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Sigmund Freud papers, circa 6th century BCE-1998 CE

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Interviews and Recollections, 1914-1998 (continued)
Set B, 1939-1974 (continued)
Jekels, Ludwig, 1961 (continued)
Digital content available
Meng, Heinrich, undated
Digital content available
Regele, Klara, 1953
Digital content available
Rosenfeld, Eva, undated
Digital content available
Simon, Ernst, regarding Wilhelm Fliess, 1971
Digital content available
Teirich, Valentin, 1956
Digital content available
Walder, Robert, 1939
Digital content available
BOX 135-138 Additions, 1912-1977
Correspondence, exhibit material, photographs, a case history, a recollection, an index, lists, and printed matter.
Arranged chronologically by date of addition and thereunder by groupings that correspond to other series in the collection.
2010 addition
BOX 135 General correspondence
Zweig, Arnold See also Container 44, same heading
From Freud, 1927-1937
Digital content available
To Freud
Letters, 1927-1939
(3 folders)
Digital content available
Writings filed with correspondence, circa 1939
Digital content available
BOX 136 Supplemental file
Centenary of Freud's birth, exhibit material, circa 1956
Captions and credits
(3 folders)
Lists and notes
Bernays and Freud families See Oversize
People identified and unidentified See Oversize
Portraits of Freud
Paintings, drawings, cartoons, busts, statues, and medals See Oversize
Photographs See Oversize
Residences and other places associated with Freud See Oversize
Writings and documents by or about Freud See Oversize
Wall text and captions See also Oversize
Career and training
(5 folders)
BOX 137 Honors and tributes
(2 folders)
Klumpner, George H., index to the works of Freud, 1970
Nunberg, Herman and Margarete
English translations and transcripts of Freud correspondence
Andreas-Salomé, Lou, 1912
Bonaparte, Marie, Princess
English translations, 1926-1932
Transcripts, probably made by Bonaparte, 1926-1933
Freud to the Nunbergs, 1919 , 1939, undated
Laforgue, René, 1923-1937
Unidentified Freud letters, 1919 , 1937-1938
Photographs, 1939 , 1948 , 1970s
Printed matter, 1962-1977, undated
“Rat man” case history, undated
Recollections by Margarete Nunberg, fragment, undated
BOX 138 2019 addition
General correspondence
Federn, Paul, 1913
Digital content available
Hartmann, Heinz, originals, 1927-1939
Digital content available
BOX VA 1-VA 3 Artifacts and Painting, circa 6th century BCE-1936 CE
Pocket watch, a small Greek statue, and an oil portrait painting of Freud.
BOX VA 1 Pocket watch, undated
Digital content available
BOX VA 2 Small Greek statue, circa 6th century - 1st century BCE
Digital content available
BOX VA 3 Oil portrait painting of Freud, 1936
Digital content available
BOX X 1-X 2 Closed, 1952-1956
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX X 1 Interviews and Recollections
Interviews (Container 112-119)
Freud, Ernestine Drucker, 1953 Closed until 2053
(3 folders)
Heller, Judith Bernays, 1953 Closed until 2057
(3 folders)
BOX X 2 Weiss, Edoardo, 1952 Closed until 2057
Identity withheld
Interviewee A, 1956 Closed until 2038
Interviewee B, 1953 Closed until 2057
BOX OV 1-OV 20 Oversize, 1859-1985
Writings, university and military records, legal documents, correspondence, patient case files, notes, exhibit material, newspaper clippings, family tree, sketch, photograph, and map and chart.
Arranged and described according to the series, containers, and folders from which the items were removed.
BOX OV 1 Family Papers
Subject File
Freud, Amalia and Jacob
Miscellaneous legal documents, including Freud family birth and death data, 1859 (Container 13)
Digital content available
Freud, Josef, documents regarding conviction for counterfeiting rubles, 1865-1866 (Container 14)
Digital content available
General Correspondence
Fliess, Wilhelm, 1896-1897 (Container 26)
Digital content available
Jung, C. G.
From Freud
Originals, 1907 (Container 32)
Digital content available
Subject File
Allgemeines Krankenhaus, Vienna, Austria, patient case files
Set A, 1881-1883 (Container 45)
Digital content available
Set B, 1881-1883 (Container 45)
Digital content available
Military records
Originals, 1886-1887 (Container 49)
Digital content available
Photocopies, 1885-1888 (Container 49)
Digital content available
Newspaper and magazine clippings
Photocopies and originals, 1932 (Container 49)
Digital content available
Notes, undated (Container 50A)
Digital content available
University records
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