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Maine Acadian cultural survey collection, 1991

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Series 2: Sound recordings (continued)
Red Cross Benefit for Allagash, Maine, Fort Kent Community High School, Fort Kent, Maine, part 1-3, June 22, 1991 (continued)
      Digital content available: afc1991029_lo_a006
      Digital content available: afc1991029_lo_a007
      Digital content available: afc1991029_lo_a008
3 audiocassettes, 60 min.
CO-A006: Carissa Dumont, Don Cyr, Sylvie Martin, Larry Davis, Dave Mallet and Charles E. Closser; CO-A007: Victoria Dance Studio, Allagash Little People (Allagash, Maine), Pat Pelletier, Dave Pelletier, Brenda Hebert, Reckless Entertainers; A008: Guy Kelly Jr., Dale Connors, Gallagher Brothers, Ken Gilman, Patrick J. Gallagher and Donald Gallagher.
Tape ID: AFC 1991/029: CO-A009 Acadian Mass, Saint David Church, Saint David, Maine, June 27, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4362
Digital content available: afc1991029_lo_a009
1 audiocassette, 60 min.
CO-A009: Monseigneur Chalut and Saint David Church Choir.
Tape IDs: AFC 1991/029: CO-A010 - A11 Story of the Acadians: Presentations by Bernette Albert and Rosaire Sirois, Madawaska High School, Madawaska, Maine, part 1-2, June 28, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4363 - RYN 4364
      Digital content available: afc1991029_lo_a010
      Digital content available: afc1991029_lo_a011
2 audiocassettes, 60 min.
CO-A010: Bernette Albert, Rosaire Sirois; CO-A11: Rosaire Sirois.
Tape ID: AFC 1991/029: CO-A012 Les violons d'Acadie, Multi-Purpose Center, Madawaska, Maine, June 28, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4365
Digital content available: afc1991029_lo_a012
1 audiocassette, 60 min.
CO-A012: Paul Leblanc, Arcade Richard, Gordon Pelletier, Bobby Kelly, Jerry and the Wanderers and Jerry Voisine.
Tape ID: AFC 1991/029: CO-A013 Singing by Connie Morin Desrosier, St. Agatha, Maine, July 08, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4366
Digital content available: afc1991029_lo_a013
1 audiocassette, 60 min.
CO-A013: Desrosier, Connie Morin.
Tape ID: AFC 1991/029: CO-A014 Singing and storytelling by Ida Bourgoin Roy, Van Buren, Maine, July 10, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4367
Digital content available: afc1991029_lo_a014
1 audiocassette, 60 min.
CO-A014: Ida Bourgoin Roy.
Tape ID: AFC 1991/029: RB-A001 Performance by the Poor, Poor Woodsman Band, Fort Kent Hotel, Fort Kent, Maine, June 08, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4368
Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a001
1 audiocassette, 60 min.
RB-A001: Poor, Poor Woodsman Band, Harold Jackson, Sam Oakes, Nelson Michaud and Maurice Michaud.
Tape ID: AFC 1991/029: RB-A002 Music party and barbecue at Sam Oakes' home, Fort Kent, Maine, June 09, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4369
Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a002
1 audiocassette, 60 min.
RB-A002: Sam Oakes and Merrill Oakes.
Tape IDs: AFC 1991/029: RB-A003 - A005 Interview with Herman Deprey and family, New Canada, Maine, part 1-3, June 12, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4370 - RYN 4372
      Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a003
      Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a004
      Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a005
3 audiocassettes, 60 min.
RB-A003: Interview with Herman Deprey, Darcey Deprey and Danny Deprey; RB-A004 - RBA005: Interview with Herman Deprey, Magloire (Mac) Deprey and Blanche Deprey.
Tape IDs: AFC 1991/029: RB-A006 - A007 Tour of the study area with Pat Ouellette and Julie Bayley, various locations, Maine, part 1-2, June 17, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4373 - RYN 4374
      Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a006
      Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a007
2 audiocassettes, 60 min.
RB-A006 - A007: Interview with Pat Ouellette and Julie Bayley.
Tape ID: AFC 1991/029: RB-A008 Interview with Marcella Belanger Violette and Elmer Violette, Van Buren, Maine, June 21, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4375
Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a008
1 audiocassette, 60 min.
RB-A008: Interview with Marcella Belanger Violette and Elmer Violette.
Tape IDs: AFC 1991/029: RB-A009 - A010 Interview with Don Cyr, Lille, Maine, part 1-2, June 24, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4376 - RYN 4377
      Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a009
      Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a010
2 audiocassettes, 60 min.
RB-A009 - A010: Interview with Don Cyr.
