayle Mill, documentation of shipping expenses, and sample paper
Folder 3: Paper samples
BOX 131 Papermaking at Hayle Mill 2
Folder 1: Proof sheets for combinations of paper and type
Folder 2: Colophon, drafts
Folder 3: Proofreading by Maureen Green (on third page makeup)
Folder 4: First typesetting
Folder 5: Edited printout
Folder 6: Second page makeup
Folder 7: Third page makeup
BOX 132 Papermaking at Hayle Mill 4. Drafts of graphics
Folder 1: Drafts of Loose Valley map
Folder 2: Drafts of Loose Valley map
Folder 3: Makeup of Loose Valley map
Folder 4: Drafts of Kent map
Folder 5: Insurance map [i.e., floor plan] of Hayle Mill, with several pages of revisions by Simon Barcham Green
Folder 6-12: (numbered 1-7 by CVV) Drafts of floor plan of Hayle Mill
Folder 13: Proofs of floor plan of Hayle Mill, with correspondence between CVV and Simon Barcham Green, and corrections
Folder 14: Second and third proofs of floor plan of Hayle Mill
Folder 15: Proof of watermark
Folder 16-17: Final proof of watermarks “Sent to Box Car [Press] for platemaking”
Folder 18-21: Early states of watermarks
Folder 22: Set of states for “Linum usitatissimum”
Folder 23: Test papers for portrait of Samuel Green
BOX 133 Papermaking at Hayle Mill 5 In plastic sleeves, 22 photographs of Hayle Mill staff, interior and exterior, and 1 sleeve of correspondence concerning the photographs
BOX 134 Papermaking at Hayle Mill 6 Final pasteup, 6 sewn gatherings; preliminary pasteup, 3 sewn gatherings; paste up #1, 3 sewn gatherings; Paste up #2, 3 sewn gatherings
BOX 135 Papermaking at Hayle Mill 7 Paper samples; extra sheets and cover for display; sample papers for text and cover; first plan for photos; portfolio of sample papers
BOX 136 Papermaking at Hayle Mill 8 Binding dummies; 2 sewn dummies and one woven and interlocked
BOX 137 Four Months/Four Seasons, 2010 (2011659017) Working materials, paper and ink samples, color printing drafts, plastic overlays for cutting blocks, correspondence with Ruth Fine
BOX 138, oversize horizontal storage Four Months/Four Seasons
BOX 139, oversize horizontal storage Helios Working materials. Binding dummy, proofs, and printouts
BOX 140 Gone Working materials. CD of text, dummy, proofs, correspondence with Ellen Lovell
BOX 141 Ephemera, 1970-2006, including announcements of exhibitions (both one-person and group), conferences in which CVV participated, and lectures by CVV; Christmas cards, invitations, and pamphlets
BOX 142 Nine woodblocks, unfinished, probably intended as illustrations
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