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Margaret Mead papers and South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1838-1996

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Fieldwork: South Pacific Ethnographic Archives, 1925-1978 (continued)
Correspondence with National Research Council, 1927-1931 (continued)
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Notes, conclusions
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Samoan Material Culture by Te Rangi Hiroa (Peter Henry Buck), Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Bulletin 75 (Honolulu, Hawaii: Bishop Museum, 1930) with notes by Mead
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1971, Mead field visit
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Undated, miscellany
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BOX N5 Bali
1936-1939, Mead and Gregory Bateson field trip
Committee for Research in Dementia Praecox
(2 folders)
Field bulletins, 1936-1937
General correspondence, 1935-1941, undated
(6 folders)
BOX N6 Pre-field and administrative materials
Financial papers
(2 folders)
Notes on organization for the move from Bali to New Guinea, 1938
Preparations for Bali trip, 1935-1936
Bateson, Gregory
Mead, Margaret
Preparation for return to Bali and departure from Indonesia, 1939
Field data
Catalogs and indexes
Catalogs of collections
Index to texts collected by I Madé Kaler
Miscellaneous indexes
BOX N7 Census
Bajoeng Gedé
1936, June-July
Bateson, Gregory, notebook
Batoean artists, census by I Madé Kaler
Brahmana Boda, census by Ida Bajoes Wajan Teroewi, 1939
Diary (Mead)
1935, Nov.-1939 (typescript)
BOX N8 1936, Apr.-Oct. 6 (notebook)
Drawings and paintings
Children's drawings
1937, Feb.
Bajoeng Gedé, 1936-1937
(2 folders)
Batoean See also Oversize
(3 folders)
Drawings collected by I Madé Kaler, 1937
BOX N9 Drawings and paintings with picture texts
(2 folders)
Miscellaneous drawings, 1936-1938 See also Oversize
(3 folders)
Ethnographic slips, 1936-1938
Variously sorted
(1 folder)
BOX N10 (2 folders)
Field notes
Bajoeng Gedé
Early notes concerning household, census, and preliminary social organization, 1936, May-July
Organization book, 1937-1938
BOX N11 Batoean
Big cremation
Brahmana Boda death ceremonies
Gregory Bateson
Batoean materials to be kept in Bangli
Loose notes
Notes concerning marriage analysis and funerals, 1936, July-Aug.
Oeboed, 1936, May-June 8
BOX N12 Rites of passage, 1937
Theoretical notes and plans
Tjekandik, 1937, and D.B. Tekek, 1938 (materials for Djawa paper, including correspondence with R. Goris)
I Madé Kaler (notebook)
Information concerning Balinese calendar
Notes on incest
Plans, notes, and comments on work of Jane Belo
Running account on "Bedoeloes"-3 carvers at work, 1936, June-July
BOX N13 Running field notes
Bateson, Gregory
Nos. 1-8, 1936, Mar.-1937, Apr. 25
(4 folders)
BOX N14 Nos. 9-12, 1937, May 5-1938, Mar. 5
(2 folders)
Bangli, 1936, Dec.
Notes on photographic equipment
Mead, Margaret
Batoean, 1937
Nos. 1-2, July 23-Sept. 22
BOX N15 Nos. 3-4, Sept. 24-30
Bajoeng Gedé
Medicine book
Nos. 1-6, 1936, Mar.-1937, Jan. 2
(3 folders)
BOX N16 Nos. 7-16, 1936, Dec. 17-1938, Mar. 7 (includes Oeboed)
(5 folders)
BOX N17 No. 17, 1938, Jan.-Mar. 2 (includes Batoean)
Nos. 18-19, 1936, Nov.-1937, Nov. 25
Unsorted slips
Bajoeng Gedé
Books 1-2, 1936, June 8-Sept. 1
(2 folders)
BOX N18 Books 3-7, 1936, Sept. 1-1937, Mar.
(6 folders)
BOX N19 Books 8-12, 1937, Apr.-Oct.
(5 folders)
BOX N20 Book 13, 1937, Nov.-1938, Mar.
Batoean, nos. 1-2, 1937, July-1938, Mar.
(2 folders)
Linguistic material
Early linguistic work with I Madé Kaler, 1937, July-1938, Mar.
(3 folders)
BOX N21 First lessons in writing Balinese (Bateson)
Grammar and notes (Bateson)
Morphemes and terms relating to humans
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