Tape ID: AFC 1991/029: RB-A011 Lavertu family reunion and interview with James Lavertu and family, Lavertu Settlement, Maine, July 05, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4378
Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a011
1 audiocassette, 60 min.
RB-A011: Interview with James Lavertu and family.
Tape ID: AFC 1991/029: RB-A012 Interview with Mark Jalbert and Jerry White about the construction of a strip canoe, Frenchville, Maine, July 11, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4379
Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a012
1 audiocassette, 60 min.
RB-A012: Interview with Mark Jalbert and Jerry White.
Tape ID: AFC 1991/029: RB-A013 Le Tintamarre, Grande Riviere Festival, Van Buren, Maine, July 14, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4380
Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a013
1 audiocassette, 60 min.
RB-A013: Interviews conducted by David Whitman and Ray C. Brassieur at the Festival.
Tape IDs: AFC 1991/029: RB-A014 - A015 Saturday evening dance at the Forever Young Club, Madawaska, Maine, part 1-2, July 13, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4381 - RYN 4382
      Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a014
      Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a015
2 audiocassettes, 60 min.
RB-A014: Cyrice Therien, Maurice Therien, Reno Guerette, Gerard LaGasse and Roland Lagast. A015: Cyrice Therien, Maurice Therien, Reno Guerette, Theodore Sirois and Gerard LaGasse.
Tape ID: AFC 1991/029: RB-A016 Interview with Frances Gendreau, Saint David, Maine, July 22, 1991
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4383
Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a016
1 audiocassette, 60 min.
RB-A016: Interview with Frances Gendreau and Julie Albert.
Tape ID: AFC 1991/029: RB-A017 Unidentified music recordings in French
MBRS Shelflist number: RYN 4384
Digital content available: afc1991029_rb_a017
1 audiocassette, 60 min.
Series 3: Graphic materials
The original materials are stored at Ft. Meade.
Photographic descriptions were taken directly from unedited log sheets.
Color slides
2380 color slides
Call number: AFC 1991/029: DW-C001 Quay at Long Lake area, Maine, June 06, 1991 - June 08, 1991
Photographer: David A. Whitman
Digital content available: afc1991029_dw_c001
20 35 mm color slides
These images document a trip to Long Lake, via State Highway 162; 1-2, Wheeled dock on Long Lake, known locally as a quay. found on all lakes in the study area; the wheels allow the dock to be removed from the water before winter, thus avoiding ice damage; 3-4, Fieldworkers Ray Brassieur and Lisa Ornstein examine the quay; 5, Brassieur and Ornstein talk with Jack Caron of Sinclair, ME, owner of the quay; 6-8, Man fishing from another quay on Long Lake, with pontoon-equipped aircraft moored nearby These images document the annual Fish River Canoe Race; 9-20, Scenes from the Fish River Canoe Race; these photographs were taken at Fish River Falls in Fort Kent, a portage for the racers.
Call number: AFC 1991/029: DW-C002 Fish River Canoe Race, near Fish River Falls, Fort Kent, Maine; Fort Kent Hotel, Fort Kent, Maine; Barn at Ethel Gagnon's property, Eagle Lake, Maine, June 08, 1991 - June 09, 1991
Photographer: David A. Whitman
Digital content available: afc1991029_dw_c002
20 35 mm color slides
1-7, Scenes from annual Fish River Canoe Race, taken near Fish River Falls in Fort Kent, a portage for racers (frames #2 and 3 show the only racers who, to my knowledge, shot the falls); 8, Trophies awarded to contestants in the canoe race; 9-12, The Fort Kent Hotel on Main Street in downtown Fort Kent; it no longer operates as a hotel, but does have an operating restaurant (The Brass Lantern) and bar; one of two places in Fort Kent which regularly feature live music; 13-15, Fieldworker Ray Brassieur examines various pieces of a demolished barn in Eagle Lake, ME; the barn, which belonged to Ethel Gagnon (who lived in a house on the property), was estimated by her to be approximately 100 years old, and was partially constructed of hewn timbers and square-cut nails; 16-17, Brassieur talks to Ethel Gagnon at the back door of her house; 18, Outbuilding behind the Gagnon house, which she called the "tool shed;" many of the residences in the study area have one or more outbuildings, reflecting the agricultural base of the original settlement; 19, View of the Gagnon house from the rear; the addition which runs the length of the house is typical of the study area, and often results from the enclosure of what was once an outdoor "summer kitchen"; 20, Gagnon house and tool shed.
Call number: AFC 1991/029: DW-C003 Ethel Gagnon's house, Eagle Lake, Maine, June 09, 1991
Photographer: David A. Whitman
Digital content available: afc1991029_dw_c003
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