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BOX A through Box Z Posters and Broadsides, 1960-2006
Posters and broadsides, and printed ephemera bearing the Janus Press imprint, as well as other projects carried out with the assistance of its founder Claire Van Vliet.
BOX A Barnes, Kate. Wise Children, 1960. Correspondence and typescripts of 5 poems. (Wise Children; The Pinto Horse; Swimming Horses; The Horse; Horse Trees) 8 items
Claire Van Vliet: Prints at the Robert Hull Fleming Museum, 1982. 13 sheets, various stages
BOX B Merwin, W.S. September Plowing, 1975.Three proofs of a broadside and one drawing
BOX C Pasquil. Song in Praise of Sack. (97-180736) Proofs
BOX D The Janus Press, 1975-80: Exhibition at the Robert Hull Fleming Museum, 1982. (97- 181786) Proof and paste-ups
BOX E Wright, James. Fresh Wind in Venice, 1982. (97-181865) Typescript, proofs, paper samples, drawings
BOX F Johnson, W.R. The Color of Night, 1982. (97-181803) Broadside, mylar template
BOX G Updike, John. When I Write... , 1982. (ALA broadside) (95-125463),
Folder 1: Correspondence: Terry Belanger, 1985, 2 items; Beverly Lynch, 1976, 1 item; Roger Stoddard, 1986, 1 item
Folder 2: Two photographs
Folder 3: Woodblock
BOX H Gallagher, Tess. Death of the Horses by Fire, 1984. (97-181876).
Folder 1: Correspondence: Tess Gallagher, 1982-84, 7 items; Charles Seluzicki, 1983-84, 5 items; annotated typescript
Folder 2: Paste-ups, proofs
Folder 3: Three printer's blocks and one metal plate
BOX I Carver, Ray. For Tess, 1984. (97-181887)
Folder 1: Correspondence: Bill Ewert, 1984-85, 9 items
Folder 2: Plastic onlays, proofs
Folder 3: Proofs
BOX J Kinnell, Galway. The Geese, 1985. (97-182035)
Folder 1: Correspondence: Angela Hodge (personal assistant to Galway Kinnell), 1985; 1 item.Typescript and proofs of poem, one with annotations by Kinnell.
Folder 2: Plastic overlays and notes on geese and sunflowers
Folder 3: Two broadside-sized sheets
BOX K Heyen, William. >Brockport Sunflowers, 1986. (97-182041)
Folder 1: Correspondence: Bill Heyen, 1986, 3 items; Katie MacGregor and Bernie Vinzani, 2 items; Bill Ewert, 1985-86, 8 items
Folder 2: Proofs
Folder 3: Broadside
Folder 4: Two blocks
BOX L Contemporary Dance of Death for portfolio, between 1987 and 1991.
Folder 1: Correspondence: John Risseeuw, 1987-91; 2 items
Folder 2: Notes, proofs, plastic onlays
Folder 3: Five broadside-sized sheets
BOX M "Dance of Death mylar template"
BOX N Etched metal plate
BOX O Kaufman, Margaret. Old Quilts, 1989. (95-125522)
Folder 1: Correspondence: "Jim," undated, 2 items with insert; Margaret Kaufman, dated without year, 1 item; Michael Tarachow (Pentagram Press), 1989, 1 item
BOX P Bread and Puppet, Our Domestic Resurrection, 1991. (95-139874) Proofs
BOX Q Kaufman, Margaret. Pandora's Box, 1991. (95-139881) .
Folder 1: Notes for materials, drawings,etc
Folder 2: Letterpress proofs
Folder 3: Examples of broadside structure
BOX R Sappho. And Night Dropped Black Sleep on their Lids, 1991. (95-125447)
Folder 1: Correspondence: Johanna Prins, 1991; 1 item. Proofs and plastic onlays.
Folder 2: Proof of image and two broadside-sized sheets
Folder 3: Lino block
BOX S Lopez, Barry Holstun. Whatever Evaluation we Make... , 1992. (95-139877)
Folder 1: Correspondence: Amanda Degener, 1987-92, 4 items; Barry Lopez, 1988-92, 4 items; Mary Lyn Nutting, 1992, 1 item; Michael Tarachow, 1992, 1 item
Folder 2: Paper samples, notes, proofs, etc.
Folder 3: Handmade paper sheets, one with letterpress text
Folder 4: Design archive: 10 pulp-painted sheets, 2 proofs of text of poem, 1986
BOX T Lopez, Barry Holstun. Arctic Dreams, 1992. Correspondence, 1988, 4 items
BOX U A Printer's Exquisite Corpse. Silver Buckle Press, 1992."Exquisite Corpse Collaboration, Silver Buckle Press."
Folder 1: Correspondence: 1992, 3 items
Folder 2: Mock up, 1 item
Folder 3: Proofs
BOX V Folder 1: Single sheet products of the Janus Press, c. 1980-2004, including invitations, announcements, and keepsakes, 32 items
Folder 2: Cover paste-up and plate, Circulus Sapientiae, 2001
BOX W Folder 1: Haswell, Judith. Design archive for For Finland (2002554265) n.d. 8 items
Folder 2: McPherson, Sandra. Handmade Definition of Obscurity 2005, proofs, 9 pieces Johnson, W.R. A Scribe of Kloster Eibingen, 2005, paste-up
Folder 3: Bush, George W. "Constitution broadside" 2006, proofs, correspondence, 16 items
Folder 4: “The tyrant who impoverishes the citizens....” ("Arostotle quote"), 2006, 18 items
BOX X Three metal printing plates (broadsides ?)
BOX Y Broadsides [1982-2005]
BOX Z Slides for Janus Press talk

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